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180903 Driven conductance of an irradiated semi-Dirac material Engineering artificial topological phases via superlattices Quantum walks in external gauge fields Diagonal Entropy and Topological Phase Transitions in Extended Kitaev Chains Renormalizations in unconventional superconducting states of Ce1−xYbxCoIn5 Abelian and non-abelian symmetries in infinite projected entangled pair states QED Plasma at Finite Temperature up to Two Loops Group Theoretic Approach to Fermion Production A new class of SYK-like models with maximal chaos 

180905 Quantum groups as hidden symmetries of quantum impurities Topological invariants, phase diagrams and discrepancy for non-Hermitian systems without chiral symmetry Band Gap Closing in a Synthetic Hall Tube of Neutral Fermions Field-induced topological pair-density wave states in a multilayer optical lattice *** Effective metal-insulator non-equilibrium quantum phase transition in the Su-Schrieffer-Heeger model Inter-node superconductivity in strained Weyl semimetals Nodal topology in d-wave superconducting monolayer FeSe *** Magnetic-impurity resonance states for different pairing symmetries in twisted bilayer graphene *** Fermion decoration construction of symmetry protected trivial orders for fermion systems with any symmetries Gf and in any dimensions TASI Lectures on Abelian and Discrete Symmetries in F-theory Lectures on knot homology GAUGED LINEAR SIGMA MODEL IN GEOMETRIC PHASES 

180906 Random Language Model – a path to principled complexity AN ALGEBRAIC APPROACH TO ELECTRON INTERACTIONS IN QUANTUM HALL SYSTEMS Chiral anomaly in Weyl systems: no violation of classical conservation laws *** The Parity Anomaly in the non-linear response of Nodal-Line Semimetals Non-Hermitian phase transition from a polariton Bose-Einstein condensate to a photon laser Observation of Chiral Fermions with a Large Topological Charge in CoSi *** Equivalence between the Arqu`es-Walsh sequence formula and the number of connected Feynman diagrams for every perturbation order in the fermionic many-body problem Fractionalization Waves in Two-dimensional Dirac Fermions: Quantum Imprint from One Dimension *** Quantum Chaos for the Unitary Fermi Gas from the Generalized Boltzmann Equations *** Shift insulators: rotation-protected two-dimensional topological crystalline insulators *** Phase diagram topology of the Haldane-Hubbard-Coulomb model 

180907 Fragile topological phases in interacting systems *** Tunable Quantum Hall Edge Conduction in Bilayer Graphene through Spin-Orbit Interaction Quantum Lyapunov Spectrum Superconducting gap ratio in a SYK-like model *** Upper magnetic field in superconducting Dirac semi-metal 

180910 Energy quantization at the “three-quarter Dirac point” in a magnetic field Quantization of Fractional Corner Charge in Cn-symmetric Topological Crystalline Insulators Higher spin theory 

180911 Linear response of twisted bilayer graphene: continuum vs. tight-binding models *** ExcitonCondensationinQuantumHallBilayersatTotalFillingνT =5 *** Properties and application of the SO(3) Majorana representation of spin: equivalence with the Jordan-Wigner transformation and exact Z2 gauge theories for spin models The Dirac equation in general relativity A guide for calculations Mean-Field Theory Based on the Sp(2N+2) Lie Algebra of Boson Operators Opers, surface defects, and Yang-Yang functional Gross-Neveu-Wilson model and correlated symmetry-protected topological phases 

180912 Topological Zero-Line Modes in Folded Bilayer Graphene Mirror symmetry and anomalous Hall effect in type-I Dirac semimetals Number-Phase Fluctuations in Isolated Superconductors EMERGING SUPERCONDUCTIVITY WITH BROKEN TIME REVERSAL SYMMETRY INSIDE A SUPERCONDUCTING s-WAVE STATE. Substrate-supported triplet superconductivity in Dirac semimetals Gravity as a Gauge Theory on Three-Dimensional Noncommutative spaces Gauge (in)dependence and background field formalism 

180913 Electromagnetic fields induced by an electric charge near a Weyl semimetal Topological phases in spin-1 Fermi gases with two-dimensional spin-orbit coupling Generalized Triple-Component Fermions: Lattice Model, Fermi arcs and Anomalous Transport Charge excitation dynamics in bosonic fractional Chern insulators The abelian gauge-Yukawa β-functions at large Nf Anomaly matching, (axial) Schwinger models, and high-T super Yang-Mills domain walls d-dimensional SYK, AdS Loops, and 6j Symbols Path integral and Sommerfeld quantization 

180914 Magic-angle semimetals Nodal points of Weyl semimetals survive the presence of moderate disorder A simple Tight-Binding Approach to Topological Superconductivity in Monolayer MoS2 Who discovered positron annihilation? Electrically Tunable Low Density Superconductivity in a Monolayer Topological Insulator 

180917 Colloquium: Ionic phenomena in porous 2D materials and their applications Partial equilibration of integer and fractional edge channels in the thermal quantum Hall effect DIFFERENTIAL GEOMETRIC INVARIANTS FOR TIME-REVERSAL SYMMETRIC BLOCH-BUNDLES II: THE LOW DIMENSIONAL “QUATERNIONIC” CASE Strong Coupling Theory of Superconductivity Gauged Wess-Zumino terms for a general coset space Discreteness of Black Hole Microstates Higher point OTOCs and the bound on chaos A classification of global conformal invariants 

180918 Path Integral Approach to Random Neural Networks Odd-Frequency Pairs in Chiral Symmetric Systems: Spectral Bulk-Boundary Correspondence and Topological Criticality Why it is so hard to detect Luttinger liquids in ARPES? Phononic topological insulators with tunable pseudospin physics Topology and Localization in the Kondo Lattice Model Artificial SU(3) Spin-Orbit Coupling and Exotic Mott Insulators Laser-induced coherent control of an electronic nematic quantum phase transition Chiral and helical p-wave superconductivity in doped bilayer BiH Can a Magnetic Field Destroy a Spin-Density-Wave Phase in a Quasi-One-Dimensional Conductor? Gauging Fine-Tuning Cycloidal Paths in Physics 

180919 Graphene Transistor Based on Tunable Dirac-Fermion-Optics Two indices Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model *** Z2 topological quantum paramagnet on a honeycomb bilayer Geometric quench in the fractional quantum Hall effect: exact solution in quantum Hall matrix models and comparison with bimetric theory Symmetry indicators and anomalous surface states of topological crystalline insulators 

180920 Time-reversal-invariant topological superconductivity *** Self-Dual ν = 1 Bosonic Quantum Hall State in Mixed Dimensional QED *** Out-of-Time-Order Correlation Functions for Unitary Minimal Models Intermolecular Coupling and Superconductivity in Chevrel Phase Compounds Phase pinning and interlayer effects on competing orders in cuprates Integral representation of the Feynman propagators of the Dirac fermions on the de Sitter expanding universe Fragile Topology and Wannier Obstructions *** The Fracton Gauge Principle Entangling detectors in anti-de Sitter space Chiral Higgs Mode in Nematic Superconductors Sign reversing Hall effect in atomically thin high temperature superconductors Spectral Evidence for Emergent Order in Ba1−xNaxFe2As2 

180921 Spin Structures and Exact Dualities in Low Dimensions *** Generalized Statistical Thermodynamics Classification and construction of higher-order symmetry protected topological phases of interacting bosons *** Random matrices and quantum analog of Kolmogorov-Arnold-Moser theorem in hybrid Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev models *** Interaction and Impurity Effect on Surface Majorana Flat Bands in j = 3 Superconductors with Singlet-Quintet Mixing Oscillons in Higher-Derivative Effective Field Theories SYK-like tensor quantum mechanics with Sp(N) symmetry *** Global Phase Diagram of a Dirty Weyl Liquid and Emergent Superuniversality *** SYMMETRY PROTECTED TOPOLOGICAL PHASES AND GENERALIZED COHOMOLOGY *** Gravitational free energy in topological AdS/CFT Exact ground states for interacting Kitaev chains 

180924 Dirac points merging and wandering in a model Chern insulator *** Nonrelativistic Conformal Field Theories in Large Charge Sector Operator size at finite temperature and Planckian bounds on quantum dynamics *** A continuous topological phase transition between 1D anti-ferromagnetic spin-1 boson superfluids *** Universal Fermi-surface anisotropy renormalization for interacting Dirac fermions with long-range interactions Charge-Density-Wave Transitions of Dirac Fermions Coupled to Phonons A Passage to Topological Matter: Colloquium A programming guide for tensor networks with global SU(2) symmetry A note on conformal symmetry *** A note on entanglement edge modes in Chern Simons theory TT deformations of non-Lorentz invariant field theories 

180925 Topological Mechanics from Supersymmetry *** Crystalline topological Dirac semimetal phase in transition metal rutile oxides *** Electron-phonon interaction in magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene Axial Casimir Force: Dissipationless Viscosity In Vacuum Field-induced neutral Fermi surface and QCD3-Chern-Simons quantum criticalities in Kitaev materials *** Bipartite Fluctuations and Topology of Dirac and Weyl Systems Field induced quantum spin liquid with spinon Fermi surfaces in the Kitaev model Weyl semimetal/insulator transition from holography Effective Hamiltonian of Topological Nodal Line Semimetal in Single-Component Molecular Conductor [Pd(dddt)2] from First-Principles Quantum Fields, Geometric Fluctuations, and the Structure of Spacetime Opers, surface defects, and Yang-Yang functional When Fields Are Not Degrees of Freedom 

180926 Topological mechanics in quasicrystals Axion Insulator State in a Ferromagnet/Topological Insulator/Antiferromagnet Heterostructure Two-dimensional parabolic Dirac system in the presence of non-magnetic and magnetic impurities Efficient Prediction of Time- and Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy Measurements on a Non-Equilibrium BCS Superconductor *** Theory of odd-frequency pairing in Kitaev chain The improved Ginzburg-Landau technique *** Brout-Englert-Higgs physics: From foundations to phenomenology Aspects of Calabi-Yau Fourfold Compactifications Quantum-Mechanical Interpretation of Riemann Zeta Function Zeros Quadratic Quantum Hamiltonians: General Canonical Transformation to a Normal Form Is it possible to be objective in every physical theory? 

180927 Circularly polarized topological edge states derived from optical Weyl points in semiconductor-based chiral woodpile photonic crystals Cavity-induced superconducting and 4kF charge-density-wave states A machine learning approach to the Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless transition in classical and quantum models Multiple topological states in iron-based superconductors Floquet spin and spin-orbital Hamiltonians and doublon-holon generations in periodically driven Mott insulators *** An Interplay of Symmetry, Topology and Quantized Geometric Phase for the Kitaev Chain in Presence of Interaction Resistivity of a 2d quantum critical metal The spin-1 Heisenberg ferromagnet on the pyrochlore 2 lattice: A Green’s function study Possible Couplings of Dark Matter 

180928 Cellular-automaton decoders with provable thresholds for topological codes Topological Insulator in an Atomic Liquid Higher angular momentum band inversions in two dimensions Gauge Structures: From Stabilizer Codes to Continuum Models Fractonic Matter in Symmetry-Enriched U(1) Gauge Theory *** Fragile superconductivity in the presence of weakly disordered charge density waves Introductory Lectures on Extended Supergravities and Gaugings