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170801 Time Quasicrystals in Dissipative Dynamical Systems Field Theory of Disordered Elastic Interfaces at 3-Loop Order Discrete and Continuum Thermomechanics Nonlinear Dirac cones Two-species boson mixture on a ring: A group theoretic approach to the quantum dynamics of low-energy excitations Color superfluidity of neutral ultra-cold fermions in the presence of color-flip and color-orbit fields Possible particle-hole instabilities in interacting Type II Weyl semimetals Dispersive SYK model: band structure and quantum chaos Renormalization of effective interactions in a negative charge-transfer insulator A Duality Web in Condensed Matter Systems Wavelets and Lattice Field Theory Calabi-Yau Manifolds, Hermitian Yang-Mills Instantons and Mirror Symmetry Path Integrals in Quantum Physics Holographic Schwinger Effect in a D-Instanton Background Interacting line-node semimetal: Proximity effect and spontaneous symmetry breaking On the Role of Einstein-Cartan Gravity in Fundamental Particle Physics DIFFERENTIAL ALGEBRA AND MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS 

170802 Quantum Tensor Networks in a Nutshell Integer Quantum Hall Effect and Geometric Langlands Correspondence Hofstadter’s Butterfly and Langlands Duality Correspondence between a shaken honeycomb lattice and the Haldane model Anomaly Manifestation of Lieb-Schultz-Mattis Theorem and Topological Phases 

170803 Some views on the Herschel-Bulkley exponent Conformal field theory construction for nonabelian hierarchy wave functions Nematic and chiral superconductivity induced by odd-parity fluctuations ***** QCD Flavour Physics and CP Violation Introduction to Supersymmetry Higgs Physics ε′ from right-handed currents Physics Beyond the Standard Model Experimental Facilities at the High Energy Frontier Introduction to Supersymmetry A guide to two-dimensional conformal field theory Review of M(atrix)-Theory, Type IIB Matrix Model and Matrix String Theory Quantum Black Holes Ultraviolet regularity for QED in d=3 A MATHEMATICAL THEORY OF THE GAUGED LINEAR SIGMA MODEL 

170804 Nodal-line semimetals from Weyl superlattices Discrete Lorentz symmetry and discrete time translational symmetry Spread of entanglement in a Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev chain Topological interpretation of Luttinger theorem Persistent current in 2D topological superconductors Neutrino physics A proof on energy gap for Yang-Mills connection 

170807 Effective pairing theory for strongly correlated d-wave superconductors Crystalline symmetry protected number-conserving Majorana mode in Dirac semi-metal nanowires Propagating speed waves in flocks: a mathematical model The physical structure of grammatical correlations: equivalences, formalizations and consequences Topological properties of the chiral magnetic effect in multi-Weyl semimetals A note on entanglement edge modes in Chern Simons theory 

170808 Geometrical phase shift in Friedel oscillations *** Fermion collisions in two dimensions Disorder-induced topological phase transitions on Lieb lattices Nonlinear and quantum effects in analogue gravity Global inconsistency, ’t Hooft anomaly, and level crossing in quantum mechanics *** Phenomenological Construction of New Dictionaries for Holographic Conductors Disorder and Quantum spin ice CFT data and spontaneously broken conformal invariance SYK Models and SYK-like Tensor Models with Global Symmetry The conception of reality in Quantum Mechanics ****

170809 Critical behavior of the QED3–Gross-Neveu model: duality and deconfined criticality Introduction to Integrability and One-point Functions in N = 4 SYM and its Defect Cousin 6D Fractional Quantum Hall Effect Small Fermi Surfaces and Strong Correlation Effects in Dirac Materials with Holography Magnetic Chern Insulators in a monolayer of Transition Metal Trichalcogenides 

170810 Quantum criticality in a three dimensional spin system at zero field and pressure A gapped Z2 spin liquid phase with a U(1) mean field ansatz: a Bosonic resonating valence-bond description String theory duals of Wilson loops from Higgsing Broken current anomalous dimensions, conformal manifolds and RG flows A MATHEMATICAL PICTURE LANGUAGE PROGRAM 

170811 Superconductivity in quantum wires: A symmetry analysis Weyl magnons in pyrochlore antiferromagnets with all-in-all-out orders Geometric phase-like effects in the thermodynamics of a quantum heat engine (d − 2)-dimensional edge states of rotation symmetry protected topological states Topological Bloch oscillations ****** Gravitational Quantum Hall Effect 3D Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect in Hyperhoneycomb Lattices Chiral Liquid Phase of Simple Quantum Magnets **** Emergent Symmetry and Tricritical Points near the deconfined Quantum Critical Point Superconductivity under pressure: application of the functional derivative Do photons travel faster than gravitons? Dear Qubitzers, GR=QM Macdonald Index and Chiral Algebra 

170814 Nature of continuous phase transitions in interacting topological insulators Gradient expansion formalism for generic spin torques Confinement and Fermion Doubling Problem in Topological Insulators *** The 10 phases of spin chains with two Ising symmetries Realization of “Time Crystal” Lagrangians and Emergent Sisyphus Dynamics 

170815 Emergence of non-Fermi liquid dynamics through non-local correlations in an interacting disordered system Higher-Order Topological Insulators Reflection symmetric second-order topological insulators and superconductors Entanglement Chern number for three dimensional topological insulators: Characterization by Weyl points of entanglement Hamiltonians Electric Multipole Moments, Topological Pumping, and a Chiral Hinge Insulator Composite Fermions and their Pair States in a Strongly-Coupled Fermi Liquid Strong magnetic field induces superconductivity in Weyl semi - metal. Geometrical Interpretation of Electromagnetism in a 5-Dimensional Manifold TASI Lectures on Scattering Amplitudes Scaling dimensions in QED3 from the ε-expansion QUANTUM LOCALISATION ON THE CIRCLE The universal meaning of the quantum of action 

170816 Anomalous thermoelectric phenomena in lattice models of multi-Weyl semimetals Hidden-symmetry-protected Z2 topological insulator in a cubic lattice HOMOTOPY THEORETIC CLASSIFICATION OF SYMMETRY PROTECTED PHASES *** Emergence of Topological Nodal Lines and Type II Weyl Nodes in Strong Spin–Orbit Coupling System InNbX2(X=S,Se) Weyl-type topological phase transitions in fractional quantum Hall-like systems Quantum Field Theory, Feynman and Wheeler Propagators, Dimensional Regularization in Configuration Space, and Convolution of Lorentz Invariant Tempered Distributions The ıǫ prescription in the SYK model ***

170817 Superconductivity vs quantum criticality: effects of thermal fluctuations Quantum Field Theory of Fracton Topological Order and “Topological” Degeneracy from Geometry *** Fermionic spinon theory of square lattice spin liquids near the N ́eel state *** Topological deconfinement transition in QCD at finite isospin density A MAGNETIC DOUBLE INTEGRAL Quantum mechanics with space-time noncommutativity *** Analysis of the Jun Ishiwara’s "The universal meaning of the quantum of action" 

170818 Observation of a phononic quadrupole topological insulator Boundary time crystals On the thermodynamic implications of path integral formalism of quantum mechanics Exact Excited States of Non-Integrable Models No smooth beginning for spacetime Exact solutions and topological phase diagram in interacting dimerized Kitaev topological superconductors Sheaf lines of Yang-Mills Instanton Sheaves Topologically Ordered States in Infinite Quantum Spin Systems **** The Algebra of the Pseudo-Observables I: Why Quantum Mechanics is the ultimate description of Reality The Algebra of the Pseudo-Observables II: The Measurement Problem The Algebra of the Pseudo-Observables III: Transformations and Time Evolution Introducing advanced concepts for young students 

170821 Weyl states and Fermi arcs in parabolic bands Strongly-coupled anisotropic gauge theories and holography A String Theory Which Isn’t About Strings Fermionic spinon theory of square lattice spin liquids near the N ́eel state A NEW APPROACH TO TWISTED K-THEORY OF COMPACT LIE GROUPS ON GEOMETRY AND SYMMETRY OF KEPLER SYSTEMS. I. Are black holes about information? 

170822 Solitons in a modified discrete nonlinear Schr ̈odinger equation Topological invariants of Floquet systems: general formulation, special properties, and Floquet topological defects Critical (Chiral) Heisenberg Model with the Functional Renormalisation Group A mechanism of 1 e2 conductance plateau without 1D chiral Majorana fermions *** Non-Hermitian Topological Theory of Finite-Lifetime Quasiparticles: Prediction of Bulk Fermi Arc Due to Exceptional Point Topological systems out of equilibrium: why and when the Bott index changes *** Dimensional Regularization of Renyi’s Statistical Mechanics Matter fields interacting with photons Strong Coupling Limit of A Family of Chern-Simons-matter Theories On the Conservation of Information in Quantum Physics 


170823 A model of chiral spin liquids with Abelian and non-Abelian topological phases *** Anticrossing of chiral Landau levels in Dirac and Weyl semimetals *** DIII Topological Superconductivity with Emergent Time-Reversal Symmetry *** Long-range interactions from U (1) gauge fields via dimensional mismatch *** Statistical ensembles without typicality Studies of braided non-Abelian anyons using anyonic tensor networks Topology and strong four fermion interactions in four dimensions *** Quantum oscillations in insulators with neutral Fermi surfaces REVIEW ON SPINOR FIELDS AND APPLICATIONS IN PHYSICS *** The Madelung Picture as a Foundation of Geometric Quantum Theory 

170824 Collective modes of a two-dimensional Fermi gas at finite temperature Time-Reversal Breaking in QCD4, Walls, and Dualities in 2+1 Dimensions World sheets of spinning particles The application of the electrodynamics of Born to the theory of the propagation of light in electromagnetic elds [Engl. transl. of kand. diss. (Ph.D. thesis), 1936] 

170825 Topological invariants for Floquet-Bloch systems with chiral, time-reversal, or particle-hole symmetry Direct transfer of light’s orbital angular momentum onto non- resonantly excited polariton superfluid Topology, geometry and quantum interference in condensed matter physics **********8 Symmetry breaking and effective photon mass Quantum fields as deep learning Do phonons carry spin? The Basic Mechanism for Suppressed SUSY 

170828 Topological superconductivity of spin-3/2 carriers in a three-dimensional doped Luttinger semimetal Pure Goldstone mode in the quench dynamics of a confined ultracold Fermi gas in the BCS-BEC crossover regime The Standard Model 

170829 Triple point semimetal and topological phase transitions in NaCu3Te2 A unified approach to the thermodynamics and quantum scaling functions of one-dimensional strongly attractive Fermi Gases Symmetry Protected Dynamical Symmetry in the Generalized Hubbard Models Semiclassical dynamics of spin density waves Fermionic symmetry-protected topological state in strained graphene Topological Chern-Simons/Matter Theories 

170830 The translational side of topological band insulators Topological Quadrupolar Semimetals *** Composite Fermions on a Torus *** The Berry curvature dipole in Weyl semimetal materials: an ab initio study Dynamical Friedel oscillation of a Fermi sea Simple Z2 lattice gauge theories at finite fermion density Casimir Force for the CPN−1 Model Feynman rules for higher-spin gauge fields on AdSd+1

170831 Magnetic order induces symmetry breaking in the single crystalline orthorhombic CuMnAs semimetal Review of Tensor Network Contraction Approaches Topological Structure and an Accurate Wave Function for the Enigmatic 5/2 Fractional Quantum Hall State Detection of sub-MeV Dark Matter with Three-Dimensional Dirac Materials Theory of superconductivity with non-Hermitian and parity-time reversal symmetric cooper pairing symmetry Memories of a Theoretical Physicist