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161201 ground state phase diagram of S=1 diamond chain kitaev exact solution approximated magnetic field induced criticality in SC two-leg ladder proper time in weyl space-time semi-classical energy of open nambu-goto string size and distance in HEP UV complete partially composite-pNGB higgs interacting scale but non-conformal field theories note on SYK like model without random coupling generalized construction of calabi-yau models and mirror symmetry

161202 short review on WSM, fermi arc and chiral anomalies GS properties ofAFM chain with unrestricted spin *** haldane devil’s staircase in synthetic dimensions and gauge field entanglement spreading from holography boundary and corner terms in the action for general relativity understading the holographic principle via RG flow mathematica package for analytic calculation of one-loop integral holographic duality and applications *** holographic recipe for holographic weyl anomaly quantum field theory as a faithful image of nature canonical quantization fail & how to fix it solitons and quantum behavior *** my century of physics - Finkelstein

161205 random field quantization method stability of topological properties of bismuth (111) bilayer anyonic haldane insulator in one dimension ac conductivity for a holographic WSM surface states in holographic WSM spatially modulated instability of holographic gauge-gravitational anomaly decay of superconducting correlations for gauged electrons in D<=4 robust generalization of legendre transform for QFT relativistic spinning particle spectral sum rul for CFT in arbitrary dimension holographic ward identities for symmetry breaking in 2d diffraction and interference in QED

161206 effect of SU(2) symmetry on MBL probe knots and hopf insulator with ultracold atom massless dirac-like fermion under external field:nonminimal coupling stokes paradox in electronic fermi liquids transport in SF mixture gauging spatial symmetries and classification of topological crystalline phases magnetism in f electron syperlattice loop quantum cosmology: brief review renormalization scheme dependence & RG beta function *** conformal anomalies and Einstein field equation symmetry and action for flavor-kinematics duality *** vertex algebra & quantum master equation

161207 quantum dynamics of skyrmions in chiral magnet emergent weyl nodes and fermi arc in a floquet weyl semimetal NFL SC : eliashberg versus RG *** laser-induced topological SC in cuprate thin film note on semiclassical Weyl gravity multi-galileon model, application to SO(N) and SU(N) *** scientific biography of Stanley Mandelstam, Part I : 1955-1980 is string phenomenology an oxymoron? geometry of special galileon *** strings in background fields ***

161208 topological classificiation of crystalline insulator through band structure combinatroics *** topological frequency conversion in strongly driven quantum system SUSY breaking and nambu-goldstone fermion with cubic dispersion viscous conformal gauge theories renormalization of fermion velicity in finite temperature QED3 ***

161209 multi-partite entropy *** edge states of mechanical diamond and its topological origin *** energy spectrum and critical exponents of free parafermion ZN spin chain *** locality and unitarity from singularities and gauge invariance *** differential cohomology and locally covariant QFT

161212 edge entanglement correspondence for gapped topological phase with symetry interplay between d-wave SC and bond density wave symmetry reduction in quantum kagome AFM herbertsmithite mathematical methods of classical physics *** finite temperature quantum field theory in the heat kernel method *** chasing individuation : mathematical description of physical systems *** First test of Verlinde’s theory of Emergent Gravity using Weak Gravitational Lensing measurements rindler quantization ***

161213 functional renormalization for wave propagation in random media multi-partite entanglement weyl-kondo semimetal in heavy fermion SUSY SYK-like tensor model *** lifshitz anomalis, ward identities and split dimensional regulariation *** Weyl and line nodes in TSC : CaSn3 *** SM as topological material *** instantaneous dynamics of QCD *** critical number of fermion in QED3 *** Differential topology of semimetal *** symmetry and dirac points in graphene spectrum *** physical model of dimensional regularization *** lorentz force and pnderomotive force in presence of minimal length breaking symmetry breaking ground solvable quantum grassmann matrices

161214 gaussian free field at integer QH plateau transition magnetic bloch skyrmion transport by electric field Last words on the cuprate short note on dynamics and dof in 2d classical gravity stochastic metric space and quantum mechanics introduction to chiral symmetry in QCD CW symmetry breaking in SU(8) dimensional renormalization in AdS/CFT

161215 entanglement properties of Haldane phase toward phase diagram for spin foams

161216 entanglement and thermalization in open fermion system 3d TI and bosonization negative spectrum in 1d gapped phase of matter symmetry protected topological Hopf insulator and its generalization disorder in SYK cohomological perspective on axiomatic QFT

161219 d=2 quantum critical metal multifractional spacetime : unconventional review fundamental theorem on gauge fixing at the action level precursors and BRST symmetry lorentz violating YM theorey

161220 quantum phases of disordered 3d Majorana-Weyl fermions difusion and signature of localization in stochastic CFT chiral anomaly enhancement in multi-band touching fermion system electrodynamics of chiral matter what can we learn about confinement and anomalous effect in QCD NFL at (2+1)d FM quantum critical point NFL SC: eliashberg v.s. RG probability, propensity and probabilities of propensities

161221 PH symmetry and electromagnetic response of Half-filled LL SC provides access to chiral magnetic effect of unpaired Weyl cone ultracold gases in topological floquet band:current and CM response thermodynamics constraint on amplitude of quantum oscillation magnon in 2d transverse field xxz model breakdown of Landau fermi liquid feynman path integral and lebesgue-feyman measure random matrices review Coulomb potential in QM discrete QFT fermion as generalized ising models BKT transition and Haldane conjectre ***

161222 spin liquid mediated RKKY feynman-hellmann theorem in QFT and calculation of matrix element skyrme model and chiral perturbation theory heisenberg-euler effective action beyond one loop mathematical quantum YM sound clock and sonic relativity

161223 magnetic description of fermi arc in type 1,2 WSM luttinger liquid, fermi liquid, fractional statistics PH duality in LLL holographic sliding stripe holographic quantum matter Review on High energy String Scattering Amplitudes and Symmetries of String Theory holographic anomaly and quantum mechanics Geometric Symmetries and Topological Terms in F-theory and Field Theory wilson loop in light-front quantization non-abelian SU(N)xSU(N) quantum propagator from heisenberg equation

161226 SU(N) fermi liquid at finite temperature massive spinon in s=1/2 spin chains: spinon-pair operator rep. green function variational approximation: physical constraint green function variational approximation: orbital polarons in KCuF3 SM+GR upon local conformal RGR in extended non-susy SO(10) model RNA substructure as a random matrix ensemble flavour singlet in gauge theory as permutation

161228 electron transport in nodal-line semimetal Dirac Nodal Lines and Tilted Semi-Dirac Cones Coexisting in a Striped Boron Sheet semi-dirac semimetal in silicene oxide lightconr bootstrap and the spectrum and 3d ising CFT effective action for non-geometric fluxed from duality covariant actions fundamental flavours, fields and fixed point: a brief account aspects of fermion dynamics from lorentz symmetry violation EFT for QCD and QED schwinger pair creation in DSM in presence of external M and E fields discussion of the derivation of duality in 3d QFT generalized hamilton-jacobi theory of nambu mechanics Lectures on Higher-Gauge Symmetries from Nambu Brackets and Covariantized M(atrix) Theory

161230 defining time crystal via representation theory tomonaga-luttinger liquid and localization WSM SPT for interacting fermion in alkaline-earth-like atom OOTO fluctuation-dissipation theorem braiding statistics and link invariants of b/f topological quantum matter in 2+1 d and 3+1d effect of type I and II WSM topological transition on SC EFT for QCD and QED quantum computational representation of gauge field theory quantum statistics and spacetime surgery *** gauge anomalies in lorentz-violating QED *** generalized hamiltonian-jacobi theory of nambu mechanics classification of classical gauge transform in rigid body symmetric state requiring system asymmetry lie hamiltonian system on curved space