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181001 Quantum criticality preempted by nematicity *** Topological nature of step edge states on the surface of topological crystalline insulator Pb0.7Sn0.3Se Spin-orbit crossed susceptibility in topological Dirac semimetals Tutorial: Concepts and numerical techniques for modeling individual phonon transmission at interfaces Floquet Perturbation Theory: Formalism and Application to Low-Frequency Limit *** Stability of matter-wave solitons in a density-dependent gauge theory *** On The Polyakov-Mellin Bootstrap Novel physics arising from phase transitions in biology Transport across junctions of a Weyl and a multi-Weyl semimetal Emergent D6 symmetry in fully-relaxed magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene Emergent Anisotropic Non-Fermi Liquid *** Time Reversal, SU(N) Yang-Mills and Cobordisms: Interacting Topological Superconductors/Insulators and Quantum Spin Liquids in 3+1D *** The gauge symmetries of first-order general relativity with matter fields RENORMALISATION GROUP FOR GRAVITY AND DIMENSIONAL REDUCTION *** Space-Time in the SYK Model Duality and Confinement in 3d N = 2 “chiral” SU(N) gauge theories *** Isotropic Lifshitz point in the O(N) Theory A 3d Gauge Theory/Quantum K-Theory Correspondence Introduction to coherent quantization Introduction to coherent spaces Entanglement 25 years after Quantum Teleportation: testing joint measurements in quantum networks 

181002 Exactly solvable symmetry protected topological phases of quantum spins on a zig-zag lattice *** A New SU(2) Anomaly Half-filled Landau levels: a continuum and sign-free regularization for 3D quantum critical points Braiding and Gapped Boundaries in Fracton Topological Phases *** From frustrated magnetism to spontaneous Chern insulators *** Ground-state properties for bilayer Kitaev model: dimer expansion study *** Quantified Degeneracy, Entropy and Metal-Insulator Transition in Complex Transition-Metal Oxides *** Z4 parafermions in weakly interacting superconducting constrictions at the helical edge of quantum spin Hall insulators *** Generalized homology and Atiyah-Hirzebruch spectral sequence in crystalline symmetry protected topological phenomena Monoclinic SrIrO3 A Dirac semimetal produced by non-symmorphic symmetry and spin-orbit coupling Counting String Theory Standard Models A SHORT GUIDE TO ORBIFOLD DECONSTRUCTION Introduction to Classical Gauge Field Theory and to Batalin-Vilkovisky Quantization Introductory Lectures on Extended Supergravities and Gaugings 

181003 Floquet engineering of classical systems *** Symmetry-Protected Nodal Phases in Non-Hermitian Systems *** On the matter of topological insulators as magnetoelectrics Crystal field, ligand field, and interorbital effects in two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides across the periodic table Truncated Dynamics, Ring Molecules and Mechanical Time Crystals *** Fermionization of Bosons in a Flat Band A Z2-index of symmetry protected topological phases with time reversal symmetry for quantum spin chains Pressure-Induced Metal-Insulator Transition in Twisted Bilayer Graphene Analytic (3+1)-dimensional gauged Skyrmions, Heun and Whittaker-Hill equations and resurgence Quantum Gravity and background field formalism *** Magnetic Vortices in the Abelian Higgs Model with Derivative Interactions Vanishing trace anomaly in flat spacetime A New SU(2) Anomaly Covariant Inertial Forces for Spinors On the Empirical Consequences of the AdS/CFT Duality Fractional Josephson Vortices and Braiding of Majorana Zero Modes in Planar Superconductor-Semiconductor Heterostructures ***

181004 Quantum Berezinskii-Kosterltz-Thouless Transition for Topological Insulator : A Detail Study of Renormalization Group Theory *** Asymptotic safety of scalar field theories *** Simplest phonons and pseudo-phonons in field theory *** Mass hierarchy in collective modes of pair-density-wave superconductors *** Exciton Mott transition revisited On the relationship between gauge dependence and ir divergences in the ħh-expansion of the effective potential From 3d duality to 2d duality *** Lattice supersymmetry and order-disorder coexistence in the tricritical Ising model *** Field-induced neutral Fermi surface and QCD3-Chern-Simons quantum criticalities in Kitaev materials ***

181005 Topological states from topological crystals *** Observation of an anomalous heat current in a Weyl fermion semimetal *** Thermoelectric properties of gapped bilayer graphene *** Confining massless Dirac particles in two-dimensional curved space *** Landau quantization of nearly degenerate bands *** Topological Devil’s staircase in atomic two-leg ladders *** Introduction to Critical Phenomena through the Fiber Bundle Model of Fracture On quantum quenches at one loop Fractional Chern insulator edges and layer-resolved lattice contacts Spinor Representation of O(3) for S4 *** Scale and confinement phase transitions in scale invariant SU(N) scalar gauge theory *** Bottom-up approach to massive spin-two theory in arbitrary curved spacetime Universal topological representation of geometric patterns Bohm’s approach to quantum mechanics: Alternative theory or practical picture? *** Spatially Overlapped Partners in Quantum Field Theory 

181008 Paired exciton condensate and topological charge-4e composite fermion pairing in half-filled quantum Hall bilayers *** The Axion Insulator as a Pump of Fragile Topology *** Chiral Magnetic Photocurrent in Dirac and Weyl Materials *** Dynamical current-current correlation in the two-dimensional parabolic Dirac system Jordan–Wigner transformations for tree structures Langevin equation and fractional dynamics On the number of bound states in QED3 Coupling ultracold matter to dynamical gauge fields in optical lattices: From flux-attachment to Z2 lattice gauge theories ***

181009 Two-dimensional honeycomb borophene oxide: Strong anisotropy and nodal loop transformation Topological transition in stratified atmospheres *** Composite Fermion Insulator: Neutral Fermi Surface with Quantum Oscillations Satisfying the Onsager Rule *** A complete picture for the band topology in twisted bilayer graphene *** Disorder-driven exceptional lines and Fermi ribbons in tilted nodal-line semimetals *** Topological exceptional surfaces in non-Hermitian systems with parity-time and parity-particle-hole symmetries *** Topological Crystalline Insulators Spectral Representation of Thermal OTO Correlators Unitarity bound violation in holography and the Instability toward the Charge Density Wave *** A Pure Yang-Mills Description of Anharmonic Phonons *** Characterization of quasiholes in two-component fractional quantum Hall states and fractional Chern insulators in |C| = 2 flat bands Ubiquity of superconducting domes in BCS theory with finite-range potentials ***

181010 3D Dirac semimetal Cd3As2: a review of material properties *** Second-Order Topological Phases in Non-Hermitian Systems *** Quantized Berry Phase and Surface States under Reflection Symmetry or Space-Time Inversion Symmetry Finite temperature geometric properties of the Kitaev honeycomb model Scrambling dynamics and many-body chaos in a random dipolar spin model Nematic superconductivity stabilized by density wave fluctuations: Application to twisted bilayer graphene *** Moir ́e Mott Insulators viewed as the Surface of three dimensional Symmetry Protected Topological Phases *** Symmetry Crossover Protecting Chirality in Dirac Spectra 

181011 Electric-circuit realization of non-Hermitian higher-order topological systems *** 50 YEARS OF IMPACT OF LANDAU INSTITUTE ENVIRONMENT *** Ice Rule Fragility via Topological Charge Transfer in Artificial Colloidal Ice Anomalies and Bosonization *** Recent progress on magnetic-field studies on quantum-spin-liquid candidates *** Superconductivity-induced nematicity *** Phase diagram and fixed points of tensorial Gross-Neveu models in three dimensions *** All tree level scattering amplitudes in Chern-Simons theories with fundamental matter Takagi lectures on Donaldson-Thomas theory *** SU(2) Quantum Yang-Mills Thermodynamics: Some Theory and Some Applications Why no radiation occurs in the case of a uniformly accelerated charge 

181012 Review: Systematic Quantum Cluster Typical Medium Method For the Study of Localization in Strongly Disordered Electronic Systems Heat transport in the anisotropic Kitaev spin liquid *** Photo-induced Floquet Weyl magnons in noncollinear antiferromagnets *** Magnonic Floquet Quantum Spin Hall Insulator in Collinear Antiferromagnets *** “Hidden order” and its quantum excitations in the triangular-lattice magnet TmMgGaO4 *** The renormalization group equations revisited *** A Solution to the 1+1D Gauged Chiral Fermion Problem ***** Reduction of Hamilton–Jacobi theory for nonholonomic Systems *** Aspects of the Mathematical Theory of Disordered Quantum Spin Chains *** Feynman — Schwinger Duality 

181015 Higher-Order Topology of Three-Dimensional Strong Stiefel-Whitney Insulators *** Direction dependent giant optical conductivity in 2D semi-Dirac materials *** Duality between (2 + 1)d Quantum Critical Points *** Two-step gap opening across the quantum critical point in a Kitaev honeycomb magnet Symmetries in Quantum Field Theory and Quantum Gravity *** Constraints on symmetry from holography *** Large N phase transition in TT-deformed 2d Yang–Mills theory on the sphere 4D Dirac spinors from IMT: A link between the particle-antiparticle duality and the existence of an extra dimension Topological actions via gauge variations of higher structures ***

181016 Diffusive spin-orbit torque at a surface of topological insulator *** Tunable Flux Vortices in 2D Dirac Superconductors Wiedemann-Franz law and Fermi liquids Monodromy and chaos for condensed bosons in optical lattices *** Tensor O(N) model near six dimensions: fixed points and conformal windows from four loops *** SO(4) invariant Higgs-Yukawa model with reduced staggered fermions *** A Covariant Approach to 1+3 Formalism *** A quantum hydrodynamical description for scrambling and many-body chaos Probing topological superconductors with emergent gravity Canonical gauges in higher gauge theory 

181017 Thermodynamics of a New Phase: Classical (Cosmological) Time Crystal Search for plasmons in isotropic Luttinger semimetals *** Bosonic SET to SPT Transition under Dyonic LSM Theorem *** The Superconductor-Superinsulator Transition: S-duality and the QCD on the desktop *** Generalized Wick Theorems in Conformal Field Theory and the Borcherds Identity Critical behavior of the QED3-Gross-Neveu-Yukawa model at four loops How to (Un-) Quantum Mechanics Effect of Non-commutativity of space-time on Thermodynamics of Photon gas 

181018 Low-dimensional quantum systems Artificial graphenes: Dirac matter beyond condensed matter *** A Differential Geometric study of the Auxiliary Space of Interacting Topological System *** Effective multi-body SU(N)-symmetric interactions of ultracold fermionic atoms on a 3-D lattice Renormalization of multicritical scalar models in curved space Entanglement susceptibilities and universal geometric entanglement entropy Emergence of a new symmetry class in Kitaev model with interaction : Expanding more than ten fold way of symmetry class *** Higher derivative scalar-tensor theory through a non-dynamical scalar field On the time dependency of the rate of convergence towards Hartree dynamics for interacting Bosons 

181019 Topological Amorphous Metals *** Topological Line-Like Bound States in the Continuum *** Dynamics of QCD3 with Rank-Two Quarks And Duality *** Quantum critical behavior of 2D Fermi systems with quadratic band touching *** Representation theory in chiral conformal field theory: from fields to observables Higher-Spin Gauge Theories and Bulk Locality *** Lorentz symmetry is relevant *** Emergence of Maximal Symmetry *** Classical and quantum aspects of electric-magnetic duality rotations in curved spacetimes *** Magnetotransport of Weyl semimetals with Z2 symmetry and chiral anomaly ***

181022 Type-I and type-II magnetic nodal lines in a hexagonal InC sheet *** Field theoretic study of electron-electron interaction effects in Dirac liquids *** Emergent statistical bubble localization in a Z2 lattice gauge theory A representability problem in density functional theory for superconductors *** Spin-orbital-entangled Jeff =1/2 state in 3d transition metal oxide CuAl2O4 

181023 Topological quantum matter with cold atoms *** A Monopole Mining Method for High Throughput Screening Weyl Semimetals *** Dirac’s spectrum from the Newton laws in graphene *** Interlayer fractional quantum Hall effect in a coupled graphene double-layer Non-Equilibrium Field Theory for Quantum Many-Body Dynamics Starting from Arbitrary Initial Conditions *** On the origin of super-diffusive behavior in a class of non-equilibrium systems Strong coupling phases of partially filled twisted bilayer graphene narrow bands *** Emergent Weyl Nodes and Monopole Charge Density Wave State Hamilton symmetry in relativistic Coulomb systems 

181024 Model of spin liquids with and without time-reversal symmetry *** Nonrelativistic fermions with holographic interactions and the unitary Fermi gas *** The critical endpoint in the 2d U(1) gauge-Higgs model at topological angle θ = π Observation of orbital ordering and origin of nematic order in FeSe Large Josephson current in Weyl nodal loop semimetals due to odd-frequency superconductivity Trace anomaly and infrared cutoffs 

181025 Isolated zeros in the spectral function as signature of a quantum critical continuum *** Auxiliary master equation for nonequilibrium dual-fermion approach *** Searching for Signatures of Quantum Gravity in Quantum Gasses *** Critical lines in the pure and disordered O(N) model *** Holography and hydrodynamics with weakly broken symmetries *** On the phonon nature of a gap in high-temperature superconductors A note on conserved quantities for electromagnetic waves 

181026 A poor man’s method to tune the flat-band energy *** Emergence of caustics in dynamics of Kitaev model *** General Properties of Multiscalar RG Flows in d = 4 − ε *** A Non-Perturbative Definition of the Standard Models *** Observation of intertwined density-wave orders and superconductivity in La2-xSrxCuO4 Higher order topological superconductors as generators of quantum codes Real-space recipes for general topological crystalline states *** Background gauge renormalization of first order Yang-Mills theory ***

181029 Shear-induced first-order transition in polar liquid crystals Emergent entropy production and hydrodynamics in quantum many-body systems Lecture Notes on Superconductivity: Condensed Matter and QCD Searching for Signatures of Quantum Gravity in Quantum Gases 

181030 Topological metal bands with double-triple-point fermions in optical lattices All-Silicon Topological Semimetals with Closed Nodal Line 

181031 Rotation Symmetry-Protected Topological Phases of Fermions The Connection of Topology between Systems with Different Dimensions: 1D Zak Phases to 2D Chern Number, Weyl Point as the Jumping Channel for One Singularity and Nodal Line to Merge All Singularities Knotted Non-Hermitian Metals Charge-spin response and collective excitations in Weyl semimetals Topological classification under nonmagnetic and magnetic point group symmetry: application of Atiyah-Hirzebruch spectral sequence to higer-order topology Role of acoustic phonons in exotic conductivity of two-dimensuional Dirac eletrons Novel topological insulators from crystalline symmetries Intrinsically interacting topological crystalline insulators and superconductors Anomalous symmetry protected topological states in interacting fermion systems Seeking Fixed Points in Multiple Coupling Scalar Theories in the ε Expansion