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170403 Topological Hopf-Link Semimetal *** Optomechanical Toy Model for Gravitationally Induced Decoherence: Exact Solution Crystal structures in generalized Skyrme model A Free-Field Lagrangian for a Gauge Theory of the CPT Symmetry *** Entanglement isn’t just for spin *** Making Sense of Bell’s Theorem and Quantum Nonlocality 

170404 Multiple Dirac Cones and Topological Magnetism in Honeycomb-Monolayer Transition Metal Trichalcogenides Nodal-link semimetals *** Anomalous Hall Effect and Spontaneous Orbital Magnetization in Antiferromagnetic Weyl Metal *** T-duality and the bulk-boundary correspondence *** Criticality and Phase Diagram of Quantum Long-Range Systems *** Z2 topological order and Majorana doubling in Kitaev Chain *** Entropy Formula and Conserved Charges of Spin-3 Chern-Simons-Like Theories of Gravity Implications of Conformal Symmetry in Quantum Mechanics *** Hamiltonian Structure of Three Dimension Gravity in Vielbein Formalism *** Kinetic derivation of generalized phase space Chern-Simons theory *** Toward a Holographic Theory for General Spacetimes *** From Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics to Scalar Field Theories *** On the relativistic theory of force-free particles with any spin ***

170405 Strongly angle-dependent magnetoresistance in Weyl semimetals with long-range disorder Canonical quantization of nonlinear sigma models with theta term, with applications to symmetry-protected topological phases *** 1+1 Dimensional Solution For Yang - Mills Theory and Noncommutative Electrodynamics *** Monopole and Polyakov loop **8

170406 Model Hamiltonian and Time Reversal Breaking Topological Phases of Anti-ferromagnetic Half-Heusler Materials Entanglement Hamiltonians and entropy in 1+1D chiral fermion systems Boundary conformal field theory and symmetry protected topological phases in 2 + 1 dimensions *** Entanglement entropy and computational complexity of the Anderson impurity model out of equilibrium I: quench dynamics Information Theoretic Description of Time 

170407 Quantum friction between graphene sheets *** Signature of topological phase transition in the RKKY interaction of silicene Global Phase Diagram of Disordered Type-II Weyl Semimetals *** Weyl-link semimetals *** Composite fermion basis for M-component Bose gases *** Nearly AdS2 Sugra and the Super-Schwarzian *** Emergent particle-hole symmetry in spinful bosonic quantum Hall systems Static spin susceptibility in magnetically ordered states Double helix nodal line superconductor *** Kaluza-Klein Reduction of Low-Energy Effective Actions: Geometrical Approach The Optical Mechanics of Gravity DISCRETE SPACETIME QUANTUM FIELD THEORY ***

170410 Weak vs. Strong Disorder Superfluid-Bose Glass Transition in One Dimension Topological nodal-line semimetals arising from crystal symmetry *** Thermopower and thermal conductivity in the Weyl semimetal NbP *** Probing topology by “heating” *** Hairs of discrete symmetries and gravity *** Pure spinors, intrinsic torsion and curvature in odd dimensions *** Elastic scattering and spatial inelastic profiles of high energy protons *** SU(N) Z(N) dual superconductor models: the magnetic loop ensemble point of view ***

170411 Strong coupling Bose polarons in a BEC Diagrammatic approach to orbital quantum impurities interacting with a many-particle environment Microscopic Origin of Interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction Full counting statistics of information content and particle number *** Nambu identity and collective modes in superconductors and superfluid 3He ** The Spectral Periodicty of Spinon Continuum in Quantum Spin Ice *** Majorana dynamical mean-field study of spin dynamics at finite temperatures in the honeycomb Kitaev model *** Thermal and electrical transport in metals and superconductors across antiferromagnetic and topological quantum transitions *** Optical Properties of Bogoliubov Quasiparticles WHERE IS PARTICLE PHYSICS GOING? On finite symmetries and their gauging in two dimensions SO(N) gauge theories in 2+1 dimensions: glueball spectra and confinement A proof on energy gap for Yang-Mills connection Quantum BRST charge in gauge theories in curved space-time ***

170412 Tensor network simulation of QED on infinite lattices: learning from (1 + 1)d, and prospects for (2 + 1)d *** Landau-level-mixing and the ground state of the ν = 5/2 quantum Hall effect Composite symmetry protected topological order and effective models Symmetry protected topological Luttinger liquids and the phase transition between them *** Detection and characterization of symmetry-broken long-range orders in the spin-1 triangular Heisenberg model Dynamics of D-branes II. The standard action — an analogue of the Polyakov action for (fundamental, stacked) D-branes Dreibein as prepotential for three-dimensional Yang-Mills theory Scattering amplitudes of regularized bosonic strings ***

170413 Time crystals: a review *** Dimensional reduction and its breakdown in the driven random field O(N) model near three-dimensions Coexistence of four-band nodal rings and triply-degenerate nodal points in centrosymmetric metal diborides Interacting Electrons in Graphene: Fermi Velocity Renormalization and Optical Response The Chern Numbers of Interaction-stretched Monopoles in Spinor Bose Condensates *** Solvable Hydrodynamics of Quantum Integrable Systems Fracton Topological Order from Nearest-Neighbor Two-Spin Interactions and Continuous Subdimensional Quantum Phase Transitions via Dualities False Vacuum Decay in Gauge Theory Introduction to Flavour Physics and CP Violation From Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics to Scalar Field Theories Lie symmetry analysis of a class of time fractional nonlinear evolution systems 

170414 Topological transport from a black hole Quantum sensors for the generating functional of interacting quantum field theories *** Efficient Real-Time Path Integrals Calculations for Non-Markovian Spin-Boson Models *** Exact diagonalization and cluster mean-field study of triangular-lattice XXZ antiferromagnets near saturation Vector models and generalized SYK models *** Hyper-invariant tensor networks and holography *** Effective field theory of an anomalous Hall metal from interband quantum fluctuations *** A classification of 3+1D bosonic topological orders (I): the case when point-like excitations are all bosons ********* Canonical gravity and scalar fields Supersymmetric, fermionic solutions in three-dimensional supergravity Feynman Rules for the Standard Model Effective Field Theory in Rξ-gauges The Klein Paradox: A New Treatment 

170417 The Static Magnetic Response of Non-Fermi Liquid Density ***** Anomalous Hall Effect in type-I Weyl metals *** Two-Loop Corrections to Large Order Behavior of φ4 Theory A geometric viewpoint on generalized hydrodynamics Orbital magnetization of interacting Dirac fermions in graphene Collective motion of electrons in a strongly interacting 2D electron system How experimentally to detect a solitary superconductivity in dirty ferromagnet-superconductor trilayers? Effective Field Theory Models for Thermal QCD Is the spin connection confined or condensed? A conformal model of gravitons Quartic propagators, negative norms and the physical spectrum Gauge symmetry enhancing-breaking from a Double Field Theory perspective 

170418 Weyl and nodal ring magnons in three-dimensional honeycomb lattices *** Topological Semimetals carrying Arbitrary Hopf Numbers: Hopf-Link, Solomon’s-Knot, Trefoil-Knot and Other Semimetals ********8 Topological nodal points in two coupled SSH chains RG Flow from φ4 Theory to the 2D Ising Model Dome of magnetic order inside the nematic phase of sulfur-substituted FeSe under pressure Possible Triplet Superconducting Order in Magnetic Superconducting Phase induced by Paramagnetic Pair-Breaking Exact Self-Dual Skyrmions Negativity spectrum in 1D gapped phases of matter 

170419 Generalized Hofstadter model on a cubic optical lattice: From nodal bands to the three-dimensional quantum Hall effect *** The Pfaffian state in an electron gas with small Landau level gaps *** Possible topologically non-trivial superconducting order parameter in type-II Weyl semimetal Td-MoTe2 *** Hydrodynamics of Quantum Vortices in Two Dimensions Fractional Virasoro Algebras *** Indicators of Conformal Field Theory: entanglement entropy and multiple-point correlators *** A unified phase diagram for iron-based superconductors *** Critical pairing fluctuations in the normal state of a superconductor: pseudogap and quasi-particle damping Emergence of supersymmetric quantum electrodynamics Path integrals for awkward actions Poincar ́e gauge gravity: An emergent scenario Fermi arc, pseudogap and strange-metal phase in hole-dopd lanthanum cuprates *** Spacetime in Everett’s interpretation of quantum mechanics Einstein’s 1935 papers: EPR=ER? 

170421 Electronic properties of disordered Weyl semimetals at charge neutrality Giant Planar Hall Effect in Topological Metals Topical Review: optics of exciton-plasmon nanomaterials Antiferromagnetic Topological Nodal Line Semimetals Linearity of the edge states energy spectrum in the 2D topological insulator Skyrmion-induced anomalous Hall conductivity on topological insulator surfaces Monitoring and manipulating Higgs and Goldstone modes in a supersolid quantum gas *** Keldysh Derivation of Oguri’s Linear Conductance Formula for Interacting Fermions Tilting the balance towards d-wave in iron-based superconductors Quantum critical response: from conformal perturbation theory to holography 


170421 Boundary Green functions of topological insulators and superconductors Bose-Einstein condensation of photons in a plasma Luttinger theorem and imbalanced Fermi systems Dynamic structure function of some singular Fermi-liquids Dynamics of a j = 3/2 quantum spin liquid Is 1T-TaS2 a 40 year old quantum spin liquid? A brief history of Supergravity: the first 3 weeks Re-interpretation of Skyrme Theory: New Topological structures 

170424 Connection between Fermi contours of zero-field electrons and ν=1/2 composite fermions in two-dimensional systems Classification of accidental band crossings and emergent semimetals in two-dimensional noncentrosymmetric systems Fundamental corrections to work and power in the strong coupling regime Two-Dimensional Homogeneous Fermi Gases Vortex-hole duality: a unified picture of weak and strong-coupling regimes of bosonic ladders with flux Detecting Friedel oscillations in ultracold Fermi gases Product Group Confinement in SUSY Gauge Theories Low-energy effective action in two-dimensional SQED: A two-loop analysis Confinement and fractional charge of quarks from braid group approach to holographic principle 

170425 Parity anomaly in four dimensions *** Nodal-knot semimetals Linear and nonlinear electrodynamics of a Dirac fluid Weyl Metals *** Quantum oscillations in Weyl semimetals - a surface theory approach Lecture Notes on Quantum Simulation Three-body correlations in a two-dimensional SU(3) Fermi gas Strongly repulsive anyons in one dimension Prospects and Applications Near Ferroelectric Quantum Phase Transitions Three Dimensional View of the SYK/AdS Duality Lectures on knot homology

170426 Analytical study of the edge states in the bosonic Haldane model Two-dimensional Fermi gases near a p-wave resonance BCS theory of time-reversal-symmetric Hofstadter-Hubbard model Skyrmion defects of antiferromagnet and competing singlet orders of a Kondo-Heisenberg model on honeycomb lattice Chern-Simons Theory and Dynamics of Composite Fermions *** Distinguishing XY from Ising Electron Nematics Towards an understanding of hole superconductivity Field equations for gravity: An alternative route On The Quantum Field Theory Of The Gravitational Interactions From Linear to Non-linear SUSY and Back Again 

170427 s + is Superconductivity with incipient bands: doping dependence and STM signatures Transverse fields to tune an Ising-nematic quantum critical transition Gauge from holography 

170428 Chern-Simons Theory and Dynamics of Composite Fermions Vortex Mass in a Superfluid Vortex precession in trapped superfluids from effective field theory Twisted Partition Functions and H-Saddles Renormalization in Open Quantum Field theory I: Scalar field theory Non-equilibrium quantum thermodynamics in Coulomb crystals