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190101 Topological Aspects of Matters and Langlands Program *** Enhancement of crossed Andreev reflection in a Kitaev ladder connected to normal metal leads Physics of Arbitrary Doped Kondo Lattices: from a Commensurate Insulator to a Heavy Luttinger Liquid and a Protected Helical Metal *** The curious behaviour of the scale invariant (2 + 1)-dimensional Lifshitz scalar Magneto-Ferroelectric Interaction in Superlattices: Monte Carlo Study of Phase Transitions Crystallization in Three-Dimensions: Defect-Driven Topological Ordering and the Role of Geometrical Frustration Symmetry analysis of current-induced switching of antiferromagnets ** Classification of translation invariant topological Pauli stabilizer codes for prime dimensional qudits on two-dimensional lattices ***** Gauge field theories with Lorentz-violating operators of arbitrary dimension *** Extended supersymmetry with central charges in higher dimensional Dirac action *** Magnetohydrodynamics with chiral anomaly: phases of collective excitations and instabilities *** Axions in a highly protected gauge symmetry model *** Heat kernel for higher-order differential operators in Euclidean space ***** An Index for Superconformal Quantum Mechanics *** One-dimensional bosonization and the SYK model *** Higher Symmetry-Extension, Symmetry-Enriched TQFT and Adjoint QCD4 *** Non-Abelian Gauge Theories, Sigma Models, Higher Anomalies, Symmetries, and Cobordisms *** New Higher Anomalies, SU(N) Yang-Mills Gauge Theory and CPN−1 Sigma Model ***

190103 Berry phase in the composite Fermi-liquid *** Discontinuous Spontaneous-Symmetry-Breaking in the Microcanonical Ensemble Multi-valuedness of the Luttinger-Ward functional in the Fermionic and Bosonic System with Replicas Unveiling Hidden Orders: Magnetostriction as a Probe of Multipolar-Ordered States *** Possible nodeless s±-wave superconductivity in twisted bilayer graphene ***

190104 Elastic gauge fields and zero-field 3D quantum Hall effect in hyperhoneycomb lattices Dual topological–nonsymmorphic Dirac semimetal in three dimensions Functional field integral approach to the quantum work Bounded particle interactions driven by a nonlocal dual Chern-Simons model A chiral twist on the high-Tc phase diagram in Moir ́e heterostructures Review of U-based Ferromagnetic Superconductors: Comparison between UGe2, URhGe, and UCoGe 

190107 Making artificial px,y-orbital honeycomb electron lattice on metal surface Phase diagram of the Kondo model on the zigzag ladder Nonstandard Andreev-Bound-State Spectra in Majorana Devices and Chiral-Anomaly Phenomena in Synthetic Dimensions An Unorthodox Introduction to QCD In memoriam Leonid V. Keldysh

190108 Discovery of Weyl nodal lines in a single-layer ferromagnet Machine learning topological phases in real space *** Topological thermal Hall effect for topological excitations in spin liquid: Emergent Lorentz force on the spinons *** From Lagrangian to Hamiltonian formulations of the Palatini action A Python package for the running and matching of Wilson coefficients above and below the electroweak scale *** Note on the Witten index and the dynamical breaking of a supersymmetric gauge theory Field theory for gravity at all scales *** ENERGY, FORCES, FIELDS AND THE LORENTZ FORCE FORMULA 

190109 Non-ergodic extended states in the SYK model *** Photonic quadrupole topological phases Gravity dual of a multilayer system *** On 2-form gauge models of topological phases ***** Competing Charge and Magnetic Order in Fermionic Multi-Component Systems Superconductivity of Liquids Homological Tools for the Quantum Mechanic *** Dirac, Bohm and the Algebraic Approach *** Late Time Quantum Chaos of pure states in the SYK model Symmetry-protected Topological Phases in Lattice Gauge Theories: Topological QED2 ***

190110 Time-evolution patterns of electrons in twisted bilayer graphene Topological extension of the isomorph theory based on the Shannon entropy Six-loop ε expansion study of three-dimensional n-vector model with cubic anisotropy ****** Stability of Ferromagnetism in Hubbard Models with Nearly-Flat Bands *** Abelian gauge theories on the lattice: θ-terms and compact gauge theory with(out) monopoles ***

190111 Edge mode locality in perturbed symmetry protected topological order *** Imagig Electroic Correlatio i ite ilaer raee ear te agic gle *** Boltzmann relaxation dynamics in strongly interacting quantum lattice systems *** Magnetization plateau and supersolid phases in the spin-1/2 antiferromagnetic Heisenberg model on a tetragonally distorted face center cubic lattice Tunable topological semi-metallic phases in Kondo lattice systems Glueballs and deconfinement temperature in AdS/QCD On Grassmannian Heterotic Sigma Model *** Stability of Ferromagnetism in Hubbard Models 

with Nearly-Flat Bands *** A Categorical Reconstruction of Quantum Theory 

190114 Quantum skyrmions in frustrated ferromagnets *** Minimal model for low-energy electronic states of twisted bilayer graphene *** Evidence for pairing states of composite fermions in double-layer graphene *** Transport through a magnetic impurity: a slave-spin approach *** Boundary and Defect CFT: Open Problems and Applications *** Chirality polarizations and spectral bulk-boundary correspondence *** Emergent ferromagnetism near three-quarters filling in twisted bilayer graphene Helical Majorana modes in iron based Dirac superconductors *** Massive poles in Lee-Wick quantum field theory Path integral action of a particle with the generalized uncertainty principle and correspondence with noncommutativity ***

190115 Valence bond fluctuations in the Kitaev spin model *** The effect of a Chern-Simons term on dynamical gap generation in graphene *** ARTIFICIAL GAUGE FIELDS with ultracold atoms *** Honeycomb lattice Kitaev model with Wen-Toric-code interactions, and anyon excitations. ** Strange metal in magic-angle graphene with near Planckian dissipation ***** Role of Electric Fields on Enhanced Electron Correlation in Surface-Doped FeSe *** Quantum liquid from strange frustration in the trimer magnet Ba4Ir3O10 Semiconformal symmetry- A new symmetry of the spacetime manifold of the general relativity *** Light Rays, Singularities, and All That ****** Towards a finite conformal QED ***

190116 Signatures of Gate-Tunable Superconductivity in Trilayer Graphene/Boron Nitride Moiré Superlattice *** Nonperturbative Casimir Effects in Field Theories: aspects of confinement, dynamical mass generation and chiral symmetry breaking Super-Klein tunneling of Klein-Gordon particles Quasicrystalline electronic states in 30 rotated twisted bilayer graphene *** Moiré ordered current loops in the graphene twist bilayer *** Hopfions in lattice dimer model *** Nonequilibrium critical dynamics in the quantum chiral clock model *** Thermalization and chaos in QED3 *** Quantum scale symmetry *** A two-dimensional soliton system in the Maxwell-Chern-Simons gauge model *** Doubled Aspects of Vaisman Algebroid and Gauge Symmetry in Double Field Theory 

190117 Disorder induced exceptional points and nodal lines in Dirac superconductors *** Van Hove Singularities and Excited-State Quantum Phase Transitions in Graphene-like Microwave Billiards *** Survival of the quantum anomalous Hall effect in orbital magnetic fields as a consequence of the parity anomaly *** λφ42 Theory II: The Broken Phase Beyond NNNN(NNNN)LO Topological property of a t52g system with a honeycomb lattice structure *** Thermodynamics of a gauge-frustrated Kitaev spin liquid *** Magic of high order van Hove singularity ****** Platform of chiral Majorana edge modes and its quantum transport phenomena **** Path integrals for the relativistic particle: Some conceptual and pedagogical comments Gauged CP(2) first-order solitons with internal structures Homotopy theory of algebraic quantum field theories Topologically nontrivial phases in superconducting transition metal carbides Symmetry-protected non-Fermi liquids, Kagome spin liquids, and the chiral Kondo lattice model 

190118 Symmetry of Berry and spin Berry curvatures in ferromagnetic CoPt From coupled wires to coupled layers: Model with three-dimensional fractional excitations *** Flat bands and perfect metal in trilayer moir ́e graphene *** Simple non-perturbative resummation schemes beyond mean-field: case study for scalar φ4 theory in 1+1 dimensions *** Note on global symmetry and SYK model Analytical results on the Heisenberg spin chain in a magnetic field *** Thermal fluctuations in crystalline membranes with long-range dipole interactions *** Large Nf quantum field theory *** SU(4) topological RVB spin liquid on the square lattice *** Emergence of Superconductivity from Fully Incoherent Normal State in an Iron-Based Superconductor (Ba0.6K0.4)Fe2As2 Outline for a Quantum Theory of Gravity Nonperturbative properties of Yang-Mills theories What is the confinement mechanism in QCD? 

190121 Non-Hermitian Chiral Magnetic Effect in Equilibrium *** Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid in the edge channels of a quantum spin Hall insulator *** Bosonic superfluid on lowest Landau level *** New Tessellation-Based Procedure to Design Perfectly Hyperuniform Disordered Dispersions for Materials Discovery Cosmic Ferromagnetism of Magninos Quantum chaos transition in a two-site SYK model dual to an eternal traversable wormhole *** Continuum Limits of Quantum Lattice Systems *** Fermi-liquid ground state of interacting Dirac fermions in two dimensions *** Anomaly indicator of rotation symmetry in (3+1)D topological order *** Multipole fluctuation theory for heavy fermion systems: Application to multipole orders in CeB6 *** On Quantum Fields at High Temperatures 

190123 Magically strained bilayer graphene with flat bands *** Magnonics: Spin Waves Connecting Charges, Spins and Photons Topological invariant in terms of the Green functions for the Quantum Hall Effect in the presence of varying magnetic field Topological Magnetoelastic Excitations in Non-Collinear Antiferromagnets Magneto-optical Conductance of Pseudospin-1 Fermionic Gas Non-Abelian defects in Fracton phase of matter *** Possible pressure-induced topological quantum phase transition in the nodal line semimetal ZrSiS Floquet approach to Z2 lattice gauge theories with ultracold atoms in optical lattices Entropic Mechanics INVERTIBLE PHASES OF MATTER WITH SPATIAL SYMMETRY A Wilsonian Approach to Displacive Metal-Insulator Transitions and application to Vanadium Dioxide Multicomponent meson superfluids in chiral perturbation theory *** Tetrads and q-theory *** Symmetry and Topology in Non-Hermitian Physics 

190124 Second-order Dirac superconductors and magnetic field induced Majorana hinge modes *** Ground-State Phase Diagram of the Multiple-Spin Exchange Model with up to the Six-Spin Exchange Interactions on the Triangular Lattice Possible 3D nematic odd-parity pairing in Sr2RuO4: experimental evidences and predictions *** Topological Phases in Nodeless Tetragonal Superconductors **

190125 Anomalous Hall ferromagnetism in twisted bilayer graphene *** Fractional Chern Insulators in Singular Geometries Topological Non-Hermitian Quasicrystals *** Flatbands in twisted bi-bilayer graphene *** Twisted Bilayer Graphene Aligned with Hexagonal Boron Nitride: Anomalous Hall Effect and a Lattice Model *** Review on Composite Higgs Models Anomaly matching in QCD thermal phase transition Gravity as Gauge Theory Squared: A Ghost Story *** New Higher Anomalies, SU(N) Yang-Mills Gauge Theory and CPN−1 Sigma Model *** Classification of Crystalline Topological Insulators and Superconductors with Point Group Symmetries ***

190128 n-Hourglass Weyl fermions in nonsymmorphic materials *** Berry phase of phonons and thermal Hall effect in nonmagnetic insulators *** Realizing Hopf Insulators in Dipolar Spin Systems *** Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics Entanglement Entropy, Quantum Fluctuations, and Thermal Entropy in Topological Phases Dielectric Resonator Method For Determining Gap Symmetry Of Superconductors Through Anisotropic Nonlinear Meissner Effect Non-Lagrangian Gauge Field Models are Physically Excluded Symmetry-protected nodal phases in non-Hermitian systems ***

190129 Topological proximity effects in a Haldane-graphene bilayer system *** Magnetization orientation-induced topological phase transitions in a Chern insulator ***** Three dimensional two-band Floquet topological insulator with Z2 index Floquet Spinor Bose Gases A CLASS OF TWO-DIMENSIONAL AKLT MODELS WITH A GAP FCCBCC phase transitions in convex and concave hard particle systems 1 Correction to Thermodynamics c2 Out-of-Time-Order Correlators in One-Dimensional XY model The Mott-semiconducting state in the magic angle bilayer graphene *** Interplay between magnetic and superconducting fluctuations in the doped 2d Hubbard model Quantum vortex core and missing pseudogap in the multi-band BCS-BEC-crossover superconductor FeSe Nearly-degenerate p + ip and d 2 2 pairing symmetry x y x−y 

in the heavy fermion superconductor YbRh2Si2 Field-induced quantum spin liquid in the Kitaev-Heisenberg model and its relation to α-RuCl3 *** MODEL FOR CLASSICAL ELECTRON WITH FINITE MASS AND ACTION 

190130 Statistical field theory for neural networks *** Engineering Dirac states in graphene: Coexisting type-I and type-II Floquet-Dirac fermions Hear the Sound of Weyl Fermions *** Topology and Observables of the Non-Hermitian Chern Insulator *** Finkel’stein nonlinear sigma model: interplay of disorder and interaction in 2D electron systems Finite temperature effects on Majorana bound states in chiral p-wave superconductors *** Methodology to Construct Large Realizations of Perfectly Hyperuniform Disordered Packings Chaos in a quantum rotor model *** Strange metal near antiferromagnetic instability and Kondo breakdown in heavy-fermion systems Quantum Kosterlitz-Thouless phase transition of the self-dual toric code phase *** Theory of the field-revealed Kitaev spin liquid Experimental signatures of a three-dimensional quantum spin liquid in effective spin-1/2 Ce2Zr2O7 pyrochlore Spontaneous Long-range Vortex-antivortex Pair in the Two-band 2D Superconductor *** Quantum Statistics and Spacetime Surgery **** Aspects of Symmetry, Topology and Anomalies in Quantum Matter ***** A New SU(2) Anomaly **** Demystifying Gauge Symmetry ***

190131 Magic Angle Hierarchy in Twisted Graphene Multilayers *** Generating a second-order topological insulator with multiple corner states by periodic driving *** PT symmetry of the Su-Schrieffer-Heeger model with imaginary boundary potentials and next-nearest-neighboring coupling Floquet topological phase transition in α-T3 lattice *** Van Hove scenario of anisotropic transport in a two-dimensional spin-orbit coupled electron gas in an in-plane magnetic field Subsystem Trace Distance in Quantum Field Theory Boundary gauge and gravitational anomalies from Ward identities *** New Higher Anomalies, SU(N) Yang-Mills Gauge Theory and CPN−1 Sigma Mo Tensor Berry connections and their topological invariants On the Critical Flavor Number in the 2+1d Thirring Model