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170501 Disorder-protected topological entropy after a quantum quench Optical absorption in interacting and nonlinear Weyl semimetals Massive states in topological heterojunctions Revealing topological Dirac fermions at the surface of strained HgTe thin films via Quantum Hall transport spectroscopy 1/N-expansion for the critical temperature of the Bose gas Confinement-driven electronic and topological phases in corundum-derived 3d-oxide honeycomb lattices Large gauge transformation and little group for soft photons *** Effective Tolman temperature induced by trace anomaly Notes on Anomaly Induced Transport *** Gapless Topological Order, Gravity, and Black Holes Sub-symmetries I. Main properties and applications Time Isotropy, Lorentz Transformation and Inertial Frames 

170502 Short note on the density of states in 3D Weyl semimetals A simple theory for the dynamics of mean-field-like models of glass-forming fluids Direct optical detection of Weyl fermion chirality in a topological semimetal Anisotropic plasmons, Friedel oscillations and screening in 8 − P mmn borophene *** Spin origami with Weyl and Dirac line nodes in distorted kagome antiferromagnets A multiscale approach to liquid crystal nematics via statistical field theory *** Entanglement in Lifshitz-type Quantum Field Theories Condensation of Lee-Yang zeros in scalar field theory *** Coulomb interaction driven instabilities of sliding Luttinger liquids A strongly correlated metal built from Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev models Frustrating quantum spin ice : a tale of three spin liquids, and hidden order *** Lieb-Schultz-Mattis Theorem and its generalizations from the Perspective of the Symmetry Protected Topological phase *** On the difference between Poincar ́e and Lorentz gravity *** Evidence for non-supersymmetric AdS/CFT 

170503 Observation of topological links associated with Hopf insulators in a solid-state quantum simulator Emergence of curved light-cones in a class of inhomogeneous Luttinger liquids Topological degeneracy and pairing in a one-dimensional gas of spinless Fermions CP1|1 nonlinear sigma model vs strong electron correlations Gapless edges of 2d topological orders and enriched monoidal categories Symmetry-enforced heavy-fermion physics in the quadruple-perovskite CaCu3Ir4O12 Superconductivity with broken time reversal symmetry in ion irradiated Ba0.27K0.73Fe2As2 single crystals Nonlinear electromagnetic fields and symmetries *** The global monopole spacetime and its topological charge *** Asymptotic freedom in certain SO(N) and SU(N) models *** STABLE QUOTIENTS AND THE HOLOMORPHIC ANOMALY EQUATION 

170504 Duality and Universal Transport in a Mixed-Dimension Electrodynamics *** Hourglass Dirac Chain Metal in Rhenium Dioxide *** Anomalous spin precession under a geometrical torque Theory of Ultra Low Tc Superconductivity in Bismuth: Tip of an Iceberg ? Symmetry and duality in bosonization of two-dimensional Dirac fermions *** Weyl and Dirac Semimetals in Three Dimensional Solids *** Spinon confinement in a quasi one dimensional anisotropic Heisenberg magnet N naturalness *** Emergent spacetime & Quantum Entanglement in Matrix theory *** Conformal invariance for Wilson actions *** Chern-Simons Gauge Invariance and Boundary Conformal Fields *** Dilational Symmetry-Breaking in Thermodynamics ***

170505 Quantum phase transitions driven by rhombic-type single-ion anisotropy in the S=1 Haldane chain Anomalous behaviors of fermions in Weyl Semimetals Large optical conductivity of Dirac semimetal Fermi arc surfaces states *** Wallpaper Fermions and the Topological Dirac Insulator *** Gapless Symmetry Protected Topological Order Holographic Fidelity Susceptibility Entanglement Entropy, Current, and Chemical Potential SYK-like Tensor Models on the Lattice Line Operators in the Standard Model Topological superconductivity in the hole-doped Rashba-Hubbard model Abelian Tensor Models on the Lattice Physics of the Kitaev model: fractionalization, dynamical correlations, and material connections Classifying parafermionic gapped phases using matrix product states Ising anyonic topological phase of interacting Fermions in one dimension Nematic Skyrmions in odd-parity superconductors 

170508 Machine Learning Z2 Quantum Spin Liquids with Quasi-particle Statistics Optical conductivity of three and two dimensional topological nodal line semimetals Photoinduced topological phase transition from a crossing-line nodal semimetal to a multiple-Weyl semimetal A time-reversal symmetric topological magnetoelectric effect in 3D topological insulators Fermi points and the Nambu sum rule in the polar phase of 3He Electronic anisotropies in the nematic phase of FeSe Lorentz group and mass spectrum of elementary particles 

170509 Magneto-optical conductivity of double-Weyl semimetals Negative Magnetoresistance without Chiral Anomaly in Topological Insulators 2π-flux loop semimetals Robust semi-Dirac points and unconventional topological phase transitions in doped superconducting Sr2IrO4 tunnel coupled to t2g electron systems Majorana Spin Liquids, Superconductivity, Topology and Quantum Computation Matrix Product Unitaries: Structure, Symmetries, and Topological Invariants 

170510 Floquet multi-Weyl points in driven crossing-nodal-line semimetals De Finetti theorems and entanglement in large-N theories and gravity Phase structure of NJL model with weak renormalization group *** Diagrammatic Monte-Carlo study of the convergent weak-coupling expansion for the large-N U (N) × U (N) principal chiral model Competition between Chaotic and Non-Chaotic Phases in a Quadratically Coupled Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev Model Least action principle for Lorentz force in dilaton-Maxwell electrodynamics Conformal field theory on the plane ***

170511 Bootstrapping 3D Fermions with Global Symmetries Renormalization of gauge theories in the background-field approach 

170512 Quantum phase transition and non-Fermi liquid behavior in multi-Weyl semimetals *** Chiral anomaly of Weyl magnons in stacked honeycomb ferromagnets *** Introduction to Topological Quantum Computation  *** Anomaly Manifestation of Lieb-Schultz-Mattis Theorem and Topological Phases *** The Symplectic Fermi Liquid and its realization in cold atomic systems Laughlin arguments in arbitrary dimensions Antilinearity Rather than Hermiticity as a Guiding Principle for Quantum Theory Notes on the Feynman path integral for the Dirac equation The non-commutative topology of two-dimensional dirty superconductors Relational time in anyonic systems 

170515 Topological responses from chiral anomaly in multi-Weyl semimetals *** Photocurrents in gyrotropic Weyl semimetals Topological response of gapped fermions to a U(1) Gauge field Analytical slave-spin mean-field approach to orbital selective Mott insulators Relativistic Newtonian Dynamics under a Central Force 

170516 Theory of topological excitations and metal-insulator transition in reentrant integer quantum Hall effect Fermionic Casimir effect in Graphene Coexistence of New Fermions in Topological Semimetal TaS *** Emergence of non-abelian magnetic monopoles in a quantum impurity problem Holographic Entanglement Entropy of Local Quenches in AdS4/CFT3: A Finite-Element Approach Lieb-Schultz-Mattis theorems for symmetry-protected topological phases *** Floquet Topological Magnons Multistage Electronic Nematic Transitions in Cuprate Superconductors: Functional-Renormalization-Group Analysis Quantum Field Theory: Quantum Geometry and Quantum Algebras Covariant variational approach to Yang-Mills Theory: Thermodynamics Quantum Cohomology under Birational Maps and Transitions Orbifold Construction for Topological Field Theories THE LHC TIMELINE : A PERSONAL RECOLLECTION (1980-2012) 

170517 General scheme for preparation of different topological states on the cluster states Emergence of Chiral Spin Liquids via Quantum Melting of Non-Coplanar Magnetic Orders Dyonic Lieb-Shultz-Mattis Theorem and Symmetry Protected Topological Phases in Decorated Dimer Models *** Excitation spectrum and Density Matrix Renormalization Group iterations Unconventional Superconductivity Dimension and Dimensional Reduction in Quantum Gravity Spacetime defects and group momentum space GENERALISED PROCA THEORIES Introductory lectures on topological quantum field theory *** Chiral fermions on 2D curved spacetimes Quantum Techniques for Stochastic Mechanics 

170518 Why does bulk boundary correspondence fail in some non-hermitian topological models Phase diagrams of Bose-Hubbard model and antiferromagnetic spin-1/2 models on a honeycomb lattice Active matter FREE FERMIONS AND THE CLASSICAL COMPACT GROUPS Fermionic algebraic quantum spin liquid in an octa-kagome frustrated antiferromagnet Invariance of topological indices under Hilbert space truncation Exact Boson-Fermion Duality on a 3D Euclidean Lattice Wilsonian Ward Identities On free Lie algebras and particles in electro-magnetic fields 

170519 Fu–Kane–Mele monopoles in semimetals *** Lorentz Covariance of Dirac Electrons in Solids: Dielectric and Diamagnetic Properties Edge stability and edge quantum criticality in 2D interacting topological insulators Symmetric Gapped Interfaces of SPT and SET States: Systematic Constructions ****** Surface Magnetism in Topological Crystalline Insulators Charge Fractionalization induced by parity anomaly in the chiral excitonic phase of topological surface state *** Z2 topological order near the N ́eel state of the square lattice antiferromagnet Topological Origin of Chiral Symmetry Breaking in QCD and in Gravity Spontaneous symmetry breaking in replica field theory *** Chern and Fu–Kane–Mele invariants as topological obstructions Frame Transformations for Fermions 

170522 Higher (Odd) Dimensional Quantum Hall Effect and Extended Dimensional Hierarchy Bimetric Theory of Fractional Quantum Hall States *** Spintronic signatures of Klein tunneling in topological insulators A detailed proof of bulk-boundary correspondence in the generalized Su-Schrieffer-Heeger model **** E=mc2 and the negative pressure of Dark Energy Lecture Notes on the Statistical Mechanics of Disordered Systems MATHEMATICS OF TOPOLOGICAL QUANTUM COMPUTING Noether’s Theorem in Multisymplectic Geometry Renormalizability, fundamentality and a final theory: The role of UV-completion in the search for quantum gravity 

170523 3D quantum Hall effect of Fermi arcs in topological semimetals Merging of momentum-space monopoles by controlling magnetic field: From cubic-Dirac to triple-Weyl fermion systems Topological Semimetals carrying Arbitrary Hopf Numbers: Hopf-Link, Solomon’s-Knot, Trefoil-Knot and Other Semimetals *** Renormalization group flows of the N-component Abelian Higgs model CAUSALITY AND QUANTUM THEORY 

170524 Superbosonization in disorder and chaos: The role of anomalies *** Noncommutative quantum mechanics and skew scattering in ferromagnetic metals Pyrite FeO2: material “in between” oxides and peroxides Chern–Simons term in the geometric theory of defects A note on the architecture of spacetime geometry Is Renormalization in QCD Necessary at High Energy Colliders ? *** New and simple covariant expressions for Dirac bilinears Thermal diffusivity and chaos in metals without quasiparticles Field theory representation of gauge-gravity symmetry-protected topological invariants, group cohomology and beyond 

170525 Transport and optics at the node in a nodal loop semimetal *** Synthesizing Weyl semimetals in weak topological insulator and topological crystalline insulator multilayers Statistical physics of human cooperation Eliashberg theory with the external pair potential Mathematical Methods of Classical Physics Black hole on a chip: proposal for a physical realization of the SYK model in a solid-state system 

170526 Covariant conservation laws and spin Hall effect in the Dirac-Rashba model Absorption of circular polarized light in tilted Type-I and II Weyl semimetals Recent progress in many-body localization Topological Weyl and Node-Line Semimetals in Ferromagnetic Vanadium-Phosphorous-Oxide β-V2OPO4 Compound Building crystalline topological phases from lower-dimensional states Ferromagnetic transition in a one-dimensional spin-orbit-coupled metal and its mapping to a critical point in smectic liquid crystals Dynamical Generation of Topological Masses in Dirac Fermions Fermion-induced quantum criticality in two-dimensional Dirac semimetals: Non-perturbative flow equations, fixed points and critical exponents Loop Braiding Statistics and Interacting Fermionic Symmetry-Protected Topological Phases in Three Dimensions Integral identities for 3d dualities with SP(2N) gauge groups Aspects of Symmetry, Topology and Anomalies in 

Quantum Matter 

170529 Topological Photonic Quasicrystals: Fractal Topological Spectrum and Protected Transport Chiral anomaly and quasi-classical planar Hall effect in Weyl semimetals Low-energy spin dynamics of orthoferrites AFeO3 (A = Y, La, Bi) **** Symmetric Fermion Mass Generation as Deconfined Quantum Criticality *** Decipher the nonlocal entanglement entropy of fracton topological orders Interface Contributions to Topological Entanglement in Abelian Chern-Simons Theory 

170530 Nonlinear anomalous photocurrents in Weyl semimetals *** Chiral magnetic effect of light Convergence from Divergence Time-reversal invariant topological superfluids in Bose-Fermi mixtures Cross Dimensionality and Emergent Nodal Superconductivity with p-orbital Atomic Fermions Tunable Quantum Chaos in the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev Model Coupled to a Thermal Bath Exact computations in topological abelian Chern-Simons and BF theories Snapshots of Conformal Field Theory Topological recursion and geometry Topological Defects in Quantum Field Theory with Matrix Product States 

170531 Part of a collection of reviews on antiferromagnetic spintronics. Antiferromagnetic dynamics, spin-texures, and nanostructures Synthetic Antiferromagnetic Spintronics Spin-transport, spin-torque and memory in antiferromagnetic devices: Part of a collection of reviews on antiferromagnetic spintronics Disorder in tilted Weyl semimetals from a renormalization group perspective *** Kinks and antikinks of buckled graphene: A testing ground for φ4 field model Duality between the deconfined quantum-critical point and the bosonic topological transition ***