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1602.07498v1 - Effective potential from zero-momentum potential  Janos Balog, Pengming Zhang

1602.08248 - Can Economics Afford Not To Become Natural Science? Bikas K. Chakrabarti

1602.08493 - Shape Dependence of Holographic Renyi Entropy in Conformal Field Theories Xi Dong

1602.08499 - A Higher-Spin Theory of the Magneto-Rotons Siavash Golkar, Dung Xuan Nguyen, Matthew M. Roberts, Dam Thanh Son

1602.08516 - The Relationship Between Inertial and Gravitational Mass Gregory W. Horndeski

1602.08547 - Quantum Quenches in Free Field Theory- Universal Scaling at Any Rate Sumit R. Das, Damian A. Galante, Robert C. Myers

1602.08646 - The Ambiguity of Simplicity Cina Aghamohammadi, John R. Mahoney, James P. Crutchfield

1602.08676 - Rich gauge structures from an unitary approach of some massless gauge fields of spins one and two E. M. Cioroianu

1602.08677 - The mechanism and process of spontaneous boron doping in graphene in the theoretical perspective Xiaohui Deng, Jing Zeng, Mingsu Si, Wei Lu

1602.08692 - Effective field theory and the scattering process for magnons in the ferromagnet, antiferromagnet, and ferrimagnet Shinya Gongyo, Yuta Kikuchi, Tetsuo Hyodo, Teiji Kunihiro

1602.08697 - Black Holes and Abelian Symmetry Breaking Javier Chagoya, Gustavo Niz, Gianmassimo Tasinato

1602.08797 - Transport anomalies and quantum criticality in electron-doped cuprate superconductors Xu Zhang, Heshan Yu, Ge He, Wei Hu, Jie Yuan, Beiyi Zhu, Kui Jin

1602.08818 - On the Measurement in Quantum Mechanics- the Consistent Measurement Apparatus Fabio L. Traversa, Guillermo Albareda

1602.08828 - Rigorous RG algorithms and area laws for low energy eigenstates in 1D Itai Arad, Zeph Landau, Umesh Vazirani, Thomas Vidick

1602.08856 - Theory of a 3+1D fractional chiral metal- interacting variant of the Weyl semimetal Tobias Meng, Adolfo G. Grushin, Kirill Stengel, Jens H. Bardarson

1602.08872 - Weak Value, Quasiprobability and Bohmian Mechanics Kazuki Fukuda, Jaeha Lee, Izumi Tsutsui

1602.08882 - Conjugate variables in quantum field theory and a refinement of Paulis theorem Steffen Pottel, Klaus Sibold

1602.08897 - Dispersion laws of the two-dimensional cavity magnetoexciton-polaritons S.A.Moskalenko, I.V.Podlesny, E.V.Dumanov, M.A.Liberman, B.V.Novikov

1602.08914 - Noether symmetries and duality transformations in cosmology Andronikos Paliathanasis, Salvatore Capozziello

1602.08936 - Universality in cuprates- a gauge approach P.A. Marchetti, G. Bighin

1602.08954 - Completeness and the ZX-calculus Miriam Backens

1602.09122 - Light-induced optomechanical forces in graphene waveguides Brahim Guizal, Mauro Antezza


1603.00017 - Universal optical conductivity of a disordered Weyl semimetal Bitan Roy, Vladimir Juricic, Sankar Das Sarma

1603.00022 - Higher-spin Interactions from CFT- The Complete Cubic Couplings Charlotte Sleight, Massimo Taronna

1603.00030 - Little Conformal Symmetry Rachel Houtz, Kitran Colwell, John Terning

1603.00031 - Superconducting quantum criticality in 3D Luttinger semimetals Igor Boettcher, Igor F. Herbut

1603.00072 - Gyrotropic skyrmion modes in ultrathin magnetic circular dots Konstantin Y. Guslienko, Zukhra V. Gareeva

1603.00112 - Topological Induced Gravity Ichiro Oda

1603.00116 - T-duality simplifies bulk-boundary correspondence- the general case Keith C. Hannabuss (Oxford), Varghese Mathai, Guo Chuan Thiang (Adelaide)

1603.00155 - Instability analysis of spin torque oscillator with an in-plane magnetized free layer and a perpendicularly magnetized pinned layer Tomohiro Taniguchi, Hitoshi Kubota

1603.00283 - Visualizing "Fermi arcs" in the Weyl semimetal TaAs Rajib Batabyal, Noam Morali, Nurit Avraham, Yan Sun, Marcus Schmidt, Claudia Felser, Ady Stern, Binghai Yan, Haim Beidenkopf

1603.00338 - The $ω$-SQUIPT- phase-engineering of Josephson topological materials E. Strambini, S. D'Ambrosio, F. Vischi, F. S. Bergeret, Yu. V. Nazarov, F. Giazotto

1603.00342 - Are we living in a quantum world? Bohr and quantum fundamentalism Henrik Zinkernagel

1603.00353 - Niels Bohr on the wave function and the classical-quantum divide Henrik Zinkernagel

1603.00398 - Anomalous Hooke's law in disordered graphene I. V. Gornyi, V. Yu. Kachorovskii, A. D. Mirlin

1603.00420 - Generalizations of polylogarithms for Feynman integrals Christian Bogner

1603.00433 - Non-Abelian Monopoles as the Origin of Dark Matter H. Falomir, J. Gamboa, F. Mendez

1603.00443 - Mobile Néel skyrmions at room temperature- status and future Wanjun Jiang


1603.00478 - The interplay of the sign problem and the infinite volume limit- gauge theories with a theta term Yiming Cai, Thomas Cohen, Ari Goldbloom-Helzner, Brian McPeak

1603.00486 - Iron-based superconductors- Foreword Henri Alloul, Andres Cano.html

1603.00514 - Superconductivity in HfTe5 Induced via Pressures Y. Liu, Y. J. Long, L. X. Zhao, S. M. Nie, S. J. Zhang, Y. X. Weng, M.L.Jin, W.M.Li, Q. Q. Liu, Y.W.Long, R.C.Yu, X. L. Fen, Q. Li, H.M.Weng, X.Dai, Z.Fang, G. F. Chen, C. Q. Jin

1603.00553 - Chern-Simons diffusion rate across different phase transitions Romulo Rougemont, Stefano Ivo Finazzo

1603.00595 - Gravitation, holographic principle, and extra dimensions R. Caimmi

1603.00639 - Wormhole spacetimes, CTCs and chronology protection in a dc-SQUID array Carlos Sabín

1603.00642 - Structure of the number projected BCS wave function J. Dukelsky, S. Pittel, C. Esebbag

1603.00654 - de Sitter vacua from an anomalous gauge symmetry Wilfried Buchmuller, Markus Dierigl, Fabian Ruehle, Julian Schweizer

1603.00719 - Four Loop Scattering in the Nambu-Goto Theory Peter Conkey, Sergei Dubovsky

1603.00811 - k.p theory of freestanding narrow band gap semiconductor nanowires Ning Luo, Gaohua Liao, H. Q. Xu

1603.00844 - Size quantization of Dirac fermions in graphene constrictions B. Terrés, L. A. Chizhova, F. Libisch, J. Peiro, D. Jörger, S. Engels, A. Girschik, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, S. V. Rotkin, J. Burgdörfer, C. Stampfer

1603.00866 - Optical and Transport Properties in 3D Dirac and Weyl Semimetals C.J. Tabert, J.P. Carbotte, E.J. Nicol


1603.00887 - Conformal Manifolds in Four Dimensions and Chiral Algebras Matthew Buican, Takahiro Nishinaka

1603.00890 - Group classification of Schrödinger equations with position dependent mass A. G. Nikitin, T. M. Zasadko

1603.00899 - Wave mechanics of the hydrogen atom J. F. Ogilvie

1603.00924 - Lectures on Matrix Field Theory I Badis Ydri

1603.00934 - Discovery of Dirac Node Arcs in PtSn4 Yun Wu, Lin-Lin Wang, Eundeok Mun, D. D. Johnson, Daixiang Mou, Lunan Huang, Yongbin Lee, S. L. Budko, P. C. Canfield, Adam Kaminski

1603.00999 - High-temperature superconductivity in single-unit-cell FeSe films on anatase TiO2(001) Hao Ding, Yan-Feng Lv, Kun Zhao, Wen-Lin Wang, Lili Wang, Can-Li Song, Xi Chen, Xu-Cun Ma, Qi-Kun Xue

1603.01000 - Cloaking the magnons Mehrdad Elyasi, Charanjit S. Bhatia, Cheng-Wei Qiu, Hyunsoo Yang

1603.01021 - Superconductivity in topological nontrivial material Au2Pb Ying Xing, He Wang, Chaokai Li, Xiao Zhang, Jun Liu, Yangwei Zhang, Jiawei Luo, Ziqiao Wang, Yong Wang, Langsheng Ling, Mingliang Tian, Shuang Jia, Ji Feng, Xiong-Jun

1603.01031 - Non-Fermi-liquid behavior and pseudogap formation in $δ$-doped SmTiO$_3$ Frank Lechermann

1603.01037 - Classical impurities and boundary Majorana zero modes in quantum chains Markus Müller, Alexander A. Nersesyan

1603.01044 - Topological Phase Transitions and Thouless Pumping of Light in Photonic Lattices Yongguan Ke, Xizhou Qin, Feng Mei, Honghua Zhong, Yuri S. Kivshar, Chaohong Lee

1603.01104 - Predicted superconductivity of Ni2VAl and pressure dependence of superconductivity in Ni2NbX (X = Al, Ga and Sn) and Ni2VAl P V Sreenivasa Reddy, V Kanchana, G Vaitheeswaran, David J Singh

1603.01149 - Chern-Simons Theory with Complex Gauge Group on Seifert Fibred 3-Manifolds Matthias Blau, George Thompson

1603.01165 - A superfluid boundary layer G. W. Stagg, N. G. Parker, C. F. Barenghi

1603.01174 - Seiberg-Witten theory as a Fermi gas Giulio Bonelli, Alba Grassi, Alessandro Tanzini

1603.01196 - Random Matrices, Boundaries and Branes Benjamin Niedner

1603.01211 - Classical and Quantum Mechanical Motion in Magnetic Fields J. Franklin, K. Cole Newton


1501.02394 - Dark Stars- A Review Katherine Freese, Tanja Rindler-Daller, Douglas Spolyar, Monica Valluri

1603.01274 - Scale invariant alternatives to General Relativity II- Dilaton properties Georgios K. Karananas, Mikhail Shaposhnikov

1603.01279 - Ideal Weyl semimetals in the chalcopyrites CuTlSe2, AgTlTe2, AuTlTe2 and ZnPbAs2 Jiawei Ruan, Shao-Kai Jian, Dongqin Zhang, Hong Yao, Haijun Zhang, Shou-Cheng Zhang, Dingyu Xing

1603.01294 - Toward a Quantum Theory of Tachyon Fields Charles Schwartz

1603.01305 - "Half a proton" in the Bogomol'nyi-Prasad-Sommerfield Skyrme model Árpád Lukács

1603.01332 - Torsion as a Gauge Field in a Lorentz-Chern-Simons Theory Simón del Pino, Adolfo Toloza

1603.01361 - Quantum critical points in tunneling junction of topological superconductor and topological insulator Zheng-Wei Zuo, Da-wei Kang, Zhao-Wu Wang, Liben Li

1603.01401 - Bosonic self-energy functional theory Dario Hügel, Philipp Werner, Lode Pollet, Hugo U. R. Strand 

1603.01423 - Exploring the Stability and Dynamics of Dipolar Matter-Wave Dark Solitons M. J. Edmonds, T. Bland, D. H. J. O'Dell, N. G. Parker

1603.01461 - A Note on Coherent States with Quantum Gravity Effects N. Sadeghnezhad

1603.01482 - 373 K Superconductors Ivan Zahariev Kostadinov

1603.01483 - Minimal Length, Measurability and Gravity A.E.Shalyt-Margolin

1603.01492 - Charge induced nematicity in FeSe P. Massat, D. Farina, I. Paul, S. Karlsson, P. Strobel, P. Toulemonde, M.-A. Measson, M. Cazayous, A. Sacuto, S. Kasahara, T. Shibuachi, Y. Matsuda, Y. Gallais

1603.01540 - Spontaneous symmetry breaking or not? Jean Alexandre

1603.01574 - Back to Parmenides Henrique de A. Gomes

1603.01598 - FeS- Structure and Composition Relations to Superconductivity and Magnetism S.J. Kuhn, M.K. Kidder, W.M. Chance, C. dela Cruz, M.A. McGuire, D.S. Parker, L. Li, L. Debeer-Schmitt, J. Ermentrout, K. Littrell, M.R. Eskildsen, A.S. Sefat


1603.01647 - Response to Comment on "Line of Dirac Nodes in Hyper-Honeycomb Lattices" Kieran Mullen, Bruno Uchoa, Daniel Glatzhofer

1603.01655 - Macroscopic Matter in Lorentz Gauge Theory of Gravity Ahmad Borzou

1603.01669 - Phase transitions in a frustrated biquadratic Heisenberg model with coupled orbital degree of freedom for iron-based superconductors W. Z. Zhuo, M. H. Qin, S. Dong, X. G. Li, J. M. Liu

1603.01717 - Topological phase transition induced extreme magnetoresistance in TaSb$_{2}$ Zheng Wang, Yupeng Li, Yunhao Lu, Zhixuan Shen, Feng Sheng, Chunmu Feng, Yi Zheng, Zhuan Xu

1603.01888 - Symmetries and Invariants in Higher-Spin Theory M.A. Vasiliev

1603.01892 - Classical Topological Degeneracy in the Ginzburg-Landau Model David Roberts

1603.01902 - Flowing in group field theory space- a review Sylvain Carrozza

1603.01996 - Superfluidity and spin superfluidity in spinor Bose gases J. Armaitis, R. A. Duine

1603.02055 - Nematic orders and nematicity-driven topological phase transition in FeSe Xianxin Wu, Yi Liang, Heng Fan, Jiangping Hu

1603.02068 - Holographic superconductivity in the presence of dark matter- basic issues Marek Rogatko, Karol I. Wysokinski

1603.02115 - Importance of effective dimensionality in manganese pnictides Manuel Zingl, Elias Assmann, Priyanka Seth, Igor Krivenko, Markus Aichhorn

1603.02145 - Couplings between QCD axion and photon from string compactification Jihn E. Kim

1603.02153 - New non-Abelian fractional quantum Hall state in multilayer graphene Ying-Hai Wu, Tao Shi, Jainendra K. Jain

1603.02165  - New Quasidilaton theory in Partially Constrained Vielbein Formalism Antonio De Felice, A. Emir Gümrükçüoğlu, Lavinia Heisenberg, Shinji Mukohyama, Norihiro Tanahashi


1603.02257 - Active versus passive transformations in the presence of a magnetic field G.F. Torres del Castillo, D.A. Rosete-Álvarez

1603.02259 - Geometrothermodynamics of black holes in Lorentz non-invariant massive gravity Alberto Sanchez

1603.02273 - Itinerant spin ice order, Weyl metal, and anomalous Hall effect in Pr$_2$Ir$_2$O$_7$ Pallab Goswami, Bitan Roy, Sankar Das Sarma

1603.02292 - Double Weyl points and Fermi arcs of topological semimetals in non-Abelian gauge potentials Luca Lepori, Ion Cosma Fulga, Andrea Trombettoni, Michele Burrello

1603.02311 - Large discrete jumps observed in the transition between Chern states in a ferromagnetic Topological Insulator Minhao Liu, Wudi Wang, Anthony R. Richardella, Abhinav Kandala, Jian Li, Ali Yazdani, Nitin Samarth, N. P. Ong

1603.02374 - "Unusual Rainbow and White Rainbow" A new auroral candidate in oriental historical sources Hisashi Hayakawa, Hiroaki Isobe, Akito Davis Kawamura, Harufumi Tamazawa, Hiroko Miyahara, Ryuho Kataoka

1603.02409 - Dimensional Crossover of Non-Relativistic Bosons Soeren Lammers, Igor Boettcher, Christof Wetterich

1603.02442 - Conserved charges, surface degrees of freedom, and black hole entropy Ali Seraj

1603.02479 - Evaluation of the performance of two state-transfer Hamiltonians in the presence of static disorder Alexander K. Pavlis, Georgios M. Nikolopoulos, Peter Lambropoulos

1603.02517 - Quasiparticle scattering interference in iron pnictides- A probe of the origin of nematicity Hai-Yang Zhang, Jian-Xin Li

1603.02530 - Canonical energy and hairy AdS black holes Seungjoon Hyun, Sang-A Park, Sang-Heon Yi

1603.02541 - Bohmian Mechanics, Collapse Models and the emergence of Classicality Marko Toroš, Sandro Donadi, Angelo Bassi

1603.02543 - A novel mass generation scheme for an Abelian vector field Constantin Bizdadea, Solange-Odile Saliu

1603.02548 - Challenges in Design of Kitaev Materials- Magnetic Interactions from Competing Energy Scales Stephen M. Winter, Ying Li, Harald O. Jeschke, Roser Valenti

1603.02549 - Observation of Majorana fermions with spin selective Andreev reflection in the vortex of topological superconductor Hao-Hua Sun, Kai-Wen Zhang, Lun-Hui Hu, Chuang Li, Guan-Yong Wang, Hai-Yang Ma, Zhu-An Xu, Chun-Lei Gao, Dan-Dan Guan

1603.02554 - A generally-relativistic gauge classification of the Dirac fields Luca Fabbri

1603.02568 - From Turbulent Beginnings Charles Francis

1603.02583 - Phase structure of a holographic double monolayer Dirac semimetal Gianluca Grignani, Andrea Marini, Adriano-Costantino Pigna, Gordon W. Semenoff

1603.02624 - Negative magnetoresistivity in holography Ya-Wen Sun, Qing Yang

1603.02647 - Finite Temperature Phase Transitions in the SU$(N)$ Hubbard model Hiromasa Yanatori, Akihisa Koga

1603.02653 - Linear Versus Non-linear Supersymmetry, in General Sergio Ferrara, Renata Kallosh, Antoine Van Proeyen, Timm Wrase

1603.02666 - The Moduli Space in the Gauged Linear Sigma Model Huijun Fan, Tyler Jarvis, Yongbin Ruan

1603.02674 - Elastic Gauge Fields in Weyl Semimetals Alberto Cortijo, Yago Ferreiros, Karl Landsteiner, Maria A. H. Vozmediano


1603.02678 - Holographic Superconductors with Logarithmic Nonlinear Electrodynamics in an External Magnetic Field A. Sheykhi, F. Shamsi

1603.02692 - Topological Superconductivity in Metal-Quantum-Spin-Ice Heterostructures Jian-Huang She, Choong H. Kim, Craig J. Fennie, Michael J. Lawler, Eun-Ah Kim

1603.02694 - Geometry defects in Bosonic symmetry protected topological phases Yizhi You, Yi-Zhuang You

1603.02696 - Composite Particle Theory, Fractional Axion Angles, and Extrinsic Twist Defects in Three-Dimensional Gapped Fermionic Phases Peng Ye, Taylor L. Hughes, Joseph Maciejko, Eduardo Fradkin

1603.02748 - Renormalization and periods in perturbative Algebraic Quantum Field Theory Kasia Rejzner

1603.02749 - Topological strength of magnetic skyrmions D. Bazeia, J.G.G.S. Ramos, E.I.B. Rodrigues

1603.02795 - Deriving field theories for particles of arbitrary spin with and without supersymmetry Sudarshan Ananth

1603.02797 - Optical Properties of Graphene in Magnetic and Electric fields Chiun-Yan Lin, Thi-Nga Do, Yao-Kung Huang, Ming-Fa Lin

1603.02821 - Weyl semi-metals - a short review Sumathi Rao

1603.02862 - Is the World Local or Nonlocal? Towards an Emergent Quantum Mechanics in the 21st Century Jan Walleczek, Gerhard Groessing

1603.02878 - N=1 Chern-Simons-matter theory and localization Dimitrios Tsimpis, Yaodong Zhu

1603.02879 - Theoretical modeling of critical temperature increase in metamaterial superconductors Igor I. Smolyaninov, Vera N. Smolyaninova

1603.02910 - Systematic Derivation of Noether Point Symmetries in Special Relativistic Field Theories Fernando Haas

1603.02969 - Low-energy theory of transport in Majorana wire junctions A. Zazunov, R. Egger, A. Levy Yeyati

1603.02979 - Observation of Quantum Phase Transitions with Parity-Symmetry Breaking and Hysteresis A. Trenkwalder, G. Spagnolli, G. Semeghini, S. Coop, M. Landini, P. Castilho, L. Pezzè, G. Modugno, M. Inguscio, A. Smerzi, M. Fattori

1603.02999 - Kinematics, Dynamics, and the Structure of Physical Theory Erik Curiel

1603.03027 - Antiferroquadrupolar order and rotational symmetry breaking in a generalized bilinear-biquadratic model on a square lattice Hsin-Hua Lai, Wen-Jun Hu, Rong Yu, Qimiao Si

1603.03029 - Chasing the cuprates with dilatonic dyons Andrea Amoretti, Matteo Baggioli, Nicodemo Magnoli, Daniele Musso


1512.05584 - Solution Phase Space and Conserved Charges- A General Formulation for Charges Associated with Exact Symmetries K. Hajian, M.M. Sheikh-Jabbari

1603.03039 - Hand-waving and Interpretive Dance- An Introductory Course on Tensor Networks Jacob C. Bridgeman, Christopher T. Chubb

1603.03041 - Superconductivity from a confinement transition out of a FL metal with Z_2 topological and Ising-nematic orders Shubhayu Chatterjee, Yang Qi, Subir Sachdev, Julia Steinberg

1603.03046 - Lorentz violations in multifractal spacetimes Gianluca Calcagni

1603.03061 - Taming systematic uncertainties at the LHC with the central limit theorem Sylvain Fichet

1603.03069 - Hydrodynamics of the Physical Vacuum- II. Vorticity dynamics Valeriy I. Sbitnev

1603.03093 - New Fermions Barry Bradlyn, Jennifer Cano, Zhijun Wang, R. J. Cava, B. Andrei Bernevig

1603.03104 - Cold-spots and glassy nematicity in underdoped cuprates Kyungmin Lee, Steven A. Kivelson, Eun-Ah Kim 

1603.03128 - Standard Model with extra dimensions and its zeta function regularization I. García-Jiménez, M. A. López-Osorio, E. Martínez-Pascual, G. I. Nápoles-Cañedo, H. Novales-Sánchez, J. J. Toscano

1603.03166 - Topological and dynamical properties of a generalized cluster model in one dimension Takumi Ohta, Shu Tanaka, Ippei Danshita, Keisuke Totsuka

1603.03202 - Spin Hall Effect in a Spinor Dipolar Bose-Einstein Condensate Toshiyuki Oshima, Yuki Kawaguchi

1603.03206 - Spin transport in tilted electron vortex beams Banasri Basu, Debashree Chowdhury

1603.03213 - The sky is the limit- free boundary conditions in AdS$_3$ Chern-Simons theory Luis Apolo, Bo Sundborg

1603.03308 - Non-Abelian $ν=1-2$ quantum Hall state in $Γ_8$ Valence Band Hole Liquid George Simion, Yuli Lyanda-Geller

1603.03321 - The Corolla Polynomial for spontaneously broken Gauge Theories David Prinz

1603.03375 - Beyond Spin-Triplet- Nodal Topological Superconductivity in a Noncentrosymmetric Semimetal Hyunsoo Kim, Kefeng Wang, Yasuyuki Nakajima, Rongwei Hu, Steven Ziemak, Paul Syers, Limin Wang, Halyna Hodovanets, Jonathan D. Denlinger

1603.03379 - Radiation Reaction on Brownian Motions Keita Seto

1603.03380 - The Dynamics of the Schrodinger-Newton System with Self-Field Coupling J. Franklin, Y. Guo, K. Cole Newton, M. Schlosshauer

1603.03382 - Holographic Fermi Liquids in a Spontaneously Generated Lattice James Alsup, Eleftherios Papantonopoulos, George Siopsis, Kubra Yeter

1603.03394 - Majorana wavefunction oscillations, fermion parity switches, and disorder in Kitaev chains Suraj Hegde, Smitha Vishveshwara

1603.03406 - Identification of nematic superconductivity from the upper critical field Jörn W. F. Venderbos, Vladyslav Kozii, Liang Fu


1402.3266 - Anderson localization on the Falicov-Kimball model with Coulomb disorder Rubens D. B. Carvalho, Guilherme M. A. Almeida, Andre M. C. Souza

1603.03425 - Linear Response Theory for Symmetry Improved Two Particle Irreducible Effective Actions Michael J. Brown, Ian B. Whittingham, Daniel S. Kosov

1603.03429 - Geometrical Aspects of non-gravitational interactions Omar Roldan, C.C. Barros Jr

1603.03435 - Mobius Kondo Insulators Po-Yao Chang, Onur Erten, Piers Coleman

1603.03439 - Evidence for a fermionic symmetry-protected topological phase in a two-dimensional Hubbard model Cheng-Chien Chen, Lukas Muechler, Roberto Car, Titus Neupert, Joseph Maciejko

1603.03471 - Discrete Quantum Gravity and Quantum Field Theory Stan Gudder

1603.03576 - Colloquium- Topological Band Theory Arun Bansil, Hsin Lin, Tanmoy Das

1603.03651 - Instability of three-band Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid- renormalization group analysis and possible application to K2Cr3As3 Jian-Jian Miao, Fu-Chun Zhang, Yi Zhou

1603.03662 - Linear stability of the Skyrmion Matthew Creek, Roland Donninger, Wilhelm Schlag, Stanley Snelson

1603.03665 - Wigner transformation, momentum space topology, and anomalous transport M.A.Zubkov

1603.03687 - A Mechanism of Long-Range Order Induced by Random Local Fields- Effective Anisotropy Created by Defects A.A. Berzin, A.I. Morosov, A.S. Sigov

1603.03688 - Skyrmions in square-lattice antiferromagnets Rick Keesman, Mark Raaijmakers, A. E. Baerends, G. T. Barkema, R. A. Duine

1603.03689 - Path integral for multi-field inflation Jinn-Ouk Gong, Min-Seok Seo, Gary Shiu

1603.03723 - Quantum clock- A critical discussion on spacetime Luciano Burderi, Tiziana Di Salvo, Rosario Iaria

1603.03754 - Particle-hole symmetry without particle-hole symmetry in the quantum Hall effect at ν = 5-2 Philip Zucker, D.E. Feldman

1603.03756 - s_± pairing near a Lifshitz transition Vivek Mishra, Douglas J. Scalapino, Thomas A. Maier

1603.03763v1 - Superuniversality of topological quantum phase transition and global phase diagram of dirty topological systems in three dimensions  Pallab Goswami, Sudip Chakravarty


0403130 - Towards a time-reversal mirror for quantum systems Horacio M. Pastawski, Ernesto P. Danieli, Hernan L. Calvo, Luis E. F. Foa Torres

1603.03764 - Fundamental Physics Badis Ydri

1603.03772 - Tadpole-Induced Electroweak Symmetry Breaking and pNGB Higgs Models Roni Harnik, Kiel Howe, John Kearney

1603.03797 - Lectures on Dark Matter Physics Mariangela Lisanti

1603.03854 - Two Lectures on Gauge Theory and Khovanov Homology Edward Witten

1603.03860 - Green's Function of Magnetic Topological Insulator in Gradient Expansion Approach Yusuke Hama, Naoto Nagaosa

1603.03920 - Competing Kondo Effects in Non-Kramers Doublet Systems Hiroaki Kusunose

1603.03941 - Measurement, interpretation and information Olimpia Lombardi, Sebastian Fortin, Cristian Lopez

1603.03943 - Quantum Phase Transition in the Finite Jaynes-Cummings Lattice Systems Myung-Joong Hwang, Martin B. Plenio

1603.03951 - Key role of lattice symmetry in the metal-insulator transition of NdNiO3 films Jack Y. Zhang, Honggyu Kim, Evgeny Mikheev, Adam J. Hauser, Susanne Stemmer

1603.03988 - Anisotropic Black Phosphorus Synaptic Device for Neuromorphic Applications He Tian, Qiushi Guo, Yunjun Xie, Huan Zhao, Cheng Li, Judy J. Cha, Fengnian Xia, Han Wang

1603.03992 - Note on the "size" of Schroedinger cats Anthony J. Leggett

1603.04016 - Universal Entanglement Spectra of Gapped One-dimensional Field Theories Gil Young Cho, Andreas W. W. Ludwig, Shinsei Ryu

1603.04041 - A Wave Packet Approach to Interacting Fermions Matthias Ossadnik

1603.04061 - Fractional Galilean Symmetries Ali Hosseiny, Shahin Rouhani

1603.04097 - Multidimensional solitons- Well-established results and novel findings Boris A. Malomed

1603.04200 - Phase transitions and ordering structures of a model of chiral helimagnet in three dimensions Yoshihiko Nishikawa, Koji Hukushima

1603.04254 - Dual gauge field theory of quantum liquid crystals in two dimensions Aron J. Beekman, Jaakko Nissinen, Kai Wu, Ke Liu, Robert-Jan Slager, Zohar Nussinov, Vladimir Cvetkovic, Jan Zaanen

1603.04263 - Strong Correlation Effects on Topological Quantum Phase Transitions in Three Dimensions A. Amaricci, J. C. Budich, M. Capone, B. Trauzettel, G. Sangiovanni

1603.04273 - How many quasiparticles can be in a superconductor? Anton Bespalov, Manuel Houzet, Julia S. Meyer, Yuli V. Nazarov

1603.04274 - Comparisons of Black Hole Entropy Judy Kupferman

1603.04281 - Theory of spin loss at metallic interfaces K. D. Belashchenko, Alexey A. Kovalev, M. van Schilfgaarde

1603.04310 - Discovery of superconductivity in pure Bi single crystal Om Prakash, Anil Kumar, A. Thamizhavel, S. Ramakrishnan

1603.04329 - Effective Hamiltonian for edge states in graphene H. Deshpande, R. Winkler

1603.04427 - Fermion Parity Flips and Majorana Bound States at twist defects in Superconducting Fractional Topological Phases Mayukh Nilay Khan, Jeffrey C. Y. Teo, Taylor L. Hughes, Smitha Vishveshwara


1603.04442 - Fracton Topological Order, Generalized Lattice Gauge Theory and Duality Sagar Vijay, Jeongwan Haah, Liang Fu

1603.04444 - The Random-Bond Ising Model in 2.01 and 3 Dimensions Zohar Komargodski, David Simmons-Duffin

1603.04454 - Action principles for higher and fractional spin gravities Cesar Arias, Roberto Bonezzi, Nicolas Boulanger, Ergin Sezgin, Per Sundell, Alexander Torres-Gomez, Mauricio Valenzuela

1603.04470 - Holographic Effective Field Theories Luca Martucci, Alberto Zaffaroni

1603.04583 - Observing The Observer Vlatko Vedral

1603.04689 - The Quench Action Jean-Sébastien Caux

1603.04700 - Topologically protected edge gap solitons of interacting Bosons in one-dimensional superlattices 

1603.04702v1 - Numerical study of a recent black hole lasing experiment  M.Tettamanti, S.L.Cacciatori, A.Parola, I.Carusotto

1603.04744 - Topological Semimetals Predicted from First-principles Calculations Hongming Weng, Xi Dai, Zhong Fang

1603.04799 - Landau Framework for Topological Order- Quantum Chains and Ladders Gennady Y. Chitov, Toplal Pandey

1603.04827 - A Realization of the Haldane-Kane-Mele Model in a System of Localized Spins Se Kwon Kim, Héctor Ochoa, Ricardo Zarzuela, Yaroslav Tserkovnyak


1603.04856 - Black Hole Collapse in the 1-c Expansion Tarek Anous, Thomas Hartman, Antonin Rovai, Julian Sonner


1603.04950 - Quantum Linear Systems Theory Ian R. Petersen

1603.05008 - Observation of magnetic fragmentation in spin ice S. Petit, E. Lhotel, B. Canals, M. Ciomaga-Hatnean, J. Ollivier, H. Mutka, E. Ressouche, A.R. Wildes, M.R. Lees, G. Balakrishnan

1603.05023 - Approximate scale invariance in particle systems- a large-dimensional justification Thibaud Maimbourg, Jorge Kurchan

1603.05045 - Exact formulas in noncommutative gauge theories Jean-Christophe Wallet

1603.05093 - Polariton condensates at room temperature Thierry Guillet, Christelle Brimont

1603.05141v1 - Remarks on a bosonic ladder subject to a magnetic field  Shun Uchino

1603.05147 - Non-dissipative effects in nonequilibrium systems Christian Maes

1603.05182 - Fractal Symmetries- Ungauging the Cubic Code Dominic J. Williamson

1603.05185 - Negativity in the Generalized Valence Bond Solid State Raul A. Santos, V. Korepin



1603.03291 - Vortices with scalar condensates in two-component Ginzburg-Landau systems Peter Forgacs, Árpád Lukács

1603.04056v1 - Negative Magnetoresistance in Topological Semimetals of Transition-Metal Dipnictides with Nontrivial Z2 Indices  Yupeng Li, Zhen Wang, Yunhao Lu, Xiaojun Yang, Zhixuan Shen, Feng Sheng, Chunmu Feng, Yi Zheng, Zhu-An Xu

1603.05066 - Breakdown of Nonlinear Elasticity in Amorphous Solids at Finite Temperatures Itamar Procaccia, Corrado Rainone, Carmel Shor, Murari Singh

1603.05250 - A Holographic Entanglement Entropy Conjecture for General Spacetimes Fabio Sanches, Sean J. Weinberg

1603.05301 - Violation of the Born Rule- Implications for the Classical Electromagnetic Field R. E. Kastner

1603.05312 - Anomalous edge state in a non-Hermitian lattice Tony E. Lee

1603.05325 - Spin-Wave Fiber Weichao Yu, Jin Lan, Ruqian Wu, Jiang Xiao

1603.05328 - Topological origin of universal few-body clusters in Efimov physics Yusuke Horinouchi, Masahito Ueda

1603.05339 - Tim Schröder, Sara Mouradian, Jiabao Zheng, Matthew E. Trusheim, Michael Walsh, Edward H. Chen, Luozhou Li, Igal Bayn, Dirk Englund

1603.05348 - Floquet topological phases coupled to environments and the induced photocurrent Szabolcs Vajna, Baruch Horovitz, Balázs Dóra, Gergely Zaránd

1603.05371 - A Quantum Space Behind Simple Quantum Mechanics Chuan Sheng Chew, Otto C. W. Kong, Jason Payne

1603.05409 - Decimation of the Dyson-Ising Ferromagnet Aernout van Enter, Arnaud Le Ny

1603.05482 - Observation of the universal magnetoelectric effect in a 3D topological insulator V. Dziom, A. Shuvaev, A. Pimenov, G. V. Astakhov, C. Ames, K. Bendias, J. Böttcher, G. Tkachov, E. M. Hankiewicz, C. Brüne, H Buhmann, L. W. Molenkamp 

1603.05521 - Non-local self-energies in metals and itinerant magnets- A focus on Fe and Ni L. Sponza

1603.05530 - The complex Dirac Delta, Plemelj formula, and integral representations J. Julve, R. Cepedello, F. J. de Urries

1603.05577 - Conditions for observing emergent SU(4) symmetry in a double quantum dot Yunori Nishikawa, Oliver J. Curtin, Alex C. Hewson, Daniel J.G. Crow, Johannes Bauer

1603.05582 - Anomalous dimensions of scalar operators in $QED_3$ Shai M. Chester, Silviu S. Pufu

1603.05590 - Charge Fractionalization in Oxide Heterostructures- A Field Theoretical Model M Karthick Selvan, Prasanta K. Panigrahi

1603.05630 - Interpreting Numerical Measurements in Fixed Topological Sectors Wolfgang Bietenholz, Christopher Czaban, Arthur Dromard, Urs Gerber, Christoph P. Hofmann, Héctor Mejía-Díaz, Marc Wagner


1603.05652 - Transition from the Z_2 spin liquid to antiferromagnetic order- spectrum on the torus Seth Whitsitt, Subir Sachdev

1603.05656 - Emergent particle-hole symmetry in the half-filled Landau level Michael Mulligan, S. Raghu, Matthew P. A. Fisher

1603.05665 - Negative Branes, Supergroups and the Signature of Spacetime Robbert Dijkgraaf, Ben Heidenreich, Patrick Jefferson, Cumrun Vafa

1603.05668 - The minimal linear sigma model for the Goldstone Higgs Ferruccio Feruglio, Belen Gavela, Kirill Kanshin, Pedro Accioly Nogueira Machado, Stefano Rigolin, Sara Saa

1603.05742 - Many-electron integrals over gaussian basis functions. I. Recurrence relations for three-electron integrals Giuseppe M. J. Barca, Pierre-François Loos, Peter M. W. Gill

1603.05769 - Interplay of charge density wave and multiband superconductivity in 2$H$-Pd$_x$TaSe$_2$ D. Bhoi, S. Khim, W. Nam, B. S. Lee, Chanhee Kim, B.-G. Jeon, B. H. Min, S. Park, Kee Hoon Kim

1603.05805 - Deformation of Noncommutative Quantum Mechanics Jian-Jian Jiang, S. Hasibul Hassan Chowdhury

1603.05812 - A Comparison between Abraham and Minkowski Momenta Massimo Testa

1603.05822 - Stringy Horizons II Amit Giveon, Nissan Itzhaki, David Kutasov

1603.05827 - Anderson localization in the time domain Krzysztof Sacha, Dominique Delande

1603.05869 - Magnons in Sr$_2$CuO$_3$- possible evidence for Goldstone-Higgs interaction in a weakly ordered spin-1-2 chain antiferromagnet E. G. Sergeicheva, S. S. Sosin, L. A. Prozorova, G. D. Gu, I. A. Zaliznyak

1603.05874 - On a calculus of variations problem Mikhail I. Belishev, Aleksandr V. Ivanov

1603.05879 - Symmetry breaking in spin spirals and skyrmions by in-plane and canted magnetic fields Lorenz Schmidt, Julian Hagemeister, Pin-Jui Hsu, André Kubetzka, Kirsten von Bergmann, Roland Wiesendanger

1603.05902 - Intrinsic Time Quantum Gravity Hoi Lai Yu

1603.05919 - The Distributional Zeta-Function in Disordered Field Theory B. F. Svaiter, N. F. Svaiter

1603.05958 - Tutorial to SARAH Florian Staub

1603.05965 - Quantum Theory of Half-integer Spin Free Particles from the Perspective of the Majorana Equation Luca Nanni



1603.05590 - Charge Fractionalization in Oxide Heterostructures- A Field Theoretical Model M Karthick Selvan, Prasanta K. Panigrahi

1603.05986 - Green$'$s function approach to edge states in transition metal dichalcogenides Mojtaba Farmanbar, Taher Amlaki, Geert Brocks

1603.06004 - Origin of dissipative Fermi arc transport in Weyl semimetals E. V. Gorbar, V. A. Miransky, I. A. Shovkovy, P. O. Sukhachov

1603.06008 - What Happens in a Measurement? Steven Weinberg

1603.06011 - Random Matrix Theory and Quantum Chromodynamics Gernot Akemann

1603.06150 - Dirac electrons in the presence of matrix potential barrier- application to graphene and topological insulators Mikhail Erementchouk, Pinaki Mazumder, M. A. Khan, Michael N. Leuenberger

1603.06218 - Solving the U(2)L X U(2)R symmetric Nambu--Jona-Lasinio model in 1+1 dimensions Michael Thies

1603.06282 - Identical Particles in Quantum Mechanics- Operational and Topological Considerations Klil H. Neori

1603.06360 - Spectral splits of neutrinos as a BCS-BEC crossover type phenomenon Y. Pehlivan, A. L. Subaşı, N. Ghazanfari, S. Birol, H. Yüksel

1603.06383 - Replica symmetry breaking for anisotropic magnetics with quenched disorder E. Kogan, M. Kaveh

1603.06497 - A disorder-enhanced quasi-one-dimensional superconductor A.P. Petrović, D. Ansermet, D. Chernyshov, M. Hoesch, D. Salloum, P. Gougeon, M. Potel, L. Boeri, C. Panagopoulos


1603.06150 - 


1603.06590 - Strongly interacting photons in one-dimensional continuum Dibyendu Roy, C.M. Wilson, Ofer Firstenberg

1603.06858 - The Theory of Spin Noise Spectroscopy- A Review N. A. Sinitsyn, Y. V. Pershin


1602.01677 - Coupling between Majorana fermions and Nambu-Goldstone bosons inside a non-Abelian vortex in dense QCD Chandrasekhar Chatterjee, Mattia Cipriani, Muneto Nitta

1603.06944 - Periodic Table for Floquet Topological Insulators Rahul Roy, Fenner Harper

1603.06994 - Attractors in spacetimes and time functions Daniel Monclair

1603.07048 - Interplay of topology and interactions in quantum Hall topological insulators- U(1) symmetry, tunable Luttinger liquid, and interaction-induced phase transitions Maxim Kharitonov, Stefan Juergens, Björn Trauzettel

1603.07098 - Consistency of non-minimal renormalisation schemes I. Jack, C. Poole

1603.07103 - Chiral sine-Gordon model Takashi Yanagisawa

1603.07110 - The Higgs Mechanism from an extra dimension Yu. A. Simonov

1603.07156 - The Particle Enigma Gerald E. Marsh

1603.07207 - Universal Properties of Fermi Gases in One-dimension Wen-Bin He, Yang-Yang Chen, Shizhong Zhang, Xi-Wen Guan

1603.07250 - A note on scaling arguments in the effective average action formalism Carlo Pagani

1603.07278 - Random Tensors and Quantum Gravity Vincent Rivasseau

1603.07312 - Constructive Tensor Field Theory Vincent Rivasseau

1603.07315 - Majorana Zero Modes in Superconducting Proximity-coupled Magnetic Domain Wall Babak Zare Rameshti, Yaser Hajati, Imam Makhfudz

1603.07503 - Quantum time mirrors Phillipp Reck, Cosimo Gorini, Arseni Goussev, Viktor Krueckl, Mathias Fink, Klaus Richter

1603.07544 - Interplay of Coulomb interaction and spin-orbit coupling Jörg Bünemann, Thorben Linneweber, Ute Löw, Frithjof B. Anders, Florian Gebhard


1603.07148 - Variational principle for theories with dissipation from analytic continuation Stefan Floerchinger

1603.07328 - On the Fundamental Theorem of the Theory of Relativity Marco Mamone-Capria

1603.07356 - An elementary introduction to quantum graphs Gregory Berkolaiko

1603.07367 - Renormalized Volume A. Rod Gover, Andrew Waldron

1603.07380 - Dual Double Field Theory Eric A. Bergshoeff, Olaf Hohm, Victor A. Penas, Fabio Riccioni

1603.07393 - Direct Observation of the Skyrmion Hall Effect Wanjun Jiang, Xichao Zhang, Guoqiang Yu, Wei Zhang, M. Benjamin Jungfleisch, John E. Pearson, Olle Heinonen, Kang L. Wang, Yan Zhou, Axel Hoffmann

1603.07472 - Algebraic method for constructing singular steady solitary waves- A case study Didier Clamond

1603.07503 - Quantum time mirrors Phillipp Reck, Cosimo Gorini, Arseni Goussev, Viktor Krueckl, Mathias Fink, Klaus Richter


1603.07552 - A Novel Approach to Extra Dimensions David J. Jackson

1603.07569 - Black holes and information- A new take on an old paradox K.L.H. Bryan, A.J.M. Medved

1603.07634 - On immersion formulas for soliton surfaces Alfred Michel Grundland, Decio Levi, Luigi Martina.html

1603.07659 - General pairing mechanisms in the BCS-theory of superconductivity C. Hainzl, M. Loss

1603.07670 - Composite gauge-bosons made of fermions Mahiko Suzuki

1603.07691 - Supersymmetric quantum mechanics and topology Muhammad Abdul Wasay


1510.05293 -- Weyl calculus in QED I. The unitary group L. Amour, R. Lascar, J. Nourrigat

1603.07726 - Revisiting double Dirac delta potential Zafar Ahmed, Sachin Kumar, Mayank Sharma, Vibhu Sharma

1603.07765 - Conformal field theory out of equilibrium- a review Denis Bernard, Benjamin Doyon

1603.07827 - Braiding Majorana Fermions Louis H. Kauffman, Samuel J. Lomonaco

1603.07986 - Schrodinger's cat- much ado about nothing Radu Ionicioiu

1603.07989 - A semiclassical study of the topological Bose-Hubbard model S. A. Owerre

1603.07993 - Anomalous transport due to scale anomaly M. N. Chernodub

1603.07994 - Microscopic theory of spin-orbit torques applied to Skyrmion dynamics I. A. Ado, O. A. Tretiakov, M. Titov


1603.07184 - Simultaneous investigation of shear modulus and torsional resonance of solid 4He Jaeho Shin, Jaewon Choi, Keiya Shirahama, Eunseong Kim

1603.07993 - Anomalous transport due to scale anomaly M. N. Chernodub

1603.08001 - Floquet Time Crystals Dominic V. Else, Bela Bauer, Chetan Nayak

1603.08022 - Orthogonal Magnetization and Symmetry Breaking in Pyrochlore Iridate Eu$_2$Ir$_2$O$_7$ Tian Liang, Timothy H. Hsieh, Jun J. Ishikawa, Satoru Nakatsuji, Liang Fu, N. P. Ong

1603.08060 - Dirac Fermions in Antiferromagnetic Semimetal Peizhe Tang, Quan Zhou, Gang Xu, Shou-Cheng Zhang

1603.08076 - Polymerization, the Problem of Access to the Saddle Point Approximation, and Thermodynamics Hugo A. Morales-Técotl, Daniel H. Orozco-Borunda, Saeed Rastgoo

1603.08085 - The H-T and P-T phase diagram of the superconducting phase in Pd-Bi$_2$Te$_3$ Amit, Yogesh Singh

1603.08259 - Engineering Holographic Superconductor Phase Diagrams Jiunn-Wei Chen, Shou-Huang Dai, Debaprasad Maity, Yun-Long Zhang

1603.08306 - Field Theoretic Approaches To Early Universe Sayantan Choudhury

1603.08334 - Comparing Dualities and Gauge Symmetries Sebastian De Haro, Nicholas Teh, Jeremy N. Butterfield

1603.08376 - Quantum critical point of Dirac fermion mass generation without spontaneous symmetry breaking Yuan-Yao He, Han-Qing Wu, Yi-Zhuang You, Cenke Xu, Zi Yang Meng, Zhong-Yi Lu

1603.08382 - Boundaries, Mirror Symmetry, and Symplectic Duality in 3d N=4 Gauge Theory Mathew Bullimore, Tudor Dimofte, Davide Gaiotto, Justin Hilburn

1603.08407 - Faddeev-Jackiw Quantization of Non-Autonomous Singular Systems Zahir Belhadi, Alain Bérard (UL), Hervé Mohrbach (UL)

1603.08429 - Wilson operator algebras and ground states for coupled BF theories Apoorv Tiwari, Xiao Chen, Shinsei Ryu

1603.08508 - Experimental observation of topological Fermi arcs in type-II Weyl semimetal MoTe2 Ke Deng, Guoliang Wan, Peng Deng, Kenan Zhang, Shijie Ding, Eryin Wang, Mingzhe Yan, Huaqing Huang, Hongyun Zhang, Zhilin Xu, Jonathan Denlinger,

1603.08508 - Experimental observation of topological Fermi arcs in type-II Weyl semimetal MoTe2 Ke Deng, Guoliang Wan, Peng Deng, Kenan Zhang, Shijie Ding, Eryin Wang, Mingzhe Yan, Huaqing Huang, Hongyun Zhang, Zhilin Xu, Jonathan Denlinger,.download

1603.08509 - Horizon as Critical Phenomenon Sung-Sik Lee


1603.08517 - Quantum Dualities and Quantum Anomalous Hall Phases with Arbitrary Large Chern Numbers Tong Chern

1603.08526 - Cold atoms in U(3) gauge potentials Ipsita Mandal, Atri Bhattacharya

1603.08534 - Edge theory approach to topological entanglement entropy, mutual information and entanglement negativity in Chern-Simons theories Xueda Wen, Shunji Matsuura, Shinsei Ryu

1603.08625 - Theory of the Integer and Fractional Quantum Hall Effects Shosuke Sasaki

1603.08674 - After Bell Andrei Khrennikov

1603.08710 - Unveiling the hidden nematicity and spin subsystem in FeSe C. W. Luo, P. C. Cheng, S.-H. Wang, J.-C. Chiang, J-Y Lin, K. H. Wu, J. Y. Juang, D. A. Chareev, O. S. Volkova, A. N. Vasiliev

1603.08730 - Generic aspects of skyrmion lattices in chiral magnets Andreas Bauer, Christian Pfleiderer

1603.08749 - Band Structure in Yang-Mills Theories Constantin Bachas, Theodore Tomaras

1603.08822 - Anatomy of a periodically driven $p$-wave superconductor Erhai Zhao


1603.08934 - Covariant effective action for a Galilean invariant quantum Hall system Michael Geracie, Kartik Prabhu, Matthew M. Roberts

1603.08939 - Tachyons in Classical de Sitter Vacua Daniel Junghans

1603.08947 - Spin crossover in (Mg,Fe$^{3+}$)(Si,Fe$^{3+}$)O$_3$ bridgmanite- effects of disorder, iron concentration, and temperature

1603.08966 - Stochastic theory of quantum mechanics and the Schrödinger equation Maurice Godart 

1603.09043 - Rashba-type Spin-orbit Coupling in Bilayer Bose-Einstein Condensates S.-W. Su, S.-C. Gou, Q. Sun, L. Wen, W.-M. Liu, A.-C. Ji, J. Ruseckas, G. Juzeliunas

1603.09063 - Klein and Conformal Superspaces, Split Algebras and Spinor Orbits Rita Fioresi, Emanuele Latini, Alessio Marrani

1603.09107 - Holographic Photosynthesis Irina Aref'eva, Igor Volovich

1603.09183 - A framework to a mass dimension one fermionic sigma model R. J. Bueno Rogerio, J. M. Hoff da Silva, S. H. Pereira, Roldao da Rocha

1603.09210 - Surface Superconductivity in Presence of Corners M. Correggi, E.L. Giacomelli.html

1603.09239 - Sisyphus random walk Miquel Montero, Javier Villarroel

1603.09271 - 40 years of the Nobel prize in physics- then and now Ricardo A.Broglia

1603.09317 - Holographic anyonization- A systematic approach Matthias Ihl, Niko Jokela, Tobias Zingg

1603.09331 - Symmetry-protected non-Abelian braiding of Majorana Kramers' pairs Pin Gao, Xiong-Jun Liu