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170301 complex networks:from classical to quantum power-law out of time order correlation functions in SYK model geometric phase of moving dipole under magnetic field at a distance skyrmion lattices in electric fields non-abelian geometric phases carried by spin fluctuation tensor symmetry reduction induced by anyon condensation:tensor network approach *** energy diffusion and butterfly effect in inhomogeneous SYK model *** vortex dynamics in type II SC vafa-witten invariants I vafa-witten invariants II crossing symmetry in alpha space higher spin holography *** impact of higgs on Einstein’s gravity 3 different formalization of einstein’s relativity principle ***  gapless quantum spin liquid ground state in mixed-valence iridate Ba3InIr2O9

170302 electrodynamics on fermi cylides in nodal line semimetal double resonance of raman transition in degenerate fermi gas renormalization group flows of hamiltonians using tensor networks revisiting universality of liquid-gas critical point in 2d insulator and metals with topological order and discrete symmetry breaking *** from SUSY QM to scalar field theories*** fundamental vortices, wall-crossing, and particle-vortex duality*** non-abelian gauge field localization on walls and geometric higgs mechanism time fractioal QM noise-resilient preparation of quantum many-body ground states huygens’ principle and dirac-weyl equation on the stochastic origin of QM

170303 coulomb blockade in fractional topologial SC entanglement renormalization for chiral topological phases physics of cold atomic fermi gases AdS from optimization of path integals in CFT isotropic lifshitz point in O(N) theory perfect spring competing magnetic order in SC state of Nd-doped CeRhIn5 under pressure from green function to quantum field *** revised theory of tachyons in general relativity on classification of Lie algebra realizations utterly prosaic connection between physcs and mathematics

170306 tunneling conductance in 2d DSM protected by non-symmorphic symmetry band splitting and weyl node in trigonal tellurium studied by ARPES and DFT universal non-analytic behavior of non-equilibrium hall conductance in floquet TI phase transition in biological system with many components complete theory of symmetry-based indicators of band topology number-conserving interacting fermion model with exact TSC ground state vortex solutions in AHM with neutral scalar QM path integral in curved space and type-A trace anomaly discussion of duality in duality in 3d QFT new unification theory of both the all fundamental physics interactions and noether theorem kitaev spin chain majorana ***

170307 geometric theory of anisotropic QHS anomalous transport model with axial magnetic field exact renormalization group and sine gordon theory *** instantons and entanglement entropy borromean-rings braiding statistics and topological term in 4d spacetime detecting spin fractionalization in spinon fermi surface spin liquid fermi liquid and luttinger integral *** matrix product state for topological phase with parafermion exact phase diagram and topological phase transition of XYZ spin chain type 3 and 4 interacting weyl points *** beyond E11 *** *holographic quantum matter************

170308 solvable SYK model in higher dimension  Casimir interaction in strained graphene topological quantum chemistry topological properties of chiral magnet effect in multi-WSM collective behavior in tilted well cone *** vortices and antivortice in 2d ultracold fermi gas Conservation laws, vertex corrections, and screening in Raman spectroscopy FOUNDATIONS QUADRILOGY information loss *** Interacting fields in real-time AdS/CFT geometry and quantum

170309 competition btw disorder and interaction in 3D WSM *** floquet topological phase protected by time glide symmetry topological classification of time-asymmetry in unitary quantum process energy-momentum tensor of electromagnetic fields in matter *** geometric models of helium ***

170310 majoran kramers pair in nematic vortex space-time crystal and space-time group symmetry *** generic theory for majorana zero mode in 2d SC surface state of system of dirac fermion: minimal model *** chiral maxwell demon on heat kernel and weyl anomaly of schrodinger invariant theory pressure driven phase transition from AFM semiconductor to nonmagnetic metal fracton from partons *** dual gauge field theory of quantum liquid crystal in 3d zero field skyrmions with high topological number in itinerant magnet on meissener effect and sc density in SC kibble-zurek scaling in holography Strong CP problem, axions, and cosmological implications of CP violation schwinger mechanism in linear covariant gauge unexpected resurgence of weyl geometry in late 20th century physics

170313 Crossing-Line-Node Semimetals:General Theory and Application to Rare-Earth Trihydrides Non-Abelian topological phases in three spatial dimensions from coupled wires CP as a Symmetry of Symmetries Entanglement Entropy in Integrable Field Theories with Line Defects I. Topological Defect The chirality theorem 

170314 Landau quantization of Dirac fermions in graphene and its multilayers Flow equation holography Topology and stability of the Kondo phase in quark matter Dynamically induced many-body localization Ward identities for charge and heat currents of particle-particle and particle-hole pairs Geometry and the Quantum Quantum BRST charge in gauge theories in curved space-time 

170316 Critical time crystals in dipolar systems Heat kernel methods for Lifshitz theories LECTURES ON GRAVITATION Field Theory and EW Standard Model. Fermionic Localization of the Schwarzian Theory ****

170317 Topological Nodal-line Semimetals in Two Dimensions with time-reversal symmetry breaking Collapse of Landau levels in Weyl semimetals *** Lectures on the Infrared Structure of Gravity and Gauge Theory The anomalous U(1)anom global symmetry and flavors from an SU(5)×SU(5)′ GUT in Z12−I orbifold compactification Gauge dependence in the anomalous dimension of the gauge invariant canonical decomposition for proton momentum A Course in Amplitudes *** A New Formulation Of Lee-Wick Quantum Field Theory Planck’s radiation law, the light quantum, and the prehistory of indistinguishability in the teaching of quantum mechanics General relativity as the four dimensional Chern–Simons theory *** Electrodynamics and time orientability *** Convergent and Divergent Series in Physics

170320 Quantum Oscillations in the Chiral Magnetic Conductivity Topological transport in PT invariant Dirac nodal-line semimetals Realizing the Haldane phase with bosons in optical lattices Approaching the Carnot Limit at Finite Power: An Exact Solution 

170321 geometric potential resulting from dirac quantization Multiloop functional renormalization group that sums up all parquet diagrams The ladder physics in the Spin Fermion model Coexistence of Non-Fermi Liquid and Fermi Liquid Self-Energies at All Dopings in Cuprates f(R,T)=g(R)+h(T) More on Electroweak-Skyrmion Poisson Bracket and Symplectic Structure of Covariant Canonical Formalism of Fields *** Gauge theories and fiber fundles *******

170322 approximating SYK model with majorana wire majorana spin liquid, SC, topology and quantum computation hydrodynamic electron flow and hall viscosity *** enriched axial anomaly in Weyl materials *** floquet dynamics in multi-WSM electric field control of emergent electrodynamics in quantum spin ice nonequilibrium optical conductivity lattice homotopy constraints on phases of quantum magnets *** magnetic properties of 2d TI topological phase transition in multi-component SC *** quantum theory of generalized uncertainty principle double field theory on group manifold in a nutshell interaction from geometry, classical and quantum ***** CS theory and Wilson loop in BZ relativity for games

170323 Quantum butterfly effect in weakly interacting diffusive metals Variational Path Integral For Fermions: Calculations for Liquid 3He Symmetry breaking by heating in a continuous opinion model Strong Correlation Effects on Surfaces of Topological Insulators via Holography *** Non-local Geometry inside Lifshitz Horizon *** Interacting invariants for Floquet phases of fermions in two dimensions *** Conformal Vortex Crystals The Overview Chapter in Loop Quantum Gravity: The First 30 Years *** Lagrangian Mechanics and Reduction on Fibered Manifolds *** Fractional quantization of charge and spin in topological quantum pumps 

170324 boson-vortex duality in compressible spin-orbit coupled BECs*** anomalies and entanglement renormalization *** Dirac magnon loops in quasi-2d magnet Recent Developments in Non-Fermi Liquid Theory *********** Quantum criticality at the superconductor to insulator transition revealed by specific heat measurements A generalized fermion symmetry, its currents algebra and Ward-Takahashi identities  *** Theta, Time Reversal, and Temperature *** Renormalization group: new relations between the parameters of the Standard Model A brief discussion on the chiral magnetic effect Production of Dirac Particles in External Electromagnetic Fields Spin in the Extended Electron Model 

170327 Topological strings linking with quasi-particle exchange in superconducting Dirac semimetals L lines, C points and Chern numbers: understanding band structure topology using polarization fields Anomaly in the path integral formulation of the Langevin dynamics *** SUSY monopole potentials in 2+1 dimensions Hidden Fermi Liquidity and Topological Criticality in the Finite Temperature Kitaev Model *** Green Function Theory of Strongly Correlated Electron Systems *** Two-loop Anomalous Dimensions for Four-Fermi Operators in Supersymmetric Theories Deriving three-dimensional bosonization and the duality web *** WEYL-HEISENBERG INTEGRAL QUANTIZATION(S): A COMPENDIUM The Dirac equation and anomalous magnetic moment Einstein in 1916: “On the Quantum Theory of Radiation” Interpretation miniatures 

170328 Dirac and nodal-line magnons in collinear antiferromagnets *** Anomalous Hall effect and topological defects in antiferromagnetic Weyl semimetals: Mn3Sn/Ge  **** Chebyshev, Legendre, Hermite and other orthonormal polynomials in D-dimensions *** Derivation of mean-field equations for stochastic particle systems *** Derivation of Semiclassical Kinetic Theory in the Presence of Non-Abelian Berry Curvature *** Matrix Product Unitaries: Structure, Symmetries, and Topological Invariants ** Gross-Neveu-Yukawa model at three loops and Ising critical behavior of Dirac systems  **** Competitions of Superconducting, Antiferromagnetic and Charge Orders with Intervention by Phase Separation in 2D Holstein-Hubbard Model Black Holes in Loop Quantum Gravity Newton-Cartan gravitational anomalies of the Schro ̈dinger field Supersymmetric Black Holes and Freudenthal Duality A 2d/1d Holographic Duality Relativistic magnetohydrodynamics Exact Green Function for Neutral Pauli-Dirac Particle with Anomalous Magnetic Momentum in Linear Magnetic Field *** RG boundaries and interfaces in Ising field theory *** Floquet Topological Order in Interacting Systems of Bosons and Fermions *** Quantum mechanics from an epistemic state space ***

170329 Out-of-time-order correlators in quantum mechanics Nonequilibrium Kosterlitz-Thouless Transition in a Three-Dimensional Driven Disordered System  *** The topological Anderson insulator phase in Dirac semimetal thin film The world of long-range interactions: A bird’s eye view Critical Temperature in Weakly Interacting Multicomponent Field Theory Black hole as topological insulator *** Renormalization of scalar field theories in rational spacetime dimensions Doomsdays in a modified theory of gravity: A classical and a quantum approach Entanglement, space-time and the Mayer-Vietoris theorem Noether’s theorems and conserved currents in gauge theories in the presence of fixed fields ******** Multifractional theories: an unconventional review 

170330 Bulk-boundary correspondence across the Weyl semimetal-metal quantum phase transition: Evolution of topological Fermi arcs *** Dynamical engineering of interactions in qudit ensembles *** Type-II Dirac Photons *** Triplet Fermions and Dirac Fermions in Borophene Quantum quench dynamics Persistent Currents in Ferromagnetic Condensates *** Two-dimensional Bose and Fermi gases beyond weak coupling *** An information and field theoretic approach to the grand canonical ensemble *** Extended Kitaev chain with longer range hopping and pairing *** Strongly correlated double Dirac fermions *** Superconductivity model for a spin-vortex checkerboard Why only hole conductors can be superconductors Reversing the Irreversible: from limit cycles to emergent time symmetry Quark-Gluon Plasma and Topological Quantum Fields Theory *** Geometric description of the Schr ̈odinger equation in 3n + 1 dimensional configuration space *** POLYAKOV’S FORMULATION OF 2d BOSONIC STRING THEORY *** Heat kernel methods for Lifshitz theories *** Anholonomy for Non-Bounding Cycles *** A note on the violation of Bell’s inequality *** Spinor Analysis On the Possible Trajectories of Particles with Spin. III. Particles in the Stationary Homogeneous 

170331 Circular edge states in photonic crystals with a Dirac node *** Designer curved-space geometry for relativistic fermions in Weyl metamaterials *** Investigating inequality: a Langevin approach Effective Field Theory of Chiral Spin Liquid between Ordered Phases in Kagom ́e Antiferromagnet *** Thermal Transport in the Kitaev Model *** Emerging Internal Symmetries from Effective Spacetimes *** Renormalization of the Abelian-Higgs Model in the Rξ and Unitary gauges and the physicality of its scalar potential BRST renormalization of the first order Yang-Mills theory *** HOLOMORPHIC PATH INTEGRALS IN TANGENT SPACE FOR FLAT MANIFOLDS *** On the Derivation and Interpretation of the Poincar ́e-Maxwell Group *** Easter eggs, myths and jokes in famous physics books and papers ***