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170601 Interplay between disorder and Coulomb interaction in nodal-line semimetals*** Quantum multicriticality near the Dirac semimetal-band insulator critical point in two dimensions: A controlled ascent from one dimension *** Criticality & Deep Learning II: Momentum Renormalisation Group *** Flavor and topological current correlators in parity-invariant three-dimensional QED Effective potential of the three-dimensional Ising model: the pseudo-ε expansion study On Hilbert-Schmidt operator formulation of noncommutative quantum mechanics Continuous Transitions Between Quantum and Classical Electrodynamics *** On emergence from the perspective of physical science FORECASTING IN LIGHT OF BIG DATA 

170602 Localization-protected order in spin chains with non-Abelian discrete symmetries Scale anomaly of a Lifshitz scalar: a universal quantum phase transition to discrete scale invariance Vibronic ground-state degeneracies and the Berry phase Hard-Wall Confinement of a Fractional Quantum Hall Liquid Modeling free anyons at the bosonic and fermionic ends Renormalization group and normal form theory Anomalous Magnetism for Dirac Electrons in Two Dimensional Rashba Systems Conformality of 1/N corrections in SYK-like models Simplicity condition and boundary-bulk duality Superconductivity in the Ferromagnet URhGe under uniaxial pressure Pairing from dynamically screened Coulomb repulsion in bismuth Wilson lines in the MHV action Vacuum Topology and the Electroweak Phase Transition 

170605 Symmetric-Gapped Surface States of Fractional Topological Insulators *** Gauging (3+1)-dimensional topological phases: an approach from surface theories *** Boundary Hamiltonian theory for gapped topological orders *** Universal response of the type-II Weyl semimetals phase diagram Observation of a symmetry-protected topological phase with ultracold fermions 

170606 Quantum Kinetic Theory of the Chiral Anomaly Toward a refining of the topological theory of phase transitions Emergence of conformal symmetry in critical spin chains Topological Order and Screening in Superconducting Films A Comment On Berry Connections Generalized Dirac structure beyond the linear regime in graphene A baby Majorana quantum formalism 

170607 Quantum Phase Transition and Entanglement in Topological Quantum Wires Quasiparticles in an interacting system of charge and monochromatic field Generic first-order nematic-isotropic phase transition of orientational phases with polyhedral symmetries From creation and annihilation operators to statistics Quantum formalism for classical statistics Topological Phase Transition Under Pressure in the Topological Nodal Line Superconductor PbTaSe2 Intertwined order and holography: the case of the pair density wave Type-I and type-II topological nodal superconductors with s-wave interaction Theorems for Asymptotic Safety of Gauge Theories **** Chiral Symmetry Breaking by Monopole Condensation On the Reality of the Wavefunction 

170608 An infinite family of 3d Floquet topological paramagnets A Comment On Berry Connections Exploring topological double-Weyl semimetals with cold atoms in optical lattices Quark matter revisited with non extensive MIT bag model *** Can supersymmetry emerge at a quantum critical point? *** Topological Phases emerging from Spin-Orbital Physics Finite-Temperature Screening of U(1) Fractons Observation of the Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless transition in Boron-doped diamond films Finite flavour groups of fermions The anomaly field theories of six-dimensional (2,0) superconformal theories (2+1)-dimensional Chern-Simons gravity with Ads Lie bialgebra as an interacting model of two massless gravitons Geometrical Formulation of Relativistic Mechanics Symmetry-protected dissipative preparation of matrix product states 

170609 Charge density wave instabilities of type-II Weyl semimetals in a strong magnetic field Localization of massless Dirac particles via spatial modulations of the Fermi velocity Quantum spin chains with multiple dynamics Gapless chiral spin liquid from coupled chains on the kagome lattice Superconducting dome around a nematic quantum critical point in two dimensions Quasi-particles, thermodynamic consistency and the gap equation Superstring Field Theory and the Wess-Zumino-Witten Action Holographic description of SO(5) SO(4) composite Higgs model Notes on the second quantization in quantum electrodynamics Is the Abraham electromagnetic force physical? 

170612 Origin of the Bardeen-Zumino current in lattice models of Weyl semimetals Probing the topology of density matrices Topological phase transitions in finite-size periodically driven translationally invariant systems Complete random matrix classification of SYK models with N = 0, 1 and 2 supersymmetry The abelian Higgs model and its phase transitions revisited ***

170613 The localization transition in SU(3) gauge theory Magnetic quantum phase transition in Cr-doped Bi2(SexTe1-x)3 driven by the Stark effect A Holographic form for Wilson’s RG Quantum Spin Liquid in the semiclassical regime Boundary Hamiltonian theory for gapped topological phases on an open surface Metal-insulator transition in sliding Luttinger liquid Effective description of correlations for states obtained from conformal field theory cPolarization, plasmon, and Debye screening in doped 3D ani-Weyl semimetal *** Experimental signatures of emergent quantum electrodynamics in a quantum spin ice Non-equilibrium restoration of duality symmetry in the vicinity of the superconductor-insulator transition Chiral Symmetry Breaking by Monopole Condensation Line Operators in the Standard Model 

170614 Multiple types of topological fermions in transition metal silicides Statistics of fermions in a d-dimensional box near a hard wall Inverse Bootstrapping Conformal Field Theories ALGEBRAIC ANALYSIS AND MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS 

170615 What does inelastic neutron scattering measure in quantum spin ices? Two-loop free energy of three-dimensional antiferromagnets in external magnetic and staggered fields Gauge theory of the long-range proximity effect and spontaneous currents in Gauge theory of the long-range proximity effect and spontaneous cu 

170616 Pair states in one-dimensional Dirac systems Squeezed Dirac and Topological Magnons in a Bosonic Honeycomb Optical Lattice Anyon condensation and its applications A note on entanglement edge modes in Chern Simons theory Abelianization and Sequential Confinement in 2 + 1 dimensions 

170619 Exact diagonalization of SU(N ) Heisenberg and AKLT chains using the full SU(N ) symmetry The Aharonov-Bohm effect in mesoscopic Bose-Einstein condensates Thermodynamic evidence for nematic phase transition at the onset of pseudogap in YBa2Cu3Oy Fermi surface, pressure-induced antiferromagnetic order, and superconductivity in FeSe Supersymmetry on curved spaces and superconformal anomalies Schwinger-Keldysh formalism II: Thermal equivariant cohomology A New Formulation Of Lee-Wick Quantum Field Theory An alternative method of formulating QED: based on geometric properties of the quantum state space 

170620 Comment on “The renormalized superperturbation theory (rSPT) approach to the Anderson model in and out of equilibrium” Direct-exchange duality of the Coulomb interaction and collective excitations in graphene in a magnetic field Zone folding induced topological insulators in phononic crystals Duality relations for charge transfer statistics Goldstone and Higgs Hydrodynamics in the BCS–BEC Crossover Many-body localization dynamics from gauge invariance Supersymmetric SYK Model :Bi-local Collective Superfield/Supermatrix Formulation Experimental discovery of nodal chains 

170621 Large, nonsaturating thermopower in a quantizing magnetic field Quantum non-local theory of topological Fermi arc plasmons in Weyl semimetals Magneto-optical conductivity of anisotropic two-dimensional Dirac-Weyl materials Symmetry-enriched Bose-Einstein condensates in spin-orbit coupled bilayer system High-Precision Calculations in Strongly Coupled Quantum Field Theory with Next-to-Leading-Order Renormalized Hamiltonian Truncation How SU(2)4 Anyons are 3 Parafermions Models and Materials for Generalized Kitaev Magnetism Quantum spin liquids in frustrated spin-1 diamond antiferromagnets Symmetries and boundary conditions with a twist Anomaly constraints on deconfinement and chiral phase transition Quantum Kinetic Theory of the Chiral Anomaly Lorentz violation and Condensed Matter Systems Localisation in Quantum Field Theory Fermionic approach to weighted Hurwitz numbers and topological recursion Exact computations in topological abelian Chern-Simons and BF theories Mk models: the field theory connection 

170622 A line of CFTs: from generalized free fields to SYK Generalization of the Haldane conjecture to SU(3) chains Fermi-edge singularity and the functional renormalization group Quantum field theory treatment of magnetic effects on a system of free electrons ENERGY SPECTRUM OF ANYON IN THE COULOMB FIELD 

170623 Notes on the replica symmetric solution of the classical and quantum SK model, including the matrix of second derivatives and the spin glass susceptibility The ǫ expansion and Universality in three dimensions Entanglement Entropy with Background Gauge Fields A Generalization of Non-Abelian Anyons in Three Dimensions Effective Theories for 2+1 Dimensional Non-Abelian Topological Spin Liquids Emergent phases in iron pnictides: Double-Q antiferromagnetism, charge order and enhanced nematic correlations A note on the SYK model with complex fermions 

170626 Topological Band Theory for Non-Hermitian Hamiltonians How to be sure of the topological character of quantum anomalous Hall edge modes? Anomalous Quasiparticle Reflection from the Surface of a 3He-4He Dilute Solution Non-Fermi liquids at finite temperature: normal state and infrared singularities Chiral anomaly for V-A fields in four- and six-dimensional curved space Weyl versus Conformal Invariance in Quantum Field Theory 

170627 On the origin of Phase Transitions in the absence of Symmetry-Breaking On a self-dual phase space for 3 + 1 lattice Yang–Mills theory Frustration-driven C4 symmetric orders in a hetero-structured iron-based superconductor Quantum quench of the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev Model Competition between spin liquids and valence-bond order in the frustrated spin-1/2 Heisenberg model on the honeycomb lattice Evaluating Feynman integrals by the hypergeometry Generalized conformal structure, dilaton gravity and SYK Gauge origin of the Dirac field and singular solutions to the Dirac equation 

 170628 Universal phase transition and band structures for spinless nodal-line and Weyl semimetals Dirac, Rashba and Weyl type spin-orbit couplings: toward experimental realization in ultracold atoms A Symmetry Breaking Scenario for QCD3  ******** Perturbative and global anomalies in bosonic analogues of integer quantum Hall and topological insulator phases Constraining forces causing the Meissner effect Gauge from holography Operator bases, S-matrices, and their partition functions Two dimensional metallic phases from disordered QED3 Holography for field theory solitons 

170629 Optical response in Weyl semimetal in model with gapped Dirac phase Dynamic current-current susceptibility in 3D Dirac and Weyl semimetals From quantum spin liquid to paramagnetic ground states in disordered non-Kramers pyrochlores Uncertainty Relations and Quantum Corrections in Noncommutative Quantum Mechanics on a Curved Space 

170630 Mo ̈bius topological superconductivity in UPt3 Composite fermions in bands with N-fold rotational symmetry Chiral response in lattice models of Weyl materials *** Topological Landau Lattice RKKY interaction of magnetic impurities in multi-Weyl semimetals Time-reversal and spatial reflection symmetry localization anomalies in (2+1)D topological phases of matter Dimensional Reduction and Topological Invariants of Symmetry Protected Topological Phases **** From effective Hamiltonian to anomaly inflow in topological orders with boundaries REMARKS ON A NEW POSSIBLE DISCRETIZATION SCHEME FOR GAUGE THEORIES