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1508.07432v1 - Faddeev-Jackiw quantization and the path integral

1508.07477v1 - Entanglement structure of the Hubbard model in momentum space

1508.07528v1 - Symmetry Protected Topological Phases and Majorana Mode in One-dimensional Quantum Walk with Boundary

1508.07601v1 - Symmetry-protected topological order in SU(N) Heisenberg magnets --quantum entanglement and non-local order parameters

1508.07656v1 - Thermodynamics of the Noninteracting Bose Gas in a Two-Dimensional Box

1508.07664v1 - Ground state of the universe and the cosmological constant

1508.07665v1 - Skyrmionic magnetization configurations at chiral magnet-ferromagnet heterostructures

1508.07697v1 -Naturalness and Renormalization Group in the Standard Model

1508.07763v1 - BUSSTEPP 2015 lecture notes- Exact Wilsonian Renormalization

1508.07772v1 - 

1508.07772v1 - Current-phase relation and h-e-periodic critical current of a chiral Josephson contact between 1D Majorana modes

1508.07779v1 - Restoration of topological properties at finite temperatures in a heavy-fermion system

1508.07784v1 - Dipolar dark solitons

1508.07861v1 - Supersymmetric approach to heavy fermion systems

1508.07947v1 - 360° Domain Walls- Stability, Magnetic Field and Electric Current Effects


1509.00005v1 - Interaction driven exotic quantum phases in spin-orbit coupled spin-1 bosons

1509.00014v1 - Causality Constraints in Conformal Field Theory

1509.00019v1 - Exact solution of the Schrödinger equation for the potential V0-√x

1509.00054v1 - A Note on the Dirac-like Equation in Non-commutative Geometry

1509.00207v1 - Topological phases of the compass ladder model

1509.00210v1 - Strong-coupling phases of 3D Dirac and Weyl semimetals. A renormalization group approach

1509.00355v1 - Time reversal invariant gapped boundaries of the double semion state

1509.00361v1 - Feynman Amplitudes in Mathematics and Physics

1509.00381v1 - Moving Walls and Geometric Phases

1509.00391v1 - Non-Abelian Chiral Spin Liquid on the Kagome Lattice

1509.00393v1 - Quantum physics and the beam splitter mystery

1509.00419v1 - Hamilton-Jacobi theory, Symmetries and Coisotropic Reduction


1509.00494v1 - Onsager rule, quantum oscillation frequencies, and the density of states in the mixed-vortex state of cuprates

1509.00496v1 - Gauge theory approach to branes and spontaneous symmetry breaking

1509.00537v1 - Volumes of orthogonal groups and unitary groups

1509.00587v1 - Magnetization Jump in the Magnetization Process of the spin-1-2 Heisenberg Antiferromagnet on a Distorted Square-Kagome Lattice

1509.00591v1 - Topological dynamics and current-induced motion in a skyrmion lattice

1509.00620v1 - Evolution of high-temperature superconductivity from low-Tc phase tuned by carrier concentration in FeSe thin flakes

1509.00673v1 - Axions and Dark Matter

1509.00767v1 - Why Bohmian Mechanics? one and two-time position measurements, Bell inequalities, philosophy and physics

1509.00812v1 - QCD Dirac Spectrum at Finite Chemical Potential- Anomalous Effective Action, Berry Phase and Composite Fermions

1509.00821v1 - Quantum Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless transition in the superconducting phase of (2+1)-dimensional quantum chromodynamics

1509.00826v1 - Thermodynamic geometry of holographic superconductors


1509.00857v1 - Quasi-condensation in two-dimensional Fermi gases

1509.00880v1 - Calabi-Yau completions and orbifold equivalences

1509.00919v1 - Topological Properties of Electrons in Honeycomb Lattice with Kekulé Hopping Textures

1509.00931v1 - Tunneling dynamics of two interacting one-dimensional particles

1509.01086v1 - Perspective- Quantum Thermodynamics

1509.01092v1  Conformal quantum mechanics and holographic quench

1509.01104v1 - Thermal transport in disordered one-dimensional spin chains

1509.01147v1 - The Information Paradox for Black Holes

1509.01160v1 - Measuring entanglement entropy through the interference of quantum many-body twins


1412.5393v2 - Supersymmetric quantum mechanics on the lattice- I. Loop formulation

1503.05232v2 - Supersymmetric quantum mechanics on the lattice- II. Exact results

1509.01415v1 - Slope-Reversed Mott Transition in Multiorbital Systems

1509.01522v1 - Matrix product state renormalization

1509.01544v1 - Black Phosphorus and Two-Dimensional Hyperbolic Materials- Tunable Surface Plasmons, Green Function and Complex-Plane Analysis


1509.01635v1 - Topology of Fermi Surfaces and Anomalies

1509.01640v1 - The Semiclassical Coherent State Propagator in the Weyl Representation

1509.01666v1 - Converting a topologically trivial superconductor into a topological superconductor via magnetic doping

1509.01680v1 - Massless renormalization group flow in SU(N)k perturbed conformal field theory

1509.01720v1 - Goldstone Boson Interaction in D=2+1 (Pseudo-)Lorentz-Invariant Systems with a Spontaneously Broken Internal Rotation Symmetry

1509.01737v1 - Excitonic instability of three-dimensional gapless semiconductors- large-N theory

1509.01744v1 - Ion-mediated interactions between net-neutral slabs- Weak and strong disorder effects

1509.01808v1 - Frequentist limit setting in effective field theories

1509.01849v1 - A ferroelectric-like structural transition in a metal

1509.01862v1 - Algebraic lattices in QFT renormalization

1509.01888v1 - Ground-state properties of anyons in a one-dimensional lattice

1509.01911v1 - Emergence of Classical Rotation in Superfluid Bose-Einstein Condensates

1509.01964v1 - Gauge Symmetry Breaking in Gravity and Auxiliary Effective Action

1509.02011v1 - Revisiting Wilson loops for non-relativistic backgrounds

1509.02036v1 - A note on quantum supergravity and AdS-CFT

1509.02059v1 - Weakly bound states with spin-isospin symmetry

1509.02059v1 - Weakly bound states with spin-isospin symmetry

1509.02080v1 - Spin-polarized edge currents and Majorana fermions in one- and two-dimensional topological superconductors


1509.01769v1 - Analytic investigation of holographic phase transitions influenced by dark matter sector

1509.02160v1 - A Constraint on Defect and Boundary Renormalization Group Flows

1509.02185v1 - Experimental reconstruction of Wilson lines in Bloch bands

1509.02288v1 - About Monopoles in QCD

1509.02295v1 - A Short Course on Topological Insulators- Band-structure topology and edge states in one and two dimensions

1509.02346v1 - Alternative expression for the electromagnetic Lagrangian

1509.02369v1 - Thermodynamics of the exactly solvable spin-electron tetrahedral chain

1509.02442v1 - Lagrangian Description for Particle Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics -- Entangled Many-Particle Case

1509.02495v1 - Black Hole with Quantum Potential

1509.02509v1 - Loop groups and noncommutative geometry


1508.05999v1 - Fermi arc topology and interconnectivity in Weyl fermion semimetals TaAs, TaP, NbAs, and NbP  Chi-Cheng Lee, et al

1509.02594v1 - Remarks on nonlinear electrodynamics II  Patricio Gaete

1509.02642v1 - Topological insulators are tunable waveguides for hyperbolic polaritons

1509.02675v1 - Orbital effect of magnetic field on the Majorana phase diagram  Bas Nijholt, Anton R. Akhmerov

1509.02677v1 - Topological superconductor from the quantum anomalous Hall state in single layer graphene  L. Wang, M. W. Wu

1509.02698v1 - Fractional Topological Insulators -- a Pedagogical Review  Ady Stern

1509.02703v1 - Spin models and boson sampling  Borja Peropadre, Alan Aspuru-Guzik, Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll

1509.02881v1 - Interacting weak topological insulators and their transition to Dirac semimetal phases  Gang Li, Werner Hanke, Giorgio Sangiovanni, Björn Trauzettel


1509.02913v1 - Quasiparticle equation of state for anisotropic hydrodynamics  Mubarak Alqahtani, Mohammad Nopoush, Michael Strickland

1509.02921v1 - Introduction to Quantum Gate Set Tomography  Daniel Greenbaum

1509.02925v1 - Three Lectures on Hadron Physics  Craig D. Roberts

1509.02927v1 - Symmetry fractionalization of visons in 2 spin liquids  Yang Qi, Meng Cheng, Chen Fang

1509.02933v1 - Phase diagrams of disordered Weyl semimetals  Hassan Shapourian, Taylor L. Hughes

1509.02947v1 - Symmetry-protected topologically ordered states for universal quantum computation  Hendrik Poulsen Nautrup, Tzu-Chieh Wei

1509.02993v1 - Characterising the topological superradiant state  Jian-Song Pan, Xiong-Jun Liu, Wei Zhang, Wei Yi

1509.03037v1 - The π Berry Phase and Topological Excitation in Interacting Boson-Fermion Mixtures  Huaiming Guo

1509.03051v1 - Fidelity approach to quantum phase transitions in quantum Ising model  Bogdan Damski

1509.03054v1 - Mathematical Contributions to the Dynamics of the Josephson Junctions- State of the Art and Open Problems  Monica De Angelis

1509.03063v1 - Path Integral Methods in Index Theorems  Mark van Loon

1509.03156v1 - Crystal Structure of 200 K-Superconducting Phase of Sulfur Hydride System  Mari Einaga, Masafumi Sakata, Takahiro Ishikawa, Katsuya Shimizu, Mikhail Eremets, Alexander Drozdov, Ivan Troyan, Naohisa Hirao, Yasuo Ohishi

1509.03166v1 - Chiral anomaly induced oscillations in the Josephson effect in Weyl semimetals  Udit Khanna, Dibya Kanti Mukherjee, Arijit Kundu, Sumathi Rao

1509.03219v1 - Confinement and non-universality of anomalous heat transport and superdiffusion of energy in low-dimensional systems  Yuriy A. Kosevich, Alexander V. Savin

1509.03220v1 - State Ensembles and Quantum Entropy  Subhash Kak

1509.03222v1 - Entropic Dynamics  Ariel Caticha

1509.03246v1 - Localization of interacting fermions in the Aubry-Andre' model  Vieri Mastropietro

1509.03297v1 - Proof of a new colour decomposition for QCD amplitudes  Tom Melia

1509.03301v1 - On the meaning of locality- the overlapping assumptions  Afshin Shafiee, Farhad Taher Ghahramani


1509.03309v1 - On-Shell Recursion Relations for Effective Field Theories  Clifford Cheung, Karol Kampf, Jiri Novotny, Chia-Hsien Shen, Jaroslav Trnka

1509.03325v1 - The Top Quark  E. Boos, O. Brandt, D. Denisov, S. Denisov, P. Grannis

1509.03369v1 - Model of Flux Trapping in Cooling Down Process  Takayuki Kubo

1509.03373v1 - Effective spin Hall properties of a mixture of materials with and without spin-orbit coupling- Tailoring the effective spin-diffusion length  Z. Yue, M. C. Prestgard, A. Tiwari, M. E. Raikh

1509.03401v1 - Strong Interaction Effects at a Fermi Surface in a Model for Voltage-Biased Bilayer Graphene  Wes Armour, Simon Hands, Costas Strouthos

1509.03431v1 - Unusual temperature evolution of superconductivity in LiFeAs  P. K. Nag, R. Schlegel, D. Baumann, H.-J. Grafe, R. Beck, S. Wurmehl, B. Büchner, C. Hess

1509.03449v1 - Strong correlations elucidate the electronic structure and phase-diagram of LaAlO3-SrTiO3 interface  E. Maniv, M. Ben Shalom, A. Ron, M. Mograbi, A. Palevski, M. Goldstein, Y. Dagan

1509.03463v1 - Relativistic Bohmian mechanics without a preferred foliation  Bruno Galvan

1509.03576v1 - Coherence susceptibility as a probe of quantum phase transitions  Jin-Jun Chen, Jian Cui, Heng Fan

1509.03593v1 - Configurable Electrostatically Doped High Performance Bilayer Graphene Tunnel FET  Fan W. Chen, Hesameddin Ilatikhameneh, Gerhard Klimeck, Zhihong Chen, Rajib Rahman

1509.03605v1 - Wilson RG of Noncommutative Φ44 Badis Ydri, Rachid Ahmim, Adel Bouchareb


1509.03658 - Observation of a transition from a topologically ordered to a spontaneously broken symmetry phase  N. Samkharadze, K.A. Schreiber, G.C. Gardner, M.J. Manfra, E. Fradkin, G.A. Csáthy

1509.03638v1 - Wavepacket dynamics on Chern band lattices in a trap  Sthitadhi Roy, Adolfo G. Grushin, Roderich Moessner, Masudul Haque

1509.03653v1 - Understanding the Complex Position in a PT-symmetric Oscillator  Jin-Ho Cho

1509.03669v1 - Dynamical symmetries and causality in non-equilibrium phase transitions  Malte Henkel

1509.03687v1 - Plexcitons- Dirac points and topological modes  Joel Yuen-Zhou, Semion K. Saikin, Tony H. Zhu, Mehmet C. Onbasli, Caroline A. Ross, Vladimir Bulovic, Marc A. Baldo

1509.03829v1 - On the Entanglement Between Interacting Scalar Field Theories  M. Reza Mohammadi Mozaffar, Ali Mollabashi

1509.03850v1 - Novel phases in a square-lattice frustrated ferromagnet - 1-3-magnetisation plateau, helicoidal spin-liquid and vortex crystal  Luis Seabra, Philippe Sindzingre, Tsutomu Momoi, Nic Shannon

1509.03920v1 - Topological Phases on Non-orientable Surfaces- Twisting by Parity Symmetry  AtMa P.O. Chan, Jeffrey C.Y. Teo, Shinsei Ryu

1509.03921v1 - Competing Magnetic Orderings and Tunable Topological States in Two-Dimensional Hexagonal Organometallic Lattices  Hyun-Jung Kim, Chaokai Li, Ji Feng, Jun-Hyung Cho, Zhenyu Zhang

1509.03953v1 - Quantum Criticality of the Two-dimensional Bose Gas with the Lifshitz dispersion  Jianda Wu, Congjun Wu

1509.03960v1 - Chiral Fermion and Boundary State Formulation- Resonant Point-Contact Tunneling  Taejin Lee

1509.04028v1 - Topological properties of Fibonacci quasicrystals - A scattering analysis of Chern numbers  E. Levy, A. Barak, A. Fisher, E. Akkermans

1509.04087v1 - Stable Solitons in Three Dimensional Free Space- Self-Trapped Bose-Einstein Condensates with Spin-Orbit Coupling  Yong-Chang Zhang, Zheng-Wei Zhou, Boris A. Malomed, Han Pu

1509.04117v1 - Strongly enhanced superconductivity in coupled t-J segments  Sahinur Reja, Jeroen van den Brink, Satoshi Nishimoto

1509.04236v1 - Abelian BF theory and Turaev-Viro invariant  P. Mathieu, F. Thuillier

1509.04241v1 - Concept of chemical bond and aromaticity based on quantum information theory  T. Szilvási, G. Barcza, Ö. Legeza

1509.04242v1 - Bogoliubov-de Gennes Soliton Dynamics in Unconventional Fermi Superfluids  Daisuke A. Takahashi


1509.04280v1 - Transport in a One-Dimensional Hyperconductor  Eugeniu Plamadeala, Michael Mulligan, Chetan Nayak

1509.04288v1 - Anomalies and Entanglement Entropy  Tatsuma Nishioka, Amos Yarom

1509.04294v1 - Thermal worldline holography  Dennis D. Dietrich

1509.04299v1 - Majorana bound states in open quasi-1D and 2D systems with transverse Rashba coupling  N. Sedlmayr, J.M. Aguiar-Hualde, C. Bena

1509.04325v1 - Anomalies of the Entanglement Entropy in Chiral Theories  Nabil Iqbal, Aron C. Wall

1509.04352v1 - The recurrence time in quantum mechanics  Lorenzo Campos Venuti

1509.04358v1 - Featureless quantum insulator on the honeycomb lattice  Hyunyong Lee, Shenghan Jiang, Jung Hoon Han, Ying Ran

1509.04364v1 - Bose-Einstein condensation at finite temperatures- Mean field laws with periodic microstructure  Dionisios Margetis

1509.04395v1 - Bosonic symmetry protected topological phases with reflection symmetry  Tsuneya Yoshida, Takahiro Morimoto, Akira Furusaki

1509.04406v1 - Conductance Discontinuity on the Surface of a Topological Insulator with Magnetic Electrodes  Xiaopeng Duan, Xi-Lai Li, Yuriy G. Semenov, Ki Wook Kim

1509.04406v1 - Conductance Discontinuity on the Surface of a Topological Insulator with Magnetic Electrodes  Xiaopeng Duan, Xi-Lai Li, Yuriy G. Semenov, Ki Wook Kim

1509.04419v1 - An anomalous band inversion protected by symmetry in a graphene-templated topological insulator  Jie-Xiang Yu, J. G. Che

1509.04452v1 - Search for New Superconductors- An Electro-Magnetic Phase Transition in an Iron Meteorite Inclusion at 117 K  Stefan Guénon, Juan Gabriel Ramírez, Ali C. Basaran, Jamie Wampler, Mark Thiemens, Ivan K. Schuller

1509.04483v1 - An Algebraic Approach to the Scattering Equations  Rijun Huang, Junjie Rao, Bo Feng, Yang-Hui He

1509.04507v1 - The Structure of Matrix Product States  Miguel Navascues, Tamas Vertesi

1509.04592v1 - Wave-particle duality in multi-path interferometers- A relation between quantum coherence and path information  Emilio Bagan, Janos A. Bergou, Mark Hillery

1509.04597v1 - Phases of one-dimensional SU(N) cold atomic Fermi gases --from molecular Luttinger liquids to topological phases  S. Capponi, P. Lecheminant, K. Totsuka

1509.04599v1 - Dynamical current-induced ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic resonances  F. S. M. Guimarães, S. Lounis, A. T. Costa, R. B. Muniz

1509.04647v1 - Spin- and pseudospin-symmetry breaking induced Half-metallic Dirac cone in graphene  M. X. Chen, M. Weinert

1509.04668v1 - Non-Abelian cosmic strings in de Sitter and anti-de Sitter space  Antônio de Pádua Santos, Eugênio R. Bezerra de Mello

1509.04676v1 - Band spectrum is D-brane  Koji Hashimoto, Taro Kimura


1509.04719v1 - Spectral properties for a family of 2D quantum antiferromagnets  Andrew S. Darmawan, Stephen D. Bartlett

1509.04728v1 - Detecting topological sectors in continuum Yang-Mills theory and the fate of BRST symmetry  L. E. Oxman, G. C. Santos-Rosa

1509.04741v1 - Magnetic Impurities in Dirac and Weyl Semimetals  Hao-Ran Chang, Jianhui Zhou, Shi-Xiong Wang, Wen-Yu Shan, Di Xiao

1509.04742v1 - Mott Transition for Strongly-Interacting 1D Bosons in a Shallow Periodic Potential    L. Sanchez-Palencia et al

1509.04742v1 - Mott Transition for Strongly-Interacting 1D Bosons in a Shallow Periodic Potential  G. Boéris, L. Gori, M. D. Hoogerland, A. Kumar, E. Lucioni, L. Tanzi, M. Inguscio, T. Giamarchi, C. D'Errico, G. Carleo, G. Modugno, L.

1509.04754v1 - Doping evolution of spin and charge excitations in the Hubbard model  Y. F. Kung, E. A. Nowadnick, C. J. Jia, S. Johnston, B. Moritz, R. T. Scalettar, T. P. Devereaux

1509.04762v1 - Third type of domain wall in soft magnetic nanostrips  V. D. Nguyen, O. Fruchart, S. Pizzini, J. Vogel, J.-C. Toussaint, N. Rougemaille

1509.04795v1 - Skyrme models and nuclear matter equation of state  Christoph Adam, Mareike Haberichter, Andrzej Wereszczynski

1509.04803v1 - Flat bands and PT-symmetry in quasi-one-dimensional lattices  Mario I. Molina 

1509.04809v1 - Energy fluctuation and discontinuity of Specific heat of ideal quantum gas trapped under generic power law potential U=∑di=1ci|xiai|ni in d dimension  Mir Mehedi Faruk, Md. Muktadir Rahman

1509.04843v1 - Hydrodynamic equations for an electron gas in graphene  Luigi Barletti

1509.04860v1 - A spin dynamics approach to solitonics  Konstantinos Koumpouras (1), Anders Bergman (1), Olle Eriksson (1), Dmitry Yudin (2)

1509.04869v1 - Three results on weak measurements  N.D. Hari Dass

1509.04876v1 - How the quantum ring shape influences its energy spectrum  V.A. Roudnev A.M. Puchkov, A.V. Kozhedub

1509.04888v1 - Electromagnetism in terms of quantum measurements  Andreas Andersson

1509.04930v1 - Vortical versus skyrmionic states in mesoscopic p-wave superconductors  V. Fernández Becerra, E. Sardella, F. M. Peeters, M. V. Milošević

1509.04969v1 - Entanglement Entropy & Anomaly Inflow  Taylor L. Hughes, Robert G. Leigh, Onkar Parrikar, Srinidhi T. Ramamurthy

1509.04996v1 - Orientational bond and Néel order in the two-dimensional ionic Hubbard model  Mohsen Hafez-Torbati, Götz S. Uhrig

1509.05006v1 - Condensation of fermion zero modes in the vortex  G.E. Volovik


1509.05041v1 - The metric on field space, functional renormalization, and metric-torsion quantum gravity  Martin Reuter, Gregor M. Schollmeyer

1509.05042v1 - Spontaneous symmetry breaking and Nambu-Goldstone modes in dissipative systems  Yuki Minami, Yoshimasa Hidaka

1509.05044v1 - Spread of entanglement and causality  Horacio Casini, Hong Liu, Márk Mezei

1509.05061v1 - Microwave excitation of spin wave beams in thin ferromagnetic films  P. Gruszecki, A. E. Serebryannikov, W. Śmigaj, M. Krawczyk

1509.05095v1 - A spin wave diode  Jin Lan, Weichao Yu, Ruqian Wu, Jiang Xiao

1509.05130v1 - Extremely long-lived universal resonant Bose gases  Shao-Jian Jiang, Jeff Maki, Fei Zhou

1509.05180v1 - A magnetic Impurity in a Weyl semimetal  Jin-Hua Sun, Dong-Hui Xu, Fu-Chun Zhang, Yi Zhou

1509.05201v1 - Spin-ice behavior of three-dimensional inverse opal-like magnetic structures- micromagnetic simulations  I. S. Dubitskiy (1 and 2), A. V. Syromyatnikov (1 and 2), N. A. Grigoryeva (1), A. A. Mistonov (1 and 2), S. V. Grigoriev (1 and 2

1509.05206v1 - Dark solitons near potential and nonlinearity steps  F. Tsitoura, Z. A. Anastassi, J. L. Marzuola, P. G. Kevrekidis, D. J. Frantzeskakis

1509.05223v1 - Topological superconductivity in ferromagnetic atom chains beyond the deep-impurity regime  Kim Pöyhönen, Alex Westström, Teemu Ojanen

1509.05225v1 - Pion polarizabilities- Theory vs Experiment  Mikhail A. Ivanov

1509.05258v1 - Semi-classical locality for the non-relativistic path integral in configuration space  Henrique Gomes

1509.05264v1 - Disorder, synchronization and phase locking in non-equilibrium Bose-Einstein condensates  Paul R. Eastham, Bernd Rosenow

1509.05292v1 - Quantum Yang-Mills field theory  Marco Frasca

1509.05311v1 - Path integrals in Snyder space  S. Mignemi, R. Strajn

1509.05313v1 - Lehmann representation of the nonequilibrium self-energy  Christian Gramsch, Michael Potthoff

1509.05342v1 - Topological edge states in two-gap unitary systems- A transfer matrix approach  Clément Tauber, Pierre Delplace

1509.05352v1 - Remarks on a Lorentz-breaking 4D chiral gauge theory  A. P. Baêta Scarpelli, M. Gomes, A. Yu. Petrov, A. J. da Silva


1509.05405v1 - Semiclassical Approach to Heterogeneous Vacuum Decay  Benjamin Grinstein, Christopher W. Murphy

1509.05408v1 - Braiding light quanta  Thomas Iadecola, Thomas Schuster, Claudio Chamon

1509.05432v1 - Transport signatures of surface potentials on three-dimensional topological insulators  Sthitadhi Roy, Sourin Das

1509.05441v1 - Gutzwiller Renormalization Group  Nicola Lanatà, Yong-Xin Yao, Xiaoyu Deng, Cai-Zhuang Wang, Kai-Ming Ho, Gabriel Kotliar

1509.05532v1 - Schwinger Effect in (A)dS and Charged Black Hole  Sang Pyo Kim

1509.05568v1 - Observation of thermoelectric currents in high-field superconductor-ferromagnet tunnel junctions  S. Kolenda, M. J. Wolf, D. Beckmann

1509.05608v1 - Geometry and physics of pseudodifferential operators on manifolds  Giampiero Esposito, George M. Napolitano

1509.05633v1 - Wigner-Eckart theorem and Jordan-Schwinger representation for infinite-dimensional representations of the Lorentz group  Giuseppe Sellaroli

1509.05650v1 - Phase diagram of the 3D Anderson model for uncorrelated speckle potentials  Michael Pasek, Zheng Zhao, Dominique Delande, Giuliano Orso

1509.05683v1 - Representability in Supergeometry  R. Fioresi, F. Zanchetta

1509.05691v1 - Evidence for hydrodynamic electron flow in PdCoO2 Philip J. W. Moll, Pallavi Kushwaha, Nabhanila Nandi, Burkhard Schmidt, Andrew P. Mackenzie

1509.05763v1 - Experimental reconstruction of the Berry curvature in a topological Bloch band  N. Fläschner, B. S. Rem, M. Tarnowski, D. Vogel, D.-S. Lühmann, K. Sengstock, C. Weitenberg


1505.01209v2 - Higher order fermion effective polynomial interactions  Fabio L. Braghin

1509.05769v1 - Heavy Fermions and the Kondo Lattice- a 21st Century Perspective  Piers Coleman

1509.05777v1 - Galilean Anomalies and Their Effect on Hydrodynamics  Akash Jain

1509.05846v1 - Synthetic spin-orbit coupling in an optical lattice clock  Michael L. Wall, Andrew P. Koller, Shuming Li, Xibo Zhang, Nigel R. Cooper, Jun Ye, Ana Maria Rey

1509.05847v1 - Spin Nernst and Torque Effects in Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Ferromagnets  Alexey A. Kovalev, Vladimir Zyuzin

1509.05890v1 - Holography and quantum states in elliptic de Sitter space  Illan F. Halpern, Yasha Neiman

1509.05914v1 - Second-Order Fermions  Johnny Espin

1509.05942v1 - Effective Field Theory of Integrating out Sfermions in the MSSM- Complete One-Loop Analysis  Ran Huo

1509.05970v1 - Entanglement in fermion systems  N. Gigena, R.Rossignoli

1509.05993v1 - A purely quark Lagrangian from QCD  Amir H. Fariborz, Renata Jora

1509.06040v1 - Antimatter in the Direct-Action Theory of Fields  R. E. Kastner

1509.06067v1 - Sigma-models and Homotopy Algebras  Anton M. Zeitlin

1509.06130v1 - Gell-Mann--Low scheme for the Standard Model  Grigorii B. Pivovarov

1509.06136v1 - Ground States of Quantum Electrodynamics with Cutoffs  Toshimitsu Takaesu

1509.06186v1 - Scenario for the renormalization in the 4D Yang-Mills theory  L. D. Faddeev

1509.06200v1 - A CLT concerning critical points of random functions on a Euclidean space  Liviu I. Nicolaescu

1509.06201v1 - Schottky Anomaly and Hadronic Spectrum  Aritra Biswas, M V N Murthy, Nita Sinha

1509.06205v1 - An algebraic approach to the Hubbard model  Marius de Leeuw, Vidas Regelskis

1509.06247v1 - Long-range Magnetic Order in Models for Rare Earth Quasicrystals  Stefanie Thiem, J. T. Chalker

1509.06261v1 - Standard Model Theory  Stefan Dittmaier

1509.06267v1 - The Boltzmann--Langevin approach- A simple quantum-mechanical derivation  K. E. Nagaev

1509.06271v1 - On the C*-algebraic approach to topological phases for insulators  Johannes Kellendonk

1509.06313v1 - Fermion dark matter from SO(10)  Carolina Arbelaez, Robinson Longas, Diego Restrepo, Oscar Zapata

1509.06340v1 - Holographic Wilson loops, Hamilton-Jacobi equation and regularizations  Diego Pontello, Roberto Trinchero


1509.04226v1 - A Quantum Paradox of Choice- More Freedom Makes Summoning a Quantum State Harder  Emily Adlam, Adrian Kent 

1509.06387v1 - Smooth gauge for topological band structures in arbitrary dimensions  Georg W. Winkler, Alexey A. Soluyanov, Matthias Troyer

1509.06411v1 - From Quantum Chaos and Eigenstate Thermalization to Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics  Luca D'Alessio, Yariv Kafri, Anatoli Polkovnikov, Marcos Rigol

1509.06433v1 - Topological Susceptibility from Slabs  Wolfgang Bietenholz, Philippe de Forcrand, Urs Gerber

1509.06626v1 - Solution of the Dirac equation in a curved space with static metric  A. D. Alhaidari

1509.06684v1 - Fingerprints of Majorana bound states in Aharonov Bohm geometry  Krishna Mohan Tripathi, Sourin Das, Sumathi Rao

1509.06692v1 - A classical paradox of choice  J. Finkelstein

1509.06700v1 - Topological Rice-Mele model in an emergent lattice- Exact diagonalization approach  Krzysztof Biedroń, Omjyoti Dutta, Jakub Zakrzewski

1509.06706v1 - Topological Hierarchy Insulators and Topological Fractal Insulators  Jing He, Chun-Li Zang, Ying Liang, Su-Peng Kou


1509.06401v1 - Moving point charge as a soliton in nonlinear electrodynamics  D.M. Gitman, A.E. Shabad, A.A.Shishmarev

1509.06747v1 - Vector potentials in gauge theories in flat spacetime  C. W. Wong

1509.06816v1 - Introduction to Topological Insulators  Hongming Weng, Xi Dai, Zhong Fang

1509.06828v1 - The Massive Goldstone (Higgs) Mode in Two-Dimensional Ultra-cold Atomic Lattice Systems  Longxiang Liu, Kun Chen, Manuel Endres, Youjin Deng, Lode Pollet, Nikolay Prokof'ev

1509.06861v1 - The spectral function of the Tomonaga-Luttinger model revisited- power laws and universality  L. Markhof, V. Meden

1509.06887v1 - Aspects of Meson Condensation  Andrea Mammarella

1509.06929v1 - Dirac Spin-Orbit Torques at the Surface of Topological Insulators  Papa Birame Ndiaye, C. A. Akosa, M. H. Fischer, A. Vaezi, E-A. Kim, A. Manchon

1509.06930v1 - Chiral Lagrangian and chiral quark model from confinement in QCD  Yu. A. Simonov

1509.06973v1 - Towards Weakly Constrained Double Field Theory  Kanghoon Lee

1509.07072v1 - Equation of State in Non-Zero Magnetic Field  Nada Ezzelarab, Abdel Magied Diab, Abdel Nasser Tawfik

1509.07086v1 - Superconducting dome in doped quasi-2d organic Mott insulators- a paradigm for strongly-correlated superconductivity  Charles-David Hébert, Patrick Sémon, A. -M. S. Tremblay


1509.07125v1 - Semiclassical description of soliton-antisoliton pair production in particle collisions  S.V. Demidov, D.G. Levkov

1509.07153v1 - Double Field Theory on Group Manifolds (Thesis)  Falk Hassler

1509.07176v1 - Position-Momentum Bell-Nonlocality with Entangled Photon Pairs

1509.07183v1 - Weak Topological Insulators and Composite Weyl Semimetals- β-Bi4X4 (X=Br, I)  Cheng-Cheng Liu, Jin-Jian Zhou, Yugui Yao, Fan Zhang 

1509.07232v1 - Specific heat and effects of pairing fluctuations in the BCS-BEC crossover regime of an ultracold Femi gas  Pieter van Wyk, Hiroyuki Tajima, Ryo Hanai, Yoji Ohashi

1509.07280v1 - Spontaneous violation of mirror symmetry  Igor T. Dyatlov

1509.07339v1 - δN formalism from superpotential and holography  Jaume Garriga, Yuko Urakawa, Filippo Vernizzi

1509.07380v1 - Interpretation of the Klein-Gordon Probability Density  Roderick I. Sutherland

1509.07407v1 - Cutoff Regularization Method in Gauge Theories  G. Cynolter, E. Lendvai

1509.07475 - Cauchy conformal fields in dimensions d>2 Daniel Friedan, Christoph A. Keller


1509.07500 - PT phase transition in a (2+1)-d relativistic system Bhabani Prasad Mandal, Brijesh K. Mourya, Kawsar Ali, Ananya Ghatak

1509.07508 - Skyrmions in Chiral Magnets with Rashba and Dresselhaus Spin-Orbit Coupling James Rowland, Sumilan Banerjee, Mohit Randeria

1509.07516 - Correspondences between WZNW models and CFTs with W-algebra symmetry Thomas Creutzig, Yasuaki Hikida, Peter B. Ronne

1509.07563 - Dynamical transition between two mesons and a tetraquark I. A. Toledano Juarez, G. Toledo Sanchez

1509.07564 - Reconsidering No-Go Theorems from a Practical Perspective Michael E. Cuffaro

1509.07654 - Geometrical spin manipulation in Dirac flakes Ioannis Kleftogiannis, Ilias Amanatidis

1509.07665 - What is dimensional reduction really telling us? Daniel Coumbe

1509.07667 - Nonlocality in quantum theory Alexander V. Belinsky, Andrey K. Zhukovsky

1509.07676 - A Lagrangian for self-dual strings Vasilis Niarchos

1509.07764 - Slices to sums of adjoint orbits, the Atiyah-Hitchin manifold, and Hilbert schemes of points Roger Bielawski

1509.07782 - Cyclotron Resonance in Topological Insulators- Non-Relativistic Effects Calvin J. Tabert, J. P. Carbotte

1509.07825 - AdS-CFT Correspondence, Non-commutative Geometry and Holographic Superconductor in Magnetic Field Souvik Pramanik, Subir Ghosh

1509.07827 - Experimental demonstration of kilometer-range quantum digital signatures Ross James Donaldson, Robert John Collins, Klaudia Kleczkowska, Ryan Amiri, Petros Wallden, Vedran Dunjko, John Jeffers, Erika Andersson, Gerald Stuart Buller


1509.07926 - Spin relaxation near a ferromagnetic transition Matthew D. Mower, G. Vignale

1509.07938 - Spin one matter fields M. Napsuciale, S. Rodríguez, Rodolfo Ferro-Hernández, Selim Gómez-Ávila

1509.07992 - Rotating quantum Gaussian packets V. V. Dodonov

1509.08064 - Axiomatic conformal field theory in dimensions >2 and AdS-CFT Albert Schwarz

1509.08219 - Topological superfluids on a square optical lattice with non-Abelian gauge fields- effects of next-nearest-neighbor hopping in the BCS-BEC evolution M. Iskin

1509.08225 - Comparison of strong-coupling theories for a two-dimensional Fermi gas Brendan C. Mulkerin, Kristian Fenech, Paul Dyke, Chris J. Vale, Xia-Ji Liu, Hui Hu

1509.08252 - Cyclic groups and quantum logic gates Arash Pourkia, J. Batle, C. H. Raymond Ooi

1509.08253 - Weak Measurements, Quantum State Collapse and the Born Rule Apoorva Patel, Parveen Kumar

1509.08296 - Grand canonical Peierls transition in In-Si(111)

1509.08332 - Quantum Hydrodynamics in One Dimension beyond the Luttinger Liquid Tom Price, Austen Lamacraft

1509.08338 - The graviton Higgs mechanism Ivan Arraut

1509.08406 - Note on Onsager's conjecture Peter Stubbe

1509.08407 - Model of Antiferromagnetic Superconductivity Geoffrey L. Sewell 

1509.08429 - Semiclassical excited-state signatures of quantum phase transitions in spin chains with variable-range interactions Manuel Gessner, Victor Manuel Bastidas, Tobias Brandes, Andreas Buchleitner

1509.08433 - Influence of Rashba spin-orbit coupling on the Kondo effect Arturo Wong, Sergio E. Ulloa, Nancy Sandler, Kevin Ingersent


1509.08461 - Haldane-Hubbard Mott Insulator- From Tetrahedral Spin Crystal to Chiral Spin Liquid Ciarán Hickey, Lukasz Cincio, Zlatko Papić, Arun Paramekanti

1509.08478 - Entanglement in Weakly Coupled Lattice Gauge Theories Djordje Radicevic

1509.08511 - Anomalies, Conformal Manifolds, and Spheres Jaume Gomis, Zohar Komargodski, Po-Shen Hsin, Adam Schwimmer, Nathan Seiberg, Stefan Theisen

1509.08521 - An eigensystem approach to Anderson localization Alexander Elgart, Abel Klein

1509.08557 - Magnetoelectric effect in organic molecular solids Makoto Naka, Sumio Ishihara

1509.08613 - Thermalization of Topological Entropy after a Quantum Quench Yu Zeng, Alioscia Hamma, Heng Fan

1509.08651 - Tight-binding approach to penta-graphene T. Stauber, J. I. Beltrán, J. Schliemann

1509.08693 - An inverse problem for Schwinger pair production Florian Hebenstreit

1509.08735 - Is the proton radius puzzle an evidence of extra dimensions? F. Dahia, A. S. Lemos

1509.08815 - Cavity optomechanical cooling of a mechanical resonator in presence of a quantum well Bijita Sarma, Amarendra K. Sarma

1509.08877 - The Gatto-Sartori-Tonin relation- A symmetrical origin U. J. Saldaña-Salazar