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190201 Universality classes of topological phase transitions with higher-order band crossing *** How to observe and quantify quantum-discorded states Bulk-boundary correspondence for non-Hermitian Hamiltonians via Green functions *** Anomalous Hall viscosity at the Weyl semimetal/insulator transition *** Phonon number fluctuations in Debye model of solid Adjoint QCD4, Symmetry-Enriched TQFT and Higher Symmetry-Extension *** Non-Abelian Gauge Theories, Sigma Models, Higher Anomalies, Symmetries, and Cobordisms *** New Higher Anomalies, SU(N) Yang-Mills Gauge Theory and CPN−1 Sigma Model *** Comment on ”Superconductivity at low density near a ferroelectric quantum critical point: Doped SrTiO3” *** Is magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene near a quantum critical point? *** A DMRG Study of Superconductivity in the Triangular Lattice Hubbard Model Superconductivity near a ferroelectric quantum critical point in ultra low-density Dirac materials *** Signatures of Nematic Superconductivity in Doped Bi2Se3 under Applied Stress *** Six-loop ε expansion study of three-dimensional n-vector model with cubic anisotropy Quantum Statistics and Spacetime Topology: Quantum Surgery Formulas ***

190204 Low temperature properties in the Bilayer Kitaev model *** Stochastic Hamiltonians for correlated electron models *** Ground state and low-energy excitations of the Kitaev-Heisenberg ladder Antiferromagnetism and chiral d-wave superconductivity from an effective t − J − D model for twisted bilayer graphene *** Generalized uncertainty principle in graphene *** (Anti-)de Sitter, Poincar ́e, Super symmetries, and the two Dirac points of graphene ***

190205 Glass-induced enhancement of superconducting Tc: Pairing via dissipative mediators Phonon scattering dominated electron transport in twisted bilayer graphene *** Cutkosky rules and perturbative unitarity in Euclidean nonlocal quantum field theories Lecture Notes on the Theory of Open Quantum Systems *** Using Mathematica for Quantum Mechanics A Student’s Manual A conformal gauge theory of solids: insights into a class of electromechanical and magnetomechanical phenomena ***

190206 TOEPLITZ OPERATORS ON CONCAVE CORNERS AND TOPOLOGICALLY PROTECTED CORNER STATES *** Gauge-Invariant Cutoff for Dirac Electron Systems with a Vector Potential
*** Weyl Semimetals: Down the Discovery of Topological Phases *** Berry curvature unravelled by the Nernst effect *** A note on QED gauge invariance of off-shell amplitudes Towards a full solution of the large N double-scaled SYK model 

190207 Conserved chiral currents on the boundary of 3D Maxwell theory *** SYMMETRY AND LOCALIZATION FOR MAGNETIC SCHRO ̈DINGER OPERATORS: LANDAU LEVELS, GABOR FRAMES AND ALL THAT Observation of new plasmons in the fractional quantum Hall effect: interplay of topological and nematic orders *88 Condensation and superfluidity of SU(N) Bose gas *** Symmetry Breaking in Coupled SYK or Tensor Models *** Is there any hidden symmetry in the stripe structure of perovskite high temperature superconductors? *** A mathematical derivation of zero-temperature 2D superconductivity from microscopic Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer model *** Quantum gravity from general relativity *** Colloquium: A Century of Noether’s Theorem *** Electromagnetism as Quantum Physics *** Introducing the Hamiltonian as a “thermodynamic” potential ***

190208 Fingerprints of the conformal anomaly on the thermoelectric transport in Dirac and Weyl semimetals *** The crucial role of atomic corrugation on the flat bands and energy gaps of twisted bilayer graphene at the “magic angle” θ 1.08 *** Tensor renormalization group in bosonic field theory *** Quantum Statistics and Spacetime Topology: Quantum Surgery Formulas *** From Quantum Wires to the Chern-Simons Description of the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect *** Fundamental insights to topological quantum materials: A real-space view of 13 cases by supersymmetry of valence bonds approach *** Direct measurement of a beta function and an indirect check of the Schwinger effect near the boundary in Dirac-Weyl semimetals *** General Symmetry Analysis of Magnetoelectric Effect in Noncentrosymmetric Superconductors and Applications in Transition Metal Dichalcogenides Topological Transitions in a Model for Proximity Induced Superconductivity s+if pairing in Ising superconductors Fulde-Ferrell-Larkin-Ovchinnikov state in strongly correlated d-wave superconductors On two-vierbein gravity action from gauge theory of conformal group Holographic Wilson’s RG FROM COULOMB TO THE EFFECTIVE INTERACTION: APPLICATION TO BOSE CONDENSATION 

190211 Quantized Photocurrents in the Chiral Multifold Fermion System RhSi Les Houches Lectures on Effective Field Theories for Nuclear and (some) Atomic Physics *** Classical Dimers on Penrose Tilings Classical and quantum integrable sigma models. Ricci flow, “nice duality” and perturbed rational conformal field theories *** SPECTRAL THEORY OF FIRST-ORDER SYSTEMS: FROM CRYSTALS TO DIRAC OPERATORS 

190212 Addendum to “Critical behaviour of (2 + 1)-dimensional QED: 1/Nf-corrections in an arbitrary non-local gauge” *** Eigenstate thermalization and quantum chaos in the Holstein-polaron model *** Signs of Schwinger term and operator ordering **** Teaching Physics at School and Colleges 

190213 Multi-faceted machine learning of competing orders in disordered interacting systems Universal low temperature theory of charged black holes with AdS2 horizons *** Square Lattice Iridates ***

190214 Chiral magnetic chemical bonds in molecular states of impurities in Weyl semimetals *** Interacting non-Hermitian ultracold bosonic systems in three-dimensional harmonic trap: two-body exact solutions and high-order exceptional points *** Detection of quantum phases via out-of-time-order correlators *** Holographic entanglement contour, bit threads, and the entanglement tsunami *** Scattering mechanisms and electrical transport near an Ising nematic quantum critical point *** Anisotropic magnetic-field response of quantum critical fluctuations in Ni-doped CeCoIn5 *** Dynamic properties of superconductors: Anderson-Bogoliubov mode and Berry phase in BCS and BEC regimes *** Topological Phase Transition in Superconductors with Mirror Symmetry*** Interplay of the spin density wave and a possible Fulde-Ferrell-Larkin-Ovchinnikov state in CeCoIn5 in rotating magnetic field *** Gauge invariant renormalizability of quantum gravity 

190218 Impurity-induced triple point fermions in twisted bilayer graphene *** Easy-plane QED3’s in the large Nf limit *** Entanglement entropy and computational complexity of the Anderson impurity model out of equilibrium II: driven dynamics *** Microscopic Theory of Γ3 Quadrupole Ordering in Pr Compounds on the Basis of a j-j Coupling Scheme *** Gutzwiller projection for exclusion of holes: Application to strongly correlated Ionic Hubbard Model and Binary Alloys Energy in Gravitation and Noether’s Theorems 

190221 2+1D Emergent Supersymmetry at First-Order Quantum Phase Transition Renormalization group analysis of the hyperbolic sine-Gordon model – Asymptotic freedom from cosh interaction – Kitaev-like honeycomb magnets: Global phase behavior and emergent effective models Thermodynamic Quantum Time Crystals Dynamics of Strongly Correlated Systems and Dynamical Renormalization Group Classifying superconductivity in magic angle twisted bilayer graphene An Alternative to the Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Formulations of Relativistic Field Theories Based on the Energy-Momentum Tensor ***

190225 Non-Hermitian Topology of Exceptional Points *** Fermionic multicriticality near Kekul ́e valence-bond ordering in honeycomb lattice ***** A Metal-Insulator Transition via Wigner Crystallization in Boron Triangular Kagome Lattice A primer of group theory for Loop Quantum Gravity and Spin-foams *** Bosonization with background U(1) gauge field ***

190226 Anomaly-induced transport phenomena from the imaginary-time formalism *** A general route to form topologically-protected surface and bulk Dirac fermions along high-symmetry lines *** Hourglass Weyl loops in two dimensions: Theory and material realization in monolayer GaTeI family *** Negative temperature in CPT-symmetic Universe Transport without Chiral Anomaly in Weyl Semimetal with Tilted Dispersion QUANTUM FIELD THEORY AND FUNCTIONAL INTEGRALS *** Gauging the boundary in field-space 

190227 Thermoelectric Hall conductivity and figure of merit in Dirac/Weyl materials 3d Abelian Gauge Theories at the Boundary Ab initio mismatched interface theory of graphene on α-RuCl3: doping and magnetism 

190228 One-loop functional renormalization group study for the dimensional reduction and its breakdown in the long-range random field O(N) spin model near lower critical dimension Resolution of monopole singularity in Berry’s phase *** Band topology in classical waves: Wilson-loop approach to topological numbers and the bulk-edge correspondence *** SU(3) Fermions on the Honeycomb Lattice at 1/3-Filling *** Designing Flat Band by Strain *** SL(3) Chern-Simons Higher Spin and Open Toda Chain Theories SYK-like tensor quantum mechanics with Sp(N) symmetry