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1510.08746 - Self-similar analogues of Stark ladders- a path to fractal potentials E. Sadurní, S. Castillo

1510.08856 - Mean field study of the topological Haldane-Hubbard model of spin-$1-2$ fermions V. S. Arun, R. Sohal, C. Hickey, A. Paramekanti

1510.08866 - Adiabatic Crossing of Many-body Resonances Angelo Russomanno, Emanuele G. Dalla Torre

1510.08930 - Cubic Ideal Ferromagnets at Low Temperature and Weak Magnetic Field Christoph P. Hofmann

1510.08975 - Effective hydrodynamic field theory and condensation picture of topological insulators AtMa P. O. Chan, Thomas Kvorning, Shinsei Ryu, Eduardo Fradkin

1510.08978 - Geometry-induced memory effects in isolated quantum systems- Observations and applications Chen-Yen Lai, Chih-Chun Chien

1510.09003 - Competition of density waves and quantum multicritical behavior in Dirac materials from functional renormalization Laura Classen, Igor F. Herbut, Lukas Janssen, Michael M. Scherer

1510.09020 - Entanglement Renormalization and Two Dimensional String Theory Javier Molina-Vilaplana

1510.09071 - Fractional Topological Insulators- A Bosonization Approach D. Schmeltzer

1510.09089 - Solid Holography and Massive Gravity Lasma Alberte, Matteo Baggioli, Andrei Khmelnitsky, Oriol Pujolas

1510.09154 - Symmetry invariance of conservation laws Stephen C. Anco, Abdul H. Kara

1510.09209 - Evidence for mixed-symmetry superconductivity in a correlated organic metal Sandra Diehl, Torsten Methfessel, Ulrich Tutsch, Harald Schubert, Michael Lang, Jens Müller, Michael Huth, Daniel Guterding, Michaela Altmeyer,



1204.5129 - The Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Aspects of the Electrodynamic Vacuum-Field Theory Models Nikolai N. Bogolubov Jr., Denis Blackmore, Anatolij K. Prykarpatsky

1511.00002 - Application of Lie-group symmetry analysis to an infinite hierarchy of differential equations at the example of first order ODEs Michael Frewer

1511.00007 - Quantum phases emerging from competing short- and long-range interactions in an optical lattice Renate Landig, Lorenz Hruby, Nishant Dogra, Manuele Landini, Rafael Mottl, Tobias Donner, Tilman Esslinger

1511.00015 - Aspects of the Flavour Expansion Theorem M. Paraskevas

1511.00061 - Mechanics on fibered manifolds Songhao Li, Ari Stern, Xiang Tang

1511.00109 - Time-dependent Landauer-Büttiker formalism for superconducting junctions at arbitrary temperatures Riku Tuovinen, Robert van Leeuwen, Enrico Perfetto, Gianluca Stefanucci

1511.00132 - Realizing the relaxion from multiple axions and its UV completion with high scale supersymmetry Kiwoon Choi, Sang Hui Im

1511.00244 - Holographic Mutual Information for Singular Surfaces M. Reza Mohammadi Mozaffar, Ali Mollabashi, Farzad Omidi

1511.00247 - Quantum Phase Transitions in the BKL Universe Giulio D'Odorico, Frank Saueressig

1511.00250 - On global behavior of solutions of the Maxwell-Klein-Gordon equations Shiwu Yang

1511.00251 - Decay of solutions of Maxwell-Klein-Gordon equations with large Maxwell field Shiwu Yang

1511.00274 - Generalisation of the Yang-Mills Theory George Savvidy

1511.00278 - Electronic structure and relaxation dynamics in a superconducting topological material Madhab Neupane, Yukiaki Ishida, Raman Sankar, Jian-Xin Zhu, Daniel S. Sanchez, Ilya Belopolski, Su-Yang Xu, Nasser Alidoust, Shik Shin, Fangcheng Chou,

1511.00288 - Structural aspects of Hamilton-Jacobi theory José F. Cariñena, Xavier Gràcia, Giuseppe Marmo, Eduardo Martínez, Miguel C. Muñoz-Lecanda, Narciso Román-Roy

1511.00324 - Cheeger-Simons differential characters with compact support and Pontryagin duality Christian Becker, Marco Benini, Alexander Schenkel, Richard J. Szabo

1511.00364 - Gauge transformation of quantum states in probability representation Ya. A. Korennoy, V. I. Manko

1511.00403 - AdS-CFT and local renormalization group with gauge fields Ken Kikuchi, Tadakatsu Sakai

1511.00404 - Yang-Baxter invariance of the Nappi-Witten model Hideki Kyono, Kentaroh Yoshida

1511.00495 - Extended disformal approach in the scenario of Rainbow Gravity Gabriel G. Carvalho, Iarley P. Lobo, Eduardo Bittencourt

1511.00512 - The Berry Connection of the Ginzburg-Landau Vortices Ákos Nagy

1511.00560 - String partition functions in Rindler space and maximal acceleration Thomas G. Mertens, Henri Verschelde, Valentin I. Zakharov

1511.00585 - Relativistic currents on ideal Aharonov-Bohm cylinders Ion I. Cotaescu, Doru-Marcel Baltateanu, Ion Cotaescu Jr

1511.00606 - Probing quantum capacitance in a 3D topological insulator D. A. Kozlov, D. Bauer, J. Ziegler, R. Fischer, M. L. Savchenko, Z. D. Kvon, N. N. Mikhailov, S. A. Dvoretsky, D. Weiss


1511.00703 - Detection of Majorana Kramers pairs using a quantum point contact Jian Li, Wei Pan, B. Andrei Bernevig, Roman M. Lutchyn

1511.00707 - Entanglement Entropy in Warped Conformal Field Theories Alejandra Castro, Diego M. Hofman, Nabil Iqbal

1511.00709 - Shortcuts to adiabaticity- Suppression of pair production in driven Dirac dynamics Sebastian Deffner

1511.00713 - DC Conductivity of Magnetised Holographic Matter Aristomenis Donos, Jerome P. Gauntlett, Tom Griffin, Luis Melgar

1511.00719 - Systematically generated two-qubit anyon braids Caitlin Carnahan, Daniel Zeuch, N.E. Bonesteel

1511.00724 - A Geometric Formulation of Higgs Effective Field Theory- Measuring the Curvature of Scalar Field Space Rodrigo Alonso, Elizabeth E. Jenkins, Aneesh V. Manohar

1511.00755 - Brillouin-Wigner theory for high-frequency expansion in periodically driven systems- Application to Floquet topological insulators Takahiro Mikami, Sota Kitamura, Kenji Yasuda, Naoto Tsuji, Takashi Oka, Hideo Aoki

1511.00771 - High-T$_c$ and Low-T$_c$ Superconductivity in Electron Systems With Repulsion Maxim Yu. Kagan, Vitaly A. Mitskan, Maxim M. Korovushkin

1511.00794 - Thermal evolution of the one-flavour Schwinger model using Matrix Product States H. Saito, M. C. Bañuls, K. Cichy, J. I. Ciracb, K. Jansen

1511.00805 - Graphene nanosystems and low-dimensional Chern-Simons topological insulators Y. H. Jeong, S. -R. Eric Yang

1511.00826 - Hamiltonian dynamics of the parametrized electromagnetic field J. Fernando Barbero G., Juan Margalef-Bentabol, Eduardo J.S. Villaseñor

1511.00828 - Some reference formulas for the generating functions of canonical transformations Damiano Anselmi

1511.00895 - Bethe Ansatz and the Spectral Theory of affine Lie algebra--valued connections. The non simply--laced case Davide Masoero, Andrea Raimondo, Daniele Valeri

1511.00896 - DC Conductivity of Magnetised Holographic Matter Aristomenis Donos, Jerome P. Gauntlett, Tom Griffin, Luis Melgar

1511.00896 - Topological properties of the FQH quasiparticles from the entanglement entropy Na Jiang, Zi-Xiang Hu

1511.00912 - Globally symmetric topological phase- from anyonic symmetry to twist defect Jeffrey C. Y. Teo

1511.00945 - A defocusing complex short pulse equation and its multi-dark soliton solution by Darboux transformation Bao-Feng Feng, Liming Ling, Zuonong Zhu

1511.00994 - New Setting for Spontaneous Gauge Symmetry Breaking? R. Jackiw, S.Y. Pi

1511.00995 - Solution-generating transformations in duality-invariant theories and the fluid-gravity correspondence Joel Berkeley

1511.01002 - Ward identities and relations between conductivities and viscosities in holography Carlos Hoyos, David Rodríguez Fernández

1511.01030 - Effect of Interdots Electronic Repulsion in the Majorana Signature for an Aharonov-Bohm-like Interferometer L.S. Ricco, Y. Marques, F.A. Dessotti, M. de Souza, A.C. Seridonio

1511.01036 - Pauli Crystals- hidden geometric structures of the quantum statistics Mariusz Gajda, Jan Mostowski, Tomasz Sowiński, Magdalena Załuska-Kotur

1511.01052 - Berry's connection, Kähler geometry and the Nahm construction of monopoles Kenny Wong

1511.01069 - Copenhagen Quantum Mechanics Timothy J. Hollowood


1408.4466 - Quantization of the Nonlinear Sigma Model Revisited Timothy Nguyen

1501.03993 - Three-loop Correction to the Instanton Density. I. The Quartic Double Well Potential M.A. Escobar-Ruiz, E. Shuryak, A.V. Turbiner

1505.05115 - Three-loop Correction to the Instanton Density. II. The Sine-Gordon potential M.A. Escobar-Ruiz, E. Shuryak, A.V. Turbiner

1511.00826 - Hamiltonian dynamics of the parametrized electromagnetic field J. Fernando Barbero G., Juan Margalef-Bentabol, Eduardo J.S. Villaseñor

1511.01104 - The volume of a soliton C. Adam, M. Haberichter, A. Wereszczynski

1511.01109 - Cavity-Optomechanics with Spin-Orbit Coupled Spinor Bose-Einstein Condensate Kashif Ammar Yasir, Wu-Ming Liu

1511.01129 - Quantum symmetry breaking of exciton-polaritons in metal-nanorod plasmonic array Svitlana Zaster, Eric R. Bittner, Andrei Piryatinski

1511.01130 - Quantum theory from questions Philipp A Hoehn, Christopher Wever

1511.01147 - Current Algebra on the Conformal Boundary and the Variables of Quantum Gravity Tom Banks

1511.01237 - The effect of entanglement in gravitational photon-photon scattering Dennis Raetzel, Martin Wilkens, Ralf Menzel

1511.01244 - Background field method and the cohomology of renormalization Damiano Anselmi

1511.01253 - Metal-insulator transition in an one-dimensional half-filled interacting mesoscopic ring with spinless fermions- Exact results Madhumita Saha, Santanu K. Maiti

1511.01278 - Effects of boundary curvature on surface superconductivity Michele Correggi, Nicolas Rougerie 

1511.01279 - Thermal BEC black holes Roberto Casadio, Andrea Giugno, Octavian Micu, Alessio Orlandi

1511.01330 - Entangling Fractals Amin Faraji Astaneh

1511.01341 - Tunability of the Berry phase in gapped graphene Andrea Urru, Giulio Cocco, Vincenzo Fiorentini

1511.01364 - Topological insulator-based spin injection into graphene Kristina Vaklinova, Alexander Hoyer, Marko Burghard, Klaus Kern


1510.07968 - Quantum entanglement of dark matter Jae-Weon Lee

1511.01481 - Induced Gravity I- Real Scalar Field Martin B Einhorn, D R Timothy Jones

1511.01482 - Higher spins from Nambu-Chern-Simons theory Alex S. Arvanitakis

1511.01485 - Generalised matter couplings in massive bigravity Scott Melville, Johannes Noller

1511.01489 - Bulk Entanglement Spectrum in Gapped Spin Ladders Raul A. Santos, Chao-Ming Jian, Rex Lundgren

1511.01491 - On Superconformal Anyons Nima Doroud, David Tong, Carl Turner

1511.01502 - Realizing anomalous anyonic symmetries at the surfaces of 3d gauge theories Lukasz Fidkowski, Ashvin Vishwanath

1511.01505 - Quantum Loop States in Spin-Orbital Models on the Honeycomb Lattice Lucile Savary

1511.01513 - Improving compressed sensing with the diamond norm Martin Kliesch, Richard Kueng, Jens Eisert, David Gross

1511.01516 - Superconformal Index, BPS Monodromy and Chiral Algebras Sergio Cecotti, Jaewon Song, Cumrun Vafa, Wenbin Yan

1511.01539 - Worldsheet matter for electric flux strings Daniel Ben-Zion, Diptarka Das, John McGreevy

1511.01550 - Living in a Superposition James B. Hartle

1511.01567 - Quantum Alternation- Prospects and Problems Costin Bădescu, Prakash Panangaden

1511.01571 - Towards a Paraconsistent Quantum Set Theory Benjamin Eva

1511.01575 - Spinor Bose-Einstein gases G. Edward Marti, Dan M. Stamper-Kurn

1511.01588 - Rashba realization- Raman with RF Daniel L. Campbell, Ian B. Spielman

1511.01620 - A Method for BPS Equations of Vortices Ardian Nata Atmaja

1511.01659 - Calculation of multi-loop superstring amplitudes G. S. Danilov

1511.01712 - Beats, broken-symmetry superfluid on a one dimensional anyon Hubbard model Wanzhou Zhang, Ernv Fan, Tony C Scott, Yunbo Zhang

1511.01713 - Topological superfluids with time-reversal symmetry from $s$-wave interaction in a bilayer system Beibing Huang, Pak Hong Chui, Jia Liu, Chuanwei Zhang, Ming Gong

1511.01724 - Magnetic modulation doping in topological insulators toward higher-temperature quantum anomalous Hall effect M. Mogi, R. Yoshimi, A. Tsukazaki, K. Yasuda, Y. Kozuka, K. S. Takahashi, M. Kawasaki, Y. Tokura

1511.01740 - Spontaneously Broken Yang-Mills-Einstein Supergravities as Double Copies Marco Chiodaroli, Murat Gunaydin, Henrik Johansson, Radu Roiban

1511.01745 - MoEDAL- Seeking magnetic monopoles and more at the LHC Vasiliki A. Mitsou

1511.01757 - Gauge Invariance and Symmetry Breaking by Topology and Energy Gap Carlo Heissenberg, Franco Strocchi

1511.01774 - Scale vs Conformal Invariance in Ultra-Relativistic Field Theory Reza Fareghbal, Ali Naseh, Shahin Rouhani

1511.01805 - Cosmological perturbation of Unimodular Gravity and General Relativity are identical Abhishek Basak, Ophélia Fabre, S. Shankaranarayanan

1511.01831 - Gauge-discontinuity contributions to Chern-Simons orbital magnetoelectric coupling Jianpeng Liu, David Vanderbilt

1511.01840 - Photon propagator in skewon electrodynamics Yakov Itin

1511.01842 - Sergey S. Pershoguba, Sho Nakosai, Alexander V. Balatsky

1511.01842 - Skyrmion-induced bound states in a superconductor Sergey S. Pershoguba, Sho Nakosai, Alexander V. Balatsky

1511.01843 - Quantum Triangular Ice S. A. Owerre

1511.01876 - Theory of the strongly disordered Weyl semimetal Alexander Altland, Dmitry Bagrets


1511.01170 - Green's function approach to Chern-Simons extended electrodynamics- an effective theory describing topological insulators A. Martín-Ruiz, M. Cambiaso, L. F. Urrutia

1511.01875 - Discrete Flavour Symmetries from the Heisenberg Group E.G. Floratos, G.K. Leontaris

1511.01895 - Instabilities of microstate geometries with antibranes Iosif Bena, Giulio Pasini

1511.01902 - Disorder Operators in Chern-Simons-Fermion Theories Djordje Radicevic

1511.01908 - Towards a Theory of the QCD String Sergei Dubovsky, Victor Gorbenko

1511.01972 - Edge states and phase diagram for graphene under polarized light Yi-Xiang Wang, Fuxiang Li

1511.01995 - The BCS functional of superconductivity and its mathematical properties Christian Hainzl, Robert Seiringer

1511.01999 - Quantum statistical mechanical derivation of the second law of thermodynamics Hal Tasaki

1511.02015 - Graphical Tensor Product Reduction Scheme for the Lie Algebras so(5) = sp(2), su(3), and g(2) N. D. Vlasii, F. von Rütte, U.-J. Wiese

1511.02027 - Sigma Models and Phase Transitions for Complete Intersections Emily Clader, Dustin Ross

1511.02053 - The Structure of Free Gauge Fields over Minkowski Space Christian Högfors Ziebell

1511.02193 - Curvature and torsion effects in the spin-current driven domain wall motion Kostiantyn V. Yershov, Volodymyr P. Kravchuk, Denis D. Sheka, Yuri Gaididei

1511.02205 - Entanglement scaling of excited states in large one-dimensional many-body localized systems D. M. Kennes, C. Karrasch

1511.02225 - Doublon dynamics and polar molecule production in an optical lattice Jacob P. Covey, Steven A. Moses, Martin Garttner, Arghavan Safavi-Naini, Matthew T. Miecnikowski, Zhengkun Fu, Johannes Schachenmayer, Paul S. Julienne, Ana Maria Rey

1511.02226 - Classification and detection of symmetry fractionalization in chiral spin liquids Lukasz Cincio, Yang Qi

1511.02227 - Semiclassical electron transport at the edge of a 2D topological insulator E. Khalaf, M. A. Skvortsov, P. M. Ostrovsky


1311.0733 - Geometrical methods in mathematical physics M.O.Katanaev

1412.5601 - Effective field theory for spacetime symmetry breaking Yoshimasa Hidaka, Toshifumi Noumi, Gary Shiu

1502.05057 - Simple Recursion Relations for General Field Theories Clifford Cheung, Chia-Hsien Shen, Jaroslav Trnka

1506.03809 - Connections and geodesics in the space of metrics Maximilian Demmel, Andreas Nink

1510.03297 - Review on High energy String Scattering Amplitudes and Symmetries of String Theory Jen-Chi Lee, Yi Yang

1511.00388 - The First Law of Black Hole Mechanics for Fields with Internal Gauge Freedom Kartik Prabhu

1511.02237 - Instanton-dyon Ensemble with two Dynamical Quarks- the Chiral Symmetry Breaking Rasmus Larsen, Edward Shuryak

1511.02244 - Understanding diboson anomalies Aqil Sajjad

1511.02288 - Thermodynamic law from the entanglement entropy bound Chanyong Park

1511.02314 - Sine-Gordon solitons in networks- Scattering and transmission at vertices Zarif Sobirov, Doniyor Babajanov, Davron Matrasulov, Katsuhiro Nakamura, Hannes Uecker

1511.02357 - Evaluation of conformal integrals Adam Bzowski, Paul McFadden, Kostas Skenderis

1511.02412 - The relativity of Colour Paul D Stack, Robert Delbourgo

1511.02440 - Topological Effects on Quantum Phase Slips in Superfluid Spin Transport Se Kwon Kim, Yaroslav Tserkovnyak

1511.02444 - Analytic study of higher dimensional holographic superconductors in Born-Infeld electrodynamics away from the probe limit Debabrata Ghorai, Sunandan Gangopadhyay

1511.02447 - On the classical limit of quantum mechanics I Bruce K. Driver, Pun Wai Tong

1511.02501 - Dimensional reduction and localization of a Bose-Einstein condensate in a quasi-1D bichromatic optical L. Salasnich, S.K. Adhikari

1511.02607 - Quantitatively Analyzing Phonon Spectral Contribution of Thermal Conductivity Based on Non-Equilibrium Molecular Dynamics Simulation II- From Time Fourier Transform Yanguang Zhou, Ming Hu

1511.02653 - Helical spin texture and interference of Majorana bound states in one-dimensional topological superconductor Takuto Kawakami, Xiao Hu

1511.02686 - Some remarks on representations up to homotopy Giorgio Trentinaglia, Chenchang Zhu

1511.02720 - SO(10) models with flavour symmetries- Classification and examples I. P. Ivanov, L. Lavoura

1511.02736 - Stripe glasses in ferromagnetic thin films Alessandro Principi, Mikhail I. Katsnelson

1511.02740 - Electronic structure of disordered graphene with Green's function approach J. Smotlacha, R. Pincak, M. Pudlak

1511.02748 - Analogies in electronic properties of graphene wormhole and perturbed nanocylinder J. Smotlacha, R. Pincak

1511.02757 - From topological to non-topological solitons- kinks, domain walls and Q-balls in a scalar field model with non-trivial vacuum manifold Yves Brihaye, Adolfo Cisterna, Betti Hartmann, Gabriel Luchini

1511.02765 - Spin-orbit interaction in the graphitic nanocone R. Pincak, J. Smotlacha, M. Pudlak

1511.02769 - On mechanism of high-temperature superconductivity in hydrogen sulfide at 200 GPa- transition into superconducting anti-adiabatic state in coupling to H-vibrations P. Baňacký

1511.02795 - The chiral massive fermions in the graphitic wormhole R. Pincak, J. Smotlacha

1511.02817 - Topological order in the Kitaev-Majorana chain in the presence of disorder and interactions Niklas M. Gergs, Lars Fritz, Dirk Schuricht


1411.7811 - A measure of physical reality A. L. O. Bilobran, R. M. Angelo

1511.01485 - Generalised matter couplings in massive bigravity Scott Melville, Johannes Noller

1511.01908 - Towards a Theory of the QCD String Sergei Dubovsky, Victor Gorbenko

1511.02847 - Quantum Phase Operator and Phase States Xin Ma, William Rhodes

1511.02866 - Collective modes in a quantum solid Snir Gazit, Daniel Podolsky, Heloise Nonne, Assa Auerbach, Daniel P. Arovas

1511.02868 - Unparticles and Anomalous Dimensions in the Cuprates Andreas Karch, Kridsanaphong Limtragool, Philip W. Phillips

1511.02876 - Inflationary magnetogenesis and non-local actions- The conformal anomaly Basem Kamal El-Menoufi

1511.02880 - Shift-Symmetries at Higher Order Steven Abel, Richard J. Stewart

1511.02887 - $mathcal{N}=2^star$ from Topological Amplitudes in String Theory Ioannis Florakis, Ahmad Zein Assi

1511.02929 - Higher SPT's and a generalization of anomaly in-flow Ryan Thorngren, Curt von Keyserlingk

1511.02968 - Topological magnetic phase in LaMnO$_3$ (111) bilayer Yakui Weng, Xin Huang, Yugui Yao, Shuai Dong

1511.02996 - When is an area law not an area law? Anushya Chandran, Chris Laumann, Rafael D. Sorkin

1511.03004 - Boundary conditions and Green function approach of the spin-orbit interaction in the graphitic nanocone J. Smotlacha, R. Pincak

1511.03047 - Tight-binding Rashba model and statistical field theory G. A. H. Schober, K.-U. Giering, M. M. Scherer, C. Honerkamp, M. Salmhofer

1511.03064 - Grand-canonical condensate fluctuations in weakly interacting Bose-Einstein condensates of light Christoph Weiss, Jacques Tempere

1511.03101 - Generalized Proca action for an Abelian vector field Erwan Allys , Patrick Peter , Yeinzon Rodriguez

1511.03119 - Type-I superconductivity in KBi2 single crystals Shanshan Sun, Kai Liu, Hechang Lei

1511.03127 - Determinant representation of the domain-wall boundary condition partition function of a Richardson-Gaudin model containing one arbitrary spin Alexandre Faribault, Hugo Tschirhart, Nicolas Muller

1511.03189 - A strong loophole-free test of local realism Lynden K. Shalm

1511.03190 - A significant-loophole-free test of Bell's theorem with entangled photons Marissa Giustina

1511.03250 - 30 years of squeezed light generation Ulrik L. Andersen, Tobias Gehring, Christoph Marquardt, Gerd Leuchs


1502.06143 -- On the Mean Field and Classical Limits of Quantum Mechanics François Golse, Clément Mouhot, Thierry Paul

1511.00342 - Ground-state phase diagram of the quantum Rabi model Zu-Jian Ying, Maoxin Liu, Hong-Gang Luo, Hai-Qing Lin, J. Q. You

1511.02263 - Translational symmetry and microscopic constraints on symmetry-enriched topological phases- a view from the surface Meng Cheng, Michael Zaletel, Maissam Barkeshli, Ashvin Vishwanath, Parsa Bonderson

1511.02440 - Topological Effects on Quantum Phase Slips in Superfluid Spin Transport Se Kwon Kim, Yaroslav Tserkovnyak

1511.02563 - Symmetry Fractionalization in Three-Dimensional Z_2 Topological Order and Fermionic Symmetry-Protected Phases Meng Cheng

1511.03262 - 50 years of first passage percolation Antonio Auffinger, Jack Hanson, Michael Damron

1511.03270 - No-go for Partially Massless Spin-2 Yang-Mills Sebastian Garcia-Saenz, Kurt Hinterbichler, Austin Joyce, Ermis Mitsou, Rachel A. Rosen

1511.03302 - Covariant Hamiltonian first order field theories with constraints on manifolds with boundary- the case of Hamiltonian dynamics A. Ibort, A. Spivak

1511.03303 - Modified nonlinear model of arcsin-electrodynamics S.I. Kruglov

1511.03336 - Loop-nodal and Point-nodal Semimetals in Three-dimensional Honeycomb Lattices Motohiko Ezawa

1511.03367 - Collective properties of quantum matter- from Hawking radiation analogues to quantum Hall effect in graphene J. R. M. de Nova

1511.03372 - Fractional Quantum Hall Effect and M-Theory Cumrun Vafa

1511.03380 - Axion-photon Propagation in Magnetized Universe Chen Wang, Dong Lai

1511.03393 - Introduction to Supersymmetric Theory of Stochastics Igor V. Ovchinnikov

1511.03411 - Conformal Properties in High Temperature QCD K.-I. Ishikawa, Y. Iwasaki, Yu Nakayama, T. Yoshie

1511.03419 - Solitons in the Crossover between Band Insulator and Mott Insulator- Application to TTF-Chloranil under Pressure Hidetoshi Fukuyama, Masao Ogata

1511.03425 - Topological Membranes, Current Algebras and H-flux - R-flux Duality based on Courant Algebroids Taiki Bessho, Marc A. Heller, Noriaki Ikeda, Satoshi Watamura

1511.03429 - Metaphysics of the Principle of Least Action Vladislav Terekhovich

1511.03460 - Sasakian manifolds and M-theory José Figueroa-O'Farrill, Andrea Santi

1511.03482 - The dynamics of aloof baby Skyrmions Petja Salmi, Paul Sutcliffe

1511.03484 - Some Aspects of Three-Quark Potentials Oleg Andreev

1511.03485 - Single spin asymmetries from a single Wilson loop Daniël Boer, Miguel G. Echevarria, Piet Mulders, Jian Zhou

1511.03502 - Chiral p pm ip superfluid on a sphere Sergej Moroz, Carlos Hoyos, Leo Radzihovsky

1511.03509 - Signaling loophole in experimental Bell tests Adam Bednorz

1511.03525 - Stückelberg Formulation of Holography Gia Dvali, Cesar Gomez, Nico Wintergerst

1511.03544 - Multi-soliton, multi-breather and higher-order rogue wave solutions to the complex short pulse equation Liming Ling, Bao-Feng Feng, Zuonong Zhu

1511.03574 - Scattering amplitudes abandoning virtual particles M. Maniatis

1511.03586 - Kählerian Effective Potentials for Chern-Simons-Matter Theories J. M. Queiruga, A. C. Lehum, Mir Faizal

1511.03608 - Photon mass as a probe to extra dimensions G. Alencar, C. R. Muniz, R. R. Landim, I. C. Jardim, R. N. Costa Filho

1511.03621 - Chiral anomaly without relativity A.A. Burkov

1511.03630 - A Feynman Integral and its Recurrences and Associators Georg Puhlfuerst, Stephan Stieberger

1511.03646 - Effective field theory of dissipative fluids Michael Crossley, Paolo Glorioso, Hong Liu

1511.03649 - A Nonperturbative Regulator for Chiral Gauge Theories Dorota M. Grabowska, David B. Kaplan


1511.03681 - Einstein-Vector Gravity, Emerging Gauge Symmetry and de Sitter Bounce Wei-Jian Geng, H. Lu

1511.03714 - Gradient Flow in the Abelian Higgs Model P. Mikula, M.E. Carrington, G. Kunstatter

1511.03724 - Can we trust the relationship between resonance poles and lifetimes? Ira Herbst, Rajinder Mavi

1511.03781 - Anomalous superconductivity and superfluidity in repulsive fermion systems M.Yu. Kagan, V.A. Mitskan, M.M. Korovushkin

1511.03804 - Study of entropy production in Yang-Mills theory with use of Husimi function Hidekazu Tsukiji, Hideaki Iida, Teiji Kunihiro, Akira Ohnishi, Toru T. Takahashi

1511.03833 - Topological Superfluids and BEC-BCS Crossover in Attractive Haldane-Hubbard Model Yi-Cai Zhang, Zhihao Xu, Shizhong Zhang 

1511.03844 - First Law of Entanglement Entropy vs Black Hole Entropy in an Anomalous Theory Long Cheng, Ling-Yan Hung, Si-Nong Liu, Hong-Zhe Zhou

1511.03889 - Photons without vectors Ibrahim Burak Ilhan, Alex Kovner

1511.03912 - Physical origin of nonequilibrium fluctuation-induced forces in fluids T. R. Kirkpatrick, J. M. Ortiz de Zárate, J. V. Sengers

1511.03929 - Star products on graded manifolds and $α'$-corrections to double field theory Andreas Deser

1511.03936 - The Weyl realizations of Lie algebras and left-right duality Stjepan Meljanac, Sasa Kresic-Juric, Tea Martinic

1511.03942 - Anderson Topological Superconductor and Entanglement Entropy Jan Borchmann, Aaron Farrell, T. Pereg-Barnea


1511.03956 - On the nature of an emergent symmetry in QCD Thomas D. Cohen

1511.03989 - Local Power in Quantum Mechanics Guillermo Albareda, Fabio Lorenzo Traversa, Xavier Oriols

1511.03997 - Quantum theory of nonlocal nonlinear Schrodinger equation Vivek M. Vyas, Zodinmawia

1511.04006 - Holography for Heavy Quarks and Mesons at Finite Chemical Potential Carlo Ewerz, Ling Lin, Andreas Samberg, Konrad Schade

1511.04022 - Magnetic Rigid Rotor in the Quantum Regime- Theoretical Toolbox Cosimo C. Rusconi, Oriol Romero-Isart

1511.04040 - Progress in Electroweak Symmetry Breaking S. Dawson

1511.04047 - Universality of the Hall conductivity in interacting electron systems Alessandro Giuliani, Vieri Mastropietro, Marcello Porta

1511.04050 - Chiral Magnetic Effect in High-Energy Nuclear Collisions --- A Status Report D. E. Kharzeev, J. Liao, S. A. Voloshin, G. Wang


1508.06910 - Electrodynamics on Cosmological Scales Li-Xin Li

1511.01260 - A New Theory for Unification of Electromagnetic and Gravitational Interactions Li-Xin Li

1511.03997 - Quantum theory of nonlocal nonlinear Schrodinger equation Vivek M. Vyas, Zodinmawia

1511.04074 - Lectures on Conformal Field Theory Joshua D. Qualls

1511.04146 - Quantum decay of the persistent current in a Josephson junction ring D. A. Garanin, E. M. Chudnovsky

1511.04167 - Superfluid response in heavy fermion superconductors Yin Zhong, Lan Zhang, Can Shao, Hong-Gang Luo

1511.04187 - BV Analysis of Tachyon Fluctuation around Multi-brane Solutions in Cubic String Field Theory Hiroyuki Hata

1511.04225 - Loop Current and Antiferromagnetic States in Fermionic Hubbard Model with Staggered Flux at Half Filling Yuta Toga, Hisatoshi Yokoyama

1511.04227 - Magnified Damping under Rashba Spin Orbit Coupling Seng Ghee Tan, Mansoor B.A.Jalil

1511.04230 - Relation between two-phase quantum walks and the topological invariant Takako Endo, Norio Konno, Hideaki Obuse

1511.04237 - Skyrmion-induced bound states on the surface of 3D Topological Insulators Dimitrios Andrikopoulos, Bart Sorée, Jo De Boeck

1511.04288 - Tensor networks for gauge field theories Boye Buyens, Jutho Haegeman, Frank Verstraete, Karel Van Acoleyen

1511.04304 - Band structure and electron-phonon coupling in H$_3$S-a tight-binding model Luciano Ortenzi, Emmanuele Cappelluti, Luciano Pietronero

1511.04318 - Introducing Loopedia Viktor Papara

1511.04372 - Chiral algebras in Landau-Ginzburg models Mykola Dedushenko

1511.04393 - Intercalation effect on hyperfine parameters of Fe in FeSe superconductor with Tc = 42 K Sergii I Shylin, Vadim Ksenofontov, Stefan J Sedlmaier, Simon J Clarke, Simon J Cassidy, Gerhard Wortmann, Sergey A Medvedev, Claudia Felser

1511.04432 - Holographic renormalisation group flows and renormalisation from a Wilsonian perspective J. M. Lizana, T. R. Morris, M. Perez-Victoria


1511.04447 - Fundamental Asymmetry in Quenches Between Integrable and Nonintegrable Systems Marcos Rigol

1511.04459 - Diagnosing Topological Edge States via Entanglement Monogamy Konstantinos Meichanetzidis, Jens Eisert, Mauro Cirio, Ville Lahtinen, Jiannis K. Pachos

1511.04575 - Notes on Super Killing Tensors P.S. Howe, U. Lindström

1511.04622 - Real space renormalization of Majorana fermions in quantum nano-wire superconductors R. Jafari, A. Langari, Alireza Akbari, Ki-Seok Kim

1511.04673 - Exotic Superconducting Properties in Topological Nodal Semimetal PbTaSe$_2$ Cheng-Long Zhang, Zhujun Yuan, Su-Yang Xu, Xiao Zhang, M. Zahid Hasan, Shuang Jia

1511.04681 - Relativistic Landau Models and Generation of Fuzzy Spheres Kazuki Hasebe

1511.04730 - Uncertainty Relations for General Unitary Operators Shrobona Bagchi, Arun Kumar Pati

1511.04743 - Local algebra and string theory M.V. Movshev

1511.04772 - Dense Chern-Simons Matter with Fermions at Large N Michael Geracie, Mikhail Goykhman, Dam T. Son

1511.04879 - Particle Motion in Generalized Dirac's Monopoles of dimension 2k+1 Zhanqiang Bai

1511.04928 - Yang-Mills connections over Calabi-Yau 3-folds and $G_{2}$-manifolds T. Huang

1511.04972 - Transverse field muon-spin rotation measurement of the topological anomaly in a thin film of MnSi T. Lancaster, F. Xiao, Z. Salman, I. O. Thomas, S. J. Blundell, F. L. Pratt, S. J. Clark, T. Prokscha, A. Suter, S. L. Zhang, A. A. Baker

1511.05018 - Topological Massive Dirac Edge Modes and Long-Range Superconducting Hamiltonians O. Viyuela, D. Vodola, G. Pupillo, M.A. Martin-Delgado

1511.05095 - Monopole-Antimonopole Scattering Tanmay Vachaspati

1511.05105 - The Hodge Operator Revisited L. Castellani, R. Catenacci, P.A. Grassi

1511.05112 - Order parameter fluctuations in the holographic superconductor N.W.M. Plantz, H.T.C. Stoof, S. Vandoren

1511.05128 - Physical Interpretion of Antigravity Itzhak Bars, Albin James


1509.00286 - Five is More- Comments on Symmetry, Integrability, and Solvability for a Few Particles in a One-Dimensional Trap N.L. Harshman

1511.03484 - Some Aspects of Three-Quark Potentials Oleg Andreev

1511.05018 - Topological Massive Dirac Edge Modes and Long-Range Superconducting Hamiltonians O. Viyuela, D. Vodola, G. Pupillo, M.A. Martin-Delgado

1511.05050 - Off-Shell CHY Amplitudes C.S. Lam, York-Peng Yao

1511.05107 - Generalized plane waves in AdS Paolo Glorioso

1511.05153 - Milestones toward Majorana-based quantum computing David Aasen, Michael Hell, Ryan V. Mishmash, Andrew Higginbotham, Jeroen Danon, Martin Leijnse, Thomas S. Jespersen, Joshua A. Folk, Charles M. Marcus, Karsten Flensberg, Jason Alicea

1511.05160 - The Skyrme model in the BPS limit C. Adam, C. Naya, J. Sanchez-Guillen, R. Vazquez, A. Wereszczynski

1511.05188 - On Instanton Superpotentials, Calabi-Yau Geometry, and Fibrations Lara B. Anderson, Fabio Apruzzi, Xin Gao, James Gray, Seung-Joo Lee

1511.05205 - On the spacetime geometry of quantum nonlocality Charlie Beil

1511.05216 - General Relativity for N Properties Robert Delbourgo, Paul D Stack

1511.05255 - Universal nonanalytic behavior of the Hall conductance in a Chern insulator at the topologically driven nonequilibrium phase transition Pei Wang, Markus Schmitt, Stefan Kehrein

1511.05258 - Weyl Semimetal and Nonassociative Nambu Geometry Chong-Sun Chu

1511.05282 - Bosonic Dirac materials in two dimensions Saikat Banerjee, J. Fransson, A. M. Black-Schaffer, H. Ågren, A.V. Balatsky

1511.05289 - No hair theorems for analogue black holes Florent Michel, Renaud Parentani, Robin Zegers

1511.05315 - Itinerant and localized magnetization dynamics in antiferromagnetic Ho L. Rettig, C. Dornes, N. Thielemann-Kuehn, N. Pontius, H. Zabel, D. L. Schlagel, T. A. Lograsso, M. Chollet, A. Robert, M. Sikorski, S. Song, J. M. Glownia

1511.05319 - Low-field behavior of an XY pyrochlore antiferromagnet- emergent clock anisotropies V. S. Maryasin, M. E. Zhitomirsky, R. Moessner

1511.05342 - Quantum Weyl Invariance and Cosmology Atish Dabholkar

1511.05382 - Field induced multiple order-by-disorder state selection in antiferromagnetic honeycomb bilayer lattice F.A. Gómez Albarracín, H.D. Rosales

1511.05441 - 3D holography- from discretum to continuum Valentin Bonzom, Bianca Dittrich

1511.05459 - Information propagation and equilibration in long-range Kitaev chains Mathias Van Regemortel, Dries Sels, Michiel Wouters

1511.05489 - Hyperspherical approach to the three-bosons problem in 2D with a magnetic field Seth T. Rittenhouse, Andrew Wray, B. L. Johnson

1511.05505 - A quantum phase transition between a topological and a trivial semi-metal in holography Karl Landsteiner, Yan Liu, Ya-Wen Sun

1511.05544 - Effective Theory and Breakdown of Conformal Symmetry in a Long-Range Quantum Chain Luca Lepori, Davide Vodola, Guido Pupillo, Giacomo Gori, Andrea Trombettoni


1511.05565 - F-theory and the Classification of Little Strings Lakshya Bhardwaj, Michele Del Zotto, Jonathan J. Heckman, David R. Morrison, Tom Rudelius, Cumrun Vafa

1511.05628 - Quantum modularity and complex Chern-Simons theory Tudor Dimofte, Stavros Garoufalidis

1511.05695 - Naked Firewalls Pisin Chen, Yen Chin Ong, Don N. Page, Misao Sasaki, Dong-han Yeom

1511.05700 - The holographic principle in general relativity- the case of Petrov type D vacuum spacetimes Rituparno Goswami, George F. R. Ellis

1511.05704 - Topological Node-Line Semimetal in Compressed Black Phosphorus Jianzhou Zhao, Rui Yu, Hongming Weng, Zhong Fang

1511.05713 - 60 years of gauge fields A.A. Slavnov

1511.05746 - Confinement-deconfinement transition temperature from the Polyakov loop potential and gauge-invariant gluon mass Kei-Ichi Kondo, Akihiro Shibata

1511.05765 - Order by disorder in a four flavor Mott-insulator on the fcc lattice P. Sinkovicz, G. Szirmai, K. Penc

1511.05766 - The Einstein-Maxwell-aether-axion theory- Dynamo-optical anomaly in the electromagnetic response Timur Yu. Alpin, Alexander B. Balakin

1511.05785 - Transformation of spin current by antiferromagnetic insulators Roman Khymyn, Ivan Lisenkov, Vasil S. Tiberkevich, Andrei N. Slavin, Boris Ivanov

1511.05821 - Minisuperspace quantum supersymmetric cosmology (and its hidden hyperbolic Kac-Moody structures) Thibault Damour, Philippe Spindel

1511.05829 - Killing Symmetries as Hamiltonian Constraints Luca Lusanna

1511.05857 - SU(4) * SU(4) bilocal symmetry of Coulombic confinement and emergent symmetry in QCD L. Ya. Glozman

1511.05863 - Dimensional crossover in a Fermi gas from one to effective six dimensions and a cross-dimensional Tomonaga-Luttinger model Guillaume Lang, Frank Hekking, Anna Minguzzi

1511.05922 - gas as a Fredholm determinant O. Gamayun, Andrei G. Pronko, Mikhail B. Zvonarev


1509.04033 - Canonical Transformations and Loop Formulation of SU(N) Lattice Gauge Theories Manu Mathur, T. P. Sreeraj

1511.05513 - Spinning black holes in Einstein--Gauss-Bonnet--dilaton theory- non-perturbative solutions Burkhard Kleihaus, Jutta Kunz, Sindy Mojica, Eugen Radu

1511.05956 - Fundamental Limits to Moore's Law Suhas Kumar

1511.05975 - Rainbow Vacua of Colored Higher Spin Gravity in Three Dimensions Seungho Gwak, Euihun Joung, Karapet Mkrtchyan, Soo-Jong Rey

1511.05977 - What is QFT? Resurgent trans-series, Lefschetz thimbles, and new exact saddles Gerald V. Dunne, Mithat Unsal

1511.05981 - Computation of the Madelung constant for hypercubic crystal structures in any dimension Malik Mamode

1511.06016 - Necessary and Sufficient Condition on the Lindblad Equation to Prevent Entropy Increase Steven Weinberg

1511.06141 - Edge physics in two-dimensional topological insulators Giacomo Dolcetto, Maura Sassetti, Thomas L. Schmidt

1511.06176 - Quantum Thermodynamics, Entropy of the Universe, Free Energy, and the Second Law George L. Barnes, Michael E. Kellman

1511.06249 - Axisymmetric multiwormholes revisited Gérard Clément

1511.06256 - Non-hermitian quantum thermodynamics Bartłomiej Gardas, Sebastian Deffner, Avadh Saxena

1511.06319 - Luttinger liquid in contact with a Kramers pair of Majorana bound states Dmitry I. Pikulin, Yashar Komijani, Ian Affleck

1511.06338 - Symmetry-protected intermediate trivial phases in quantum spin chains Augustine Kshetrimayum, Hong-Hao Tu, Roman Orus

1511.06347 - Axion Isocurvature and Magnetic Monopoles Yasunori Nomura, Surjeet Rajendran, Fabio Sanches


0903.4974 - What is realism and how can it be non-local? Sofia Wechsler.4974

1511.06367 - Quantum phases of interacting electrons in three-dimensional dirty Dirac semimetals Bitan Roy, S. Das Sarma

1511.06371 - Neutrino Anarchy and Renormalization Group Evolution Vedran Brdar, Matthias König, Joachim Kopp

1511.06376 - "'Formal' vs. 'Empirical' Approaches to Quantum-Classical Reduction" Joshua Rosaler

1511.06515 - Quantum solitons with emergent interactions in a model of cold atoms on the triangular lattice Hiroaki T. Ueda, Yutaka Akagi, Nic Shannon

1511.06517 - Impact of ordering competition on the global phase diagram of iron pnictides Jing Wang, Guo-Zhu Liu

1511.06574 - Holographic optical traps for atom-based topological Kondo devices F. Buccheri, G. D. Bruce, A. Trombettoni, D. Cassettari, H. Babujian, V. E. Korepin, P. Sodano

1511.06589 - Generalized uncertainty relations Andrzej Herdegen, Piotr Ziobro

1511.06634 - Superfluid flow and vortex nucleation in room temperature, nonlocal photon fluids David Vocke, Kali Wilson, Francesco Marino, Iacopo Carusotto, Brian P. Anderson, Patrik Öhberg, Daniele Faccio

1511.06635 - Pure contact term correlators in CFT Loriano Bonora, Bruno Lima de Souza

1511.06658 - Hessian geometry and the holomorphic anomaly Gabriel Lopes Cardoso, Thomas Mohaupt

1511.06677 - Anatomy of Fluorescence- Quantum trajectory statistics from continuously measuring spontaneous emission Andrew N. Jordan, Areeya Chantasri, Pierre Rouchon, Benjamin Huard

1511.06752 - Physics of Neutrino Oscillation Spandan Mondal

1511.06753 - On higher spin symmetries in de Sitter QFTs Renato Costa, Ian A. Morrison

1511.06755 - Complex classes of periodically driven topological lattice systems Michel Fruchart


1511.06796 - Mermin-Wagner theorem, flexural modes, and degraded carrier mobility in 2D crystals with broken horizontal mirror ($σ_h$) symmetry Massimo V. Fischetti, William G. Vandenberghe

1511.06822 - Charge dynamics in doped Mott insulators on a honeycomb lattice Xixiao Ma, Yu Lan, Ling Qin, Shiping Feng

1511.06912 - Gauge Groups and Matter Fields on Some Models of F-theory without Section Yusuke Kimura

1511.06914 - Tensor Fields in Relativistic Quantum Mechanics Valeriy V. Dvoeglazov

1511.06924 - Phenomenology of transverse spin- past, present and future Mariaelena Boglione, Alexei Prokudin

1511.06926 - Pressure and high Tc superconductivity- applications to sulfur hydrides Lev P. Gor'kov, V. Z. Kresin

1511.06942 - Topological superconductivity on the surface of Fe$_{1+y}$Se$_{0.5}$Te$_{0.5}$ Gang Xu, Biao Lian, Peizhe Tang, Xiao-Liang Qi, Shou-Cheng Zhang

1511.06972 - Quantum spin ice on the breathing pyrochlore lattice Lucile Savary, Hae-Young Kee, Yong Baek Kim, Gang Chen

1511.07022 - Bose particles in a box I. A convergent expansion of the ground state of a three-modes Bogoliubov Hamiltonian Alessandro Pizzo

1511.07025 - Bose particles in a box II. A convergent expansion of the ground state of the Bogoliubov Hamiltonian in the mean field limiting regime

1511.07026 - Bose particles in a box III. A convergent expansion of the ground state of the Hamiltonian in the mean field limiting regime Alessandro Pizzo

1511.07064 - A quantum storm in a teacup N. G. Parker, A. J. Allen, C. F. Barenghi, N. P. Proukakis

1511.07108 - Monopole operators from the $4-ε$ expansion Shai M. Chester, Mark Mezei, Silviu S. Pufu, Itamar Yaakov 

1511.07123 - Creation of Skyrmions by Electric Field on Chiral-Lattice Magnetic Insulators Masahito Mochizuki

1511.07173 - A new structure of two-dimensional allotropes of group V elements Ping Li, Weidong Luo

1511.07201 - Aligned natural inflation with modulations Kiwoon Choi, Hyungjin Kim

1511.07232 - Chern mosaic - topology of chiral superconductivity on ferromagnetic adatom lattices Joel Röntynen, Teemu Ojanen

1511.07256 - Notes on the SL(2,R) CFT Will McElgin

1511.07323 - Randall-Sundrum vs holographic cosmology Neven Bilic

1511.07368 - Cosmology and Quantum Field Theory II- Study of an extended Nambu-Jona-Lasinio model with a Dynamical Coupling Leonardo Quintanar G., Axel de la Macorra

1511.07381 - Synthetic Landau levels for photons Nathan Schine, Albert Ryou, Andrey Gromov, Ariel Sommer, Jonathan Simon

1511.07389 - Higher Spin Conformal Geometry in Three Dimensions and Prepotentials for Higher Spin Gauge Fields Marc Henneaux, Sergio Hörtner, Amaury Leonard

1511.07408 - Dual representation for the generating functional of the Feynman path-integral Marco Matone

1511.07413 - Anomalous Hall effect in 2D Rashba ferromagnet I. A. Ado, I. A. Dmitriev, P. M. Ostrovsky, M. Titov


1506.04738 - BPS Monopole in the Space of Boundary Conditions Satoshi Ohya

1511.06884 - LQCD- Flavor Physics and Spectroscopy Carleton DeTar

1511.07408 - Dual representation for the generating functional of the Feynman path-integral Marco Matone

1511.07429 - Infinite-Dimensional Fermionic Symmetry in Supersymmetric Gauge Theories Thomas T. Dumitrescu, Temple He, Prahar Mitra, Andrew Strominger

1511.07440 - MoTe2- Weyl and Line Node Topological Metal Zhijun Wang, Dominik Gresch, Alexey A. Soluyanov, Weiwei Xie, S. Kushwaha, Xi Dai, Matthias Troyer, Robert J. Cava, B. Andrei Bernevig

1511.07445 - Emergent quasicrystals in strongly correlated systems Eran Sagi, Zohar Nussinov

1511.07449 - N=2 central charge bounds from $2d$ chiral algebras Madalena Lemos, Pedro Liendo

1511.07450 - Quantum Cosmology Near Two Dimensions Teresa Bautista, Atish Dabholkar

1511.07455 - Poisson equation for the Mercedes diagram in string theory at genus one Anirban Basu

1511.07460 - Topological versus Landau-like phase transitions Lokman Tsui, Fa Wang, Dung-Hai Lee 

1511.07461 - On the Residual Symmetries of the Gravitational Field Eloy Ayón-Beato, Gerardo Velázquez-Rodríguez

1511.07493 - Symmetry and topology of two-dimensional noncentrosymmetric superconductors K. V. Samokhin

1511.07546 - Exact Path Integral for 3D Higher Spin Gravity Masazumi Honda, Norihiro Iizuka, Akinori Tanaka, Seiji Terashima

1511.07548 - An Invitation to Quantum Incompatibility Teiko Heinosaari, Takayuki Miyadera, Mario Ziman

1511.07572 - Gaussian quantum steering and its asymmetry in curved spacetime Jieci Wang, Haixin Cao, Jiliang Jing, Heng Fan

1511.07622 - Holographic thermalization with initial long range correlation Shu Lin

1511.07646 - Nature of single particle states in disordered graphene Sabyasachi Nag, Arti Garg, T. V. Ramakrishnan

1511.07655 - Comment on "Classification of Cosmic Scale Factor via Noether Gauge Symmetries" [Int. J. Theor. Phys. 54, 2343 (2015)] A. Paliathanasis, K. Krishnakumar, P.G.L. Leach

1511.07717 - Nodal superconductivity in FeS- Evidence from quasiparticle heat transport T. P. Ying, X. F. Lai, X. C. Hong, Y. Xu, L. P. He, J. Zhang, M. X. Wang, Y. J. Yu, F. Q. Huang, S. Y. Li

1511.07758 - Interacting quantum fluid in a polariton topological insulator O. Bleu, D.D. Solnyshkov, G. Malpuech

1511.07761 - Dynamical magnetoelectric phenomena of multiferroic skyrmions Masahito Mochizuki, Shinichiro Seki

1511.07809 - Topological sigma models & dissipative hydrodynamics Felix M. Haehl, R. Loganayagam, M. Rangamani

1511.07816 - Complex Masses of Resonances in the Potential Approach M.N. Sergeenko

1511.07848 - Inverse Spin Hall Effect from pulsed Spin Current in Organic Semiconductors with Tunable Spin-Orbit Coupling Dali Sun, Kipp J. van Schooten, Hans Malissa, Marzieh Kavand, Chuang Zhang, Christoph Boehme, Z. Valy Vardeny

1511.07867 - Robust Topological and Holographic Degeneracies of Classical Theories Mohammad-Sadegh Vaezi, Gerardo Ortiz, Zohar Nussinov


1511.07879 - Why is High Energy Physics Lorentz Invariant? Niayesh Afshordi

1511.07885 - Anisotropic density fluctuations, plasmons, and Friedel oscillations in nodal line semimetal Jun-Won Rhim, Yong Baek Kim

1511.07894 - Framework, The Physics of sp(2,R) Ian Hawthorn, William Crump, Matthew Ussher

1511.07901 - A Fundamental Form of the Schrodinger Equation- Finite Potential Barrier Muhammad Adeel Ajaib

1511.08010 - Topological phases of lattice bosons with a dynamical gauge field David Raventós, Tobias Graß, Bruno Juliá-Díaz, Luis Santos, Maciej Lewenstein

1511.08017 - A general framework for microscopically reversible processes with memory J. Ricardo Arias-Gonzalez

1511.08090 - Anyons and matrix product operator algebras Nick Bultinck, Michael Mariën, Dominic J. Williamson, Mehmet B. Şahinoğlu, Jutho Haegeman, Frank Verstraete

1511.08098 - Multidimensional Toda lattices- continuous and discrete time Alexander I. Aptekarev, Maxim Derevyagin, Hiroshi Miki, Walter Van Assche

1511.08126 - Ferromagnetic resonance phase imaging in spin Hall multilayers Feng Guo, Jason M. Bartell, Gregory D. Fuchs

1511.08135 - Superconductor to Insulator Transition Tuned by Random Gauge Fields H. Q. Nguyen, S. M. Hollen, J. M. Valles Jr., J. Shainline, J. M. Xu

1511.08150 - On Newton-Cartan trace anomalies Roberto Auzzi, Stefano Baiguera, Giuseppe Nardelli

1511.08170 - Realization of Two-Dimensional Spin-orbit Coupling for Bose-Einstein Condensates Zhan Wu, Long Zhang, Wei Sun, Xiao-Tian Xu, Bao-Zong Wang, Si-Cong Ji, Youjin Deng, Shuai Chen, Xiong-Jun Liu, Jian-Wei Pan

1511.08181 - Masses of quantum particles as a result of diffeomorphisms V.V. Belokurov, E.T. Shavgulidze

1511.08201 - $L_infty$-Algebra Models and Higher Chern-Simons Theories Patricia Ritter, Christian Saemann