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180702 Crystallographic T-duality Higher-Order Topology, Monopole Nodal Lines, and the Origin of Large Fermi Arcs in Transition Metal Dichalcogenides XTe2 (X=Mo,W) SYK model with quadratic perturbations: the route to a non-Fermi-liquid *** QI.jl—a Julia package for numerical computation in quantum information theory Time-reversal and spatial reflection symmetry localization anomalies in (2+1)D topological phases of matter 

180703 Quantum critical phenomena of excitonic insulating transition in two dimensions *** Enhancement of Bose glass phase in presence of artificial gauge field Spin-1/2 Heisenberg antiferromagnet on the star lattice: competing VBS phases with tensor networks *** Broken symmetry phases of interacting nested Weyl and Dirac loops *** Multifaceted properties of Andreev bound states: Interplay of symmetry and topology TASI Lectures on Moonshine hep-th 

180704 Non-Hermitian Floquet topological phases with arbitrarily many real-quasienergy edge states *** Kohn-Luttinger superconductivity in twisted bilayer graphene *** Topological phases and nonreciprocal edge states in non-Hermitian Floquet Insulators Unified understanding of symmetry-based indicators for all internal symmetry classes ***** Gauss law, Minimal Coupling and Fermionic PEPS for Lattice Gauge Theories *** Symmetric Tensor Gauge Theories on Curved Spaces *** A classification of magnetic frustration and metamaterials from topology Green’s function of semi-infinite Weyl semimetals (3 + 1)-Dimensional Topologically Massive 2-form Gauge Theory: Geometrical Superfield Approach 

180705 Feature-rich plasmon excitations in sliding bilayer graphene Symmetry Enforced Chiral Hinge States and Surface Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect in Magnetic Axion Insulator Bi2−xSmxSe3 ENTROPY SIGNATURES OF TOPOLOGICAL PHASE TRANSITIONS Observing Topological Phase Transitions with High Harmonic Generation Realization of a cross-linked chiral ladder with neutral fermions in an optical lattice by orbital-momentum coupling Novel 3d bosonic dualities from bosonization and holography Observation of a Dirac nodal line in AlB2

180706 Discrete Time Quasi-Crystals Berryogenesis: self-induced Berry flux and spontaneous non-equilibrium magnetism Nonlinear Chiral Transport in Dirac Semimetals Stable topological edge states in a non-Hermitian four-band model Periodic orbits, entanglement and quantum many-body scars in constrained models: matrix product state approach Translationally invariant universal classical Hamiltonians k -space magnetism as the origin of superconductivity RENORMALIZATION IN CONDENSED MATTER: FERMIONIC SYSTEMS – FROM MATHEMATICS TO MATERIALS Spontaneous mass generation due to phonons in a two-dimensional Dirac fermion system Is spacetime as physical as is space? A Gauge Field Theory for Continuous Spin Tachyons 

180709 Colloquium: Quantum skyrmionics Bulk Pumping in 2D Topological Phases Absence of Criticality in the Phase Transitions of Open Floquet Systems The Conformal Anomaly and a new Exact RG Inversion Problems for Fourier Transforms of Particle Distributions Tensor networks as path integral geometry Spontaneous vortex-antivortex lattice in superconducting twisted bilayer graphene Affine-Goldstone/quartet-metric gravity: emergent vs. existent Exact Excited States of Non-Integrable Models Defining work done on electromagnetic field 

180710 Strongly Disordered Floquet Topological Systems Quantum oscillation studies of the Dirac fermions hosted by distorted Sb square net in SrZnSb2 single crystals Gross-Neveu-Wilson model and correlated symmetry-protected topological phases *** Quadratic and Cubic Nodal Lines Stabilized by Crystalline Symmetry *** Floquet-Theoretical Formulation and Analysis of High-Harmonic Generation in Solids *** Exact renormalization group for quantum spin systems Extraction of topological information in Tomonaga-Luttinger liquids Two-dimensional quantum-spin-1/2 XXZ magnet in zero magnetic field: global thermodynamics from renormalization group theory Topological multiferroic phases in the extended Kane-Mele-Hubbard Model in the Hofstadter regime Multiloop functional renormalization group for the two-dimensional Hubbard model: Loop convergence of the response functions ** Fractional Quantum Hall Effect at ν = 2 + 6/13: The Parton Paradigm for the Second Landau Level Anomalous quantum oscillations and a non-trivial Berry phase in SmSb Possible Quantum Paraelectric State in Kitaev Spin Liquid Candidate H3LiIr2O6 ***

180711 Gauge-Invariant Variables Reveal the Quantum Geometry of Fractional Quantum Hall States cQED-like description for quantum plasmonics: from dissipative dressed atom picture to Fano states Topological symmetry classes for non-Hermitian models and connections to the bosonic Bogoliubov-de Gennes equation Exceptional Links and Twisted Fermi Ribbons in non-Hermitian Systems Adiabatic dechiralisation and thermodynamics of Weyl semimetals CRITICAL BEHAVIOUR OF A NON-LOCAL φ4 FIELD THEORY AND ASYMPTOTIC FREEDOM An introduction to the SYK model ***

180712 Topological superconductivity in Landau levels *** TherML: Thermodynamics of Machine Learning The pseudogap regime in the unitary Fermi gas Essays A sketch of brane dynamics in seven and eight dimension using E theory Renormalization of generalized vector field models in curved spacetime INDEX THEORY AND TOPOLOGICAL PHASES OF APERIODIC LATTICES Kelvin knots in superconducting state A unified theory for both massless, massive vector fields and non-triviality of physical Hilbert space of this theory 

180713 Analytically solvable renormalization group for the many-body localization transition Twisted Bilayer Graphene: A Phonon Driven Superconductor Why can the standard large N analysis fail in the O(N) model: The role of cusps in the fixed point potentials Background independence in gauge theories 

180716 Disordered fermionic quantum critical points A critical strange metal from fluctuating gauge fields in a solvable random model *** Deconfined criticality from the QED3-Gross-Neveu model at three loops The Gauss Law: A Tale Exact Solution to a Class of Generalized Kitaev Spin-1/2 Models in Arbitrary Dimensions Levels of spacetime emergence in quantum gravity 

180717 Frustration induced quasi-many-body localization without disorder Topological phase transitions in random Kitaev α-chains Fracton Topological Order and Holography Landau level quantization of Dirac electrons on the sphere Novel phases in twisted bilayer graphene at magic angles as a result of van Hove singularities and interactions Magnon band topology in spin-orbital coupled magnets: classification and application to α-RuCl3 Field theoretic renormalization study of interaction corrections to the universal ac conductivity of graphene 

180718 Effects of Dirac cone tilting in two-dimensional Dirac semimetal *** Topological transition between competing orders in quantum spin chains MATTERS OF GRAVITY The newsletter of the Division of Gravitational Physics of the American Physical Society Number 51 June 2018 A solution to the chiral fermion problem: 1+1D U(1) chiral fermion theory realized by a truly local lattice model with U(1) on-site symmetry *** Gauged Yukawa model in curved spacetime *** A Gauge Field Theory for Continuous Spin Tachyons Observation of a space-time crystal in a superfluid quantum gas Spin operators and representations of the Poincar ́e group Quantum Causal Structure and Quantum Thermodynamics ***

180719 Multichannel charge Kondo effect and non-Fermi liquid fixed points in conventional and topological superconductor islands Landau levels, Bardeen polynomials and Fermi arcs in Weyl semimetals: the who’s who of the chiral anomaly Defining work done on electromagnetic field Interaction driven surface Chern insulator in nodal line semimetals Excitation basis for (3+1)d topological phases Gauge-independent Brout-Englert-Higgs mechanism and Yang-Mills theory with a gauge-invariant gluon mass term SYMMETRIES OF THE HYDROGEN ATOM AND ALGEBRAIC FAMILIES Long-range order, “tower” of states, and symmetry breaking in lattice quantum systems Measuring the distance between quantum many-body wave functions 

180720 Bosonization in three spatial dimensions and a 2-form gauge theory Orbital magnetization and anomalous Hall effect in interacting Weyl semimetals Two different superconducting states and possible antiferromagnetic quantum critical points in S-doped FeSe under pressure Noncommutativity between the low-energy limit and integer dimension limits in the ε-expansion: a case study of the antiferromagnetic quantum critical metal Einstein, Weyl and Asymmetric Geometries 

180723 Generalized Su-Schrieffer-Heeger model in one dimensional optomechanical arrays Dual simulation of the 2d U(1) gauge Higgs model at topological angle θ = π : Critical endpoint behavior Monte Carlo Study of Compact Quantum Electrodynamics with Fermionic Matter: the Parent State of Quantum Phases *** Thermally induced metallic phase in a gapped quantum spin liquid Dimensional change of quadrupole orders in pseudospin-1 pyrochlore magnets under [111] field Chiral symmetry-breaking schemes and dynamical generation of masses and field mixing Anomaly constraint on massless QCD and the role of Skyrmions in chiral symmetry breaking 

180724 Anisotropic Purity of Entangled Photons From Cooper Pairs in Heterostructures Condensed-matter analogs of the Sauter􏰀Schwinger e􏰁ect Tilted and type-III Dirac cones emerging from flat bands in photonic orbital graphene Quantum oscillations of the Stoner susceptibility : theory Real-space dynamical mean-field theory of Friedel oscillations in strongly correlated electron systems Tilt-induced kink in the plasmon dispersion of two-dimensional Dirac electrons THE SPACETIME APPROACH TO QUANTUM MECHANICS Type-II Dirac line node in strained Na3N 

180725 Catalogue of Topological Electronic Materials *** Anomalous higher-order topological insulators Low–high voltage duality in tunneling spectroscopy of the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model Out-of-time-ordered correlators in short-range and long-range hard-core boson models and Luttinger liquid model Boundary Surface Term In QCD Is At Finite Distance Due To Confinement of Quarks and Gluons Inside Finite Size Hadron 

180726 Correlated electronic structure with uncorrelated disorder Paired states at 5/2: PH Pfaffian and particle-hole symmetry breaking Topological Sound Disconnected Elementary Band Representations, Fragile Topology, and Wilson Loops as Topological Indices Towards ideal topological materials: Comprehensive database searches using symmetry indicators Diagrammatic approach to nonlinear optical response with application to Weyl semimetals Z2 spin liquid ground state of the spin-1 Kagome antiferromagnetic Heisenberg model Probing Out-of-Time-Order Correlators Gluing I: Integrals and Symmetries Gluing II: Boundary Localization and Gluing Formulas Fermions and scalars in N = 4 Wilson loops at strong coupling and beyond Clifford Algebras, Multipartite Systems and Gauge Gravity Theory Inevitability of gauge potentials and the Lagrangian Towards equation of state for a market: A thermodynamical paradigm of economics 

180727 Remarks on replica diagonal collective field condensations in SYK Topological crystalline insulators from stacked graphene layers Non-linear sigma model approach to many-body quantum chaos: regularized and unregularized out-of-time-ordered correlators *** Introduction to Gauge/Gravity Duality (TASI lectures 2017) Higher Order Bosonic Topological Phases in Spin Models Higher order symmetry-protected topological states for interacting bosons and fermions Affine Symmetry, Geodesics, and Homogeneous Spacetimes Quantum steampunk: Quantum information, thermodynamics, their intersection, and applications thereof across physics 

180730 All “Magic Angles” Are “Stable” Topological Vacancies in Graphene : Dirac Physics and Fractional Vacuum Charges *** Competing Fractional Quantum Hall and Electron Solid Phases in Graphene Quantum Magnetism, Spin Waves, and Light Solidity of liquids: How Holography knows it A coupled wire description of surface ADE topological orders Hybrid quantum linear equation algorithm and its experimental test on IBM Quantum Experience 

180731 Nodal-line semimetal multilayers Dynamical detection of topological charges Topological properties of CPN−1 models in the large-N limit *** Symmetry-protected topological phases with both spatial and internal symmetries Gapped Boundary Theory of the Twisted Gauge Theory Model of Three-Dimensional Topological Orders Spin Thermal Hall Conductivity of a Kagomé Antiferromagnet The story of magnetism: from Heisenberg,  Slater, and Stoner to Van Vleck, and the issues of exchange and correlation TASI Lectures on Early Universe Cosmology: Inflation, Baryogenesis and Dark Matter Feynman integrals, toric geometry and mirror symmetry Topological phase transition and Z2 index for S = 1 quantum spin chains