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170703 Tracing the nonequilibrium topological state of Chern insulators Robustness of Majorana edge modes and topological order — exact results for the symmetric interacting Kitaev chain with disorder Signatures of Quantum Spin Liquid in Kitaev-like Frustrated Magnets Itinerant quantum critical point with frustration and non-Fermi-liquid Double valley Dirac fermions for 3D and 2D Hg1−xCdxTe with strong asymmetry Topological Chern-Simons/Matter Theories Triviality of quantum electrodynamics revisited Note on correlation functions in conformal quantum mechanics Covariant variational approach to Yang-Mills Theory: Thermodynamics Logic of gauge ******

170704 Residual Fermi Arc and Residual Hall Conductivity in Tilted Weyl Semi-Metals Momentum-Space Cigar Geometry in Topological Phases Anisotropic chiral magnetic effect from tilted Weyl cones Goldstone mode and pair-breaking excitations in atomic Fermi superfluids  Dynamics of topological excitations in a model quantum spin ice Intrinsic translational symmetry breaking in a Mott insulator A functional perspective on emergent supersymmetry **** Strolling along gauge theory vacua A classification scheme for interpretations of Quantum Mechanics Bohm’s approach to quantum mechanics: Alternative theory or practical picture? On Gravitational Energy in Newtonian Theories 

170705 Qualitative model of high-Tc superconductivity Wave Function and Emergent SU(2) Symmetry in νT = 1 Quantum Hall Bilayer ****** Effective Minkowski to Euclidean signature change of the magnon BEC pseudo-Goldstone mode in polar 3He Lyapunov exponent and susceptibility Dirac nodes and nodal chains in 3D Kitaev spin liquids Charged and uncharged vortices in quasiclassical theory Field Space Entanglement Entropy and Lifshitz Models Electric-Magnetic Aspects On Yang-Mills Fields Introduction to the Quantum Theory of Elementary Cycles: The Emergence of Space, Time and Quantum 

170706 The chiral anomaly in Weyl semimetals is not robust High temperature thermodynamics of the honeycomb-lattice Kitaev-Heisenberg model: A high temperature series expansion study Interaction effects from the parity of N in SU(N) symmetric fermion lattice systems Quantum mechanics in terms of realism 

170707 Detecting topological transitions in two dimensions by Hamiltonian evolution SYK Models and SYK-like Tensor Models with Global Symmetry Type-III and IV interacting Weyl points Linear response of entanglement entropy from holography Inevitable emergence of composite gauge bosons The Charm of Theoretical Physics (1958-1993) Quantum curves and conformal field theory Real time correlation functions and the functional renormalisation group Braiding Statistics and Link Invariants of Bosonic/Fermionic Topological Quantum Matter in 2+1 and 3+1 dimensions On the Heat Kernel and Weyl Anomaly of Schr ̈odinger invariant theory 

170710 Structure and Topology of Band Structures in the 1651 Magnetic Space Groups Microscopic Theory of Surface Topological Order for Topological Crystalline Superconductors Onset of Quantum Criticality in the Topological-to-Nematic Transition in a Two-dimensional Electron Gas at Filling Factor ν = 5/2 Photonic Nambu-Goldstone bosons Confinement-Deconfinement transition in SU(2)+Higgs Theory Stability of chaos in a generalised Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model Absence of replica symmetry breaking in the transverse and longitudinal random field Ising model 

170711 Chiral Topological Superconductors Enhanced by Long-Range Interactions Monte Carlo Study of Three-Dimensional Chiral Spin Liquids Topological Order and Symmetry Anomaly on the Surface of Topological Crystalline Insulators Gapless quantum spin chains: multiple dynamics and conformal wavefunctions Fracton topological phases from strongly coupled spin chains Introduction to QCD A Brief Comment on Maxwell(/Newton)[-Huygens] Spacetime 

170712 Chiral Topological Excitons in a Chern Band Insulator Hidden order and symmetry protected topological states in quantum link ladders Dirac Fermions with Competing Mass Terms: Non-Landau Transition with Emergent Symmetry Constraints on parity violating conformal field theories in d = 3 Hund’s metals, explained Generalized Heisenberg-Euler Formula in Abelian Gauge Theory with Parity Violation General Dynamics of Spinors 

170713 Topological order in the Haldane model with spin-spin on-site interactions Unconventional Superconductivity in Luttinger Semimetals: Theory of Complex Tensor Order and Emergence of the Uniaxial Nematic State Phase Diagram of Planar Matrix Quantum Mechanics, Tensor and SYK Models Renormalization Group Methods: Landau-Fermi Liquid and BCS Superconductor Quantum quench of the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev Model TIME IN CLASSICAL AND QUANTUM MECHANICS Confining Quark Model with General Yang-Mills Symmetry and Inadequate Faddeev-Popov Ghost 

170714 Exact solutions in interacting dimerized Kitaev topological superconductors: Topological charge-density-wave and Schrödinger-cat states Heisenberg-Langevin vs. quantum master equation Higher-spin currents in the Gross-Neveu model at 1/n2 Higher spin currents in the critical O(N) vector model at 1/N2 Superconductivity in three-dimensional spin-orbit coupled semimetals Spintronics: Maxwell-Dirac theory, charge and spin Forces on Fields 

170717 Symmetry Demanded Topological Nodal-line Materials HAMILTONIAN AND ALGEBRAIC THEORIES OF GAPPED BOUNDARIES IN TOPOLOGICAL PHASES OF MATTER Surprises in the O(N) models: nonperturbative fixed points, large N limit and multi-criticality Teaching renormalization, scaling, and universality with an example from quantum mechanics 

170718 Absence of replica symmetry breaking in the transverse and longitudinal random field Ising model THE LAUGHLIN LIQUID IN AN EXTERNAL POTENTIAL Two-dimensional time-reversal breaking topological phase without Hall electric current in a two-dimensional Dirac semimetal protected by nonsymmorphic symmetry Observation of topological nodal-line fermionic phase in GdSbTe Antiferromagnetic skyrmion crystals: generation, topological Hall and topological spin Hall effect Multispin interaction of plaquette lattice in SU(N) system Weyl Rings and enhanced susceptibilities in Pyrochlore Iridates: k · p Analysis of Cluster Dynamical Mean-Field Theory Results Critical exponent ω in the Gross-Neveu-Yukawa model at O(1/N) Phenomenological theories of the low-temperature pseudogap: Hall number, specific heat and Seebeck coefficient A Generalized Spin Statistics Theorem 

170719 The 1/2 resonance in chiral fermionic ladders THE SUM OVER TOPOLOGICAL SECTORS AND θ IN THE 2+1-DIMENSIONAL CP1 σ-MODEL One-loop monodromy relations on single cuts The contribution of scalars to N = 4 SYM amplitudes II: Young tableaux, asymptotic factorisation and strong coupling EMERGENT QUANTUM MECHANICS AND THE ORIGIN OF QUANTUM NON-LOCAL CORRELATIONS Quantized Fields `a la Clifford and Unification 

170720 Chern-Simons Composite Fermion Theory of Fractional Chern Insulators One-Dimensional Symmetry Protected Topological Phases and their Transitions Boundary Conformal Field Theory and a Boundary Central Charge Classical Spacetime Structure 

170721 Bott periodicity for the topological classification of gapped states of matter with reflection symmetry Hybridization-induced interface states in a topological insulator-magnetic metal heterostructure Efficient basis formulation for 1+1 dimensional SU(2) lattice gauge theory: Spectral calculations with matrix product states Supersymmetry in the 6D Dirac action 

170724 Fractional chiral superconductors Thermodynamics of Quantum Phase Transitions of a Dirac oscillator in a homogenous magnetic field Many-body Chern number of ν = 1/3 and 1/2 states on various lattices Topological Yang-Mills theories in (anti-)self-dual Landau gauges: novel results Anomaly cancellation by generalised cohomology Variational study of mass generation and deconfinement in Yang-Mills theory 2D Seiberg-like dualities with an adjoint matter Topological entanglement entropy and braids in Chern-Simons theory A Schema for Duality, Illustrated by Bosonization Correlation functions in fully developed turbulence 

170725 MBL-mobile: Many-body-localized engine Berry Phase and Topological Effects of Phonons Magnonic topological insulators in antiferromagnets Emergent Chiral Spin State in the Mott Phase of a Bosonic Kane-Mele-Hubbard Model Deformed Jarzynski Equality Unitarity in Infinite Derivative Theories Birdtracks for SU(N) ************** Noncommutativity and relativity 

170726 SU(N) Fermions in a One-Dimensional Harmonic Trap Frustrated spin-1/2 ladder with ferro- and antiferromagnetic legs Intrinsic and emergent anomalies at deconfined critical points Chiral Edge States in 2+1 Dimensional Topological Phases Eigenstate thermalization in the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model Effective Euler-Heisenberg Lagrangians in models of QED QCD monopoles, abelian projections and gauge invariance Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking, Conformal Anomaly and Incompressible Fluid Turbulence Geometric Properties of Paths in Relativistic Lagrangian Mechanics LECTURES ON BATALIN-VILKOVISKY FORMALISM AND ITS APPLICATIONS IN TOPOLOGICAL QUANTUM FIELD THEORY **** Translational symmetry and microscopic constraints on symmetry-enriched topological phases: a view from the surface *** A Short Introduction to Topological Quantum Computation ***

170727 Realizing Topological Superconductivity with Superlattices Phase transition from a composite fermion liquid to a Wigner solid in the lowest Landau level of ZnO Optical conductivity of an interacting Weyl liquid in the collisionless regime *** Large gauge transformation, Soft theorem, and Infrared divergence in inflationary spacetime Introduction to Extra Dimensions and Thick Braneworlds *** Quantum Walks, Weyl equation and the Lorentz group The a-function for gauge theories 

170728 Topo-fermiology Finite-temperature Coulomb Excitations in Extrinsic Dirac Structures Integrability and chemical potential in the (3+1)-dimensional Skyrme model Ferromagnetic Type-II Weyl Semimetal in Pyrite Chromium Dioxide Notes on the Kitaev Tight-binding correspondence *** Topological AdS/CFT Generalized global symmetries and holography TIME IN CLASSICAL AND QUANTUM MECHANICS Causation, Information, and Physics 

170731 Bulk-Edge correspondence for two-dimensional Floquet topological insulators Replica resummation of the Baker-Campbell-Hausdorff series Correlators in the N = 2 Supersymmetric SYK Model More On Gauge Theory And Geometric Langlands Bulk Renormalization Group Flows and Boundary States in Conformal Field Theories From Quantum to Classical Physics: The Role of Distinguishability