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180801 Ultrastrong coupling between light and matter Classical-Quantum Correspondence for Fields The Fracton Gauge Principle *** Pseudoparticle approach to 1D integrable quantum models *** Strong, random field behavior of the Euclidean Dirac propagator *** TASI Lectures on the Emergence of Bulk Physics in AdS/CFT INDEX THEORY AND TOPOLOGICAL PHASES OF APERIODIC LATTICES 

180802 Fermi Surface Volume of Interacting Systems *** Filling constraints on fermionic topological order in zero magnetic field Dirac fermions in the heavy-fermion superconductors Ce(Co,Rh,Ir)In5 *** Entanglement negativity and minimal entanglement wedge cross sections in holographic theories AHARONOV-BOHM EFFECT VS. DIRAC MONOPOLE: A-B D 

180803 Transition radiation as a probe of chiral anomaly d-dimensional SYK, AdS Loops, and 6j Symbols *** Mimicking black hole event horizons in atomic and solid-state systems Observation of a chiral spin liquid phase of the Hubbard model on the triangular lattice: a density matrix renormalization group study Critical behavior of the QED3-Gross-Neveu-Yukawa model at four loops Observable currents and a covariant Poisson algebra of physical observables 

180806 Stark many-body localization Quantum Monte Carlo simulation of the chiral Heisenberg Gross-Neveu-Yukawa phase transition with a single Dirac cone Temperature-driven gapless topological insulator Crossing the chaos bound in SYK-like models Graphene properties from curved space Dirac equation 

180807 Field theory for amorphous solids *** Machine Learning Phase Transition: An Iterative Methodology Theory of Confined High Tc Superconductivity in Monovalent Metals *** Impenetrable SU(N) fermions in one-dimensional lattices *** Counting Feynman diagrams via many-body relations The role of curvature in quantum statistical mechanics *** Thermal Hall Conductivity in Superconducting Phase on Kagome Lattice *** Critical exponents of nonlinear sigma model on Grassmann manifold U(N)/U(m)U(N − m) by 1/N expansion AdS2 holography and the SYK model ***

180808 Scrambling in the Dicke model *** Specific heat and pairing of Dirac composite fermions in the half-filled Landau level *** Correlation Functions of Classical and Quantum Artin System defined on Labachevsky Plane and Scrambling Time Can supersymmetry emerge at a quantum critical point? ***

180809 Discrete gauge anomalies revisited Unconventional superconductivity in the extended Hubbard model: weak-coupling renormalization group *** Faithful Tight-binding Models and Fragile Topology of Magic-angle Bilayer Graphene ******* Fermionic phases and their transitions induced by competing finite-range interactions *** Dirac and Weyl nodes in the plaquette excitations of the frustrated Heisenberg antiferromagnet on the honeycomb lattice Non-Fermi liquid fixed points and anomalous Landau damping in a quantum critical metal *** Bimagnetic monopoles Mathematical General Relativity Kite diagram through Symmetries of Feynman Integrals Phase transitions and Wilson loops in antisymmetric representations in Chern–Simons-matter theory 

180810 (De)localization of Fermions in Correlated-Spin Background Hopfions in chiral magnets Emergence of topological Mott insulators in proximity of quadratic band touching points Inverse proximity effect in an s-wave superconductor coupled to a topological insulator 

180813 Dilaton in a cold Fermi gas Hidden charge-conjugation, parity, time-reversal symmetries and massive Goldstone (Higgs) modes in superconductors Helical metals and insulators and sheet singularity of inflated Berry monopole Floquet Topological Semimetal with Nodal Helix Towards ideal topological materials: Comprehensive database searches using symmetry indicators Topological orders of strongly interacting particles Faithful Tight-binding Models and Fragile Topology of Magic-angle Bilayer Graphene

180814 Emergent symmetry at a transition between intertwined orders in a S = 1 magnet IMPURITIES AND DEFECTS IN MOTT SYSTEMS Interplay of uniform U(1) quantum spin liquid and magnetic phases in rare earth pyrochlore magnets : a fermionic parton approach Anomalous normal state resistivity in superconducting La2-xCexCuO4: Fermi liquid or strange metal? ****

180815 Excitonic collective modes in Weyl semi-metals Origin of Magic Angles in Twisted Bilayer Graphene Kohn-Luttinger superconductivity on two orbital honeycomb lattice Superconductivity in the Bi/Ni bilayer Superconductivity in the Bi/Ni bilayer

180816 Failure of Nielsen-Ninomiya theorem and fragile topology in two-dimensional systems with space-time inversion symmetry: application to twisted bilayer graphene at magic angle Non-Fermi-liquid behavior at anti-ferromagnetic quantum critical point in heavy fermion system Ce(Cu1−xCox)2Ge2 Higher order symmetry-protected topological states for interacting bosons and fermions Classification of symmetry-protected topological many-body localized phases in one dimension

180817 Yang-Mills Structure for Electron-Phonon Interactions Fixed points and emergent topological phenomena in a parity-time-symmetric quantum quench Condensation of non-Abelian SU(3)Nf anyons in a one-dimensional fermion model Classification of flat bands from irremovable discontinuities of Bloch wave functions

180820 Diagnosis for nonmagnetic topological semimetals in the absence of spin-orbital coupling Quantitative mappings between symmetry and topology in solids 

180821 Helical metals and insulators and sheet singularity of inflated Berry monopole Dynamical density response and optical conductivity in topological metals Non-Hermitian nodal-line semimetals Nernst Thermopower of Time-Reversal Breaking Type-II Weyl Semimetals Charge transport in graphene-based mesoscopic realizations of Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev models Emergent quantum criticality from spin-orbital entanglement in d8 Mott insulators: the case of a diamond lattice antiferromagnet Almost pure Jeff = 1/2 Mott state of In2Ir2O7 in the limit of reduced inter-site hopping 3-loop gauge coupling for hot gauge theories 

180822 - Two-Dimensional Peierls Instability via Zone Boundary Dirac Line Nodes in Layered Perovskite Oxides Jin-Hong Park, Seung Hun Lee, Hosub Jin, Bohm-Jung Yang - Mixed-Valence Transition on a Quantum-Dot Coupled to Ferromagnetic and Superconducting Leads Minchul Lee, Mahn-Soo Choi - Exact ground states for interacting Kitaev chains Jurriaan Wouters, Hosho Katsura, Dirk Schuricht - Topological bands and triply-degenerate points in non-Hermitian hyperbolic metamaterials Junpeng Hou, Zhitong Li, Xi-Wang Luo, Qing Gu, Chuanwei Zhang - A Quantum Field-Theoretical Perspective on Scale Anomalies in 1D systems with Three-Body Interactions Wilder S. Daza, Joaquín E. Drut, Chris L. Lin, Carlos R. Ordóñez - Statistical mechanics of a two-dimensional black hole Alexei Kitaev, S. Josephine Suh

180823 Keldysh field theory of nonequilibrium transport in a dissipative Mott insulator Observation of nodal-line semimetal with ultracold fermions in an optical lattice *** Quantum field theory for the chiral clock transition in one spatial dimension *** An Adventure in Topological Phase Transitions in 3 + 1-D: Non-abelian Deconfined Quantum Criticalities and a Possible Duality *** Transient Floquet engineering of superconductivity Renormalization group analysis of phase transitions in the two dimensional Majorana-Hubbard model Spectrum of Majorana Quantum Mechanics with O(4)3 Symmetry Laughlin wave function, Berry Phase and quantisation 

180824 Diffusive Nambu–Goldstone modes in quantum time-crystals A Dirac Fermion Hierarchy of Composite Fermi Liquids Localization properties of Chern insulators Tuning superconductivity in twisted bilayer graphene Pseudo topological insulators Fermion bilinear operator critical exponents at O(1/N2) in the QED-Gross-Neveu universality class 

180827 The double-edge sword of disorder in multichannel topological superconductors Topological classification of quasi-periodically driven quantum systems Topological quantum quench dynamics carrying arbitrary Hopf and second-Chern numbers *** Dynamical topological transitions in the massive Schwinger model with a θ-term Density Renormalization Group for Classical Liquids 1 - Formulation - Ising ferromagnet to valence bond solid transition in a one-dimensional spin chain - analogies to deconfined quantum critical points *** Intimate link between Charge Density Wave, Pseudogap and Superconducting Energy Scales in Cuprates A note on the complex SYK model and warped CFTs *** Continuous bulk and interface description of topological insulators 

180828 Mixed axial-torsional anomaly in Weyl semimetals Itinerant Quantum Critical Point with Fermion Pockets and Hot Spots Strong coupling theory of nematic quantum critical superconductivity 

180829 Dirac Composite Fermions and Emergent Reflection Symmetry about Even Denominator Filling Fractions Nontrivial topological flat bands in a diamond-octagon lattice geometry *** Higher Order Topological Phases: A General Principle of Construction *** Z2 Topological Invariant for Magnon Spin Hall Systems Global and local gauge symmetries beyond Lagrangian formulations Spontaneous symmetry breaking in coupled Bose-Einstein condensates *** Density-operator evolution: Complete positivity and the Keldysh real-time expansion *** Holographic Spacetimes as Quantum Circuits of Path-Integrations *** TASI Lectures on Large N Tensor Models Topological non-linear σ-model, higher gauge theory, and a realization of all 3+1D topological orders for boson systems *** Strongly-coupled anisotropic gauge theories and holography 

180830 Strong disorder in nodal semimetals: Schwinger-Dyson–Ward approach Experimental realization of a Weyl exceptional ring Phases and phase transitions of Bose condensed light Quantum chaos dynamics in long-range power law interaction systems Vestiges of Topological Phase Transitions in Kitaev Quantum Spin Liquids *** Phase transitions in group field theory: The Landau perspective Notes on Scrambling in Conformal Field Theory Trace anomaly effective actions - a critique Phase transitions and Wilson loops in antisymmetric representations in Chern–Simons-matter theory A note on conformal symmetry 

180831 Pseudo-magnetic field and effective spin-orbit interaction for a spin-1/2 particle confined to a curved surface Edge and bulk localization of Floquet topological superconductors Duality for open fermion systems: energy-dependent weak coupling and quantum master equations Direct prediction of corner state configurations from edge winding numbers in 2D and 3D chiral-symmetric lattice systems Condition for the emergence of a bulk Fermi arc in disordered Dirac-fermion systems Renormalizations in unconventional superconducting states born of normal and singular Fermi-liquids Representations of chiral alternative to vierbein and construction of non-Abelian instanton solution in curved space-time Entanglement Entropy, Chemical Potential, Current Source, and Wilson Loop Entanglement Entropy with Background Gauge Fields Diagrammatic proof of the large N melonic dominance in the SYK model