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180601 The integer quantum Hall plateau transition is a current algebra after all Majorana Kramers pairs in higher-order topological insulators Resurgence and Lefschetz thimble in 3d N = 2 supersymmetric Chern-Simons matter theories Universal properties of many-body quantum chaos at Gross-Neveu criticality *** The P(φ)2 Model on de Sitter Space ***

180604 Gate-Tunable Topological Flat Bands in Trilayer Graphene-Boron Nitride Moire ́ Superlattices Flat bands and the physics of strongly correlated Fermi systems Chiral Flow in One-dimensional Floquet Topological Insulators TOPOLOGICAL DUALITIES IN THE ISING MODEL The attraction between antiferromagnetic quantum vortices as origin of superconductivity in cuprates 

180605 Machine learning of quantum phase transitions A modular-invariant modified Weierstrass sigma-function as a building block for lowest-Landau-level wavefunctions on the torus Chiral Magnetic Skyrmions with Arbitrary Topological Charge ( “Skyrmionic Sacks” ) A bound on superconducting Tc’s *** Baryon asymmetry in the standard model revisited Toric geometry and regularization of Feynman integrals Index Theorems and Domain Walls A Mini-Introduction To Information Theory How Electrons Spin U(1) symmetry breaking under canonical transformation in real scalar field theory A gapped SU(3) spin liquid with Z3 topological order 

180606 Mode-Coupling Theory of the Glass Transition: A Primer Photon spin-1 quantization in continuum topological bosonic phases Scaling of the chiral magnetic effect in quantum diffusive Weyl semimetals Magnetic Order with Fractionalized Excitations: Applications to Yb2Ti2O7 *** On Dualities and Equivalences Between Physical Theories Lie Groupoids in Classical Field Theory II: Gauge Theories, Minimal Coupling and Utiyama’s Theorem 

180607 Starfruit-like nodal semimetal to Dirac and Weyl semimetal state in CaAuAs *** Composite Weyl semimetal as a parent state for three dimensional topologically ordered phases *** Optical Signatures of Dirac Nodal-lines in NbAs2 The Anomalous Hall Effect in Magnetic Topological Insulators Numerical study of the chiral Z3 quantum phase transition in one spatial dimension *** Emergent topological spin structures in a centrosymmetric cubic perovskite *** Bilayer Kitaev models: Phase diagrams and novel phases *** Generalized U(1) Gauge Field Theories and Fractal Dynamics *** TASI Lectures on F-theory ***

180608 Dynamical signature of moire pattern in non-Hermitian ladder Spin liquid fingerprints in the thermal transport of a Kitaev-Heisenberg ladder *** Restoring gauge invariance in conventional fluctuation corrections to a superconductor *** Anomaly matching and symmetry-protected critical phases in SU(N) spin systems in 1+1 dimensions *** Landau-Zener transitions for Majorana fermions A Hamiltonian for Relativistic Interacting Many Particles 

180611 Fractional topological insulator precursors in spin-orbit fermion ladders Interlayer Interactions and the Fermi Energy of Bilayer Composite Fermion Metals Topological switch between second-order topological insulators and topological crystalline insulators Unconventional minimal subtraction and Callan-Symanzik methods for Lorentz-violating Renormalization Group Circuits for Weakly Interacting Continuum Field Theories Triangular antiferromagnetism on the honeycomb lattice of twisted bilayer graphene Landau theory of multipolar orders in Pr(TM)2X20 Kondo materials 

180612 Analytic continuation via ‘domain-knowledge free’ ma- chine learning Machine-learning Skyrmions Topological Materials Discovery By Large-order Symmetry Indicators *** Electronic properties of strained double-Weyl systems Higher-order topological insulators protected by (roto)inversion symmetries Extended Coulomb liquid of paired hardcore boson model on a pyrochlore lattice Geometry of flux attachment in anisotropic fractional quantum Hall states New state of matter: heavy-fermion systems, quantum spin liquids, quasicrystals, cold gases, and high temperature superconductors Cooper instability generated by attractive fermion-fermion interaction in the two-dimensional semi-Dirac semimetals *** Bogoliubov Fermi surfaces: General theory, magnetic order, and topology Strange superconductivity near an antiferromagnetic heavy fermion quantum critical point 

180613 Dynamical conductivity in topological nodal-line semimetal ZrSiS Quantum anomaly in a quasi-two-dimensional strongly interacting Fermi gas Lattice Construction of Duality with Non-Abelian Gauge Fields in 2+1D Strong-Weak Chern-Simons-Matter Dualities from a Lattice Construction Intermediate gapless phase and topological phase transition of Kitaev model in a uniform magnetic field Complex magnetism and non-Fermi liquid state in the vicinity of the quantum critical point in the CeCo1−xFexGe3 series *** Superconductivity arising from layer-differentiation in multi-layer cuprates Renormalization group consistency and low-energy effective theories SPECTRUM OF SYK MODEL 

180614 Theory of the Hall effect in three-dimensional metamaterials Detecting topological phases via survival probabilities of edge Majorana fermions Cage-Net Fracton Models Counter-rotating spiral order in three dimensional iridates: signature of hidden symmetry in Kitaev-Γ model Critical behavior of Dirac fermions from perturbative renormalization Characterization of quantum spin liquids and their spinon band structures via functional renormalization Lattice Construction of Duality with Non-Abelian Gauge Fields in 2+1D Strong-Weak Chern-Simons-Matter Dualities from a Lattice Construction 

180615 Disorder in quantum many-body systems Spin-orbit coupling and topological phases for ultracold atoms Four-dimensional topological lattices without gauge fields *** The Generalized Kadanoff-Baym Ansatz with Initial Correlations On the Physical Interpretation of the Dirac Wavefunction II: The Massive Dirac Field 

180618 Fractional Excitonic Insulator Electrostatic effects and band distortions in twisted graphene bilayers Orbital Magnetic Tilting and Majorana Spin Connection Boson-fermion duality in a gravitational background 

180619 θ-Tunable Photoluminescence from Interlayer Excitons in Twisted Bilayer Graphene Hopfions in chiral magnets Non-reciprocal spin wave in a chiral antiferromagnet without the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction *** Hall Conductance of a Non-Hermitian Chern Insulator Impurity-induced vector spin chirality and anomalous Hall effect in ferromagnetic metals Topological Metamaterials based on polariton rings Weyl systems: anomalous transport normally explained Relativistic treatment of the energy shifts caused by static electromagnetic effects on free electrons Conformal field theory analysis for QCD Kondo effect Rotating solutions of nonideal transverse Chern-Simons magnetohydrodynamics and the anomalous Hall current A semiclassical ramp in SYK and in gravity Majorana-Hubbard model on the honeycomb lattice Pristine Mott Insulator from an Exactly Solvable Spin-1/2 Kitaev Model 

180620 Floquet chiral magnetic effect Edge states at the interface of non-Hermitian systems Negative temperature for negative lapse function Roton-phonon excitations in Chern-Simons matter theory at finite density Hidden Charge Order of Interacting Dirac Fermions on the Honeycomb Lattice Universal behavior of quantum spin liquid and optical conductivity in the insulator herbertsmithite A New Platform for Nodal Topological Superconductors in Monolayer Molybdenum Dichalcogenides 

180621 Strong Disorder RG approach - a short review of recent developments Antiferro-valley order and topological superconductivity in the Moire superlattice of an ABC-stacked trilayer graphene-boron nitride heterostructure Band Structure of Twisted Bilayer Graphene: Emergent Symmetries, Commensurate Approximants and Wannier Obstructions Chiral topological states in Bose-Fermi mixture Non-equilibrium thermodynamics as gauge fixing An appetizer for supersymmetry enhancement Non-Abelian Anomalous (Super)Fluids in Thermal Equilibrium from Differential Geometry Linear-T resistivity at high temperature Holonomy Saddles and Supersymmetry Large N expansion of the moments and free energy of Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model, and the enumeration of intersection graphs Heisenberg uncertainty principle and the strange physics of spaghetti 

180622 Spin, orbital, Weyl and other glasses in topological superfluids Nonlocal Spin Transport Mediated by a Vortex Liquid in Superconductors QCD domain walls, Chern-Simons theories and holography Towards holography for quantum mechanics Multi-loop techniques for massless Feynman diagram calculations A unified theory for both massless, massive vector fields and non-triviality of physical Hilbert space of this theory 

180625 Fractional excitations in foliated fracton phases Foliated fracton order in the checkerboard model 

180626 Coupled Wire Models of Interacting Dirac Nodal Superconductors Acoustic higher-order topological insulator on a Kagome lattice Multi-body correlations in SU(3) Fermi gases Building a path-integral calculus Topological Superconductivity in Dirac Honeycomb Systems Fermi surface pockets in electron-doped iron superconductor by Lifshitz transition Candidate Phases for SU(2) Adjoint QCD4 with Two Flavors from N = 2 Supersymmetric Yang-Mills Theory Collective dynamics of Fermi-surface fluctuations in an interacting Weyl metal phase The driving mechanism of the d-wave orbital order in the iron-based superconductors Three-dimensional Chiral Lattice Fermion in Floquet Systems The speed of sound in QGP and SU(3) Yang-Mills theory The Relation Between Classical and Quantum Mechanics The Physics of baking good Pizza 

180627 Out-of-time-ordered-correlator quasiprobabilities robustly witness scrambling Chiral Optical Response of Multifold Fermions Electron mobility in graphene without invoking the Dirac equation Anomalous Floquet topological crystalline insulators *** Direct observation of composite fermions and their fully spin-polarized Fermi sea near ν = 5/2 *** Entanglement of Exact Excited States of AKLT Models: Exact Results, Many-Body Scars and the Violation of Strong ETH *** Frustrated quantum rare-earth pyrochlores *** Full Commuting Projector Hamiltonians of Interacting Symmetry-Protected Topological Phases of Fermions *** The origin of holomorphic states in Landau levels from non-commutative geometry, and a new formula for their overlaps on the torus *** Noncommutative Spaces and the Theory of Geometrodynamics Quantized Ka ̈hler Geometry and Quantum Gravity 

180628 Probing quantum thermalization of a disordered dipolar spin ensemble with discrete time-crystalline order *** Dirac points, spinons and spin liquid in twisted bilayer graphene Topological Time Crystals A Dirac fermion model associated with second order topological insulator *** Fixed points and emergent topological phenomena in a parity-time-symmetric quantum quench *** Effective dimension, level statistics, and integrability of Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev-like models *** Does the SYK model have a spin glass phase? ***

180629 Steady states of interacting Floquet insulators *** Fractionally quantized Berry’s phase in an anisotropic magnet on the Kagome lattice Exact Solution to a Class of Generalized Kitaev Spin-1/2 Models in Arbitrary Dimensions *** Time Reversal, SU(N) Yang-Mills and Cobordisms: Interacting Topological Superconductors/Insulators and Quantum Spin Liquids in 3+1D *** Quantum Magnetism in Minerals