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1408.5784 - Quantum Annealing - Foundations and Frontiers Eliahu Cohen, Boaz Tamir

1503.01150 - The hidden geometry of electromagnetism Yaron Hadad, Eliahu Cohen, Ido Kaminer, Avshalom C. Elitzur

1511.08829 - Quantum Field Theory Approach to the Optical Conductivity of Strained and Deformed Graphene W. de Paula, a. Chaves, O. Oliveira, T. Frederico

1511.08906 - Transport properties of the Fermi hard-sphere system Angela Mecca, Alessandro Lovato, Omar Benhar, Artur Polls

1511.08994 - Topology of time-reversal invariant energy bands with adiabatic structure Omri Gat, JM Robbins

1511.09071 - Origin of fermion masses without spontaneous symmetry breaking Venkitesh Ayyar, Shailesh Chandrasekharan 

1511.09184 - Efimov physics with $1-2$ spin-isospin fermions A. Kievsky, M. Gattobigio

1511.09185 - An Underlying Geometrical Manifold for Hamiltonian Mechanics L. P. Horwitz, A. Yahalom, J. Levitan, M. Lewkowicz

1511.09189 - A note on quantum entropy Frank Hansen

1511.09190 - Analytical and Geometric approches of non-perturbative Quantum Field Theories Pierre J. Clavier

1511.09201 - Degradation of Black Phosphorus (BP)- The Role of Oxygen and Water Yuan Huang, Kai He, Stoyan Bliznakov, Eli Sutter, Fanke Meng, Dong Su, Peter Sutter

1511.09256 - Majorana neutrino mass structure induced by rigid instatons on toroidal orbifold Tatsuo Kobayashi, Yoshiyuki Tatsuta, Shohei Uemura

1511.09257 - Collective modes in nodal line semimetals Zhongbo Yan, Peng-Wei Huang, Zhong Wang

1511.09264 - A Lie-algebraic derivation of eleven-dimensional supergravity José Figueroa-O'Farrill, Andrea Santi

1511.09282 - Topological photonic crystal with equifrequency Weyl points Luyang Wang, Shao-Kai Jian, Hong Yao

1511.09315 - Electrical transport in nano-thick ZrTe$_5$ sheets- from three to two dimensions Jingjing Niu, Jingyue Wang, Zhijie He, Chenglong Zhang, Xinqi Li, Tuocheng Cai, Xiumei Ma, Shuang Jia, Dapeng Yu, Xiaosong Wu

1511.09336 - QCD and Jets at Hadron Colliders Sebastian Sapeta

1511.09361 - Ground state of the two-dimensional attractive Fermi gas- essential properties from few- to many-body L. Rammelmüller, W. J. Porter, J. E. Drut

1511.09407 - Effective Dirac Hamiltonian for anisotropic honeycomb lattices- optical properties M. Oliva-Leyva, Gerardo G. Naumis


1511.07867 - Robust Topological and Holographic Degeneracies of Classical Theories Mohammad-Sadegh Vaezi, Gerardo Ortiz, Zohar Nussinov

1511.08881 - The measure problem in no-collapse (many worlds) quantum mechanics Stephen D.H. Hsu

1512.00010 - Emergent space-time and the supersymmetric index Nathan Benjamin, Shamit Kachru, Christoph Keller, Natalie M. Paquette

1512.00013 - Unitarity violation at the Wilson-Fisher fixed point in 4-epsilon dimensions Matthijs Hogervorst, Slava Rychkov, Balt C. van Rees

1512.00021 - Recent developments in bimetric theory Angnis Schmidt-May, Mikael von Strauss

1512.00026 - Ultraviolet and Infrared Divergences in Superstring Theory Ashoke Sen

1512.00029 - Sequestered gravity in gauge mediation Ignatios Antoniadis, Karim Benakli, Mariano Quiros

1512.00073 - Extremal Higher Spin Black Holes Máximo Bañados, Alejandra Castro, Alberto Faraggi, Juan I. Jottar

1512.00074 - Double Dirac Semimetals in Three Dimensions Benjamin J. Wieder, Youngkuk Kim, A. M. Rappe, C. L. Kane 

1512.00089 - Groups, Information Theory and Einstein's Likelihood Principle Gabriele Sicuro, Piergiulio Tempesta

1512.00108 - Dense Axion Stars Eric Braaten, Abhishek Mohapatra, Hong Zhang

1512.00111 - Floquet Weyl Phases in a Three Dimensional Network Model Hailong Wang, Longwen Zhou, Yidong Chong

1512.00117 - Transition from compact to porous films in deposition with temperature activated diffusion Dung di Caprio, F. D. A. Aarao Reis

1512.00125 - Robustness of quantum critical pairing against disorder Jian Kang, R. M. Fernandes

1512.00143 - Alternative Approach to Noncommutative Quantum Mechanics on a Curved Space M. Nakamura

1512.00152 - Non-local interactions in a BEC- Perturbative energy functional and the dispersion relation Abhijit Pendse

1512.00161 - Baryons, monopoles and dualities in Chern-Simons-matter theories Ofer Aharony

1512.00202 - Floquet topological semimetal phases of an extended kicked Harper model Raditya Weda Bomantara, Gudapati Naresh Raghava, Longwen Zhou, Jiangbin Gong

1512.00214 - Finite temperature vortices in a rotating Fermi gas S. N. Klimin

1512.00232 - Decay law and time dilatation Francesco Giacosa

1512.00261 - Hidden structure in the excitation spectra of strongly correlated electrons Eoin Quinn

1512.00324 - Projective symmetry group classification of chiral spin liquids Samuel Bieri, Claire Lhuillier, Laura Messio

1512.00359 - Chiral symmetry breaking, instantons, and monopoles Adriano Di Giacomo, Masayasu Hasegawa

1512.00370 - Free energy in the Potts spin glass Dmitry Panchenko


1512.00465 - Emergent gauge fields and the high temperature superconductors Subir Sachdev

1512.00468 - Alternatives to an Elementary Higgs Csaba Csaki, Christophe Grojean, John Terning

1512.00474 - Indeterminate Probabilities and the Weak Quantum Law of Large Numbers Fedor Herbut

1512.00493 - Hamiltonian Truncation Study of the Phi^4 Theory in Two Dimensions II. The Z_2-Broken Phase and the Chang Duality

1512.00509 - Electric voltage generation by antiferromagnetic dynamics Yuta Yamane, Jun'ichi Ieda, Jairo Sinova

1512.00532 - Floquet topological systems in the vicinity of band crossings- Reservoir induced coherence and steady-state entropy production Hossein Dehghani, Aditi Mitra

1512.00534 - Dynamical Axion Field in a Magnetic Topological Insulator Superlattice Jing Wang, Biao Lian, Shou-Cheng Zhang

1512.00541 - Massive Photon and Dark Energy Seyen Kouwn, Phillial Oh, Chan-Gyung Park

1512.00549 - Shift current of excitons in noncentrosymmetric crystals Takahiro Morimoto, Naoto Nagaosa

1512.00579 - Fermions in Rotating Reference Frames Adrian Manning

1512.00588 - Split Chern-Simons theory in the BV-BFV formalism Alberto Cattaneo, Pavel Mnev, Konstantin Wernli

1512.00637 - Keldysh Field Theory for Driven Open Quantum Systems L. M. Sieberer, M. Buchhold, S. Diehl

1512.00647 - Standard Model Theory for Collider Physics M. Grazzini

1512.00671 - Nonperturbative emergence of Dirac composite fermion in fractional quantum Hall effects Yue Yu

1512.00756 - Full characterization of a spin liquid phase- from topological entropy to robustness and braid statistics Saeed S. Jahromi, Abdollah Langari

1512.00784 - Current driven domain wall creation in ferromagnetic nano-wires Davi R. Rodrigues, Jairo Sinova, Ar. Abanov

1512.00791 - Entanglement and RG in the $O(N)$ vector model Chris Akers, Omer Ben-Ami, Vladimir Rosenhaus, Michael Smolkin, Shimon Yankielowicz

1512.00798 - Optically tunable spin transport on the surface of a topological insulator D. Yudin, O. V. Kibis, I. A. Shelykh

1512.00805 - Entanglement entropy across the superfluid-insulator transition - a signature of bosonic criticality Irénée Frérot, Tommaso Roscilde

1512.00814 - Tunable topological phononic crystals Ze-Guo Chen, Ying Wu


1512.00856 - Ten shades of black Shahar Hod

1512.00870 - Non equilibrium quantum dynamics in ultra-cold quantum gases Ehud Altman

1512.00916 - Study on Green's function on TI surface Bo Lu, Yukio Tanaka

1512.00995 - Dual representation for massless fermions with chemical potential and U(1) gauge fields Christof Gattringer, Thomas Kloiber, Vasily Sazonov

1512.01004 - A theoretical investigation on the transport properties of armchair biphenylene nanoribbons Hongyu Ge, Guo Wang, Yi Liao

1512.01028 - Bundle gerbes for topological insulators Krzysztof Gawedzki

1512.01052 - Formation probabilities in quantum critical chains and Casimir effect M. A. Rajabpour

1512.01151 - Chiral Superconductors Catherine Kallin, John Berlinsky

1512.01170 - Persistent Homology and String Vacua Michele Cirafici

1512.01203 - A brief history of the multiverse Andrei Linde

1512.01226 - Renyi entropy of the critical O(N) model Anirbit Mukherjee


1512.01231 - Bogomolny equation for the BPS Skyrme model from the strong necessary conditions L. T. Stepien Subjects- High E

1512.01232 - Double Soft Theorems and Shift Symmetry in Nonlinear Sigma Models Ian Low

1512.01237 - Quantum mechanics of 4-derivative theories Alberto Salvio, Alessandro Strumia

1512.01238 - Membrane Paradigm, Gravitational $Θ$-Term and Gauge-Gravity Duality Willy Fischler, Sandipan Kundu

1512.01261 - Superconductivity in transition metal dichalcogenides Evan Sosenko, Junhua Zhang, Vivek Aji

1512.01340 - Bosonic edge states in gapped honeycomb lattices Huaiming Guo, Yuekun Niu, Shu Chen, Shiping Feng

1512.01356 - Analytical Solutions of the Quantum Hamilton-Jacobi Equation and Exact WKB-Like Representations of One-Dimensional Wave Functions Mario Fusco Girard

1512.01392 - Itinerant ferromagnetism in 1D two-component Fermi gases Yuzhu Jiang, D.V. Kurlov, Xi-Wen Guan, F. Schreck, G.V. Shlyapnikov

1512.01397 - Pressure from the vacuum of confined spinor matter Yu. A. Sitenko, S. A. Yushchenko

1512.01405 - Chiral Magnetic Effect in finite-size samples of parity-breaking Weyl semimetals S.N. Valgushev, M. Puhr, P.V. Buividovich

1512.01410 - Magnetic field dependence of the magnon spin diffusion length in the magnetic insulator yttrium iron garnet L.J. Cornelissen, B.J. van Wees

1512.01472 - Random Tensor models- Combinatorics, Geometry, Quantum Gravity and Integrability Stephane Dartois

1512.01522 - Topological frustration of artificial spin ice Jasper Drisko, Thomas Marsh, John Cumings

1512.01544 - $θ$ dependence in $SU(3)$ Yang-Mills theory from analytic continuation Claudio Bonati, Massimo D'Elia, Aurora Scapellato

1512.01547 - "Self-Dual" Quantum Critical Point on the surface of $3d$ Topological Insulator Zhen Bi, Yi-Zhuang You, Cenke Xu


1505.04663 - Phosphorene- Synthesis, Scale-up, and Quantitative Optical Spectroscopy Adam H. Woomer, Tyler W. Farnsworth, Jun Hu, Rebekah A. Wells, Carrie L. Donley, Scott C. Warren

1512.01548 - Tensor Networks from Kinematic Space Bartlomiej Czech, Lampros Lamprou, Samuel McCandlish, James Sully

1512.01552 - Topological semimetals with Riemann surface states Chen Fang, Ling Lu, Junwei Liu, Liang Fu

1512.01579 - Patterns in Calabi--Yau Distributions Yang-Hui He, Vishnu Jejjala, Luca Pontiggia

1512.01592 - Positive Energy Conditions in 4D Conformal Field Theory Kara Farnsworth, Markus A. Luty, Valentina Prilepina

1512.01640 - Some exact BPS solutions for exotic vortices and monopoles Handhika S. Ramadhan

1512.01652 - Solutions in Exceptional Field Theory Felix J. Rudolph

1512.01658 - A note on quantum groups and integrable systems Alexander Popolitov

1512.01660 - Kinetic theory of spin-polarized systems in electric and magnetic fields with spin-orbit coupling- I. Kinetic equation and anomalous Hall and spin-Hall effects K. Morawetz

1512.01661 - Kinetic theory of spin-polarized systems in electric and magnetic fields with spin-orbit coupling- II. RPA response functions and collective modes K. Morawetz

1512.01705 - Cutkosky Rules and Outer Space Spencer Bloch, Dirk Kreimer

1512.01729 - Dynamical spacetime symmetry Benjamin C. Lovelady, James T. Wheeler

1512.01783 - Hall effect, edge states and Haldane exclusion statistics in two-dimensional space F. Ye, P. A. Marchetti, Z. B. Su, L. Yu

1512.01791 - Conduction-electron spin resonance in two-dimensional structures Victor M. Edelstein

1512.01817 - The Schwarzschild-CFT Correspondence- Weyl Rescaled Case Jafar Sadeghi, Vahid Reza Shajiee

1512.01835 - Symmetry properties of conservation laws Stephen C. Anco

1512.01894 - Exact results for model wave functions of anisotropic composite fermions in the fractional quantum Hall effect Ajit C. Balram, J. K. Jain

1512.01931 - High Temperature superconductivity in a hyperbolic geometry of complex matter from nanoscale to mesoscopic scale G. Campi, A. Bianconi

1512.01965 - Spin squeezing in dipolar spinor condensates Dariusz Kajtoch, Emilia Witkowska

1512.02035 - Soliton splitting in quenched classical integrable systems O. Gamayun, M. Semenyakin

1512.02043 - Construction of Wannier Functions in Disordered Systems Junbo Zhu, Zhu Chen, Biao Wu

1512.02080 - Topological invariants for interacting topological insulators- II. Breakdown of the Green's function formalism Yuan-Yao He, Han-Qing Wu, Zi Yang Meng, Zhong-Yi Lu

1512.02084 - The van der Waals and Casimir energy of anisotropic atomically thin metallic films G. L. Klimchitskaya, V. M. Mostepanenko

1512.02088 - Emergence of charge order in a staggered loop-current phase of cuprate high-temperature superconductors W. A. Atkinson, A. P. Kampf, S. Bulut

1512.02116 - Wetting and Diffusion of Water on Pristine and Strained Phosphorene Wei Zhang, Chao Ye, Lin Bi, Zaixing Yang, Ruhong Zhou

1512.02117 - A simple model for the evolution of a non-Abelian cosmic string network G. Cella, M. Pieroni

1512.02147 - Multipole Expansion in the Quantum Hall Effect Andrea Cappelli, Enrico Randellini

1512.02151 - A semiclassical study of the generic spin model on a triangular lattice Yao-Dong Li, Gang Chen

1512.02163 - Exceptional field theory- SL(5) Edvard T. Musaev 

1512.02190 - Amplitude Analysis for Mesons and Baryons- Tools and Technology C. Hanhart

1512.02213 - The quench action approach in finite integrable spin chains Vincenzo Alba, Pasquale Calabrese

1512.02214 - Computational and experimental investigation of unreported transition metal selenides and sulphides Awadhesh Narayan, Ankita Bhutani, Samantha Rubeck, James N. Eckstein, Daniel P. Shoemaker, Lucas K. Wagner


1512.02224 - Recent progress on correlated electron systems with strong spin-orbit coupling Robert Schaffer, Eric Kin-Ho Lee, Bohm-Jung Yang, Yong Baek Kim

1512.02225 - 6d holographic anomaly match as a continuum limit Stefano Cremonesi, Alessandro Tomasiello

1512.02232 - Black Hole Singularity, Generalized (Holographic) $c$-Theorem and Entanglement Negativity Shamik Banerjee, Partha Paul

1512.02259 - Origin of the DC and AC conductivity anisotropy in iron-based superconductors- scattering rate versus spectral weight effects Michael Schütt, Jörg Schmalian, Rafael M. Fernandes

1512.02273 - A continuum compass model on the honeycomb lattice- phase diagram from tensor networks Haiyuan Zou, Bo Liu, Erhai Zhao, W. Vincent Liu

1512.02284 - Topological protection of defect states from semi-chiral symmetry Charles Poli, Henning Schomerus, Matthieu Bellec, Ulrich Kuhl, Fabrice Mortessagne

1512.02313 - The Holstein Polaron Problem Revisited Amin Tayebi, Vladimir Zelevinsky

1512.02354 - The spin of the proton in chiral effective field theory Hongna Li, P. Wang, D. B. Leinweber, A. W. Thomas

1512.02410 - Core-level spectra from bilayer graphene Bo E. Sernelius

1512.02459 - Nodeless superconductivity in noncentrosymmetric PbTaSe$_2$ single crystals G. M. Pang, M. Smidman, L. X. Zhao, Y. F. Wang, Z. F. Weng, L. Q. Che, Y. Chen, X. Lu, G. F. Chen, H. Q. Yuan

1512.02465 - Commensurability effects in holographic homogeneous lattices Tomas Andrade, Alexander Krikun

1512.02477 - String theory to the rescue Joseph Polchinski

1512.02544 - Non-linear optical effects and third-harmonic generation in superconductors- Cooper-pairs vs Higgs mode contribution T. Cea, C. Castellani, L. Benfatto

1512.02552 - General spin and pseudospin symmetries of the Dirac equation P. Alberto, M. Malheiro, T. Frederico, A. de Castro

1512.02566 - Equilibration of Quantum Gases Terry Farrelly

1512.02569 - Amplitudes for left-handed strings W. Siegel

1512.02576 - A composite Higgs model at a conformal fixed point R.C. Brower, A. Hasenfratz, C. Rebbi, E. Weinberg, O. Witzel

1512.02604 - Complete Normal Ordering 1- Foundations John Ellis, Nick E. Mavromatos, Dimitri P. Skliros

1512.02607 - Global Anomalies and Effective Field Theory Siavash Golkar, Savdeep Sethi


0811.0508 - Covariant Hamiltonian Field Theory Jürgen Struckmeier, Andreas Redelbach

1512.02637 - From Wires to Cosmology Mustafa A. Amin, Daniel Baumann

1512.02646 - Universal signatures of Fermi arcs in quasiparticle interference on the surface of Weyl semimetals Stefanos Kourtis, Jian Li, Zhijun Wang, Ali Yazdani, B. Andrei Bernevig

1512.02669 - Dynamics of a Many-Body-Localized System Coupled to a Bath Mark H Fischer, Mykola Maksymenko, Ehud Altman

1512.02695 - Speed Limits for Entanglement Thomas Hartman, Nima Afkhami-Jeddi

1512.02749 - Entanglement properties of the critical quench of O(N) bosons Yonah Lemonik, Aditi Mitra

1512.02763 - Topological crystalline protection in a photonic system Jian-Xiao Zhang, Mikael C. Rechtsman, Chao-Xing Liu

1512.02765 - Aharonov-Bohm type nonlocality and single particle interference without a loop Kicheon Kang

1512.02810 - Introduction to graded geometry Maxime Fairon

1512.02953 - Bielectrons in the Dirac sea in graphene- the role of many--body effects L.L. Marnham, A.V. Shytov

1512.02993 - No evidence for bilinear condensate in parity-invariant three-dimensional QED with massless fermions Nikhil Karthik, Rajamani Narayanan

1512.03003 - The Universal One-Loop Effective Action Aleksandra Drozd, John Ellis, Jérémie Quevillon, Tevong You

1512.03042 - Anomalous Josephson effect in semiconducting nanowires as a signature of the topologically nontrivial phase Konstantin N. Nesterov, Manuel Houzet, Julia S. Meyer


1512.03316 - The story of the two dilatons Paolo Di Vecchia, Raffaele Marotta, Matin Mojaza, Josh Nohle

1512.03339 - Detecting monopole charge in Weyl semimetals via quantum interference transport Xin Dai, Hai-Zhou Lu, Shun-Qing Shen, Hong Yao

1512.03388 - Quantum entanglement in condensed matter systems Nicolas Laflorencie

1512.03413 - Spin-dependent coherent transport of two-dimensional excitons M.V. Durnev, M.M. Glazov


1402.7043 - Fermi Liquids from D-Branes Moshe Rozali, Darren Smyth

1412.1199 - 

1512.02607 - Global Anomalies and Effective Field Theory Siavash Golkar, Savdeep Sethi

1512.03427 - The Flavor of the Composite Twin Higgs Csaba Csaki, Michael Geller, Ofri Telem, Andreas Weiler

1512.03431 - Equation of state of the two-dimensional Hubbard model Eugenio Cocchi, Luke A. Miller, Jan H. Drewes, Marco Koschorreck, Daniel Pertot, Ferdinand Brennecke, Michael Köhl

1512.03433 - 2, 84, 30, 993, 560, 15456, 11962, 261485, ...- Higher dimension operators in the SM EFT Brian Henning, Xiaochuan Lu, Tom Melia, Hitoshi Murayama

1512.03437 - Quantum Oscillations in Weyl and Dirac Semimetal Ultra-Thin Films Daniel Bulmash, Xiao-Liang Qi

1512.03486 - Topological Quantum Infidelity Chang-Yu Hou, Gil Refael, Kirill Shtengel

1512.03519 - Time reversal symmetry breaking superconductivity in topological materials Yunsheng Qiu, Kyle Nocona Sanders, Jixia Dai, Julia E. Medvedeva, Weida Wu, Pouyan Ghaemi, Thomas Vojta, Yew San Hor

1512.03757 - Efficient heat-bath sampling in Fock space Adam Holmes, Hitesh J. Changlani, C.J. Umrigar

1512.03797 - Decision making by Berry's flux Benjamin O. Sung, Michael J. Lawler

1512.03801 - Charge orders, magnetism and pairings in the cuprate superconductors T. Kloss, X. Montiel, V. S. de Carvalho, H. Freire, C. Pépin

1512.03823 - Work and entropy production in generalised Gibbs ensembles M. Perarnau-Llobet, A. Riera, R. Gallego, H. Wilming, J. Eisert

1512.03837 - Finite Gauge Transformations and Geometry in Extended Field Theory N. Chaemjumrus, C.M. Hull 

1512.03914 - Two interpretations on thin-shell instantons Pisin Chen, Yao-Chieh Hu, Dong-han Yeom

1512.03999 - A Landscape of Field Theories Travis Maxfield, Daniel Robbins, Savdeep Sethi

1512.04071 - Horizon Quantum Mechanics- a hitchhiker's guide to quantum black holes R. Casadio, A. Giugno, O. Micu

1512.04413 - Dissipative topological superconductors in number-conserving systems Fernando Iemini, Davide Rossini, Rosario Fazio, Sebastian Diehl, Leonardo Mazza


1512.03437 - Quantum Oscillations in Weyl and Dirac Semimetal Ultra-Thin Films Daniel Bulmash, Xiao-Liang Qi

1512.03541 - Electron-elastic-wave interaction in a two-dimensional topological insulator Xiaoguang Wu

1512.03598 - Physics and the choice of regulators in functional renormalisation group flows Jan M. Pawlowski, Michael M. Scherer, Richard Schmidt, Sebastian J. Wetzel

1512.03753 - Macroscopic degeneracy of zero-mode rotating surface states in 3D Dirac and Weyl semimetals under radiation Jose Gonzalez, Rafael A. Molina

1512.03846 - Topological conformal defects with tensor networks Markus Hauru, Glen Evenbly, Wen Wei Ho, Davide Gaiotto, Guifre Vidal

1512.03930 - A Large-$S$ Study of Quantum Kagome Ice S. A. Owerre, A.A. Burkov, Roger G. Melko

1512.03972 - Novel Topological Effects in Dense QCD in a Magnetic Field E.J. Ferrer, V. de la Incera

1512.03994 - Mott insulating states and quantum phase transitions of correlated SU(2N) Dirac fermions Zhichao Zhou, Da Wang, Zi Yang Meng, Yu Wang, Congjun Wu

1512.04067 - Reliable equation of state for composite bosons in the 2D BCS-BEC crossover L. Salasnich

1512.04074 - Nodal Superconducting Gap in $β$-FeS Jie Xing, Hai Lin, Yufeng Li, Sheng Li, Xiyu Zhu, Huan Yang, Hai-Hu Wen

1512.04146 - Nonlocal Anomalous Hall Effect Steven S.-L. Zhang, Giovanni Vignale

1512.04153 - Formation of a Topological Monopole Lattice and its Dynamics in Three-dimensional Chiral Magnets Seong-Gyu Yang, Ye-Hua Liu, Jung Hoon Han

1512.04182 - Spontaneous modulation of superconducting phase in Kitaev ladder Sho Nakosai, Yukio Tanaka, Tai Kai Ng, Naoto Nagaosa

1512.04284 - Electrodynamics of s-wave superconductors Naoum Karchev

1512.04406 - Topological Phases of Fermionic Ladders with Periodic Magnetic Fields Gaoyong Sun

1512.04422 - Principles of an atomtronic transistor Seth C. Caliga, Cameron J. E. Straatsma, Alex A. Zozulya, Dana Z. Anderson

1512.04498 - A quantum cluster approach to the spinful Haldane-Hubbard model Jingxiang Wu, Jean Paul Latyr Faye, David Sénéchal, Joseph Maciejko

1512.04502 - Geometry of Landau orbits in the absence of rotational symmetry F. D. M. Haldane, Yu Shen

1512.04523 - A Mathematicians' View of Geometrical Unification of General Relativity and Quantum Physics Michel Vaugon

1512.04538 - On the reconstruction of Lifshitz spacetimes Simon A. Gentle, Cynthia Keeler

1512.04587 - An Elementary, First Principles Approach to the Indefinite Spin Groups Emily Herzig, Viswanath Ramakrishna

1512.04607 - Branestrahlung- radiation in the particle-brane collision Dmitry Gal'tsov, Elena Melkumova, Pavel Spirin

1512.04631 - Symmetry reduction for central force problems Robert I McLachlan, Klas Modin, Olivier Verdier

1512.04739 - Dark Matter in Lepto-Baryonic Left-Right Theories Sudhanwa Patra

1512.04883 - Electromagnetic response of interacting Weyl semimetals V.P.J. Jacobs, Panagiotis Betzios, Umut Gursoy, H.T.C. Stoof

1512.04915 - Antilinearity Rather than Hermiticity as a Guiding Principle for Quantum Theory Philip D. Mannheim


1502.03110 - Exceptional point description of one-dimensional chiral topological superconductors-superfluids in BDI class Ipsita Mandal, Sumanta Tewari

1512.04542 - Random SU(2)-symmetric spin chains V. L. Quito, José A. Hoyos, E. Miranda

1512.04546 - Spin Superfluid Josephson Phase Qubits So Takei, Yaroslav Tserkovnyak, Masoud Mohseni

1512.04547 - Edge instabilities of topological superconductors Johannes S. Hofmann, Fakher F. Assaad, Andreas P. Schnyder

1512.04553 - Ideal Fractional Chern Insulators Jörg Behrmann, Zhao Liu, Emil J. Bergholtz

1512.04660 - Quantum Electromechanics on Silicon Nitride Nanomembranes Johannes M. Fink, Mahmoud Kalaee, Alessandro Pitanti, Richard Norte, Lukas Heinzle, Marcelo Davanco, Kartik Srinivasan, Oskar Painter

1512.04678 - Ground state angular momentum, spectral asymmetry, and topology in chiral superfluids and superconductors Teemu Ojanen

1512.04681 - Experimental observation of robust surface states on photonic crystals possessing single and double Weyl points Wen-Jie Chen, Meng Xiao, C. T. Chan

1512.04687 - Spectral properties of four-time fermionic Green's functions A. M. Shvaika

1512.04705 - Local entanglement structure across a many-body localization transition Soumya Bera, Arul Lakshminarayan

1512.04733 - Edge excitons in a 2D topological insulator in the magnetic field M. V. Entin L. I. Magarill, M. M. Mahmoodian

1512.04757 - BEC-Polaron gas in a boson-fermion mixture - a many-body extension of Lee-Low-Pines theory Eiji Nakano, Hiroyuki Yabu

1512.04793 - Phosphorene confined systems in magnetic field, quantum transport, and supperradiance in the quasi-flat band B. Ostahie, A. Aldea

1512.04802 - Anomalous Behaviour in the Magneto-Optics of a Gapped Topological Insulator Calvin J. Tabert, J. P. Carbotte

1512.04853 - XYZ States- Theory Overview Eric S. Swanson

1512.04870 - Dirty bosons in a three-dimensional harmonic trap Tama Khellil, Axel Pelster

1512.04883 - Electromagnetic response of interacting Weyl semimetals V.P.J. Jacobs, Panagiotis Betzios, Umut Gursoy, H.T.C. Stoof

1512.04902 - Magnon Dirac Materials J. Fransson, A. M. Black-Schaffer, A. V. Balatsky

1512.04919 - Axion field theory approach and the classification of interacting topological superconductors Yingfei Gu, Xiao-Liang Qi

1512.04924 - Footprints of New Strong Dynamics via Anomaly Yuichiro Nakai, Ryosuke Sato, Kohsaku Tobioka

1512.04938 - Loop optimization for tensor network renormalization Shuo Yang, Zheng-Cheng Gu, Xiao-Gang Wen


1512.02477 - String theory to the rescue Joseph Polchinski

1512.04974 - Multideviations- The hidden structure of Bell's theorems Brandon Fogel

1512.05012 - Ginzburg-Landau theory for skyrmions in inversion-symmetric magnets with competing interactions Shi-Zeng Lin, Satoru Hayami

1512.05014 - The Bohr superconductor J. E. Hirsch 

1512.05021 - Few-layer Phosphorene- An Ideal 2D Material For Tunnel Transistors Tarek A. Ameen, Hesameddin Ilatikhameneh, Gerhard Klimeck, Rajib Rahman

1512.05029 - Experimental Realization of Two-Dimensional Boron Sheets Baojie Feng, Jin Zhang, Qing Zhong, Wenbin Li, Shuai Li, Hui Li, Peng Cheng, Sheng Meng, Lan Chen, Kehui Wu

1512.05048 - Unifying Frameworks for Nonlocality and Contextuality Nadish de Silva

1512.05070 - Observation of spin-orbit insulator-like behavior in LaOBiS$_2-x$F$_x$ (0.05 $leq$ $x$ $leq$ 0.2) G. C. Kim, M. Cheon, Y. C. Kim, R.-K. Ko

1512.05071 - Spin-orbit transitions in $α$ and $γ$-CoV$_{2}$O$_{6}$ F. Wallington, A. M. Arevalo-Lopez, J. W. Taylor, J. R. Stewart, V. Garcia-Sakai, J. P. Attfield, C. Stock

1512.05076 - Generalized Quantum Statistics and Lie (Super)Algebras N.I. Stoilova

1512.05104 - What is Aperiodic Order? Michael Baake, David Damanik, Uwe Grimm 

1512.05118 - Topological phase transitions and topological Mott insulator in Haldane-Hubbard model Zhao-Long Gu, Kai Li, Jian-Xin Li

1512.05149 - Spin orbit coupling at the level of a single electron V. F. Maisi, A. Hofmann, M. Röösli, J. Basset, C. Reichl, W. Wegscheider, T. Ihn, K. Ensslin

1512.05215 - Symmetries of Stochastic Differential Equations- a geometric approach Francesco C. De Vecchi, Paola Morando, Stefania Ugolini

1512.05218 - Hilbert space renormalization for the many-electron problem Zhendong Li, Garnet Kin-Lic Chan

1512.05224 - Effects of Interaction in the Hofstadter regime of the honeycomb lattice Archana Mishra, S. R. Hassan, R. Shankar

1512.05229 - Chiral Haldane phases of SU(N) quantum spin chains in the adjoint representation Abhishek Roy, Thomas Quella

1512.05237 - Feynman diagrams and their algebraic lattices Michael Borinsky, Dirk Kreimer

1512.05266 - Vacancies in the Kitaev quantum spin liquids on the 3D hyper-honeycomb lattice G. J. Sreejith, Subhro Bhattacharjee, R. Moessner

1512.05304 - Charge Puddles in Graphene Near the Dirac Point S. Samaddar, I. Yudhistira, S. Adam, H. Courtois, C.B. Winkelmann

1512.05305 - A QCD analogy for quantum gravity Bob Holdom, Jing Ren

1512.05310 - Domain Wall in a Quantum Anomalous Hall Insulator as a Magnetoelectric Piston Pramey Upadhyaya, Yaroslav Tserkovnyak

1512.05311 - Antiferromagnetism with Ultracold Atoms Randall G. Hulet, Pedro M. Duarte, Russell A. Hart, Tsung-Lin Yang

1512.05312 - Magnetic field effects on edge and bulk states in topological insulators based on HgTe-CdHgTe quantum wells with strong natural interface inversion asymmetry M. V. Durnev, S. A. Tarasenko


1512.05345 - Fundamental constraints on two-time physics E. Piceno, A. Rosado, E. Sadurní

1512.05347 - Weak and strong coupling equilibration in nonabelian gauge theories Liam Keegan, Aleksi Kurkela, Paul Romatschke, Wilke van der Schee, Yan Zhu

1512.05360 - Nonclassical correlations between single photons and phonons from a mechanical oscillator Ralf Riedinger, Sungkun Hong, Richard A. Norte, Joshua A. Slater, Juying Shang, Alexander G. Krause, Vikas Anant, Markus Aspelmeyer, S. Gröblacher

1512.05361 - Refrustration and competing orders in the prototypical Dy2Ti2O7 spin ice material P. Henelius, T. Lin, M. Enjalran, Z. Hao, J. G. Rau, J. Altosaar, F. Flicker, T. Yavors'kii, M. J. P. Gingras

1512.05362 - On level crossing in conformal field theories G.P. Korchemsky

1512.05372 - Multiferroic materials and magnetoelectric physics- symmetry, entanglement, excitation, and topology Shuai Dong, Jun-Ming Liu, Sang-Wook Cheong, Zhifeng Ren

1512.05373 - Emergent eigenstate solution to quantum dynamics far from equilibrium L. Vidmar, D. Iyer, M. Rigol

1512.05381 - Kagome spin liquid- a deconfined critical phase driven by $U(1)$ gauge fluctuation Yin-Chen He, Yohei Fuji, Subhro Bhattacharjee

1512.05386 - "Social Laser"- Action Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Social Energy Andrei Khrennikov

1512.05408 - Non-Hermitian Hamiltonian formulation of non-equilibrium spin dynamics Alexey Galda, Valerii M. Vinokur

1512.05436 - Graphene based spintronic strain sensor G. S. Diniz, E. Vernek, F. M. Souza

1512.05494 - Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect in a Perovskite and Inverse-Perovskite Sandwich Structure Long-Hua Wu, Qi-Feng Liang, Xiao Hu

1512.05517 - Vortex Clustering Transition in a Confined 2D Quantum Fluid Xiaoquan Yu, Thomas P. Billam, Jun Nian, Matthew T. Reeves, Ashton S. Bradley

1512.05559 - Gauge Coupling Unification in Gauge-Higgs Grand Unification Naoki Yamatsu

1512.05561 = Coherence from vacuum fluctuations Pasi Lähteenmäki, G. S. Paraoanu, Juha Hassel, Pertti Hakonen

1512.05562 - Floquet theorem for open systems and its applications C. M. Dai, Z. C. Shi, X. X. Yi

1512.05572 - Detecting the topological edge states by the entanglement convertibility in a local scale of the one-dimensional XXZ model with bond alternation Yu-Chin Tzeng, Li Dai, Ming-Chiang Chung, Luigi Amico, Leong-Chuan Kwek

1512.05577 - Quantum breaking of ergodicity in semi-classical charge transfer dynamics Igor Goychuk

1512.05609 - A simple phenomenological model for describing the normal state single particle spectral function of high temperature superconductors Kazue Matsuyama, Rohit Dilip, G.-H. Gweon

1512.05636 - Bogoliubov approach to the quantum phase transition of a disordered Bose Hubbard Model in weakly interacting regime Botao Wang, Ying Jiang

1512.05640 - Heisenberg-Weyl basis observables and related applications Ali Asadian, Paul Erker, Marcus Huber, Claude Klökl

1512.05645 - Parametric Excitation and Squeezing in a Many-Body Spin System T.M. Hoang, M. Anquez, B.A. Robbins, X.Y. Yang, B.J. Land, C.D. Hamley, M.S. Chapman

1512.05651 - Pragmatic Information in Quantum Mechanics Juan G. Roederer

1512.05668 - Meson Domain Wall as a Surface of Topological Insulator and Nonrelativistic Photons Naoki Yamamoto

1512.05673 - Multi-$Q$ hexagonal spin density waves and dynamically generated spin-orbit coupling- time-reversal invariant analog of the chiral spin density wave J. W. F. Venderbos 

1512.05683 - Generalized virial theorem for massless electrons in graphene and other Dirac materials A. A. Sokolik, A. D. Zabolotskiy, Yu. E. Lozovik

1512.05687 - Size-Driven Quantum Phase Transitions Johannes Bausch, Toby S. Cubitt, Angelo Lucia, David Perez-Garcia, Michael M. Wolf

1512.05700 - See-Saw Composite Higgses at the LHC- Linking Naturalness to the $750$ GeV Di-Photon Resonance Jose Miguel No, Veronica Sanz, Jack Setford

1512.05746 - The renormalized Hamiltonian truncation method in the large $E_T$ expansion J. Elias-Miro, M. Montull, M. Riembau

1512.05747 - Disorder-promoted $C_4$-symmetric magnetic order in iron-based superconductors Mareike Hoyer, Rafael M. Fernandes, Alex Levchenko, Jörg Schmalian

1512.05756 - Bose gas in disordered, finite-layered systems V.E. Barragán, M. Fortes, M.A. Solís, P. Salas

1512.05763 - Self-induced topological transitions and edge states supported by nonlinear staggered potentials Yakir Hadad, Alexander B. Khanikaev, Andrea Alu

1512.05766 - Symmetry analysis of translational symmetry broken density waves- application to hexagonal lattices in two dimensions J. W. F. Venderbos


1512.03823 - Work and entropy production in generalised Gibbs ensembles M. Perarnau-Llobet, A. Riera, R. Gallego, H. Wilming, J. Eisert

1512.05781 - Stealth Supersymmetry Simplified JiJi Fan, Rebecca Krall, David Pinner, Matthew Reece, Joshua T. Ruderman

1512.05785 - Quantum curves and conformal field theory Masahide Manabe, Piotr Sułkowski

1512.05803 - Enabling Adiabatic Passages Between Disjoint Regions in Parameter Space through Topological Transitions Tiago Souza, Michael Tomka, Michael Kolodrubetz, Steven Rosenberg, Anatoli Polkovnikov

1512.05815 - Understanding the Missing Fractional Quantum Hall States in ZnO Wenchen Luo, Tapash Chakraborty

1512.05818 - Anti-ferromagnetism enables electron-phonon coupling in iron-based superconductors Sinisa Coh, Marvin L. Cohen, Steven G. Louie

1512.05856 - Edge State Induced Andreev Oscillation in Quantum Anomalous Hall Insulator-Superconductor Junctions Biao Lian, Jing Wang, Shou-Cheng Zhang

1512.05927 - Stefan-Boltzmann law for massive photons E. S. Moreira Jr., T. G. Ribeiro

1512.05932 - Substrate-tuning of correlated spin-orbit oxides Bongjae Kim, Beom Hyun Kim, Kyoo Kim, B. I. Min

1512.05945 - Entanglement and topological interfaces Enrico M. Brehm, Ilka Brunner, Daniel Jaud, Cornelius Schmidt-Colinet

1512.05965 - Domain Walls as Spin Wave Waveguides X.S. Wang, X.R. Wang

1512.05977 - A Lie based 4-dimensional higher Chern-Simons theory Roberto Zucchini

1512.06010 - The fourtangle in the transverse XY model Andreas Osterloh, Ralf Schützhold

1512.06029 - Physical dipoles and second order perturbation theory for dipolar fermions in two dimensions Philipp Lange, Jan Krieg, Peter Kopietz

1512.06037 - Origin of Lattice Spin in Graphitic Systems Kumar Abhinav, Prasanta K. Panigrahi

1512.06052 - A Holographic Model of Quantum Hall Transition Andrea Mezzalira, Andrei Parnachev

1512.06067 - Photon position observable Margaret Hawton, Vincent Debierre


1004.1404 - Color Fields on the Light-Shell Howard Georgi, Greg Kestin, Aqil Sajjad

1410.3382 - Topological Strings from Quantum Mechanics Alba Grassi, Yasuyuki Hatsuda, Marcos Marino

1512.06280 - Gauged Aloof Baby Skyrme Model A. Samoilenka, Ya. Shnir

1512.06345 - Quantum Hall effect in biased black phosphorus Shengjun Yuan, Mikhail I. Katsnelson, Rafael Roldán

1512.06366 - Fractional excitation in one-dimensional two species fermionic superfluids Fei Ye

1512.06392 - Signatures of Weyl semimetals in quasiparticle interference Andrew K. Mitchell, Lars Fritz

1512.06407 - Notes on Feynman path integral-like methods of quantization on Riemannian manifolds Yoshihisa Miyanishi

1512.06546 - Gravity and-is Thermodynamics T. Padmanabhan

1512.06565 - Loops and strings in a superconducting lattice gauge simulator G.K. Brennen, G. Pupillo, E. Rico, T.M. Stace, D. Vodola

1512.06610 - Factorization approach to superintegrable systems- Formalism and applications Angel Ballesteros, Francisco J. Herranz, Sengul Kuru, Javier Negro

1512.06672 - One hundred years of General Relativity- Summary, Status and Prospects T. Padmanabhan

1512.06680 - Possible Magnéli phases and self-alloying in the superconducting sulfur hydride Ryosuke Akashi, Wataru Sano, Ryotaro Arita, Shinji Tsuneyuki

1512.06703 - No deconfinement in QCD L. Ya. Glozman

1512.06719 - Mott physics and spin fluctuations- a functional viewpoint Thomas Ayral, Olivier Parcollet

1512.06750 - Current flow paths in deformed graphene- from quantum transport to classical trajectories in curved space Thomas Stegmann, Nikodem Szpak

1512.06759 - BCS-BEC crossover in quantum confined superconductors Andrea Guidini, Luca Flammia, Milorad V. Milošević, Andrea Perali

1512.06786 - Universal description of three two-component fermions O.I. Kartavtsev, A.V. Malykh

1512.06791 - Vortex dynamics in superfluids governed by an interacting gauge theory Salvatore Butera, Manuel Valiente, Patrik Öhberg


1512.06845 - Constructibility of the universal wave function Arkady Bolotin

1512.06864 - Instanton effects in lattice models of bosonic symmetry-protected topological states Luiz H. Santos, Eduardo Fradkin

1512.06871 - Non-equilibrium dynamics and phase transitions Romuald A. Janik, Jakub Jankowski, Hesam Soltanpanahi

1512.06907 - Weyl gravity and Cartan geometry Jeremy Attard, Jordan François, Serge Lazzarini

1512.06936 - Regularization of a massless Dirac model to describe anomalous electromagnetic response of Weyl semimetals Yositake Takane

1512.06948 - Scaling theory for anomalous semiclassical quantum transport M I Sena-Junior, A M S Macêdo

1512.06982 - General relativity, torsion, and quantum theory Tejinder P. Singh

1512.06983 - Path topology dependence on adiabatic time evolution Atushi Tanaka, Taksu Cheon

1512.06985 - Fractional Quantum Hall States in a Ge Quantum Well O. A. Mironov, N. d'Ambrumenil, A. V. Suslov, E. Green, D. R. Leadley

1512.07011 - Positive Magneto-conductivity of Weyl Semimetals in the Ultra-quantum Limit Chui-Zhen Chen, Haiwen Liu, Hua Jiang, X. C. Xie

1512.07086 - Spin-Rotation Symmetry Breaking in the Superconducting State of CuxBi2Se3 K. Matano, M. Kriener, K. Segawa, Y. Ando, Guo-qing Zheng

1512.07114 - Towards quantum field theory on spacetimes with boundaries Gabriele Nosari

1512.07132 - Spontaneous nematicity triggered by impurities in a Hubbard model for the cuprates Alexandre Foley, David Sénéchal

1512.07140 - Chiral methods at the electroweak scale Oscar Cata

1512.07148 - Spontaneous symmetry breaking and phase coherence of a photon Bose-Einstein condensate coupled to a reservoir Julian Schmitt, Tobias Damm, David Dung, Christian Wahl, Frank Vewinger, Jan Klaers, Martin Weitz

1512.07159 - Large-signal model of the bilayer graphene field-effect transistor targeting radio-frequency applications- theory versus experiment Francisco Pasadas, David Jiménez

1512.07164 - Disordered double Weyl node Björn Sbierski, Maximilian Trescher, Emil J. Bergholtz, Piet W. Brouwer

1512.07235 - Detection of zeptojoule microwave pulses using electrothermal feedback J. Govenius, R. E. Lake, K. Y. Tan, M. Möttönen

1512.07237 - String Theory as a Higher Spin Theory Matthias R Gaberdiel, Rajesh Gopakumar


1512.05547 - Axion Dark Matter Coupling to Resonant Photons via Magnetic Field Ben T. McAllister, Stephen R. Parker, Michael E. Tobar

1512.07253 - Spin Caloritronics with Superconductors Jacob Linder

1512.07257 - Competing Orders in a Nearly Antiferromagnetic Metal Yoni Schattner, Max H. Gerlach, Simon Trebst, Erez Berg

1512.07322 - Higher order fermionic and bosonic operators Chao Ding, Raymond Walter, John Ryan

1512.07361 - Mesons in strong magnetic fields- (I) General analyses Koichi Hattori, Toru Kojo, Nan Su

1512.07363 - Lectures on K-theoretic computations in enumerative geometry Andrei Okounkov

1512.07384 - Aspects of massive gravity Sébastien Renaux-Petel

1512.07386 - Topological invariants for phase transition points of one-dimensional Z_2 topological systems Linhu Li, Chao Yang, Shu Chen

1512.07406 - Exotic superfluid of trapped Fermi gases with spin-orbit coupling in dimension crossover Jing Zhou, Cheng Shi, Xiang-Fa Zhou, Lin Wen, Peng Chen, Deng-Feng Li

1512.07427 - Conditioned quantum dynamics in a 1D lattice system Ralf Blattmann, Klaus Mølmer

1512.07431 - Comment on Griffiths about locality, realism and Bell experiments Emilio Santos

1512.07433 - Electric quantum walks in two dimensions Luis A. Bru, Margarida Hinarejos, Fernando Silva, Germán J. de Valcárcel, Eugenio Roldán

1512.07458 - Semilocal Fractional Instantons Minoru Eto, Muneto Nitta

1512.07460 - Semimetal with both Rarita-Schwinger-Weyl and Weyl excitations Long Liang, Yue Yu

1512.07472 - Spectra of Sigma Models on Semi-Symmetric Spaces Alessandra Cagnazzo, Volker Schomerus, Vaclav Tlapak

1512.07480 - A note on the Loop Formula for the fermionic determinant Erhard Seiler, Ion-Olimpiu Stamatescu

1512.07495 - Low Energy Properties of the Kondo chain in the RKKY regime D. Schimmel, A. M. Tsvelik, O. M. Yevtushenko

1512.07508 - Terahertz Nonlinearity in Graphene Plasmons Mohammad M. Jadidi, Jacob C. König-Otto, Stephan Winnerl, Andrei B. Sushkov, H. Dennis Drew, Thomas E. Murphy, Martin Mittendorff

1512.07545 - Subgap states in disordered superconductors with strong magnetic impurities Ya. V. Fominov, M. A. Skvortsov

1512.07551 - Lessons from Einstein's 1915 discovery of general relativity Lee Smolin

1512.07554 - Generalized Higher Gauge Theory Patricia Ritter, Christian Saemann, Lennart Schmidt

1512.07557 - A supersymmetric Skyrme model Sven Bjarke Gudnason, Muneto Nitta, Shin Sasaki

1512.07581 - Composite bundles in Clifford algebras. Gravitation theory. Part I G. Sardanashvily, A. Yarygin

1512.07599 - Emergent flat bands and many-body localization in a doped Mott insulator Rong-Qiang He, Zheng-Yu Weng

1512.07604 - Superconductivity of novel tin hydrides (Sn$_n$H$_m$) under pressure M. Mahdi Davari Esfahani, Zhenhai Wang, Artem R. Oganov, Huafeng Dong, Qiang Zhu, Shengnan Wang, Maksim S. Rakitin, Xiang-Feng Zhou

1512.07609 - Macroscopic Quantum Superposition in Cavity Optomechanics Jie-Qiao Liao, Lin Tian

1512.07617 - Notes on Adiabatic Quantum Computers Boaz Tamir, Eliahu Cohen

1512.07626 - Charges in nonlinear higher-spin theory V.E. Didenko, N.G. Misuna, M.A. Vasiliev

1512.07908 - Fermion-induced quantum critical points- type-II Landau-forbidden transitions Zi-Xiang Li, Yi-Fan Jiang, Shao-Kai Jian, Hong Yao


1512.07629 - Understanding the M5-brane- From Tensionless Strings, to Worldsheet Instantons, to Toroidal Lie Algebras Meer Ashwinkumar, Jingnan Cao, Yuan Luo, Meng-Chwan Tan, Qin Zhao

1512.07640 - Non-Markovian quantum friction of bright solitons in superfluids Dmitry K. Efimkin, Johannes Hofmann, Victor Galitski

1512.07653 - Topological instabilities in ac-driven bosonic systems G. Engelhardt, M. Benito, G. Platero, T. Brandes

1512.07690 - SL(2,C) Chern-Simons Theory, Flat Connections, and Four-dimensional Quantum Geometry Hal M. Haggard, Muxin Han, Wojciech Kaminski, Aldo Riello

1512.07742 - First sound velocity in liquid $^{4}$He O.I. Hryhorchak

1512.07751 - Magnetization of superparamagnetics in the state of mechanical anisotropy Archil Ugulava, Simon Chkhaidze, Shalva Kekutia, Zurab Rostomashvili

1512.07772 - Spontaneous Chiral Symmetry Breaking in Bilayer Graphene Fan Zhang 

1512.07802 - Hidden symmetries, instabilities, and current suppression in Brownian ratchets David Cubero, Ferrucio Renzoni

1512.07842 - Detecting and identifying 2D symmetry-protected topological, symmetry-breaking and intrinsic topological phases with modular matrices via tensor-network methods Ching-Yu Huang, Tzu-Chieh Wei

1512.07858 - BCS superconducting transitions in lattice fermions Kazuto Noda, Kensuke Inaba, Makoto Yamashita

1512.07908 - Fermion-induced quantum critical points- type-II Landau-forbidden transitions Zi-Xiang Li, Yi-Fan Jiang, Shao-Kai Jian, Hong Yao


1512.07932 - From Higher Spins to Strings- A Primer Rakibur Rahman, Massimo Taronna

1512.07965 - Purely electrical detection of a skyrmion in constricted geometry Keita Hamamoto, Motohiko Ezawa, Naoto Nagaosa

1512.07986 - Exact unitary transformation for Rashba rings in magnetic and electric fields A. Kregar, A. Ramsak

1512.08001 - Transformation of germanium to fluogermanates S. Kalem, O. Arthursson, I. Romandic

1512.08081 - Topological superconductivity and fractional Josephson effect in quasi-one dimensional wires on a plane E. Nakhmedov, S. Mammadova, O. Alekperov

1512.08172 - Spin Physics through QCD Instantons Yachao Qian, Ismail Zahed

1512.08186 - Two types of superconducting domes in unconventional superconductors Tanmoy Das, Christos Panagopoulos

1512.08223 - Magnetotransport in the Weyl semimetal in the quantum limit - the role of the topological surface states Yuya Ominato, Mikito Koshino

1512.08286 - Topological properties of ferromagnetic superconductors Alfred K. C. Cheung, S. Raghu

1512.08391 - Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid theory for metallic fullurene polymers Hideo Yoshioka, Hiroyuki Shima, Yusuke Noda, Shota Ono, Kaoru Ohno

1512.08446 - Critical temperature of trapped interacting bosons from large-N based theories Tom Kim, Chih-Chun Chien

1512.08467 - Is an axizilla possible for di-photon resonance? Jihn E. Kim


1512.08595 - Effect of Hydrostatic Pressure on BiS2-Based Layered Superconductors- A Review Rajveer Jha, V.P.S. Awana

1512.08597 - Entanglement spectra of SU(N) critical spin chains with open boundaries Panjin Kim, Nandini Trivedi, Jung Hoon Han

1512.08694 - Spinning Particles in Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Field Theory Olindo Corradini, Christian Schubert

1512.08698 - Probing the geometry of the Laughlin state Sonika Johri, Z. Papic, P. Schmitteckert, R. N. Bhatt, F. D. M. Haldane

1512.08721 - Particle resonance in the (1+1)-dimensional Dirac equation with kink-like vector potential and delta interaction M. Eshghi, H. Mehraban, Sameer M. Ikhdair

1512.08723 - Emergent Weyl quasiparticles in three-dimensional dipolar arrays Sergey V. Syzranov, Michael L. Wall, Bihui Zhu, Victor Gurarie, Ana Maria Rey

1512.08749 - Electroweak Symmetry Breaking and the Higgs Boson Antonio Pich

1512.08771 - Pauli-Villars regularization of non-Abelian gauge theories J.R. Hiller

1512.08785 - A non-geometric representation of the Dirac equation in curved spacetime Dmitri Vassiliev

1512.08842 - The Tomonaga-Luttinger Liquid with Quantum Impurity Revisited- Critical Line and Phase Diagram Taejin Lee

1512.08843 - Topological insulator associated with quantum anomalous Hall phase in ferromagnetic perovskite superlattices Hirak Kumar Chandra, Guang-Yu Guo

1512.08855 - Van der Waals phase transition in the framework of holography Xiao-Xiong Zeng, Li-Fang Li

1512.08858 - Local QCD Action at Finite Temperature Patrick Cooper, Daniel Zwanziger

1512.08882 - Topological phases- Classification of topological insulators and superconductors of non-interacting Fermions, and beyond Andreas W. W. Ludwig

1512.08893 - Phenomenological theory of photodetection M.V. Lebedev

1512.08894 - Bose-Einstein Condensation of Relativistic Fermions in a Magnetic Field Bo Feng, Defu Hou, Hai-cang Ren, Ping-ping Wu

1512.08916 - Character of Matter in Holography- Spin-Orbit Interaction Yunseok Seo (Hanyang U.), Keun-Young Kim (GIST, Gwangju), Kyung Kiu Kim (Yonsei U.), Sang-Jin Sin (Hanyang U.)

1512.08966 - Curl flux, coherence, and population landscape of molecular systems- Nonequilibrium quantum steady state, energy (charge) transport, and thermodynamics Zhedong Zhang, Jin Wang

1512.09083 - Supercurrent in the quantum Hall regime Francois Amet, Chung Ting Ke, Ivan V. Borzenets, Ying-Mei Wang, Keji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Russell S. Deacon, Michihisa Yamamoto, Yuriy Bomze, Seigo Tarucha, Gleb Finkelstein

1512.09111 - Bulk-boundary correspondence for three-dimensional symmetry-protected topological phases Chenjie Wang, Chien-Hung Lin, Michael Levin