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1606.09245 - String Theory Origin of Constrained Multiplets Renata Kallosh, Bert Vercnocke, Timm Wrase

1606.09249 - Damped Topological Magnons in the Kagomé-Lattice Ferromagnets A. L. Chernyshev, P. A. Maksimov 

1606.09258 - Lattice field theory applications in high energy physics Steven Gottlieb

1606.09304 - Supersymmetric Backgrounds, the Killing Superalgebra, and Generalised Special Holonomy André Coimbra, Charles Strickland-Constable

1606.09313 - Generic local Hamiltonians are gapless Ramis Movassagh

1606.09326 - Skyrmion dynamics in a chiral magnet driven by periodically varying spin currents Rui Zhu, Yin-Yan Zhang

1606.09369 - Superconductivity at 5.5 K in Nb2PdSe5 compound Reena Goyal, Govind Gupta, A.K. Srivastava, V.P.S. Awana

1606.09435 - Dynamical charge and spin currents in graphene and possible Cooper pair formation K. Morawetz

1606.09439 - A road to reality with topological superconductors C.W.J. Beenakker, L.P. Kouwenhoven

1606.09495 - Unconventional disorder effects in correlated superconductors Maria N. Gastiasoro, Fabio Bernardini, Brian M. Andersen

1606.09556 - Cosmological histories from the Friedmann equation- The universe as a particle Edvard Mortsell

1606.09568 - Unification in One Dimension David J. Jackson

1606.09639 - SU(2) spin-rotation symmetric tensor network state for spin-1-2 Heisenberg model on kagome lattice and its modular matrices Jia-Wei Mei, Ji-Yao Chen, Huan He, Xiao-Gang Wen

1606.09641 - Information Dynamics at a Phase Transition Damian Sowinski, Marcelo Gleiser


1607.00037 - Tunneling in Axion Monodromy Jon Brown, William Cottrell, Gary Shiu, Pablo Soler

1607.00109 - Distinguishing between $s+id$ and $s+is$ pairing symmetries in multiband superconductors through spontaneous magnetization pattern induced by a defect Shi-Zeng Lin, Saurabh Maiti, Andrey Chubukov

1607.00112 - The Chiral Potts Spin-Glass in d=2 and 3 Dimensions Tolga Caglar, A. Nihat Berker

1607.00116 - Generation of Spin Currents by Magnetic Field in T- and P-Broken Materials Jing Wang, Biao Lian, Shou-Cheng Zhang

1607.00123 - Spin, localization and uncertainty of relativistic fermions Lucas C. Céleri, Vasilis Kiosses, Daniel R. Terno

1607.00156 - Newton-Euler, Lagrange and Kirchhoff formulations of rigid body dynamics- a unified approach Enrico Massa, Stefano Vignolo

1607.00162 - On entropy production of repeated quantum measurements I. General theory Tristan Benoist, Vojkan Jaksic, Yan Pautrat, Claude-Alain Pillet

1607.00168 - On the classical Schrödinger equation Albert Benseny, David Tena, Xavier Oriols

1607.00182 - Surface state decoherence in loop quantum gravity, a first toy model Alexandre Feller, Etera R. Livine

1607.00213 - Hourglass Fermion Surface States in Stacked Topological Insulators with Nonsymmorphic Symmetry Motohiko Ezawa

1607.00227 - Many-body localization due to random interactions Piotr Sierant, Dominique Delande, Jakub Zakrzewski

1607.00237 - Bell violation in the Sky Sayantan Choudhury, Sudhakar Panda, Rajeev Singh

1607.00369 - Complementarity and Stability Conditions Howard Georgi


1607.00050 - Tensor Network Skeletonization Lexing Ying

1607.00390 - The g-theorem and quantum information theory Horacio Casini, Ignacio Salazar Landea, Gonzalo Torroba

1607.00480 - Towards laboratory detection of topological vortices in superfluid phases of QCD Arpan Das, Shreyansh S. Dave, Somnath De, Ajit M. Srivastava

1607.00526 - Worldline CPT and massless supermultiplets Alex S. Arvanitakis, Luca Mezincescu, Paul K. Townsend

1607.00568 - Theoretical search for unconventional fractional quantum Hall effect of composite fermions Ajit C. Balram

1607.00666 - Space, matter and topology Manuel Asorey

1607.00680 - Metallic phase of hydrogen at the pressure 500GPa Nikolay Degtyarenko, Evgeny Mazur

1607.00694 - Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev Model as Liouville Quantum Mechanics Dmitry Bagrets, Alexander Altland, Alex Kamenev

1607.00726 - Frobenius-Chern-Simons gauge theory Roberto Bonezzi, Nicolas Boulanger, Ergin Sezgin, Per Sundell

1607.00744 - Fine-tuning problems in quantum field theory and Lorentz invariance J.L. Cortes, J. Lopez-Sarrion

1607.00826 - Quantum Oscillations from Fermi Sea Hridis K. Pal

1607.00865 - Low-energy microscopic models for iron-based superconductors- a review Rafael M. Fernandes, Andrey V. Chubukov

1607.00907 - From chiral d-wave to nodal line superconductivity in the harmonic honeycomb lattices Johann Schmidt, Adrien Bouhon, Annica Black-Schaffer

1607.00920 - Going beyond k.p theory- a general method for obtaining effective Hamiltonians in both high and low symmetry situations N. Ray

1607.00953 - Robustness of superconductivity to competing magnetic phases in tetragonal FeS Franziska K. K. Kirschner, Franz Lang, Craig V. Topping, Peter J. Baker, Francis L. Pratt, Sophie E. Wright, Daniel N. Woodruff, Stephen J. Blundell

1607.00972 - Torsion Gravity for Dirac Fields Luca Fabbri

1607.00995 - Slow quenches in XXZ spin-chains -- the role of Galilean invariance breaking P. Chudzinski


1506.02669 - A Quantum Focussing Conjecture Raphael Bousso, Zachary Fisher, Stefan Leichenauer, and Aron C. Wall

1508.06951 - Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Mechanics- An Advanced Short Course Valter Moretti

1606.07477 - Coleman-Weinberg symmetry breaking in $SU(8)$ induced by a third rank antisymmetric tensor scalar field II- the fermion spectrum Stephen L. Adler

1607.00406 - On the analytical formulation of classical electromagnetic fields Mark Robert Baker

1607.00560 - Symmetry and Natural Quantum Structures for Three-Particles in One-Dimension N.L. Harshman

1607.00717 - Some Conformal Positive Mass Theorems Luen-Fai Tam, Qizhi Wang

1607.00752 - Symmetries, conservation laws and Noether's theorem for differential-difference equations Linyu Peng

1607.00760 - Global fluctuations for 1D log-gas dynamics J. Unterberger

1607.01012 - Anomalous thermalization in ergodic systems David J. Luitz, Yevgeny Bar Lev

1607.01030 - Inflation, Universality and Attractors Marco Scalisi

1607.01083 - Generalized Uncertainty Principle and Angular Momentum Pasquale Bosso, Saurya Das

1607.01144 - Kitaev lattice models as a Hopf algebra gauge theory Catherine Meusburger

1607.01165 - QCD and High Energy Interactions- Moriond 2016 Theory Summary Thomas Becher

1607.01199 - Spontaneous symmetry breaking and Goldstone theorem for composite states revisited Amir H. Fariborz, Renata Jora

1607.01214 - Generating topological optical flux lattices for ultracold atoms by modulated Raman and radio-frequency couplings Jinlong Yu, Zhi-Fang Xu, Li You

1607.01252 - The Nambu-Goldstone theorem in non-relativistic systems Ivan Arraut

1607.01255 - Black Holes, Information Loss and the Measurement Problem Elias Okon, Daniel Sudarsky

1607.01268 - Biquaternionic Model of Electro-Gravimagnetic Field, Charges and Currents. Law of Inertia Lyudmila Alexeyeva

1607.01298 - What do entangled states superpose? Art Hobson

1607.01316 - Remarks on a Gauge Theory for Continuous Spin Particles Victor O. Rivelles

1607.01328 - Interference of fractionalized quasiparticles in AIII topological insulators Carlos G. Velasco, Belén Paredes

1607.01333 - Two-dimensional superconductivity in a bulk single-crystal Q. R. Zhang, D. Rhodes, B. Zeng, M. D. Johannes, L. Balicas

1607.01356 - Comment on "Fractional quantum mechanics" and "Fractional Schroedinger equation" Yuchuan Wei

1607.01361 - The BRST symmetry and the fictitious parameters A. A. Nogueira, B. M. Pimentel

1607.01387 - Algebraic Methods for Quantum Codes on Lattices Jeongwan Haah

1607.01388 - Fermion Condensation and Gapped Domain Walls in Topological Orders Yidun Wan, Chenjie Wang


1607.01396 - Topological field theories on manifolds with Wu structures Samuel Monnier

1607.01401 - Diagrammatic Monte Carlo for Dual Fermions Sergei Iskakov, Andrey E. Antipov, Emanuel Gull

1607.01405 - Comment on "Tip induced unconventional superconductivity on Weyl semimetal TaAs" [arXiv-1607.00513] Sirshendu Gayen, Leena Aggarwal, Goutam Sheet

1607.01409 - Lorentz invariant CPT breaking in the Dirac equation Kazuo Fujikawa, Anca Tureanu

1607.01463 - Signatures of an annular Fermi sea Insun Jo, Yang Liu, L. N. Pfeiffer, K. W. West, K. W. Baldwin, M. Shayegan, R. Winkler

1607.01509 - Effective Field Theory for Few-Boson Systems Betzalel Bazak, Moti Eliyahu, Ubirajara van Kolck

1607.01633 - A toy model for weak interaction based on condensed gauge bosons Hiroaki Kohyama

1607.01659 - Fundamental partial compositeness Francesco Sannino, Alessandro Strumia, Andrea Tesi, Elena Vigiani


1607.01778 - Feynman Path Integrals Over Entangled States A. G. Green, C. A. Hooley, J. Keeling, S. H. Simon

1607.01787 - PRL 112, 036403 (2014)

1607.01805 - Chirality of topological gap solitons in bosonic dimer chains D.D. Solnyshkov, O. Bleu, B. Teklu, G. Malpuech

1607.01807 - Holographic Magnetisation Density Waves Aristomenis Donos, Christiana Pantelidou

1607.01810 - Chiral anomaly from strain-induced gauge fields in Dirac and Weyl semimetals D.I. Pikulin, Anffany Chen, M. Franz

1607.01860 - Quantum critical behavior of the superfluid-Mott glass transition Thomas Vojta, Jack Crewse, Martin Puschmann, Daniel Arovas, Yury Kiselev

1607.01862 - Topologically stable gapless phases in nonsymmorphic superconductors Shingo Kobayashi, Youichi Yanase, Masatoshi Sato

1607.01873 - Dai-Freed theorem and topological phases of matter Kazuya Yonekura

1607.01878 - Viewpoint- duality for fermionic vortices John McGreevy

1607.01940 - Time symmetry in wave function collapse Daniel Bedingham, Owen Maroney

1607.02023 - Hamiltonian Coupling of Electromagnetic Field and Matter Oğul Esen, Michal Pavelka, Miroslav Grmela

1607.02030 - Critical O(N) models in the complex field plane Daniel F. Litim, Edouard Marchais

1607.02047 - A no-go theorem for the dark matter interpretation of the positron anomaly Maxim Laletin

1607.02076 - The universe remembers no wavefunction collapse Ovidiu Cristinel Stoica


1607.01442 - Global versus Local -- Mach's Principle versus the Equivalence Principle Douglas Singleton, Steve Wilburn

1607.02030 - Critical O(N) models in the complex field plane Daniel F. Litim, Edouard Marchais

1607.02206 - Faddeev-Jackiw quantization of four dimensional BF theory Alberto Escalante, Prihel Cavildo-Sánchez

1607.02242 - Global topology of Weyl semimetals and Fermi arcs Varghese Mathai, Guo Chuan Thiang

1607.02265 - Interacting Quantum Fields on de Sitter Space João C.A. Barata, Christian D. Jäkel, Jen Mund

1607.02320 - Wilson lines, Grassmannians and Gauge Invariant Off-shell Amplitudes in N=4 SYM L.V. Bork, A.I. Onishchenko

1607.02345 - Spectral flow, edge states and Atiyah-Padoti-Singer Theorem for the Z2-invariant in topological insulators Yue Yu, Yong-Shi Wu, Xincheng Xie 

1607.02348 - The quantum nature of the superconducting hydrogen sulfide at finite temperatures Ying Yuan, Yexin Feng, Lifeng Bian, Dong-Bo Zhang, Xin-Zheng Li

1607.02406 - Competition between Bose Einstein Condensation and spin dynamics Bruno Naylor, Miroslaw Brewczyk, Mariusz Gajda, Olivier Gorceix, Etienne Marechal, Laurent Vernac, Bruno Laburthe-Tolra

1607.02412 - On time Alberto S. Cattaneo, Michele Schiavina

1607.02465 - Shannon-Rényi entropy for Nambu-Goldstone modes in two dimensions Grégoire Misguich, Vincent Pasquier, Masaki Oshikawa

1607.02503 - Tunable point nodes from line node semimetals via application of light Awadhesh Narayan


1607.02508 - Spacetime Equals Entanglement Yasunori Nomura, Nico Salzetta, Fabio Sanches, Sean J. Weinberg

1607.02512 - Superconductivity from Doublon Condensation in the Ionic Hubbard Model Abhisek Samanta, Rajdeep Sensarma

1607.02514 - Random Functions via Dyson Brownian Motion- Progress and Problems Gaoyuan Wang, Thorsten Battefeld

1607.02593 - More about the Instanton-Soliton-Kink correspondence Andrea Addazi

1607.02627 - Finding merit in dividing neighbors Kamran Behnia

1607.02736 - From Quantum to Classical in the Sky Suprit Singh

1607.02811 - Observation of the topological soliton state in the Su-Schrieffer-Heeger model Eric J. Meier, Fangzhao Alex An, Bryce Gadway

1607.02850 - Josephson Quantum Heat Engine G. Marchegiani, P. Virtanen, F. Giazotto, M. Campisi

1607.02908 - Josephson plasma oscillations and the Gross-Pitaevskii equation- Bogoliubov approach vs two-mode model Alessia Burchianti, Chiara Fort, Michele Modugno

1607.02918 - Multi Weyl Points and the Sign Change of Their Topological Charges in Woodpile Photonic Crystals Ming-Li Chang, Meng Xiao, Wen-Jie Chen, C. T. Chan

1607.02934 - Measurement-enhanced determination of BEC phase diagrams Mark G. Bason, Robert Heck, Mario Napolitano, Ottó Elíasson, Romain Müller, Aske Thorsen, Wen-Zhuo Zhang, Jan Arlt, Jacob F. Sherson

1607.02967 - TASI Lectures on the Higher Spin - CFT duality Simone Giombi

1607.03023 - A new view on quantum electrodynamics V.A. Golovko

1607.03089 - Gauge Theories and Fiber Bundles- Definitions, Pictures, and Results Adam Marsh


1607.03104 - Quantum Coarse-Graining- An Information-Theoretic Approach to Thermodynamics Philippe Faist

1607.03119 - E8(8) Exceptional Field Theory- Geometry, Fermions and Supersymmetry Arnaud Baguet, Henning Samtleben

1607.03137 - Magnetic Catalysis in Graphene Effective Field Theory Carleton DeTar, Christopher Winterowd, Savvas Zafeiropoulos

1607.03228 - Quantum Spin Liquid States Yi Zhou, Kazushi Kanoda, Tai-Kai Ng

1607.03235 - Compact Star Matter- EoS with New Scaling Law Kyungmin Kim, Hyun Kyu Lee, Jaehyun Lee

1607.03248 - Quantum and Thermal Phase Transitions in a Bosonic Atom-Molecule Mixture in a 2D Optical Lattice Laurent de Forges de Parny, Valéry G. Rousseau

1607.03319 - A Golden Age of General Relativity? Some remarks on the history of general relativity Hubert F. M. Goenner

1607.03350 - Emergence of gauge invariance from Nambu models L. F. Urrutia

1607.03373 - Universalities of thermodynamic signatures in topological phases S.N. Kempkes, A. Quelle, C. Morais Smith

1607.03413 - Anyons in three dimensions with geometric algebra Alexander Soiguine

1607.03439 - Odd Symmetric Tensors, and an Analogue of the Levi-Civita Connection for an Odd Symplectic Supermanifold H.M. Khudaverdian, M. Peddie


1607.03496 - Universal crossover from ground state to excited-state quantum criticality Byungmin Kang, Andrew C. Potter, Romain Vasseur

1607.03510 - Holographic Space-time Models of Anti-deSitter Space-times Tom Banks, Willy Fischler

1607.03582 - Unconventional non-Fermi liquid state caused by nematic criticality in cuprates Jing-Rong Wang, Guo-Zhu Liu, Chang-Jin Zhang

1607.03605 - Explicit reconstruction of the entanglement wedge Jung-Wook Kim

1607.03801 - Superfluid density in cuprates- hints on gauge compositeness of the holes P. A. Marchetti, G. Bighin

1607.03828 - In memoriam- Dmitri Ivanenko G. Sardanashvily

1607.03833 - Some contributions to many-body quantum mathematics Nicolas Rougerie

1607.03858 - BCS theory of driven superconductivity A. Komnik, M. Thorwart

1607.03864 - Covariant-differential formulation of Lagrangian field theory Daniel Canarutto

1607.03888 - Shift charge and spin photocurrents in Dirac surface states of topological insulator Kun Woo Kim, Takahiro Morimoto, Naoto Nagaosa


1607.03892 - Charged fermions coupled to 2 gauge fields- Superfluidity, confinement and emergent Dirac fermions Snir Gazit, Mohit Randeria, Ashvin Vishwanath

1607.03894 - Shear viscosity at the Ising-nematic quantum critical point in two dimensional metals Aavishkar A. Patel, Andreas Eberlein, Subir Sachdev

1607.03896 - Detection of symmetry-protected topological phases in fermionic many-body systems Hassan Shapourian, Ken Shiozaki, Shinsei Ryu

1607.03912 - A simple fermionic model of deconfined phases and phase transitions F.F. Assaad, T. Grover

1607.04013 - Topological insulators from the perspective of non-commutative geometry and index theory Hermann Schulz-Baldes

1607.04150 - Josephson currents induced by the Witten effect Flavio S. Nogueira, Zohar Nussinov, Jeroen van den Brink

1607.04217 - A nontrivial critical fixed point for replica-symmetry-breaking transitions Patrick Charbonneau, Sho Yaida

1607.04230 - Mixed symmetry Wilson-loop interactions in the worldline formalism James P. Edwards, Olindo Corradini

1607.04268 - Inhomogeneous Weyl and Dirac semimetals- Transport in axial magnetic fields and Fermi arc surface states from pseudo Landau levels Adolfo G. Grushin, Jorn W. F. Venderbos, Ashvin Vishwanath, Roni Ila


1607.04273 - Statistical Mechanical Approach to the Equation of State of Unitary Fermi Gases Theja N. De Silva

1607.04300 - Nodal-line pairing with 1D-3D coupled Fermi surfaces- a model motivated by Cr-based superconductors Gideon Wachtel, Yong Baek Kim

1607.04317 - Spinon excitations in the spin-1 XXZ chain and hidden supersymmetry Chihiro Matsui

1607.04369 - Quantum mechanics before the big bang in heterotic-M-theory Andrea Zanzi

1607.04391 - Topological Dirac semimetal phases in InSb-α-Sn semiconductor superlattices Jian-Peng Sun, Jia-ji Zhu, Dong Zhang, Kai Chang

1607.04396 - Spontaneous symmetry breaking in 5D conformally invariant gravity Taeyoon Moon, Phillial Oh

1607.04493 - Momentum-Space Spin-Texture Transition in a Magnetic Topological Insulator Narayan Mohanta, Arno P. Kampf, Thilo Kopp

1607.04587 - Spin glass behavior in a random Coulomb antiferromagnet J. Rehn, R. Moessner, A.P. Young

1607.04624 - Normal State of the Metallic Hydrogen Sulfide Nikolay A. Kudryashov, Alexander A. Kutukov, Evgeny A. Mazur


1607.04649 - Electrified magnetic catalysis in 3D topological insulators E. V. Gorbar, V. A. Miransky, I. A. Shovkovy, P. O. Sukhachov

1607.04662 - Student understanding of electric and magnetic fields in materials Savannah L. Mitchem, Dina Zohrabi Alaee, Eleanor C. Sayre

1607.04718 - A Note on Field Redefinitions and Higher-Spin Equations Massimo Taronna

1607.04724 - The metastable minima of the Heisenberg spin glass in a random magnetic field Auditya Sharma, Joonhyun Yeo, M. A. Moore

1607.04795 - Superconducting State and Phase Transitions Yury Mnyukh, Vitaly Vodyanoy

1607.04835 - A Generalized Aubry-André-Harper model with p-wave superconducting pairing Qi-Bo Zeng, Shu Chen, Rong Lü

1607.04861 - Cutkosky Rules from Outer Space Dirk Kreimer

1607.04943 - Magneto-conductivities in Weyl semimetals- the effect of chemical potential and temperature Xiao Xiao, K. T. Law, P. A. Lee

1607.05021 - Topological vacuum bubble by anyon braiding Cheolhee Han, Jinhong Park, Yuval Gefen, H.-S. Sim

1607.05052 - Signature of topological transition in persistent current in a Dirac Ring Sumit Ghosh, Aurelien Manchon

1607.05124 - Statistical systems with nonintegrable interaction potentials V.I. Yukalov

1607.05131 - Mesoscopic superconductivity and high spin polarization coexisting at metallic point contacts on the Weyl semimetal TaAs Leena Aggarwal, Sirshendu Gayen, Shekhar Das, Ritesh Kumar, Vicky Süß, Chandra Shekhar, Claudia Felser, Goutam Sheet

1607.05187 - Holographic free energy and thermodynamic geometry Debabrata Ghorai, Sunandan Gangopadhyay

1607.05193 - The Integral Form of Supergravity L. Castellani, R. Catenacci, P.A. Grassi

1607.05216 - Enhancement of critical temperature in fractal metamaterial superconductors Igor I. Smolyaninov, Vera N. Smolyaninova

1607.05231 - A theory of nonequilibrium steady states in quantum chaotic systems Pei Wang

1607.05242 - A simple approach to the dynamics of Ising spin systems Eduardo Dominguez, Gino Del Ferraro, Federico Ricci-Tersenghi

1607.05251 - The Emergence of Gravitational Wave Science- 100 Years of Development of Mathematical Theory, Detectors, Numerical Algorithms, and Data Analysis Tools Michael Holst, Olivier Sarbach, Manuel Tiglio, Michele Vallisneri

1607.05260 - Solitons in generalized galileon theories Mariana Carrillo-Gonzalez, Ali Masoumi, Adam R. Solomon, Mark Trodden

1607.05261 - Gauge field spectrum in massive Yang-Mills theory with Lorentz violation T. R. S. Santos, R. F. Sobreiro, A. A. Tomaz


1512.02604 - Complete Normal Ordering 1- Foundations John Ellis, Nick E. Mavromatos, Dimitri P. Skliros

1604.00251 - A relation between diffusion,temperature and the cosmological constant Z.Haba

1606.06348 - Aspects of perturbative unitarity Damiano Anselmi

1607.05282 - Driven Topological Systems in the Classical Limit Callum W. Duncan, Patrik Ohberg, Manuel Valiente

1607.05316 - Yukawa CFTs and Emergent Supersymmetry Lin Fei, Simone Giombi, Igor R. Klebanov, Grigory Tarnopolsky

1607.05370 - Spin and helicity of massive particles Cheng-Yang Lee

1607.05384 - Field induced topological phase transition from three-dimensional Weyl semimetal to two-dimensional massive Dirac metal in ZrTe5 Guolin Zheng, Xiangde Zhu, Jianwei Lu, Wei Ning, Hongwei Zhang, Wenshuai Gao, Yuyan Han, Mingliang Tian

1607.05403 - Towards gauge unified, supersymmetric hidden strong dynamics Cheng-Wei Chiang, Sichun Sun, Fang Ye

1607.05444 - Dynamical Casimir effect in curved spacetime Maximilian P. E. Lock, Ivette Fuentes

1607.05531 - Invariants of Fokker-Planck equations Sumiyoshi Abe

1607.05546 - Evaporation-Hadronization Correspondence Davood Allahbakhshi

1607.05577 - Neutrino Oscillations with Nil Mass Edward R. Floyd

1607.05603 - Graphene plasmonics- Physics and potential applications Shenyang Huang, Chaoyu Song, Guowei Zhang, Hugen Yan

1607.05618 - Order by quantum disorder and Weyl magnons of a generalized Kitaev-Heisenberg model in rare-earth double perovskites Fei-Ye Li, Yao-Dong Li, Yue Yu, Gang Chen

1607.05711 - Degenerate Density Perturbation Theory Mark C. Palenik, Brett I. Dunlap


1607.05729 - Diagrammatic Cancellations and the Gauge Dependence of QED Henry Kißler, Dirk Kreimer

1607.05730 - Signatures of time-reversal invariant topological superconductivity in the Josephson effect E. A. Mellars, B. Béri

1607.05756 - Critical Properties of the Many-Body Localization Transition Vedika Khemani, S. P. Lim, D. N. Sheng, David A. Huse

1607.05782 - Emergent spin-valley-orbital physics by spontaneous parity breaking Satoru Hayami, Hiroaki Kusunose, Yukitoshi Motome

1607.05793 - Electron tunneling through a single magnetic barrier in HgTe topological insulator L. Lin, X. Wu, W. Low, D. Zhang, Zhenhua Wu

1607.05796 - Solution of the classical Yang--Baxter equation with an exotic symmetry, and integrability of a multi-species boson tunneling model Jon Links

1607.05834 - Photovoltaic anomalous Hall effect in line-node semimetals Katsuhisa Taguchi, Dong-Hui Xu, Ai Yamakage, K. T. Law

1607.05846 - Physics of Higgs Boson Family Ngee-Pong Chang

1607.05866 - A note on the architecture of spacetime geometry Fen Zuo

1607.05919 - Emergent Yang-Mills Theories from Universal Extra Dimensions J.L. Chkareuli, Z. Kepuladze

1607.05931 - Superconductivity on the verge of electronic topological transition in Fe based superconductors Haranath Ghosh, Smritijit Sen

1607.05941 - Theory of photoinduced Floquet Weyl semimetal phases Xiao-Xiao Zhang, Tze Tzen Ong, Naoto Nagaosa

1607.05982 - The chiral anomaly in real space Christoph Fleckenstein, Niccolò Traverso Ziani, Björn Trauzettel

1607.05986 - Boundary terms of the Einstein-Hilbert action Sumanta Chakraborty

1607.05987 - Testing Lorentz Symmetry using Chiral Perturbation Theory J.P. Noordmans

1607.06027 - New Approach to Metal-Insulator Phase Transition Kinetics in Magnetic Field Leonid Dubovskii

1607.06045 - Novel Theory for Transient Light Matter Interaction Tomobumi Mishina

1607.06057 - Dirac spin gapless semiconductors- Ideal platforms for massless and dissipationless spintronics and new (quantum) anomalous spin Hall effects Xiao-lin Wang


1607.05960 - QCD emergent from spontaneous breakdown of relativity Kimihide Nishimura

1607.06080 - An Epistemic View of Quantum Communication Subhash Kak

1607.06100 - Conformal energy currents on the edge of a topological superconductor Chris N. Self, Jiannis K. Pachos, James R. Wootton, Sofyan Iblisdir

1607.06108 - Bose and Fermi Statistics and the Regularization of the Nonrelativistic Jacobian for the Scale Anomaly Chris L. Lin, Carlos R. Ordonez

1607.06109 - The S-matrix Bootstrap I- QFT in AdS Miguel F. Paulos, Joao Penedones, Jonathan Toledo, Balt C. van Rees, Pedro Vieira

1607.06110 - The S-matrix Bootstrap II- Two Dimensional Amplitudes Miguel F. Paulos, Joao Penedones, Jonathan Toledo, Balt C. van Rees, Pedro Vieira

1607.06114 - Life, Intelligence and Multiverse Zoltan Galantai

1607.06133 - Stochastic Ising model with plastic interactions Eugene Pechersky, Guillem Via, Anatoly Yambartsev

1607.06159 - On Kottler's path- origin and evolution of the premetric program in gravity and in electrodynamics Friedrich W. Hehl (Cologne), Yakov Itin (Jerusalem), Yuri N. Obukhov (Moscow) 

1607.06174 - Six-dimensional regularization of chiral gauge theories Hidenori Fukaya, Tetsuya Onogi, Shota Yamamoto, Ryo Yamamura

1607.06184 - Derivation of a time dependent Schrödinger equation as quantum mechanical Landau-Lifshitz-Bloch equation Robert Wieser

1607.06188 - Timescales in heavy ion collisions Mike Lisa

1607.06197 - A holographic model for the baryon octet Zhen Fang

1607.06200 - Ferrimagnetism in delta chain with anisotropic ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic interactions D. V. Dmitriev, V. Ya. Krivnov

1607.06323 - Classical Nonminimal Lagrangians and Kinematic Tests of Special Relativity M. Schreck

1607.06326 - A Note on Weyl invariance in gravity and the Wess-Zumino functional J. Attard, S. Lazzarini

1607.06337 - Phonon broadening from supercell lattice dynamics- random and correlated disorder Alistair R. Overy, Arkadiy Simonov, Philip A. Chater, Matthew G. Tucker, Andrew L. Goodwin

1607.06346 - Relativistic k.p Hamiltonians for centrosymmetric topological insulators from ab initio wave functions I. A. Nechaev, E. E. Krasovskii

1607.06357 - Superconductivity with two-fold symmetry in topological superconductor SrxBi2Se3 Guan Du, Yufeng Li, J. Schneeloch, R. D. Zhong, Genda Gu, Huan Yang, Hai-Hu Wen

1607.06438 - Random Wave Function Collapse Isaak Mayergoyz


1412.1045 - From Quarks and Gluons to Hadrons- Chiral Symmetry Breaking in Dynamical QCD Jens Braun, Leonard Fister, Jan M. Pawlowski, Fabian Rennecke

1607.06276 - Conduction in quasi-periodic and quasi-random lattices- Fibonacci, Riemann, and Anderson models Vipin Kerala Varma, Sebastiano Pilati, Vladimir E. Kravtsov

1607.06457 - No-Go Theorem for Boson Condensation in Topologically Ordered Quantum Liquids Titus Neupert, Huan He, Curt von Keyserlingk, German Sierra, B. Andrei Bernevig

1607.06461 - Competing valley, spin, and orbital symmetry breaking in bilayer graphene B.M. Hunt, J.I.A. Li, A.A. Zibrov, L. Wang, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, J. Hone, C. R. Dean, M. Zaletel, R.C. Ashoori, A.F. Young

1607.06470 - Perpendicular magnetic anisotropy of two-dimensional Rashba ferromagnets Kyoung-Whan Kim, Kyung-Jin Lee, Hyun-Woo Lee, M. D. Stiles

1607.06489 - Interplay between BCS and Mott physics in the phenomenon of high-Tc superconductivity V.A. Khodel, J.W. Clark, M.V. Zverev

1607.06493 - Partition function on spheres- how (not) to use zeta function regularization A. Monin

1607.06497 - Disappearence of the Aharonov-Bohm Effect for Interacting Electrons in a ZnO Quantum Ring Tapash Chakraborty, Aram Manaselyan, Manuk Barseghyan

1607.06500 - One Loop Mass Renormalization of Unstable Particles in Superstring Theory Ashoke Sen

1607.06501 - Momentum Evolution Numerics of an Impurity in a Quantum Quench Matthew Malcomson

1607.06524 - Dirac points and line degeneracies in two-dimensional nonsymmorphic photonic crystals Jun Yu Lin, Nai Chao Hu, You Jian Chen, Ching Hua Lee, Xiao Zhang

1607.06526 - Beyond the Spectral Theorem- Spectrally Decomposing Arbitrary Functions of Nondiagonalizable Operators Paul M. Riechers, James P. Crutchfield

1607.06537 - Emergent Electromagnetic Induction and Adiabatic Charge Pumping in Weyl Semimetals Hiroaki Ishizuka, Tomoya Hayata, Masahito Ueda, Naoto Nagaosa

1607.06548 - The Symmetry of Current of the Coherent State From the View of O(3) sigma-model Xu-Guang Shi, Zhi-Jie Qin

1607.06555 - Matrix pentagons A.V. Belitsky

1607.06602 - Fluctuations and the QCD Phase Diagram Volker Koch, Adam Bzdak

1607.06610 - On the genealogy of branching random walks and of directed polymers Bernard Derrida, Peter Mottishaw

1607.06662 -Impact of nonlinear effective interactions on GFT quantum gravity condensates Andreas G. A. Pithis, Mairi Sakellariadou, Petar Tomov

1607.06725 - Reductionism and the Universal Calculus Gopal P. Sarma

1607.06729 - The Hydrogen Atom and The Fundamental Form of Schrodinger Equation Muhammad Adeel Ajaib

1607.06766 - Topological Field Theory and Matrix Product States Anton Kapustin, Alex Turzillo, Minyoung You


1606.03296 - Relativistic quantum mechanical spin-1 wave equation in 2+1 dimensional spacetime Mustafa Dernek, Semra Gurtas, Yusuf Sucu, Nuri Unal

1607.06105 - A Monodromy from London Nemanja Kaloper, Albion Lawrence

1607.06821 - Nnaturalness Nima Arkani-Hamed, Timothy Cohen, Raffaele Tito D'Agnolo, Anson Hook, Hyung Do Kim, David Pinner

1607.06843 - High dimension and symmetries in quantum information theory Cécilia Lancien

1607.06923 - Vortex formation and dynamics in two-dimensional driven-dissipative condensates Florian Hebenstreit

1607.06967 - Supersymmetry of the quantum rotor Vincent X. Genest, Luc Vinet, Guo-Fu Yu, Alexei Zhedanov

1607.07089 - Pion mean fields and heavy baryons Ghil-Seok Yang, Hyun-Chul Kim, Maxim V. Polyakov, Michał Praszałowicz

1607.07100 - Vortices, skyrmions, and chirality waves in frustrated Mott insulators with a quenched periodic array of impurities Satoru Hayami, Shi-Zeng Lin, Yoshitomo Kamiya, Cristian D. Batista

1607.07145 - Broken rotational symmetry on the Fermi surface of a high-Tc superconductor B. J. Ramshaw, N. Harrison, S. E. Sebastian, S. Ghannadzadeh, K. A. Modic, D. A. Bonn, W. N. Hardy, Ruixing Liang, P. A. Goddard

1607.07151 - Very Strong Superconducting Proximity Effects in PbS Semiconductor Nanowires Bum-Kyu Kim, Hong-Seok Kim, Yiming Yang, Xingyue Peng, Dong Yu, Yong-Joo Doh

1607.07302 - Melnikov's method in String Theory Yuhma Asano, Hideki Kyono, Kentaroh Yoshida

1607.07388 - Three myths about time reversal in quantum theory Bryan W. Roberts

1607.07413 - Gauge anomalies in Lorentz-violating QED Tiago R. S. Santos, Rodrigo F. Sobreiro

1607.07418 - Shape Dependence of Holographic Rényi Entropy in General Dimensions Lorenzo Bianchi, Shira Chapman, Xi Dong, Damián A. Galante, Marco Meineri, Robert C. Myers

1607.07419 - Thermoelectric effects in topological crystalline insulators Babak Zare Rameshti, Reza Asgari

1607.07422 -Strong Coupling and Classicalization Gia Dvali


1607.07439 - Free box^k Scalar Conformal Field Theory Christopher Brust, Kurt Hinterbichler

1607.07440 - Electromagnetic Response of Three-dimensional Topological Crystalline Insulators Srinidhi T. Ramamurthy, Yuxuan Wang, Taylor L. Hughes

1607.07457 - Level-rank Duality and Chern-Simons-Matter Theories Po-Shen Hsin, Nathan Seiberg

1607.07463 - Stochastic Feynman Rules for Yang-Mills Theory on the Plane Timothy Nguyen

1607.07467 - The energy spectrum of a Langevin oscillator Y. Mishin, J. Hickman

1607.07471 - Lorentzian Condition in Holographic Cosmology Thomas Hertog, Ruben Monten, Yannick Vreys

1607.07481 - Spontaneous topological transitions of electromagnetic fields in spatially inhomogeneous CP-odd domains Kirill Tuchin

1607.07505 - Nielsen Identity and the Renormalization Group Functions in an Abelian Supersymmetric Chern-Simons Model in the Superfield Formalism A. G. Quinto, A. F. Ferrari

1607.07520 - Analytic Expression for the Entanglement Entropy of a 2D Topological Superconductor Jan Borchmann, T. Pereg-Barnea

1607.07524 - Universally Spatial-Temporal Dynamics of Spontaneous Superfluidity Breakdown within Synthetic Gauge Fields Shuyuan Wu, Xizhou Qin, Jun Xu, Chaohong Lee

1607.07552 - Interplay of Coulomb interaction and disorder in a two-dimensional Weyl semimetal Peng-Lu Zhao, Jing-Rong Wang, An-Min Wang, Guo-Zhu Liu

1607.07638 - Strong dynamics, composite Higgs and the conformal window Daniel Nogradi, Agostino Patella

1607.07651 - On the Holography of Free Yang-Mills Jin-Beom Bae, Euihun Joung, Shailesh Lal

1607.07693 - Nonminimal Lorentz violation Matthew Mewes

1607.07708 - Localization and antiferromagnetic order of correlated lattice fermions in the presence of spin-dependent disorder J. Skolimowski, D. Vollhardt, K. Byczuk

1607.07714 - Background Fields and Gravity R. Bluhm

1607.07768 - Parity anomaly driven topological transitions in magnetic field Jan Böttcher, Ewelina M. Hankiewicz

1607.07782 - Logistic growth of skyrmions in 3D chiral magnets Jinlü Cao, Ying Jiang

1607.07839 - Photocurrents in Weyl semimetals Ching-Kit Chan, Netanel H. Lindner, Gil Refael, Patrick A. Lee

1607.07858 - Composite Fermion States around 2D Hole Landau Level Filling Factor 3-2 in Tilted Magnetic Fields Po Zhang, Ruiyuan Liu, Rui-Rui Du, L. N. Pfeiffer, K. W. West

1607.07865 - Challenges for models with composite states James M. Cline, Weicong Huang, Guy D. Moore

1607.07867 - Interacting line-node semimetal and spontaneous symmetry breaking Bitan Roy


1604.01783 - Cutkosky Rules for Superstring Field Theory Roji Pius, Ashoke Sen

1607.03133 - Testing the black hole "no-hair" hypothesis Vitor Cardoso, Leonardo Gualtieri

1607.07871 - Is a time symmetric interpretation of quantum theory possible without retrocausality? Matthew Leifer, Matthew Pusey

1607.07873 - M-strings in thermodynamic limit- Seiberg-Witten geometry Babak Haghighat, Wenbin Yan

1607.07884 - Fixed points of Wegner-Wilson flows and many-body localization David Pekker, Bryan K. Clark, Vadim Oganesyan, Gil Refael

1607.07889 - A Method for stability analysis of magnetic bearings - Basic stability criteria B Shayak

1607.07898 - A principle for the Yukawa couplings U. J. Saldana-Salazar

1607.07899 - Scale vs Conformal invariance from Entanglement Entropy Ali Naseh

1607.07948 - Kondo effect of D¯s and D¯s mesons in nuclear matter Shigehiro Yasui, Kazutaka Sudoh

1607.07953 - Pairing Symmetry Studied from Impurity Effects in the Undoped Superconductor T'-La1.8Eu0.2CuO4 Koki Ohashi, Takayuki Kawamata, Tomohisa Takamatsu, Tadashi Adachi, Masatsune Kato, Yoji Koike

1607.07963 - Degrees of freedom in discrete geometry Seramika Ariwahjoedi, Jusak Sali Kosasih, Carlo Rovelli, Freddy P. Zen

1607.07965 - Type-II Dirac Fermions in the Transition Metal Dichalcogenide PtSe2 Class Huaqing Huang, Shuyun Zhou, Wenhui Duan

1607.07971 - A `liquid-solid' phase transition in a simple model for swarming Rupert L. Frank, Elliott H. Lieb

1607.08109 - Irreversible Evolution of a Wave Packet in The Rigged Hilbert Space Quantum Mechanics Giulia Marcucci, Claudio Conti

1607.08114 - Classical space-time as Rydberg states of underlying quantum geometries C. Sivaram

1607.08115 - Projected Entangled Pair States with non-Abelian gauge symmetries- an SU(2) study Erez Zohar, Thorsten B. Wahl, Michele Burrello, J. Ignacio Cirac

1607.08121 - Digital lattice gauge theories Erez Zohar, Alessandro Farace, Benni Reznik, J. Ignacio Cirac

1607.08122 - Half a state, half an operator- a general formulation of stators Erez Zohar

1607.08171 - Holographic Model of Dual Superconductor for Quark Confinement Tsung-Sheng Huang, Wen-Yu Wen

1607.08177 - Magnetic relaxation phenomena in Cu2OSeO3 and phase diagram F. Qian, H. Wilhelm, A. Aqeel, T.T.M. Palstra, A.J.E. Lefering, E. H. Brück, C. Pappas

1607.08190  Spiral magnetic order and topological superconductivity in a chain of magnetic adatoms on a two-dimensional superconductor M. H. Christensen, M. Schecter, K. Flensberg, B. M. Andersen, J. Paaske


1607.08243 - Three-Dimensional Majorana Fermions in Chiral Superconductors Vladyslav Kozii, Jörn W. F. Venderbos, Liang Fu

1607.08244 - Unitarity of Superstring Field Theory Ashoke Sen

1607.08246 - Graviton and gluon scattering from first principles Rutger H. Boels, Ricardo Medina

1607.08296 - Emergent fuzzy geometry and fuzzy physics in 4 dimensions Badis Ydri, Rouag Ahlam, Ramda Khaled

1607.08360 - Chaotic instantons in scalar field theory Andrea Addazi

1607.08411 - Competition and interplay between superconducting vortex pinning mechanisms generated by order and disorder of pinning potentials induced by submicrometric arrays J. del Valle A. Gomez, J. Luis- Hita, V. Rollano, E. M. Gonzalez,.download

1607.08422 - Topological orders and factorization homology Yinghua Ai, Liang Kong, Hao Zheng

1607.08446 - Topological insulating phases from two-dimensional nodal loop semimetals Linhu Li, Miguel A. N. Araújo

1607.08468 - Modeling many-body physics with Slave-Spin Mean-Field- Mott and Hund's physics in Fe-superconductors Luca de' Medici, Massimo Capone

1607.08474 - Hybrid Weyl Semimetal Fei-Ye Li, Xi Luo, Xi Dai, Yue Yu, Fan Zhang, Gang Chen

1607.08515 - The random anisotropy model revisited D. Mouhanna, G. Tarjus

1607.08527 - Electrodynamic response of type II Weyl semimetals M. Chinotti, A. Pal, W.J. Ren, C. Petrovic, L. Degiorgi

1607.08532 - Spontaneous symmetry breaking in a split potential box Elad Shamriz, Nir Dror, Boris A. Malomed

1607.08545 - Majorana Fermions in a Box M.H. Al-Hashimi, A.M. Shalaby, U.-J. Wiese

1607.08546 - General Electromagnetic Nonminimal Couplings in the Dirac Equation J. B. Araujo, Rodolfo Casana, M. M. Ferreira Jr

1607.08557 - M5-branes, orientifolds, and S-duality Yoonseok Hwang, Joonho Kim, Seok Kim

1607.08582 - On the critical number of fermions in three-dimensional QED V.P. Gusynin, P.K. Pyatkovskiy

1607.08587 - Emergence of Yang Mills theory from the Non-Abelian Nambu Model C.A. Escobar, L.F. Urrutia 

1607.08589 - Phase diagram and non-Abelian symmetry locking for fermionic mixtures with unequal interactions J. C. Pinto Barros, L. Lepori, A. Trombettoni

1607.08599 - Redundancy of the Large Gauge Symmetries for QED Barak Gabai, Amit Sever