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180301 Topological phase transition with non-Fermi-liquid quantum critical behavior Renormalization group analysis for the quasi-1D superconductor BaFe2s1 The Coulomb problem in iron based superconductors From gauge to higher gauge models of topological phases Fracton topological order from Higgs and partial confinement mechanisms of rank-two gauge theory Topological first-order solitons in a gauged CP(2) model with the Maxwell-Chern-Simons action Time Reversal Invariance in Quantum Mechanics Safe and free instantons 

180302 Floquet Quantum Criticality Observation of intrinsic chirality of surface plasmon resonances in single nanocrystals Floquet topological phases in a spin-1/2 double kicked rotor Topological Bands for Ultracold Atoms Incommensurate Dynamic Ordering: A Topological Multi-band Approach Criteria for protected edge modes with Z2 symmetry Duality relation between 3D Massive Thirring and Maxwell Chern-Simons models from 2D bosonization Possible three-dimensional nematic odd-parity superconductivity in Sr2RuO4 Emergent gravity from relatively local Hamiltonians and a possible resolution of the black hole information puzzle Dirac and Majorana Feynman Rules with four-fermions Non-Abelian Fermionization and Fractional Quantum Hall Transitions 

180305 Breakdown of the Wiedemann-Franz law in a unitary Fermi gas Many-body entanglement in a topological chiral ladder Chiral electric separation effect in Weyl semimetals Classical and quantum spin dynamics of the honeycomb Γ model Exotic Z2 Symmetry Breaking Transitions in 2D Correlated Systems Topological Dirac semimetal phase in the iron-based superconductor Fe(Te,Se) Wilson loop and its correlators in the limit of large coupling constant Towards Quantum Field Theory in Categorical Quantum Mechanics 

180306 Even and odd normalized zero modes in random interacting Majorana models respecting the Parity P and the Time-Reversal-Symmetry T Topological Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev Model Strain-induced nonlinear spin Hall effect in topological Dirac semimetal Holographic dual to charged SYK from 3D Gravity and Chern-Simons Axial anomaly in multi-Weyl and triple-point semimetals N = 1 dualities in 2+1 dimensions 

180307 Axial anomaly in multi-Weyl and triple-point semimetals Edge states and topological invariants of non-Hermitian systems Observation of topological phenomena in a programmable lattice of 1,800 qubits Mott transition and Hubbard Model in Holography Quantum criticality in the metal-superconductor transition of interacting Dirac fermions on a triangular lattice Evolution of Magnetic Excitations Across the Metal-Insulator Transition in a Pyrochlore Iridate Eu2Ir2O7 The Conformal Spectrum of Non-Abelian Anyons 


180309 Strong and weak second-order topological insulators with hexagonal symmetry and Z3 index Multiple Weyl and Double-Weyl Points in an Elastic Chiral Lattice Anomaly Induced Transport in Boundary Quantum Field Theories Evolutionary Hirota Type (2+1)-Dimensional Equations: Lax Pairs, Recursion Operators and Bi-Hamiltonian Structures Quantum Interactions of Topological Solitons from Electrodynamics 

180312 Superconductivity in two-dimensional phosphorus carbide (β0-PC) Parity anomaly cancellation in a three-dimensional QED with single massless Dirac fermion Gravitational parity anomaly with and without boundaries 

180313 Duality and ground-state phase diagram for the quantum XYZ model with arbitrary spin s in one spatial dimension Nonperturbative Renormalization Group for the Landau-de Gennes Model Orbital Fingerprint of Topological Fermi Arcs in a Weyl Semimetal A highly asymmetric nodal semimetal in bulk SmB6 Les Houches Lectures on Soft-Collinear Effective Theory Existence and Construction of Galilean invariant z ̸= 2 Theories. The Dirichlet Casimir Energy for φ4 Theory in a Rectangle Quantum formalism for classical statistics 

180314 Mott glass from localization and confinement What spatial geometry does the (2+1)-dimensional QFT vacuum prefer? Quantum Fluctuation Theorems Symmetry-Protected Topological Interfaces and Entanglement Sequences QUANTUM MECHANICS IN THE LIGHT OF QUANTUM COSMOLOGY 

180315 Imaginary part of Hall conductivity in tilted doped Weyl semimetal with both broken time reversal and inversion symmetry Berry curvature and symmetry broken induced Hall effect in 𝐌𝐨𝐒𝟐 Topological semimetals and insulators in three-dimensional honeycomb materials *** Itinerant fermions on a triangular lattice: unconventional magnetism and other ordered states *** Higher Rank Deconfined Quantum Criticality and the Exciton Bose Condensate *** Role of four-fermion interaction and impurity in the states of two-dimensional semi-Dirac materials Renormalized Quantum Yang-Mills Fields in Curved Spacetime Notes On Some Entanglement Properties Of Quantum Field Theory *** Information loss in effective field theory: entanglement and thermal entropies ** Fractional derivative of composite functions: exact results and physical applications 

180316 Chiral Topological Superconductivity in CrO2 bilayers Aspects of the pseudo Chiral Magnetic Effect in 2D Weyl-Dirac Matter Metallic state in bosonic systems with continuously degenerate minima *** Velocity-dependent Lyapunov exponents in many-body quantum, semi-classical, and classical chaos *** Discovery of Emergent Photon and Monopoles in a Quantum Spin Liquid Nodal-to-nodeless superconducting order parameter in LaFeAs1−xPxO synthesized under high pressure Non-centrosymmetric superconductors on honeycomb lattice The diagrammatic coaction and the algebraic structure of cut Feynman integrals Emergent Multi-flavor QED3 at the Plateau Transition between Fractional Chern Insulators: Applications to graphene heterostructures Notes On Some Entanglement Properties Of Quantum Field Theory Field equations from Killing spinors 

180319 Topology and quantum phases of low dimensional fermionic systems *** Doping and tilting on optics in noncentrosymmetric multi-Weyl semimetals Unified Phase Diagram of Antiferromagnetic SU(N ) Spin Ladders A NOTE ON THE QUANTIZATION OF TENSOR FIELDS AND QUANTIZATION OF MECHANICAL SYSTEMS 

180320 Conversion rules for Weyl points and nodal lines in topological media *** Intrinsic spin-orbit torque in an antiferromagnet with weakly noncollinear spin configuration Realistic Floquet semimetal with exotic topological linkages between arbitrarily many nodal loops Oscillations of magnetization in topological line-node semimetals Emergent geometric frustration and flat band in moir ́e bilayer graphene Dynamics of a Lattice Gauge Theory with Fermionic Matter – Minimal Quantum Simulator with Time-Dependent Impurities in Ultracold Gases Spontaneous symmetry breaking and Higgs mode: comparing Gross-Pitaevskii and nonlinear Klein-Gordon equations Efficient algorithm to compute the second Chern number in four dimensional systems *** Single-Photon-Triggered Quantum Phase Transition Quantifying the effect of interactions in quantum many-body systems Insensitivity of bulk properties to the twisted boundary condition Superconductivity at low density near a ferroelectric quantum critical point: doped SrTiO3 Dynamical Localization in Z2 Lattice Gauge Theories Superconductivity without inversion and time-reversal symmetries The black hole interior and the type II Weyl fermions 

180321 Conductance of fractional Luttinger liquids at finite temperatures Emergent spin-1 Haldane gap and ferroelectricity in a frustrated spin-1/2 ladder Family of Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev models motivated by experimental considerations *** Spin-orbit-coupled ferroelectric superconductivity *** Notes On Some Entanglement Properties Of Quantum Field Theory *** “Thinking Quantum”: Lectures on Quantum Theory for High-School Students ***

180322 Hohenberg-Kohn-theorem-inspired functional renormalization-group calculation of equation of state of a one-dimensional nuclear matter Probing Landau levels of strongly interacting massive Dirac electrons in layer-polarized MoS2 Theory of Disordered ν = 5/2 Quantum Thermal Hall State: Emergent Symmetry and Phase Diagram Z4 Topological Superconductor UCoGe Effective Field Theory description of Phantom Fields 

180323 Topological Superconductivity in Twisted Multilayer Graphene Finite-Temperature Scrambling of a Random Hamiltonian 

180326 Stability of Disordered Floquet Topological Phases The renormalization group in quantum quenched disorder *** The renormalization group flow in field theories with quenched disorder *** Master 3d Bosonization Duality with Boundaries *** Graphite, graphene and the flat band superconductivity Renormalizing the zero point energy in dense QCD The Non-Abelian Gauge Field Propagator in a Plane Wave Background Field Uses of Sigma Models Theory and Experimental Investigation of the Quantum Valley Hall Effect 

180328 Unconventional Scaling Theory in Disorder-Driven Quantum Phase Transition Periodic Anderson model meets Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev interaction: A solvable playground for heavy fermion physics *** On 2-Group Global Symmetries and Their Anomalies *** Symmetry Breaking and Lattice Kirigami Majorana Corner Modes in a Second-Order Kitaev Spin Liquid Tetrads in solids: from elasticity theory to topological quantum Hall systems *** A Model for Metal-Insulator Transition in Graphene Superlattices and Beyond Dimensional regularization vs methods in fixed dimension with and without γ5 Gauge-Yukawa theories: Beta functions at large Nf SUSY Confinement A defect action for Wilson loops Knots in Physics *** Boost invariant regulator for field theories The renormalization group in quantum quenched disorder *** Three theorems of quantum mechanics and their classical counterparts Duality and topology Duality, Fundamentality, and Emergence Stephen Hawking: To Understand the Universe  Exotic Bilayer Crystals in a Strong Magnetic Field 

180329 Scaling properties of mono-layer graphene away from the Dirac point Membrane theory of entanglement dynamics from holography *** Towards Entanglement of Purification for Conformal Field Theories Orbital order in FeSe – the case for vertex renormalization *** The Einstein-Cartan-Dirac (ECD) theory Tensor and Matrix models: a one-night stand or a lifetime romance? Quantum Gravity on a Quantum Chip THE BERLIN YEARS: WRITINGS & CORRESPONDENCE JUNE 1925–MAY 1927 

180330 Unconventional superconductivity in nearly flat bands in twisted bilayer graphene *** Ghostbusters: Unitarity and Causality of Non-equilibrium Effective Field Theories *** Linked cluster expansion of the many-body path integral On the cobordism classification of symmetry protected topological phases *** THE ARF-BROWN TQFT OF PIN− SURFACES Time and Fermions: General Covariance vs. Ockham’s Razor for Spinors *** Einstein’s Equations for Spin 2 Mass 0 from Noether’s Converse Hilbertian Assertion Extended quantum field theory, index theory and the parity anomaly *** Derivation of the 1d NLS equation from the 3d quantum many-body dynamics of strongly confined bosons Derivation of the 1d Gross–Pitaevskii equation from the 3d quantum many-body dynamics of strongly confined bosons Holographic Renormalization with Machine learning Biblioranking fundamental physics