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180101 Finite Temperature Phase Diagrams of a Two-band Model of Superconductivity 

180103 Minimal model for higher-order topological insulators and phosphorene Parity-Time-Symmetric Topological Superconductor Generalized lattice Wilson-Dirac fermions in (1+1) dimensions for atomic quantum simulation and topological phases A quantum hydrodynamical description for scrambling and many-body chaos Quantum Metrology based on Strongly Correlated Matter Weakly Interacting Topological Insulators: Quantum Criticality and Renormalization Group Approach Non-chiral bosonization and the Schwinger-Dyson Equation Lecture notes on interacting quantum fields in de Sitter space Topology and strong four fermion interactions in four dimensions Quantum Mechanical versus Stochastic Processes in Path Integration A Random Matrix Approach to Quantum Mechanics 

180104 Universality and Thouless energy in the supersymmetric Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev Model Spin and mass superfluidity in ferromagnetic spin-1 BEC Quantum Computing in the NISQ era and beyond Background gauge renormalization and BRST identities FRACTIONAL-ORDER OPERATORS: BOUNDARY PROBLEMS, HEAT EQUATIONS A MATHEMATICAL ANALYSIS OF DIRAC EQUATION PHYSICS 

180108 Dynamical bulk-edge correspondence for nodal lines in parameter space Floquet Weyl semimetals in light irradiated type-II line-node semimetals A theory on skyrmion size and profile Out-of-time-ordered correlators in quantum Ising chain Large N critical exponents for the chiral Heisenberg Gross-Neveu universality class Topological order and Fermi surface reconstruction *** A Classification of (2+1)D Topological Phases with Symmetries Topological gauge theory, symmetry fractionalization, and classification of symmetry-enriched topological phases in three dimensions *** Degenerate Fermions and Wilson Loop in 1 + 1 Dimensions A rederivation of the conformal anomaly for spin-1/2 AHARONOV-BOHM EFFECT, DIRAC MONOPOLE, AND BUNDLE THEORY The Simplest Form of the Lorentz Transformations Dirac quantum time mirror 

180109 Dirac electrons in quantum rings d + id chiral superconductivity in a triangular lattice from trigonal bipyramidal complexes Theory of Superconductivity in Strongly Correlated Electron Systems Topological nodal superconducting phases and topological phase transition in the hyperhoneycomb lattice Continuum Modes of Nonlocal Field Theories Fluid Dynamics on Noncommutative Space Analytical Methods in Physics Torsion in Gauge Theory On ’t Hooft Defects, Monopole Bubbling and Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics Gravitational parity anomaly with and without boundaries Minimalist approach to the classification of symmetry protected topological phases Nontopological first-order vortices in a gauged CP(2) theory endowed with the Chern-Simons action Screams for Explanation: Finetuning and Naturalness in the Foundations of Physics 

180110 Classical Discrete Time Crystals Dirac semimetal in type IV magnetic space group Exact moments of the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model up to order 1/N2 Symmetry, chaos and temperature in the one-dimensional lattice φ4 theory Luttinger theorem and low energy properties of ideal Haldane-Sutherland Liquids Clifford Structures in Noncommutative Geometry and the Extended Scalar Sector Conformal Ward–Takahashi Identity at Finite Temperature Constructive Foundation of Quantum Mechanics 

180111 Many-Body Localization in a finite-range Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model Noncommutative quantum Hall effect in graphene Unconventional superconducting gap structure protected by space group symmetry Weyl geometry *** The Standard Model as an Effective Field Theory Energy peaks: a high energy physics outlook Supersymmetric Theory and Models Topological order and Fermi surface reconstruction Spectra of Gauge Code Hamiltonians 

180112 Bulk-Boundary Correspondence in the Quantum Hall Effect Threes company Floquet Weyl Magnons Dirac nodal line magnons in layered honeycomb antiferromagnets Critical O(N) model to order ε4 from analytic bootstrap Characteristics of Chiral Anomaly in View of Various Applications 6d strings and exceptional instantons Chiral Topological Superconductors Enhanced by Long-Range Interactions Giulio Fermi’s contributions to biophysics and molecular biology 

180115 Hopf-link multi-Weyl-loop topological semimetals Electronic properties of curved few-layers graphene: a geometrical approach Minkowski Conformal Blocks and the Regge Limit for SYK-like Models Minimal lectures on two-dimensional conformal field theory **** Gravitational parity anomaly with and without boundaries 

180116 Phase diagrams of Weyl semimetals with competing diagonal and off-diagonal disorders Polar phase of superfluid 3He: Dirac lines in the parameter and momentum spaces Microcanonical thermodynamics in general physical theories Linking Entanglement and Discrete Anomaly Thermoelectric DC conductivities in hyperscaling violating Lifshitz theories Stochastic quantization of an Abelian gauge theory Remnants from the String Landscape

180117 Berry curvature in monolayer MoS2 with broken mirror symmetry Poor man’s scaling equation for the anisotropic Coqblin–Schrieffer model One-Dimensional Quantum Systems From Few To Many Particles Gauge fixing, canonical forms and optimal truncations in tensor networks with closed loops Loop Models, Modular Invariance, and Three Dimensional Bosonization Tunneling Topological Vacua via Extended Operators: TQFT Spectra and Boundary Deconfinement in Various Dimensions TOPOLOGICALLY MASSIVE YANG-MILLS THEORY AND LINK INVARIANTS 

180118 Do the surface Fermi arcs in Weyl semimetals survive disorder? Rules for Phase Shifts of Quantum Oscillations in Topological Nodal-line Semimetals β-CuI: a Dirac semimetal without surface Fermi arcs Spin-Orbit Coupling and Topological States in F = 3 Cold Fermi Gas 2 Phase transition with trivial quantum criticality in anisotropic Weyl semimetal *** Quantum Field Theory and the Electroweak Standard Model 

180119 Translationally invariant non-Fermi liquid metals with critical Fermi-surfaces: Solvable models Topological energy conversion through bulk/boundary of driven systems Discovery of new magnetic orders on pyrochlore spinels Why Tc is so low in high-Tc cuprates: importance of the dynamical vertex structure Entanglement signatures of emergent Dirac fermions: kagome spin liquid & quantum criticality Combined analysis of double Higgs production via gluon fusion at the HL-LHC in the effective field theory approach The Four Dimensional Dirac Equation in Five Dimensions COMMUTATIVITY IN LAGRANGIAN AND HAMILTONIAN MECHANICS 

180122 Nonabelian magnonics in antiferromagnets Nonrelativistic hydrodynamics from quantum field theory: (I) Normal fluid composed of spinless Schr ̈odinger fields Turning Copper Metal into Weyl Semimetal Anomaly matching for phase diagram of massless ZN -QCD 

180123 Weyl points of mechanical diamond Floquet Engineering in Quantum Chains Renormalization group approach to symmetry protected topological phases Landau-level-mixing induced crystallization in the fractional quantum Hall regime The Conditions for l = 1 Pomeranchuk Instability in a Fermi Liquid On large q expansion in the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model Advanced Lectures in General Relativity Chiral symmetry breaking and monopoles in gauge theories Spin Geometry and Some Applications Clifford Algebra with Mathematica CLIFFORD ALGEBRAS AND THEIR APPLICATIONS TO LIE GROUPS AND SPINORS Fracton topological phases from strongly coupled spin chains 

180124 Nature of transmission and reflection of light in Weyl metals with breaking of time reversal symmetry Time-dependent generalized Gibbs ensembles in open quantum systems First-order phase transition by a spin-flip potential in BCS superconductivity Multicritical points of the O(N) scalar theory in 2<d<4 for large N An introduction to spin systems for mathematicians *** Charge/Spin Supercurrent and the Fulde-Ferrell State Induced by Crystal Deformation in Weyl/Dirac Superconductors The 1916 PhD Thesis of Johannes Droste and the Discovery of Gravitational Repulsion Circuit Complexity in Fermionic Field Theory Analysis of a gauged model with a spin-1 field directly coupled to a 2 Rarita-Schwinger spin- 3 field 

180125 Many-body localization, symmetry, and topology Experimental Realization of Acoustic Chern Insulator Characterizing Real-space Topology in Rice-Mele Model by Thermodynamics Interplay between superconductivity and magnetism in one-unit-cell LaAlO3 capped with SrTiO3 Notes on the SYK model in real time *****

180126 Field Theory of Disordered Elastic Interfaces at 3-Loop Order: The β-Function Simulation of topological nodal-loop bands on a superconducting circuits chain Molten Antiferromagnets in Two Dimensions A classification of 3+1D bosonic topological orders (II): the case when some point-like excitations are fermions Localized States in Quantum Field Theory The Lorentzian distance formula in noncommutative geometry Four-loop wave function renormalization in QCD and QED Fierz-complete NJL model study: fixed points and phase structure at finite temperature and density 

180129 Comments on the Chern–Simons photon term in the planar reduced QED description of graphene Effective vacua for Floquet topological phases: A numerical perspective on switch function formalism Poor man’s parafermions in a lattice model with even multiplet pairing Fermion Loops, Linear Magnetoresistance, Linear In Temperature Resistance, and Bad Metals Diffusion in higher dimensional SYK model with complex fermions Standard model effective potential from trace anomalies Symmetry, Structure, and Emergent Subsystems 


180130 Out-of-time-ordered measurements as a probe of quantum dynamics Dimensional Reduction by Conformal Bootstrap Veselago focusing of anisotropic massless Dirac fermions Interaction of a hydrogenlike ion with a planar topological insulator Exact edge, bulk and bound states of finite topological systems Coupling of c = −2 and c = 1 and c = 0 conformal field theories: 2 The geometrical point of view Chaos, Instability and a Stranger Metal *** Topological nodal line semimetals in holography *** More about the covariance of chiral fermions theory The Schwarzian Theory - Origins Quantum Information Chapter 10. Quantum Shannon Theory A note on the SYK model with complex fermions Spin Geometry and Some Applications ****

180131 Quantum Coarse-Graining, Symmetries and Reducibility of Dynamics Higher-order topological insulators and superconductors protected by inversion symmetry Second-order topological insulators and superconductors with an order-two crystalline symmetry Statistical Equilibrium in Quantum Gravity: Gibbs states in Group Field Theory Majorana representations of spin and an alternative solution of the Kitaev honeycomb model Volume and Topological Invariants of Quantum Many-body Systems Engineering Surface Critical Behavior of (2+1)-Dimensional O(3) Quantum Critical Points Causality in Quantum Field Theory with Classical Sources - Quantum Electrodynamics Condition for confinement in non-Abelian gauge theories Supersymmetry and the Rotation Group