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180201 Entanglement entropy: holography and renormalization group Instantons from Perturbation Theory Vortices and Vermas*** Universal Level Statistics of the Out-of-Time-Ordered Operator Field theoretic renormalization study of reduced quantum electrodynamics and applications to the ultra-relativistic limit of Dirac liquids The Chern-Simons current in systems of DNA-RNA transcriptions 

180202 Observation of discrete time-crystalline signatures in an ordered dipolar many-body system Fermion-induced quantum criticality with two length scales in Dirac systems *** Exotic Superconductivity with Enhanced Energy Scales in Three Band Crossing Materials Diagrammatic Hopf algebra of cut Feynman integrals: the one-loop case To gauge or not to gauge? Tunneling Topological Vacua via Extended Operators: TQFT Spectra and Boundary Deconfinement in Various Dimensions A master bosonization duality Locality and anomalies in warped conformal field theory Topological Insulators and the Kane-Mele Invariant: Obstruction and Localisation Theory 

180205 Bulk Fermi arc of disordered Dirac fermions in two dimensions Quantum anomalies in nodal line semimetals The Lieb-Schultz-Mattis-type filling constraints in the 1651 Magnetic Space Groups Charge and current orders in the spin-fermion model with overlapping hot spots 31P NMR study of discrete time-crystalline signatures in an ordered crystal of ammonium dihydrogen phosphate Bose Metal as a Disruption of the Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless Transition in 2D Superconductors TOPOLOGY OF THE QUANTUM HALL EFFECT. THE MÖBIUS STRIP MODEL Dispersive approach to non-Abelian axial anomaly TikZ-FeynHand: Basic User Guide 

180206 Topological insulation in a ladder model with particle-hole and reflection symmetries Topological interface states mediated by spontaneous symmetry breaking Full counting statistics in the Dirac theory Interacting Floquet topological phases in three dimensions Experimental tests of the chiral anomaly magnetoresistance in the Dirac-Weyl semimetals Na3Bi and GdPtBi TASI Lectures on the Emergence of Bulk Physics in AdS/CFT Chiral fluids: a few theoretical issues Two-dimensional algebra in lattice gauge theory Why do Things Fall? Unitarity issues in higher derivative field theories Vector Hamiltonians in Nambu mechanics Quantum computational representation of gauge field theory 

180207 Topological phases, edge modes, and the Hofstadter butterfly in coupled Su-Schrieffer-Heeger systems Atlas for the properties of elemental 2D metals *** Engineering topological phases in Luttinger semimetal α-Sn Interacting birefringent electrons: Marginal- or non-Fermi liquid of spin-1/2 fermions Gauge Theory And Integrability, II *** Deconstructing S-Duality TASI Lectures on Remnants from the String Landscape QUANTUM IDENTITIES FOR THE ACTION 

180208 Building Symmetry Enriched Topological Phases from a Bipartite Lattice Construction and Anyon Condensation *** Reconfigurable topological phases in next-nearest-neighbor coupled resonator lattices From one-dimensional charge conserving superconductors to the gapless Haldane phase Unitarity and Universality in non relativistic Conformal Field theory Correlations of occupation numbers in the canonical ensemble and application to BEC in a 1D harmonic trap C-P-T anomaly in bosonic systems *** Stoner Instability of the Composite Fermi Sea *** Excitonic magnet in external field: complex order parameter and spin currents Loop currents from nonunitary chiral superconductivity on the honeycomb lattice High Pressure and Road to Room Temperature Superconductivity Space and Time in Loop Quantum Gravity Towards a bulk description of higher spin SYK Renormalization of gauge theories in the background-field approach Symmetry and Emergence Nonrelativistic Limit of Dirac Theory From Effective Field Theory Why Is There Something, Rather Than Nothing? 

180209 Time-Reversal Symmetry, Anomalies, and Dualities in (2+1)d Global Symmetries, Counterterms, and Duality in Chern-Simons Matter Theories with Orthogonal Gauge Groups Operator growth in the SYK model Pair density wave, charge density wave and vortex in high Tc Cuprates Lorentz breaking fixed points in Dirac and Weyl semimetals. Quantum edge modes in 3d gravity and 2+1d topological phases of matter 

180212 Higher-Order Topology in Bismuth Quantum Oscillation from In-gap States and Non-Hermitian Landau Level Problem Elektroweak interaction beyond the Standard Model and Dark Matter in the Tangent Bundel Quantum Field Theory Symmetry breaking by bi-fundamentals A new product on 2 × 2 matrices The gluon condensate in an effective SU(2) Yang–Mills theory More on Homological Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics Binding quantum matter and space-time, without romanticism 

180213 Hartree-Fock study of an Anderson metal-insulator transition in the presence of Coulomb interaction: Two types of mobility edges and their multifractal scaling exponents Magnetic second-order topological insulators and semimetals Theory of Friedel oscillations in monolayer graphene and group-VI dichalcogenides in a magnetic field SSH model with long-range hoppings: topology, driving and disorder Geometrical meaning of winding number and its characterization of topological phases in one-dimensional chiral non-Hermitian systems The matter-gravity entanglement hypothesis Massive Dirac fermions from holography Axions, Instantons, and the Lattice Supergravity in the group-geometric framework: a primer SU(2) Chern-Simons Theory Coupled to Competing Scalars Chern-Simons Splitting of 2+1D Pure Yang-Mills Theory at Large Distances Geometry of quantum state manifolds generated by the Lie algebra operators Scientific Methodology: A View from Early String Theory 

180214 Topological Photonics Control of Magnetic and Topological Orders with a DC Electric Field Crystalline topological states at a topological insulator junction SU(2) Chern-Simons Theory Coupled to Competing Scalars *** Exploring 2-Group Global Symmetries **** Tunable Dirac magnons with anomalous thermal Hall effect in periodically driven semi-Dirac magnons Selective Phonon Damping in Topological Semimetals What is quantum mechanics? A minimal formulation An Introduction to Quantum Computing, Without the Physics Photon correlations in both time and frequency 

180215 Flopping and Slicing: SO(4) and Spin(4)-models Parity-Time Symmetry meets Photonics: A New Twist in non- Hermitian Optics The Dirac-Weyl semimetal: Coexistence of Dirac and Weyl fermions in polar hexagonal ABC crystals The Dirac-Weyl semimetal: Coexistence of Dirac and Weyl fermions in polar hexagonal ABC crystals Fermionized parafermions and symmetry-enriched Majorana modes Quantum phase transitions of a two-leg bosonic ladder in an artificial gauge field 

180216 Hunting Down Magnetic Monopoles in 2D Topological Insulators Spin-lattice Coupling in U(1) Quantum Spin Liquids Holography, Fractals and the Weyl Anomaly 2PI effective action for the SYK model and tensor field theories Lectures on the Infrared Structure of Gravity and Gauge Theory 

180219 Negative refractive index in cubic noncentrosymmetric superconductors Hidden spin current in doped Mott antiferromagnets A Realistic Model of Cubic Ferrohastatic Order Long-range Coulomb Interaction effects on Topological Phase Transitions between Semi-metals and Insulators Path integral for supersymmetric quantum mechanics and type-A trace anomalies Resummation and renormalons in a general Quantum Field Theory Why nature made a choice of Clifford and not Grassmann coordinates Thermal transport and phonon hydrodynamics in strontium titanate 

180220 Bogolon–mediated electron capture by impurities in hybrid Bose–Fermi systems New Description of Evolution of Magnetic Phases in Articial Honeycomb Lattice Chern-Simons layers on dielectrics and metals Classical simulation of a topological quantum computer Boson-fermion duality in three dimensions Atiyah-Hirzebruch Spectral Sequence in Band Topology: General Formalism and Topological Invariants for 230 Space Groups Feynman Rules for the Standard Model Effective Field Theory in Rξ-gauges Patterns of Symmetry Breaking in Chiral “QCD” Entanglement entropy of (3+1)D topological orders with excitations New spinor classes on the Graf–Clifford algebra Adiabatic Limit in QFT and Spectral Geometry 

180221 Semiclassical echo dynamics in the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model Embedded Topological Insulators General statistics of particles without spin Spin current and spin transfer torque in ferromagnet/superconductor spin valves Fourier optics: basic concepts 

180222 Hydrodynamic electron flow in a Weyl semimetal slab: The role of Chern–Simons terms Scrambling in the Quantum Lifshitz Model 

180223 Topological phases of non-Hermitian systems Spin Ice vs. Thin Ice *** Magnetotransport in multi-Weyl semimetals: A kinetic theory approach A tight-binding model for the band dispersion in rhombohedral topological insulators over the whole Brilluoin zone Quantum field theory of nematic transitions in spin orbit coupled spin-1 polar bosons Higher-form symmetries and spontaneous symmetry breaking Holographic dual to charged SYK from 3D Gravity and Chern-Simons Homotopical Quantum Field Theory ***

180226 Boltzmann transport theory for many body localization Dirac cones and mass terms in bosonic spectra Emulating topological chiral magnetic effects in artificial Weyl semimetals *** PHASE TRANSITION IN SU(N) × U(1) GAUGE THEORY WITH MANY FUNDAMENTAL BOSONS Pomeranchuk instability of composite Fermi liquid TASI Lectures on Applications of Gauge/Gravity Duality NEW EXACT RESULTS ON DENSITY MATRIX FOR XXX SPIN CHAIN TASI Lectures on the Emergence of Bulk Physics in AdS/CFT 

180227 Global phase diagram of Coulomb-interacting anisotropic Weyl semimetals with disorder Experimental observation of time singularity in classical-to-quantum chaos transition *** Probing topological superconductors with emergent gravity Field Theories for Loop-Erased Random Walks Quantum spin ice with frustrated transverse exchange : from π–flux phase to nematic quantum spin liquid Parity Anomaly and Duality Web ***

180228 Emergent Multi-flavor QED3 at the Plateau Transition between Fractional Chern Insulators: Applications to graphene heterostructures Dynamical classification of topological quantum phases The global phase diagram of the one-dimensional SYK model at finite N Topological Crystalline Materials of J = 3/2 Electrons: Antiperovskites, Dirac points, and High Winding Topological Superconductivity Lecture on Quantum Gravity with Perimeter Action and Gravitational Singularities Field theoretic renormalization study of interaction corrections to the universal ac conductivity of graphene Gauge anomaly with vector and axial-vector fields in six dimensional curved space Non-Abelian gauge field optics