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161003 BEC-BCS transition SC of FeSe under pressure SC by quantum critical antiferromagnetic fluctuation minimal lecture of 2D cft tensor network and AdS/CFT

161004 OTO in MBL

161005 critical behavior of QED4,3 optical weyl points monogamy of quantum correlation RGF and Kaon condensation

161006 generalization og Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev nematic fluctuation in half-filled QHS antigravity decay of hopf soliton in skyrme model hardy’s nonlocal argument

161007 inversion-breaking weyl semimetal chern-simons theory band geometry, berry curvature and superfluid weight chiral magnetic effect and MCS in weyl semimetal schwinger-keldysh formalism 1 schwinger-keldysh formalism 2 deffeomorphisms of quantum field four principles for quantum gravity eugene paul wigner’s nobel prize

161010 QMC of TPT magnonic black hole horndeski / galileon on the trace anomaly of weyl fermion wave equation for 2d landau hamiltonian equivariant chern character as super holonomy on loop stacks

161011 2d dirac fermion confinement higher dimensional generalization of SYK truncated generalized gibs ensemble quark propagator with EW interaciton in dyson-schwinger approach semi-classical energy of closed nambu-goto string

161012 magnetic skyrmions chiral anomaly in phonon dynamics spontaneous PH symmetry breaking introduction to quantum electromagnetic circuits noether theorem in the presence of fixed fields RG flows in gauge-gravity duality susy in open superstring field theory BV formalism

161013 enriched topological order EM response of landau level fermions band-gap and chiral soliton in optical lattice in artificial gauge fields spectral and thermodynamics properties of SYK model Ferromagnetism beyond Lieb’s theorem geometry of black hole spacetimes SO(10) GUT General Relativity Revisited: Generalized Nordström Theory 

161014 edge, degeneracy, topological number in non-hermitian system Zoo of quantum-topological phases of matter H2O superconductor Global symmetries, volume independence and continuity soliton in two dim lorentz violating scalar theory Dirac equations in 4+4 dim time operator in RQM

161017 Spectral Inference Methods on Sparse Graphs: Theory and Applications nambu mechanics for stochastic magnetization dynamics note on anomaly induced transport sine-gordon theory : entanglement entropy and holography worldsheet approaches to perturbative quantum field theories stochastic feynman rules

161018 comment on ising spin glass by yeo and moore edge criticality and emergent susy inpurity in chern insulator topological insulator from maxwell algebra challenge in quantum fluid and solid anomaly indicator for time-reversal symmetric topological order symmetry protected line nodes - UCoGe and UPd2Al3 TPT and 2d weyl SC basic tensor gauge theory

161019 neural network for quantum brain dynamics beta function for nonlinear sigma model for disordered and interacting topological order an equlibrium in condensate of exciton-polariton phase of interacting weyl fermion 2d kac-moody symmetry of 4d YM philosophical aspects of special relativity anyon and modular functor

161020 mechanical graphene chern-simons in brillouin zone pion condensed phase generalized stefan-boltzmann law disorder operator lattice effects on nematic quantum criticality in metal renormalized volume QFT on categories fibered in groupoid Hamiltonian analysis of U(1) gauge field theory Collision of two Hopfions Hidden momentum and the Abraham-Minkowski debate 

161021 functional renormalization group approach nonsymmorphic symmetry and soc in hyperkagome spin liquids holographic theory of gravity and cosmology quark helicity and transversity distributions

161024 unconventional SC from magnetism in TMD pgotovoltaic eppect of single layer monochalcogenides PT symmetric ral dirac fermions and semimetals superperturbation theory approach to anderson model is the dark metter its own antiparticle? noncommutative space and poincare symmetry spiner and galilean frames

161025 topological surface SC in doped weyl loop SM emergence of topological semimetal on time-reversal anomaly of 2+1d topological phases QCD, AF, XY  from a unified point of view berry electric field and AHE in weyl metal phase 3D chern-simons breaks meissner effect quantum trajectories : Dirac, Moyal and Bohm.

161026 QED in (2+1)d topological semimetals SUSY in FQH fermion-induced QCP in 2d dirac semimetals morphology of quantum catastrophe general 3-loop vacuum feynman integral higher categories and TQFT quantum corrections to newton law observables, disassembled

161027 disrete time crystals fermionic SPTP in 2d noncentrosymmetric SC with line nodes and thermodynamic anomalies Gravitoelectromagnetism chiral anomaly in weyl semimetal QFT in coordinate space spacetime symmetry is broken

161028 topological shape of brexit *** global phase diagram of a dirty Weyl semimetal *** probability and braiding statistics correlated triple WS with coulomb interaction *** calculating homotopy groups of symmetry broken phase magnonic DS in quantum magnet (3+1)d anomalous twisted gauge theories with global symmetry U(1) fermi liquid theory SUSY SYK

161031 introduction to abelian and non-abelian anyons vertices with source, FQH and nontrivial statistics in (2+1)d majorana fermion in a box emergence of the world with lie N algebra and M dimensions from nothing