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161101 topological transitions in ising model effimov physics: a review nodal line and nodal loop in non-symmorphic odd -parity SC *** field reparametrization in EFT An SYK-Like Model Without Disorder ***

161102 landau level for EM wave RG in 2d semi-Dirac semimetals *** intrinsic topological invariant in strongly interacting quantum system degenerate classical field theory and boundary theory

161103 experimental studies of artificial spin ice

161104 topological quantum liquid with long-range couplings topological phase of parafermions scale holography SYK-like model without disorder compact extra dimensions in QM

161107 galilean geometry in condensed matter systems quantum critical state as blackbody (1+3)d topological SC Statistical mechanics approach to lattice field theory 

161108 Hidden Weyl point in centrosymmetric paramagnet metal entanglement from topology in chern-simons theory time-reversal anomaly of (2+1)d topological phases holographic torus entanglement and its RG flow holonomy group of lorentzian manifolds CPT symmetry without hermiticity raymond and instantons: some recollections and the use of ADHM randomness in QM

161109 Haldane model in Fe-based Honeycomb FM insulator Confinement, Holonomy and Correlated Instanton-Dyon Ensemble I: SU(2) Yang-Mills Theory Field-strength correlators for QCD in a magnetic background

161110 holographic theory for general spacetimes meaning of wave function

161111 emergence of luttinger liquid kitaev-heisenberg model in magnetic field SC in 3d dirac material Shortening Anomalies in Supersymmetric Theories Elliptic Hypergeometric Functions Effect of Noncommutativity of Space-time on Zitterbewegung symmetries in open quantum dynamics symmetry example in open quantum dynamics

161114 holographic floquet state Boson Representation of Spin Operators measuring of chern insulator topological electromagnetic resonance of bosonic QHE periodic table of EFT


161116 affine toda soliton string theory and reduction of seiberg duality : review spontaneous breaking of lorentz symmetry in 2d QED

161117 loop quantum gravity duality and bosonization of (2+1)d majorana fermions *** bosonization of fermion and fermionization of boson *** SM coupled to quantum gravitodynamics

161118 gauge invariants for topological insulator - Berry, WZ, FKM SPT order at nonzero temperature metal-insulator transition in strongly-correlated 2d electron system exotic rg flow from holography holography with landau pole symmetry, geometry and quantization with hypercomplex numbers

161121 absence of many-body localization in a continuum Correlation length, universality classes, and scaling laws associated with topological phase transitions Anisotropy induces non-Fermi liquid behavior and nemagnetic order in three-dimensional Luttinger semimetals quantized circular photogalvanic effect in WS holographic dynamics from multiscale entanglement renormalization ansatz ** electromagnetic duality and entanglement anomalies lattice gauge theories and spin models chern numbers, locaization and bulk-edge for continuous models of topological phases ***

161122 chiral magnetic effect in weyl superfluid 3He-A Effect of weak disorder on the BCS-BEC crossover in 2D fermi gas symmetry breaking, slow relaxation dynamics, topological defect in MnSi effective SU(2) theory for pseudo-gap state lectures on general theory of relativity highly excited strings I : generating function heat kernel for two AB solenoids in uniform magnetic field

161123 result for two-loop massless propagator-style feynman diagram symmetry-guaranteed and accidental nodal-line semimetal in FCC lattice path-integral formula for local thermal equlibrium holographic model for psudogap in BCS-BEC crossover numbu fermion-boson relation for SF 3He amendment of BCS theory of SC emergent symmetry in thermal pure state path integral algebraic properties of monopole formula from scalar field theory to susy QM

161124 dynamical TRS breaking & chiral spin liquid in frustrated MI chern-simons-matter dualities with SO and USp gauge groups *** nodal-line SC and band-sticking aspects of duality in cosmology ward identities for invariant grup integrals cluster-enriched yang-baxter equation from susy gauge theory

161128 transport in graphene with vacancy disorder effect nonabelian majorana mode protected by emergent 2nd chern number axial hall effect and universality of holographic WSM note on generalized hydrodynamics phase diagram of UCoGe 1d noncentrosymmetric SC topology of double field theory dS/MERA correspondence symmetry protection of critical phase and global anomaly in (1+1)d Nietzsche for Physicists

161129 topological crystalline magnets *** differential topology of semimetals dynamics of composite fermions in a wigner crystal berry curvature in magnon-phonon hybrid systems uncolored random tensor, melon diagrams, and SYK models remark on the mathematics of the seesaw mechanism lectures on soft-collinear effective theory gauge fixing invariance and antiBRST symmetry standard model from algebra ricci flow, killing spinors and t-duality in generalized geometry complex hilbert space emerges from poincare algebra gauge theory and little gauge theory nagaoka’s theorem in holstein-hubbard model

161130 dynamic zero mode of dirac fermion and competing singlet phase of AF order laughlin argument for the quantized thermal hall effect gauged fermion with flat band&transport from breaking gauge symmetry feri arc formaiton in WSM magnonic quantum hall effet and wiedemann-franz law localization effect on magnetotransport of disordered weyl semimetal strong coupling QPT: mean-field perspective anisotropic magnetic respose of topological crystalline SC conductivity from attactor topological invariants and coner state for hamiltonian on 3D lattice noncommutative geometry for disordered TI *** relativistic causality and position space renormalization