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170102 optimal decay of wannier function in chern and qhi creating boson fractional qhs by paring fermions topological phase in 1d tki duality and topology itinerant AFM in RuO2 what is general relativity? quantum yang-mills field theory three imaginary time path integral with magnetic field in rqm collapse model and spacetime symmetries Kant and quantum gravity

170103 TI in random lattices PH symmetry in fermion-chern-simons and dirac description of HFLL *** spin transport and accumulation in 2d weyl fermion system minimalist approach to classification of SPT phase *** discussion on renormalon lorentz quantum mechanics boson-fermion duality from discontinuous gauge symmetry *** ken wilson - a tribute strangeness Derivation of the Lorentz transformation without the use of Einstein’s second postulate 

170104 is microcanonical ensemble stable? equivalent markov processes under gauge group 2d QFT analog of SYK model fracton topological order via coupled layers isotropic layer construction and phase diagram for fracton topological phases epsilon: tool to find canonical basis of master integrals quark and boson as composite particle bundle of lattice gauge field lectures on AKSZ sigma model for physicists enumerative geometry and geometric representation theory strongly coupled electron states Scale relativistic formulation of non-differentiable mechanics II on gravitational nature of energy electric charge quantization due to interaction with dirac’s magnetic monopole

170105  single ptcl excitations in disordered weyl fluid magnetic DSM in 3d *** classification and surface anomaly of glide symmetry topological phase in 3d *** which cft can desribe PT btw bosonic SPT states? *** Dirac and Weyl fermion:from Gorkov equation to SM ***  momentum-space spin texture in topological SC taming galileons in curved spacetime multiscale spacetime from first principle spin-field correspondence alternative way of EW interaction without using SU(2) doublet EM axial anomaly in generalized linear sigma model N=4 SYM  *** gauge invariant action for noncommutative phase space relativistic ptcl lagrangian description of borel resummation analytic method in physics ***


170109 radial chiral floquet phases in periodically driven kitaev model and beyond feynman-kac equation magnetization in narrow ribbons:curvature effects topological spin liquid with symmetry-protected edge state phase diagram in uniform DM interaction doping dependent critical current properties  bafe2as2 single crystal QQQQ states insights into teaching QM: literature review SPT entanglement

170110 ising spin glasses in 2d topological crystalline superconductor with Cn symmetry chiral vortiical effect generated by chiral anomaly in vortex-skyrmions *** (3+1)d topological phase and self-dual quantum geometries holographic entanglement entropy alien calculus and non perturbative effects in QFT *** viscous conformal gauge theories electroweak vacuum stability in Higgs-Dilaton theory NG theorem in non-relativistic system

170111 superconductivity and dirac fermions in 112-phase Pnictides theory of ground states for Heisenberg spin systems 2component QHE in topological flat band new quantum criticality revealed under pressure currents in supersymmetric field theories

170112 disorder-enhanced topological protection and universal quantum criticality in spin-3/2 TSC anyonic chain, topological defects, and CFT classification of OOTO correlators geometric fluctuation theorem on spinors transformations mapping curved spacetimes into Dirac spinors

170113 symmetry characterization og collective mode of v=0 QH in graphene evolution of entanglement entropy in orbifold CFTs non-manifest symmetries in QFT spectrum of wilson fisher CFT on torus

170116 dynamics of quenched topological edge modes BEC in the presence of Weyl SOC disorder-driven destruction of NFL semimetal  via RG *** PH symmetry and FQHS at 5/2 filling factor modulation of pairing symmetry with bond disorder in unconventional SC junction of refined wilson lines and one-parameter deformation of quantum group 6d landau-ginzburg-wilson theory TPT in gravity description of transverse-field ising model in 1d

170117 kinetic theory and anomalous transport in presece of nonabelian phase space berry cuvature observing a scale anomaly in graphene: universal quantum phase transition composite fermion basis for two-component bose gas multiple universalities in order-disorder magnetic phase transitions *** dime6 term in SM lagrangian anomaly induced transport in anomalous currents *** sugra and its legacy *** berry fermi liquid theory einstein-hilbert path integrals and chern-simons integrals

170118 diagonalization scheme for the manybody schrodinger equation quantum hall spin diode fermi bose mixture in mixed dimensions holographic correspondence from tensor network state disorder-free localization role of cosmology in modern physics building a bridge btw classical and quantum mechanics combinatorics in tensor integral reduction more large N limits of 3d gauge theories chiral phase transition in a metallic frustrated magnet

170119 topological quantum computing topological transport in dirac electronic system : concise review pseudogap in strongly interacting fermi gases BEC and symmetry breaking of complex charged scalar field emergent haldane phase revisiting the dilatation operator of WF fixed point lorentz transformation from elementary point of view SUSY breaking and NG fermion with cubic dispersion

170120 topological phases in WSM multilayer spin current, spin torque, and concept of spin superfluidity integrable floquet dynamics monopole polyakov loop critical O(N) models in complex field plane phase structure of QCD new generalized wick theorem in CFT

170123 aspects of berry phase in QFT *** quantum PM and frustrated QC in spin-one diamond lattice AFM fractional S-duality and fractional topological insulators *** differential equation and dispersion relation for feynman amplitude. 2loop massive sunrise and kite integral *** point particle EFT QFT in generalized synder spaces note on field redefinition and higher-spin equation tales of 1001 gluons

170124 concept of AFM spintronics exotic lifshitz transition in topological materials *** photo-induced SU(3) topological material of spinless fermions non relativistic limit of integrable QFT with fermionic excitations pairing in luttinger liquids and QHS particles, cutoffs and inequivalent representations

170125 magnon-mediated DM torque and pumping of magnon skyrme insulator quench dynamics of spin-imbalanced Fermi-hubbard model in 1d model of black hole evaporation and 4d weyl anomaly lecture on flavor physics and CP violation heat kernel approach to relations between covariant and consistent currents in chiral gauge theories *** spacetime-free approach to quantum theory and effective spacetime structure concepts of photon

170126 nielsen-ninomiya theorem, PT inveriant non-hermiticity and single 8-shaped Dirac cone *** complete renormalization of QCD at five loops casuality and unitarity via tree-loop duality relation instability of NFL state of SYK model non-abelian bootstrap of primordial magnetism

170127 semiclassical Boltzmann transport theory for multi WSM 2d Fermi gas in antiparallel magnetic field mechanism for nematic SC in FeSe Hierarchy construction and non-Abelian families of generic topological orders field theoretical approach for gravitational wave (spin 2 field) effective lagrangian and de sitter spacetime QM with noncommutative amplitude Avoiding Haag’s Theorem with Parameterized Quantum Field Theory 

170130 2d metallic phases from disrordered QED3 equilibration and order in quantum floquet matter Mpemba effect derivation of effective chiral lagrangian for pseudoscalar, vector and axxial vector meson from QCD from abstract entities in mathematics to superposition states in QM

170131 topological crystalline materials landau’s criterion for an anisotropic bose-einstein condensate introduction to topological phases and electronic interactions in (2+1)d fermionic SPT phases in higher dimensions and bosonization emergence of control parameter for the AFM quantum critical metal ***** SM with extradimension I collapse. what else?