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170901 Hall effect in cuprates with incommensurate spin-density wave Signatures of gapless fermionic spinons on a strip of the kagome Heisenberg antiferromagnet THE FERMIONIC SIGNATURE OPERATOR AND SPACE-TIME SYMMETRIES Emergence of spatial curvature Schwinger effect for non-Abelian gauge bosons 

170904 Interplay between topology and disorder in a two-dimensional semi-Dirac material Conformal solids and holography Quantum spin liquid or spin glass: identifying the triangular-lattice compounds YbZnGaO4 and YbMgGaO4 Antiferromagnetic magnons from fractionalized excitations Superconductivity, charge-density waves, antiferromagnetism, and phase separation in the Hubbard-Holstein model Noether symmetries for fields and branes in backgrounds with Killing vectors Quantization of the Proca field in curved spacetimes - A study of mass dependence and the zero mass limit A Gravitational Theory of the Quantum 

170905 Antichiral edge states in a modified Haldane nanoribbon *** Dynamical Quantum Phase Transitions in Systems with Continuous Symmetry Breaking BSM LANDSCAPE The use of Pauli-Villars’ regularization in string theory Aspects of higher spin Hamiltonian dynamics: Conformal geometry, duality and charges 

170906 Generic phase diagram for Weyl superconductivity in mirror-symmetric superconductors Scattering amplitudes of massive Nambu–Goldstone bosons *** Bosonizing three-dimensional quiver gauge theories Untwisting twisted NJL2-kinks by a bare fermion mass A new kind of spin-1 chain model with competing dimer and trimer interactions Landau levels from neutral Bogoliubov particles in two-dimensional nodal superconductors under strain and doping gradients Loopedia, a Database for Loop Integrals Hamilton-Jacobi theory for Hamiltonian and non-Hamiltonian systems 

170907 ZN Berry Phases in Symmetry Protected Topological Phases Weyl nodal surfaces Index of Dirac operators and classification of topological insulators Origin of the Drude peak and of zero sound in probe brane holography 2D Weyl Fermi gas model of Superconductivity in the Surface state of a Topological Insulator at High Magnetic fields One-loop effective actions and higher spins. II Four Lectures on Weierstrass Elliptic Function and Applications in Classical and Quantum Mechanics 

170908 Transversal magnetoresistance and Shubnikov-de Haas oscillations in Weyl semimetals Theoretical foundations of quantum hydrodynamics for plasmas Rotation Anomaly and Topological Crystalline Insulators *** Building Blocks of Topological Quantum Chemistry: Elementary Band Representations Topological phase transitions in the photonic spin Hall effect The BCS wave function, matrix product states, and the Ising conformal field theory Fermion condensation and super pivotal categories Lauglin wave function, Berry Phase and Quantization Numerical methods in the Conformal Bootstrap 

170911 THE PIN GROUPS IN GENERAL RELATIVITY Multi-critical k scalar theories: A perturbative RG approach with ε-expansion Z4 Parafermions in an interacting quantum spin Hall Josephson junction coupled to an impurity spin Strain in Weyl semimetals. A continuum approach. 

170912 Electrons and composite Dirac fermions in the lowest Landau level Quantum criticality and duality in the SYK/AdS2 chain Free Will in the Theory of Everything Classical electromagnetic potential as a part of gravitational connection: ideas and history 

170913 Topological phases in the non-Hermitian Su-Schrieffer-Heeger model Fermion bag approach to Hamiltonian lattice field theories in continuous time Extended quantum field theory, index theory and the parity anomaly **** Theta, Time Reversal, and Temperature ****** Vacuum and Symmetry Breaking: New Approach Mass, zero mass and . . . nophysics The isolated electron: De Broglie’s ”hidden” thermodynamics, SU(2) Quantum Yang-Mills theory, and a strongly perturbed BPS monopole Time, E8, and the Standard Model Four revolutions in physics and the second quantum revolution – a unification of force and matter by quantum information 

170914 Transition from nodal loop to nodal chain phase in a periodically modulated optical lattice Tight-binding dispersion of the prismatic pentagonal lattice Stability and Lifetime of Antiferromagnetic Skyrmions Quantum Hall States and Conformal Field Theory on a Singular Surface A Short Introduction to Topological Quantum Computation 

170915 Topological end states and Zak phase of rectangular armchair ribbon Exotic quantum statistics from a many-body theory of Majorana fermions Contact Geometry and Quantum Mechanics TASI Lectures on Collider Physics Scattering Amplitudes For All Masses and Spins Symmetry operators and separation of variables in the (2 + 1)-dimensional Dirac equation with external electromagnetic field CAUSAL FERMION SYSTEMS: A PRIMER FOR LORENTZIAN GEOMETERS Discrete field theory: symmetries and conservation laws 

170918 Two topologically distinct Dirac-line semimetal phases and topological phase transitions in rhombohedrally stacked honeycomb lattices Energy spectrum of the Kronig-Penney model in the presence of the strong spin-orbit coupling Critical behavior of an impurity at the boson superfluid-Mott insulator transition Emergent SU(4) Symmetry in α-ZrCl3 and Crystalline Spin-Orbital Liquids Excitation basis for (3+1)d topological phases Four-loop critical exponents for the Gross-Neveu-Yukawa models Pairing states of spin-3 fermions: Symmetry-enforced topological gap functions 

170919 Quantum phase transition of chiral Majorana fermion in the presence of disorder Twofold twist defect chains at criticality Chiral pair of Fermi arcs, anomaly cancelation, and spin or valley Hall effects in inversion symmetry-broken Weyl metals The Effective Potential in Massless Theories Full Einstein from Entanglement First Law and Sewing the Space with Entanglement Flux Line A note on “gaugings” in four spacetime dimensions and electric-magnetic duality First-order vortices in a gauged CP(2) model with a Chern-Simons term 

170920 Effect of magnetization on the tunneling anomaly in compressible quantum Hall states Hugenholtz-Pines theorem with broken U(1) × SO(N) or U(1) × SU(N) symmetry Quantum Enganglement of the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev Models One-dimensional anyons in relativistic field theory Contrasting SYK-like Models An Unorthodox Introduction to QCD 

170921 Interplay of Coulomb interactions and disorder in three dimensional quadratic band crossings without time-reversal or particle-hole symmetry Topological semimetals induced by magnetic control of the Luttinger q-term in pyrochlore iridates Chiral symmetry classes and Dirac nodal lines in three-dimensional layered systems Majorana fermions in three dimensions and realization in critical Weyl semimetals LECTURES ON CLIFFORD ALGEBRAS 

170922 Berezinskii–Kosteriltz–Thouless transition in disordered multi-channel Luttinger liquids Hugenholtz-Pines theorem with broken U(1) × SO(N) or U(1) × SU(N) symmetry Organizing symmetry-protected topological phases by layering and symmetry forgetting: a minimalist perspective Noncommutative geometric momentum and angle anholonomy Would Two Dimensions be World Enough for Spacetime? 

170925 Dynamical quantum phase transitions: a review Phenomenology of Majorons SYK Model, Chaos and Conserved Charge Emergent Supersymmetry in Local Equilibrium Systems Force, Torque, Linear Momentum, and Angular Momentum in Classical Electrodynamics 

170926 Characteristics of Chiral Anomaly in View of Various Applications *** Propagation in media as a probe for topological properties Floquet topological phase transitions in a kicked Haldane-Chern insulator Higher-order topological insulators and semimetals on the breathing Kagome and pyrochlore lattices An exactly solvable BCS-Hubbard Model in arbitrary dimensions Type II Nodal line Semimetal Coexistence of antiferromagnetism and topological superconductivity on honeycomb lattice Hubbard model Randomness-induced quantum spin liquid on honeycomb lattice Particle-hole symmetry and composite fermions in fractional quantum Hall states Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Low-Symmetry Superconductors Dirac and chiral quantum spin liquids on the honeycomb lattice in a magnetic field Kondo Effect with Weyl Semimetal Fermi Arcs Topological thermal Hall effect due to Weyl magnons 

170927 String order parameters for 1d Floquet Symmetry Protected Topological Phases Can math beat gamers in Quantum Moves? Eigenstate entanglement in the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model 

170928 Floquet band structure of a semi-Dirac system Instability and topological robustness of Weyl semimetals against Coulomb interaction Exact path-integral evaluation of locally interacting systems: The subtlety of operator ordering A Clifford Algebra Approach to Chiral Symmetry Breaking and Fermion Mass Hierarchies Anomalous Lorentz and CPT violation Time-Reversal Breaking in QCD4, Walls, and Dualities in 2+1 Dimensions 

170929 Electromagnon on the Surface of Magnetic Topological Insulator Emergent Phases of Fractonic Matter *** Gauge Theory And Integrability, I The emergence of 3+1D Einstein gravity from topological gravity *** Massive Dirac fermions in a ferromagnetic kagome metal Resonating Valence Bond Theory of Superconductivity: Beyond Cuprates *** Emergent orbitals in the cluster Mott insulator on a breathing Kagome lattice A DMRG study: Pair-density wave in spin-valley locked systems Non-Linear Gauge, Stochasticity and Confinement Massless fields and adiabatic limit in quantum field theory No radiative generation of Chern-Simons-like term in Lorentz-violating QED: dealing with IR divergences