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181101 Floquet topological insulator phase in a Weyl-semimetal thin film with disorder Theory of Strange Metals from Hot Fermions On the classification of topological defects and textures Multicritical Fermi surface topological transitions Imaging emergent heavy Dirac fermions of a topological Kondo insulator Topological Quantum Field Theory for Abelian Topological Phases and Loop Braiding Statistics in (3 + 1)-Dimensions Three-dimensional superconductors with hybrid higher order topology Temperatures of renormalizable quantum field theories in curved spacetime Dirac quantisation condition: a comprehensive review 

181102 Is Twisted Bilayer Graphene Stable under Shear? Spontaneous symmetry breaking from anyon condensation Interaction of surface acoustic waves with electronic excitations in graphene Boiling a Unitary Fermi Liquid Chern number spectrum of ultra-cold fermions in optical lattices tuned independently via artificial magnetic, Zeeman and spin-orbit fields Construction and classification of symmetry protected topological phases in interacting fermion systems Hidden SU(2) Symmetries, Symmetry Hierarchy and Emergent Eight-Fold-Way in Spin-1 Quantum Magnets Two-particle Fermi liquid parameters at the Mott transition: Vertex divergences, Landau parameters, and incoherent response in dynamical mean-field theory Spectrum of itinerant fractional excitations in quantum spin ice Multi-scale Quantum Criticality driven by Kondo-lattice Coupling in Pyrochlore Systems Observation of superconductivity in pressurized Weyl semimetal candidate TaIrTe4 

181105 Classification of topological insulators and superconductors out of equilibrium Higher-Order Floquet Topological Insulators with Anomalous Corner States Dropping an impurity into a Chern insulator: a polaron view on topological matter Four fermion condensates in SU(2) Yang-Mills-Higgs theory on a lattice Non-Topological Solitons in 3 + 1 Dimensions 

181106 Higher-order topological superconductivity: possible realization in Fermi gases and Sr2RuO4 Phase structure of the interacting Su-Schrieffer-Heeger model and the relationship with the Gross-Neveu model on lattice Towards an effective theory of skyrmion crystals Ladder-like optical conductivity in the spin-fermion model Comment on “A continuous topological phase transition between 1D antiferromagnetic spin-1 boson superfluids” by W. Ji and X.-G. Wen Quantum spin liquid at finite temperature: proximate dynamics and persistent typicality Higher-order field theories: φ6, φ8 and beyond 

181107 Specific heat of 2D interacting Majorana fermions from holography Magnetism near half-filling of a van Hove singularity in twisted graphene bilayer Topological phases in the TaSe3 compound Classification of Crystalline Topological Insulators and Superconductors with Point Group Symmetries Tensor Berry connections and their topological invariants Review: Solid-state physics of halide perovskites Superconductivity at an antiferromagnetic quantum critical point: the role of energy fluctuations Generalized Pauli-Gursey transformation and Majorana neutrinos 

181108 Towards a full solution of the large N double-scaled SYK model Classification of crystalline topological insulators through K-theory Dynamical quantum phase transitions: a brief survey Interacting Majorana Fermions A Mini-Introduction To Information Theory Confinement and asymptotic freedom with Cooper pairs A New SU(2) Anomaly Topological classification under nonmagnetic and magnetic point group symmetry: application of real-space Atiyah-Hirzebruch spectral sequence to higher-order topology The physical origin of quantum nonlocality and contextuality 

181109 THE LOW-ENERGY TQFT OF THE GENERALIZED DOUBLE SEMION MODEL Kosterlitz-Thouless scaling at many-body localization phase transitions 

181112 Spiral Fermi Surfaces in Quasicrystals and Twisted Bilayer Graphene: Signatures in Quantum Oscillations Topological quantum states of matter in iron-based superconductors: From concepts to material realization Semiclassical Boltzmann transport theory of few-layer black phosphorous in various phases Topological d+s wave superconductors in a multi-orbital quadratic band touching system Dirac fermion duality and the parity anomaly 

181113 Localisation, chiral symmetry and confinement in QCD and related theories Magnetic superconfinement of Dirac fermions zero-energy modes in bilayer graphene quantum dots Photogalvanic currents in dynamically gapped Dirac materials On the Critical Flavor Number in the 2+1d Thirring Model Replica-nondiagonal solutions in the SYK model Effective field theory of magnetohydrodynamics from generalized global symmetries Emergent supersymmetry in a chain of Majorana Cooper pair boxes Large N Tensor and SYK Models HS in flat spacetime. The effective action method TASI Lectures on Abelian and Discrete Symmetries in F-theory On the metric structure of time in classical and quantum mechanics 

181114 Glide-symmetric topological crystalline insulators with inversion symmetry Symmetries and Correlations in Strongly Interacting One-dimensional Quantum Gases Transits of the QCD Critical Point Bootstrapping the 3d Ising model at finite temperature ’t Hooft anomalies of discrete gauge theories and non-abelian group cohomology Gauge theory for the cuprates near optimal doping *** Observing spin fractionalization in the Kitaev spin liquid via temperature evolution of indirect resonant inelastic x-ray scattering Correlated spin liquids in the quantum kagome antiferromagnet at finite field: a renormalisation group analysis NEWTON’S SECOND LAW IN FIELD THEORY A mathematical perspective on the phenomenology of non-perturbative Quantum Field Theory 

181115 Anisotropic Conductivity of Nodal Line Semimetal in Single-Component Molecular Conductor [Pd(dddt)2] RKKY interaction on the surface of 3D Dirac semimetals Theory of spin magnetic quadrupole moment and temperature-gradient-induced magnetization Density wave probes cuprate quantum phase transition Confinement transition in a Kitaev-like honeycomb model with bond anisotropy Equilibrium Formulae for Transverse Magneto-transport of Strongly Correlated Metals Quantum states and knowledge: Between pure states and density matrices. 

181116 Non-Abelian geometric phases in periodically driven systems Anisotropic-exchange magnets on a triangular lattice: spin waves, accidental degeneracies, and dual spin liquids Supersymmetry in an interacting Majorana model on the kagome lattice Pair Density Wave in the doped t-J model with ring exchange on a triangular lattice Quantum Quenches and Thermalization in SYK models Symmetry Breaking in Quantum Curves and Super Chern-Simons Matrix Models Chiral and Geometric Anomalies in Finite Systems On the Integrable Structure of Super Yang-Mills Scattering Amplitudes Trends in supersymmetric quantum mechanics 

181119 Lifetime of a fermion in ultradegenerate chiral matter Bosonic Crystalline Symmetry Protected Topological Phases Beyond the Group Cohomology Proposal 

181120 BULK SPECTRUM AND K-THEORY FOR INFINITE-AREA TOPOLOGICAL QUASCRYSTALS *** Unconventional color superfluidity in ultra-cold fermions: Quintuplet pairing, quintuple point and pentacriticality State dependent spread of entanglement in relatively local Hamiltonians *** Proposal to measure the pair field correlator of a fluctuating pair density wave Miraging a Majorana Effective Field Theory of Force-Free Electrodynamics Large-Nc QCD and tetraquarks U(N) Yang-Mills in non-commutative space time. 

181121 The Topology of Mobility-Gapped Insulators **8 Symmetry-Breaking Topological Insulator in the Z2 Bose-Hubbard Model *** Topological order on the breathing kagome lattice *** Topological integrability, classical and quantum chaos, and the theory of dynamical systems in the physics of condensed matter 

181122 Symmetry indicators for topological superconductors *** Electronic properties of the Dirac and Weyl systems with first- and higher-order dispersion in non-Fermi-liquid picture *** Enhanced correlations and superconductivity in weakly interacting partially flat band systems: a determinantal quantum Monte Carlo study Classification of topological crystalline superconducting nodes on high-symmetry line: point nodes, line nodes, and Bogoliubov Fermi surfaces *** Coupled Wire description of the Correlated Physics in Twisted Bilayer Graphene *** Emmy Noether looks at the deconfined quantum critical point Origin of High-Temperature Superconductivity in Compressed LaH10 Pair-Density-Wave Order and Paired Fractional Quantum Hall Fluids Topological magnon bands for magnonics Superconductivity in model cuprate as an S=1 pseudomagnon condensation Classification, geometry and applications of supersymmetric backgrounds Emergent photons and gravitons Yet Another Introduction to Dark Matter The Particle Physics Approach 3d Self-Dualities ’t Hooft anomaly matching condition and chiral symmetry breaking without bilinear condensate Noether Supercurrents, Supergravity and Broken Supersymmetry Anti-PT-Symmetry in Quantum Physics 

181127 Antiadiabatic phonons, Coulomb pseudopotential and superconductivity in Eliashberg – McMillan theory Supersymmetric t-J models with long-range interactions: partition function and motifs The Riemann-Silberstein vector in the Dirac algebra Quantum non-demolition measurements: Concepts, theory and practice Simulating quantum field theory with a quantum computer 

181128 Topological Hourglass Dirac Semimetal in the Nonpolar Phase of Ag2BiO3 Time crystals in periodically driven systems Order Fractionalization Exact bosonic Matrix Product States Note on Monopole Operators in Chern-Simons-Matter Theories Pseudogap crossover in the electron-phonon system Topological Chiral Superconductor with Spontaneous Vortices and Supercurrent in Twisted Bilayer Graphene Supersymmetric Theory and Models The Mass of the Gravitational Field 

181129 Interplay between tilt, disorder, and Coulomb interaction in type-I Dirac fermions Entanglement Evolution in Lifshitz-type Scalar Theories From spinon band topology to the symmetry quantum numbers of monopoles in Dirac spin liquids *** Approximate conformality before its lost in complex world: Q > 4 Potts Model Why is quantum gravity so difficult (compared to QCD)? *** ENERGY-MOMENTUM IN GENERAL RELATIVITY Analogies between the Black Hole Interior and the Type II Weyl Semimetals *** Non-geometric backgrounds in string theory Duality Web on a 3D Euclidean Lattice and Manifestation of Hidden Symmetries Topological terms in Composite Higgs Models *** Self-dual sectors for scalar field theories in (1 + 1) dimensions Nodal points of Weyl semimetals survive the presence of moderate disorder 

181130 Entanglement and Disordered-Enhanced Topology in the Kitaev Chain FRACTIONAL QUANTUM NUMBERS VIA COMPLEX ORBIFOLDS  *** Floquet second-order topological insulators from nonsymmorphic space-time symmetries  *** The Landau Level of Fragile Topology *** Universal Correlation between Critical Temperature of Superconductivity and band structure features  *** Screening of Coulomb interactions in Holography Recent developments in the field of the metal-insulator transition in two dimensions Fermi-surface geometry and “Planckian dissipation”  *** Nonlinear supersymmetry as a hidden symmetry Dimensional reduction and scattering formulation for even topological invariants