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180402 Commuting-projector Hamiltonians for chiral topological phases built from parafermions Detecting End-States of Topological Quantum Paramagnets via Spin Hall Noise Spectroscopy Linking Structure and Band Topology of Nodal Line Semimetals with Z2 Monopole Charges *** Effective field theory of a vortex lattice in a bosonic superfluid Fractons *** Universal trends in interacting two-dimensional Dirac materials *** Friedel oscillations and Majorana zero modes in inhomogeneous superconductors Sitnikov in Westeros: How Celestial Mechanics finally explains why winter is coming in Game of Thrones Kant, Schlick and Friedman on Space, Time and Gravity in Light of Three Lessons from Particle Physics 

180403 Searching for topological Fermi arcs via quasiparticle interference on a type‐II Weyl semimetal MoTe2 Gravitational Friedel oscillations in higher-derivative and infinite-derivative gravity? *** heat kernel Friction-free quantum machines Evolution of Complexity following a quantum quench in free field theory Self-Organized Higgs Criticality *** Eternal traversable wormhole *** Transition between algebraic and Z2 quantum spin liquids at large N Pairing symmetry of interacting fermions on twisted bilayer graphene superlattice *** 읽기 Topological Phases in Nodeless Tetragonal Superconductors ** Do we need non-Hermitian Hamilton operators? The Structure of Matter in Spacetime from the Substructure of Time RELATIVISTIC WAVE EQUATIONS WITH EXTENDED A SET OF THE LORENTZ GROUP REPRESENTATIONS 

180404 Electronic hydrodynamics and the breakdown of the Wiedemann-Franz and Mott laws in interacting metals Photo-induced tunable Anomalous Hall and Nernst effects in tilted Weyl Semimetals using Floquet engineering Winding vector: how to annihilate two Dirac points with the same charge Systematic analysis for triple points in all magnetic symmorphic systems and symmetry-allowed coexistence of Dirac points and triple points Intertwined vestigial order in quantum materials: nematicity and beyond Hamiltonian Formalism of Topologically Massive Electrodynamics 

180405 Wigner Crystallization in lieu of Mottness in Twisted Bilayer Graphene *** Face centered cubic SnSe as a Z2 trivial Dirac nodal line material Spatial-Translation-Induced Discrete Time Crystals Confinement transition of Z2 gauge theories coupled to massless fermions: emergent QCD3 and SO(5) symmetry Scrambling via Braiding of Nonabelions Quantum particles in general spacetimes — a tangent bundle formalism 

180406 Weak-Pairing Higher Order Topological Superconductors Nonlocal transport in Weyl semimetals in hydrodynamic regime Tight-binding model and ab initio calculation of silicene with strong spin-orbit coupling in low-energy limit The 6D quantum Hall effect and 3D topological pumps *** Fractonic line excitations : an inroad from 3d elasticity theory *** Entanglement entropy, dualities, and deconfinement in gauge theories *** Maximum Quantum Entropy Method Wilsonian effective field theory of 2D van Hove singularities *** Quantum Criticalities with Infinite Anisotropy in Topological Phase Transitions between Dirac and Weyl Semi-metals Subsystem Eigenstate Thermalization Hypothesis C-P-T anomaly matching in bosonic quantum field theory and spin chains History of the NeoClassical Interpretation of Quantum and Relativistic Physics The Floquet theory of the two level system revisited ***

180409 Hydrodynamics of topological Dirac semi-metals with chiral and Z2 anomalies Intrinsic Spin and Orbital Hall Effects from Orbital-Dependent Level Splitting *** q-deformed Fermion in Many-Particle Systems and Its Application to BCS Theory Path-Integral Complexity for Perturbed CFTs Curious Aspects of Three-Dimensional N = 1 SCFTs Quantum Oscillations and Magnetoresistance in Type-II Weyl Semimetals − Effect of a Field Induced Charge Density Wave Monte Carlo Studies of Quantum Critical Metals Bilayer Haldane model: From trivial band insulator to fractionalized quantum anomalous Hall insulator Scale-invariance as the cause of the superconducting dome in the cuprates A Field Guide to Spin Liquids Dirac points, spinons and spin liquid in twisted bilayer graphene Classification of complex and real, vacuum spaces of the type [N] [N] The emergence of space and time A UNIFIED FIELD THEORY I: THE QUANTIZATION OF GRAVITY Implicit schemes for real-time lattice gauge theory Towers of generalized divisible quantum codes 

180410 Connecting higher-order topological insulators to lower-dimensional topological insulators *** Symmetry Protected Topological Metals *** Bosonic Topological Excitations from the Instability of a Quadratic Band Crossing Renormalization group theory of effective field theory models in low dimensions *** Non-Fermi liquid behavior and putative magnetic quantum criticality in (Sr1−xLax)3Ir2O7 Quantum Machine Learning Matrix Product States Fermion popagators in de Sitter expanding universe: lecture notes 

180411 Developments In Topological Gravity Phases of a phenomenological model of twisted bilayer graphene Gauge-independent Brout-Englert-Higgs mechanism and Yang-Mills theory with a gauge-invariant gluon mass term 

180412 The black hole interior and the type II Weyl fermions Interacting Topological Insulators with Synthetic Dimensions *** Superconducting Phases in Lithium Decorated Graphene LiC6 *** Spontaneous thermal Hall effect in three-dimensional chiral superconductors with gap nodes *** Scale invariance and constants of motion Kepler’s Laws without Calculus Effective Approaches to QCD ***

180413 Structural dimerization, electron correlations, and topological gap opening in isotropically strained graphene Dirac Electrons in a Dodecagonal Graphene Quasicrystal Renormalization group for φ4-theory with long-range interaction and the critical exponent η of the Ising model Topological phase transition and Z2 index for S = 1 quantum spin chains Z2 fractionalized phases of a solvable, disordered, t-J model 

180416 Structural dimerization, electron correlations, and topological gap opening in isotropically strained graphene Dirac Electrons in a Dodecagonal Graphene Quasicrystal Renormalization group for φ4-theory with long-range interaction and the critical exponent η of the Ising model *** Topological phase transition and Z2 index for S = 1 quantum spin chains Z2 fractionalized phases of a solvable, disordered, t-J model Birdtracks for SU(N) ***

180417 Unpaired Weyl nodes from Long-Ranged Interactions: Fate of Quantum Anomalies Topology of one dimensional quantum systems out of equilibrium Nonholonomy of order parameters and su(3) vortices in spin-1 Bose-Einstein condensates Quantum anomaly and 2D-3D crossover in strongly interacting Fermi gases Hidden Charge-Conjugation, Parity, Time-Reversal Symmetries and Higgs Modes in Superconductors Quantum curves as quantum distributions Quantum corrections for the phase diagram of systems with competing order *** Excitons and Composite Fermions as Origins of Mott Gap, Pseudogap and Superconductivity in Cuprate Superconductors— General Idea and Basic Formalism Based on Gap Physics *** The spectrum of an SU(3) gauge theory with a fundamental Higgs field N=1 QED in 2+1 dimensions: Dualities and enhanced symmetries Effective Field Theory with Nambu–Goldstone Modes 

180418 Non-Analytic Crossover Behavior of SU(Nc) Fermi Liquid Schwarzian correction to quantum correlation in SYK model *** Antiferromagnetically ordered Mott insulator and d + id superconductivity in twisted bilayer graphene: A quantum Monte carlo study *** GAUGE THEORIES OF GRAVITATION A Reader with Commentaries Wave and Dirac equations on manifolds Introduction to Effective Field Theories *** Dihedral symmetry in SU(N) Yang-Mills theory Anomalous transport properties of Dirac and Weyl semimetals 

180419 Topological Insulators- A review *** Recipe for creating an arbitrary number of Floquet chiral edge states Floquet superconductor in holography Exactly solvable quantum impurity model with inverse-square interactions *** Dynamical and Topological Properties of the Kitaev Model in a [111] Magnetic Field *** Translational Spacetime Symmetries in Gravitational Theories Leptogenesis in Cosmological Relaxation with Particle Production STABLE TETRAQUARKS ***

180420 Weak gravitational interaction of fermions: quantum viewpoint Mass Renormalization in Lorentz-violating Scalar Field Theory Quantum Field Theory With No Zero-Point Energy Thermal plasmon resonantly enhances electron scattering in Dirac/Weyl semimetals *** Hecke Relations in Rational Conformal Field Theory Critical properties of scalar field theory with Lorentz violation: Exact treatment of Lorentz-violating mechanism *** Functional bosonization of a Dirac field in 2 + 1 dimensions, in the presence of a boundary *** Emergent Dirac carriers across a pressure-induced Lifshitz transition in black phosphorus 

180423 Integrable Floquet QFT: Elasticity and factorization under periodic driving Algebraic Bethe ansatz 

180424 Universality hypothesis breakdown at one-loop order Thermodynamic signatures of quantum criticality in cuprates Classification of Symmetry Derived Pairing at M Point in FeSe ***oskar 2+1 dimensional gravity *** Non-Abelian vortex in lattice gauge theory A rigorous Hamiltonian and Lagrangian analysis of classical and quantum theories with minimal length *** Novel Topological Effects in Dense QCD in a Magnetic Field *** Anomaly-Free Gauge Models: A Causal Approach *** Effective action for the Yukawa model in curved spacetime 

180425 Entanglement negativity of fermions: monotonicity, separability criterion and classification of few-mode states Mixed Anomalies: Chiral Vortical Effect and the Sommerfeld Expansion Low-energy Moir ́e Band Formed by Dirac Zero Modes in Twisted Bilayer Graphene Surface Topological Order and a new ’t Hooft Anomaly of Interaction Enabled 3+1D Fermion SPTs What is the confinement mechanism in QCD? Bose-Fermi Chern-Simons Dualities in the Higgsed Phase Renormalizing Spacetime On Bohmian Mechanics, Particle Creation, and Relativistic Space-Time: Happy 100th Birthday, David Bohm! Life, the universe, and everything – 42 fundamental questions 

180426 Coherent Dirac-plasmons in topological insulators Trivial topological phase of CaAgP and the topological nodal-line transition in CaAg(P1-xAsx) Dynamical Quantum Phase Transitions: A Geometric Picture ETH and Modular Invariance of 2D CFTs Strongly Interacting Weyl Semimetals: Stability of the Semimetallic Phase and Emergence of Almost Free Fermions Wannier Pairs in the Superconducting Twisted Bilayer Graphene and Related Systems Resummation and renormalons in a general Quantum Field Theory Kinetic theory for classical and quantum many-body chaos ***

180427 High intrinsic ZT in Inp1 monolayer at room temperature Fermionic Lieb-Schultz-Mattis Theorems and Weak Symmetry-Protected Phases *** Dusting layered superconducting wire with magnetic atoms to realize Majorana zero mode *** Wilson loop approach to topological crystalline insulators with time reversal symmetry *** The zeroth law of thermodynamics is redundant Shockwave S-matrix from Schwarzian Quantum Mechanics The Thouless time for mass-deformed SYK *** Critical Exponents of Nonequilibrium Phase Transitions in AdS/CFT Correspondence Shape of a skyrmion Index and duality of minimal N = 4 Chern-Simons-matter theories HEAT KERNEL UPPER BOUNDS FOR INTERACTING PARTICLE SYSTEMS *** Correlation functions of the integrable SU(n) spin chain Tight-binding equations for longitudinally driven waveguides: Lieb and Kagome lattices *** Sector models—A toolkit for teaching general relativity: II. Geodesics Dynamical topological invariant for non-Hermitian Rice-Mele model ***

180430 Spin Connections for Non-relativistic Electrons on Curves and Surfaces *** On the landscape of scale invariance in quantum mechanics Generating Weyl semimetals from alkali metals Spindle Nodal Chain in Three-Dimensional α Boron Synthetic Gauge Fields for Lattices with Multi-Orbital Unit Cells: Routes towards a π-flux Dice Lattice with Flat Bands Symmetry-protected Topological Phases in Lattice Gauge Theories: Topological QED2 *** Measuring Hopf links and Hopf invariants in a quenched topological Raman lattice Effective field theoretical Study of the Susceptibilities of the Amplitude Mode in 2D dilute Boson gas *** Strongly Interacting Fermi Gases: Hydrodynamics and Beyond *** Biology is a constructive physics Topological superconductivity in Kondo-Kitaev model On Hopf-induced deformation of topological locus The Topology of Double Field Theory Chiral tricritical point: a new universality class in Dirac systems