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170201 ergodicity landscape of quantum theories Dirac nodal line and induced SHE in metallic rutile oxides dynamical quantum phase transitions kinetic theory of fermions in curved spacetime Surfaces and Slabs of Fractional Topological Insulator Heterostructures *** dirac equation in presence of gravitatinal background: temporal noncommutative framewrok and vierbein formalism dimensionality-strain phase diagram of strontium iridates wave function collapse, non-locality, and spacetime structure

170202 fermi arc plasmons in WSM relation btw PT-symmetry breaking and topologically nontrivial phases in SSH and kitaev model holographic spin network from tensor network states EPEL lectures on GR as a QFT *** chiral symmetry breaking by monopole condensation 2d seiberg-like dualities with an adjoint matter final theory of physics - tautology

170203 interplay btw topological interface states in 4terminal conductane of QHgraphene edge-of-edge states *** boundary-bulk relation in topological orders *** holographic calculation of boundary terms in conformal anomaly maximally symmetric composite higgs spontaneous breaking of non-relativistic scale symmetry boundary conditions of WSM integral and differential structures for QFT classificiation of 2+1d topological order and sPT order for bosonic and fermionic system with on-site symmetries *** exactaly soluble local bosonic cocycle models, statistical transmutation, and simplest time-reversal symmetric topological orders in 3+1d *** can anyon statistics explain high temperature SC?

170206 Higher lattices, discrete two-dimensional holonomy and topological phases in (3+1) D with higher gauge symmetry SC and FM phase diagram of UCoGe probed by thermal expansion firewall paradox *** Radiaitve Breaking of Conformal Symmetry in the Standard Model All Chern-Simons Invariants of 4D, N = 1 Gauged Superform Hierarchies LOCALIZATION FOR N = 2 SUPERSYMMETRIC GAUGE THEORIES IN FOUR DIMENSIONS Galilean Superstring Quantum Information Metric and Berry Curvature from a Lagrangian Approach Why Boltzmann Brains Are Bad 

170207 momentum-space electromagnetic induction in WSM diagrammatic approach to multiphoton scattering thermal field theory of bosonic gases with finite-range effective interaction susy SYK model and random matrix theory entanglement in topological systems QSL with 7 elementary particles conservation, inertia, and spacetime geometry gauge fixing invariance and anti-BRST symmetry maxwell and normal dist.: colored story of probability, indepdence, and tendency toward equlibrium

170208 SUSY many-body systems from partial symmetries *** 13 important contributions of CN Yang Strong Landau-quantization effects in high-magnetic field superconductivity of a two-dimensional multiple-band metal near the Lifshitz transition quantum sine-gordon in perturbative AQFT asymptotic expansion of ln Gamma1(x+1) originating from QED classification of casimirs in 2D hydrodynamics quantum gauge symmetry of reducible gauge theory derivation of schrodinger equation in chaotic motion

170209 topological protection from exceptional points in Weyl and nodal line SM critical behavior in 1d cheshire charge in (3+1)d topological phases continuous point symmetries in group field theories holographic calculation of boundary terms in conformal anoamly lecture for 40th anniversary of sugra on gauge invariance and covariant derivatives in metric spaces

170210 nonlinear flexoelectricity in non-centrosymmetric crystals curved QFT effects on optical properties of deformed graphene *** on microscopic origin of ideal conductivity magnetic lifshitz transition in multi-band iron-based SC on nature of magnetic phase transition in WSM 5loop beta function of YM with fermions edge-of-edge states gauge theory approach to brane and ssb topological BPS vortices in gauged CP(2) model

170213 disorder induced transitions in resonantly driven floquet topological insulator fate of WSM in the presence of incommensurate potentials phase diagram of multiferroic KCu3As2O7 higher-spin charge in hamiltonian form II. fermi fields little strings on Dn orbifolds generalized monge gauge three dimensional rotations of EW interaction non-perturbative structure of photon and gluon propagators

170214 collective spin excitations of helices and magnetic skyrmions kagome-like chains with anisotropic FM and AFM interactions clustering of topological charges in kagome classical spin liquid celebrating haldane’s luttinger liquid theory emergent topological superconductivity at nematic domain wall of FeSe unification of gravity and QFT from extended noncommutative geometry physical renormalization scheme and asymptotic safety in quantum gravity pair production by electron to excited levels in a magnetic field very basics of higher-spin theory holography versus correspndence principle SM with spontaneouslt broken quantum scale invariance edge-of-edge states action quantization, energy quantization, and time parametrization

170215 two universality classes for the many-body localization transition triple point fermions in minimal symmorphic model power of perturbation theory virasoro coadjoint orbits of SYK/tensor-model and emergent 2d quantum gravity unification mechanism for gauge and spacetime symmetries SYM theory as higher chern-simons theory classification of (2+1)d topological orders ans sPT order *** spinor rerpesentation of conformal group and gravitational model entropic theory of gravitation

170216 proposal for physical realization of SYK in solid-state system chiral anomaly and anomalous finite-size conductivity in graphene *** origins of structual phase transition in MoTe2 and WTe2 toy model for casimir-like effect topological frustration and structual balance:extension of nagaoka’s theorem multiply quantized vortices in fermionic SF type-3 and 4 interacting Weyl points *** new proposal for holographic BCFT on new proposal for holographic BCFT SUSY SYK and random matrix theory full expansion of BCH formula geometric field at quantum condensate entropic origin of fundamental forces enhanced quantization: right way to quantize everything

170217 logarithmic scaling relations using RG nontrivial crossover in topological Hall effect regimes majorana quasi-particle protected by Z2 angular momentum conservation QED3 with quenched disorder *** conformal and Weyl-Einstein gravity I. classical geometrodynamics entanglement measure and their properties in QFT *** on spinor representation gauged sugra seiberg-witten theory as a complex version of abelian higgs model ***

170220 Ginzburg-Landau expansion in strongly distorted attactive anderson-hubbard lattice genons novel crossover in coupled spin ladders topics in higgs physics phenomenology of composite higgs model modularity, symmetry, and wall crossing for 1/4 bps dyons higher spins and yangian symmetries wilsonian rg flow approach to holographic transport with momentum dissipation polyakov loop in non-covariant operator formalism asymptotic structure of electrodynamics revisited global band topology of simple and double dirac-point semimetals

170221 quantum simulation of abelian-higgs lattice gauge theory with ultracold atoms comprehensive classification for bose-fermi mixture MF for confinement transition and magnetization plateaux in spin ice quantum criticality of spinons NFL behavior and continuously tunable resistivity exponent in anderson-hubbard at finite temperature broadening of BKT transition by correlated disorder how to wick rotate generic curved spacetime *** gauge symmetry and constraints structure in topologically massive AdS gravity: symplectic view point fixed points and spontaneous breaking of scale invariance quantum identities for the action convex functions and spacetime geometry standard model algebra guiding influence of Stanley Mandelstam

170222 edge states in NFL time evolution of floquet states in graphene competing order and topology in global phase diagram of pyrochlore iridate anyonic chains, topological defects and CFT amplitude, phase, and complex analyticity replica symmetry breaking for anisotropic magnets with quenched disorder *** fundamental invariants of many-body hilbert space

170223 electronic properties of single-layer antimony square root of gerbe holonomy and invariant of TRSTI unconventional THE in skyrmion crystal by topology of lattice stability and phase transition of skyrmion crystal by DM SC and QC in heavy fermions lectures on feynmann categories Emergence and Reductionism: an awkward Baconian alliance 

170224 multiscale simulations of topological transformations in magnetic skyrmions discovery of weyl fermion semimetal and topological fermi arc states *** SF density and critical velocity near fermionic BKT transition schrodinger equation for general non-hermitian quantum system topological phase transition from nodal to nodeless d-wave SC in electron doped cuprate SC *** comments on global symmetries, anomalies, and duality in (2+1)d *** establishing isolated SM anarchy and neutrino physics fermion in worldline holography weyl versus conformal invariance in QFT chiral vortical effect for bosons topological protection from exceptional points in weyl and nodal line SM physics of optimal basketball free throw fifty years of cosmological particle creation from physical assumptions to classical and quantum hamiltonian and lagrangian particle mechanics *** locality from spectrum

170227 topological tight-binding models from non-trivial square roots *** topological origin of geophysical waves physics of SrTiO3-bases hetero and nanostructure: A review emergent gravity of fractons: mach’s principle revisited *** nematic order on surface of 3d TI robust d-wave pairing symmetry in multi-orbital cobalt high tem SC Dirac-Bergmann constraints in relativistic physics I Dirac-Bergmann constraints in relativistic physics II holomorphic anomaly and QM entanglement entropy in excited state of quantum Lifshitz model group theory, coherent states, and N-dim oscillator Weyl and conformal symmetry in QFT

170228 fermi problem in disordered systems magnon-photon coupling in AFM WSM and TPT in five dimensions *** tuning fermi velocity in dirac meterials with electric field effects of rotation and boundaries on chiral symmetry breaking of relativistic fermions canonical universality bulk dual of SYK: cubic coupling general relativity from causality *** spontaneous breaking of gauge groups to discrete symmetries *** wilsonian renormalization of CFT correlation functions: field theory *** quark matter on rubik’s cube on quantum statistical mechanics: a study guide