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190301 Bloch Band Theory for Non-Hermitian Systems Bosonization with background U(1) gauge field *** Building Magnetic Hysteresis in Holography Riemannian Geometry: Definitions, Pictures, and Results *** Gauge Theories and Fiber Bundles: Definitions, Pictures, and Results ***

190304 Non-abelian topology of nodal-line rings in PT -symmetric systems *** Thermoelectric relations in the conformal limit in Dirac and Weyl semimetals *** Topological d-wave Superconductivity and Nodal Line-Arc Intersections in Weyl Semimetals *** Gaplessness is not generic for translation-invariant spin chains Continuum models for twisted bilayer graphene: the effects of lattice deformation and hopping parameters *** Lattice Deformation, Low Energy Models and Flat Bands in Twisted Graphene Bilayers *** Broken mirror symmetry, incommensurate spin correlations, and B2g nematic order in iron pnictides Microscopic mechanism for higher-spin Kitaev model *** Optical Signatures of the Chiral Anomaly in Mirror-Symmetric Weyl Semimetals *** Wigner’s friend, his story 

190305 Machine Learning Holographic Mapping by Neural Network Renormalization Group Marginal Fermi liquid in twisted bilayer graphene Topology in abundance Intrinsic Band Gap and Electrically Tunable Flat Bands in Twisted Double Bilayer Graphene Mass-like gap creation by mixed singlet and triplet state in superconducting topological insulator *** Diagnosis of topological nodal lines with nontrival monopole charge in the presence of rotation symmetries *** Eigenstate Thermalisation in the conformal Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model: an analytic approach *** Conformal field theory and the hot phase of three-dimensional U(1) gauge theory Solvable model for quantum criticality between Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev liquid and disordered Fermi liquid *** Collective Excitations and Robust Stability in a Landau-Majorana Liquid *** Many Body Localization in a Two Dimensional Itinerant SYK Model *** Finite Size Effects in Topological Quantum Phase Transitions Non-Kitaev spin liquids in Kitaev materials *** Consideration of Thermal Hall Effect in Undoped Cuprates 

190306 Intertwined Topological Phases induced by Emergent Symmetry Protection *** Gapped Topological Kink States and Topological Corner States in Graphene *** Quantum many-body dynamics on the star graph *** Scaling behavior of Ising systems at first-order transitions Flavor Quantum Dots and Artificial Quark Model in Transition Metal Dichalcogenides Tunable metal-insulator transition and superconductivity in twisted bilayer graphene Universal Features of Landau Fans of Twisted Bilayer Graphene with Large Superlattices 


190307 Classical many-body time crystals Higher-order topological corner states induced by gain and loss *** Two roads to antispacetime in polar distorted B phase: Kibble wall and half-quantum vortex *** Rare earth Kitaev materials *** Role of antiunitary operators in Fierz transformation *** Field-induced transition to semion topological order from the square-lattice N ́eel state *** Classification of the quantum chaos in colored Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev models ***

190308 Triangle Anomalies and Nonrelativistic Nambu-Goldstone Modes of Generalized Global Symmetries Floquet Hopf Insulators Engineering Fragile Topology in Photonic Crystals: Topological Quantum Chemistry of Light Fractional charge bound to a vortex in two dimensional topological crystalline insulators Non-equilibrium fixed points of coupled Ising models Photon Berry phases, Instantons, Quantum chaos and quantum analog of Kolmogorov-Arnold-Moser (KAM) theorem in Dicke models Symmetry-protected topological magnons in three dimensional Kitaev materials A Modern Point of View on Anomalies 

190311 Gauge Theory and Boundary Integrability Density functional theory of Composite Fermions Duality Between Dirac Fermions in Curved Spacetime and Optical solitons in Non-Linear Schrodinger Model: Magic of 1 + 1-Dimensional Bosonization MACHINE LEARNING meets quantum physics 

190312 Floquet Systems with Hall Effect: Topological Properties and Phase Transitions Magnon quantum anomalies in Weyl ferromagnets Non-Bloch topological invariants in a non-Hermtian domain-wall system Crossover of Charge Fluctuations across the Strange Metal Phase Diagram *** As Scales Become Separated: Lectures on Effective Field Theory *** Background field method in the large Nf expansion of scalar QED *** Gauge theory of Gravity based on the correspondence between the 1st and the 2nd order formalisms RENORMALIZATION OF DETERMINANTS LINES IN QUANTUM FIELD THEORY Hermitian Tensors 

190313 Localisation in 2+1 dimensional SU(3) pure gauge theory at finite temperature Optical properties of a semi-Dirac material Pseudogap and Fermi-arcs in underdoped cuprates Time-reversal symmetry breaking superconductivity in hole-doped monolayer MoS2 *** Introduction to flavour physics Addendum to “Critical behaviour of (2 + 1)-dimensional QED: 1/Nf-corrections in an arbitrary non-local gauge” 

190314 Time-Reversal Symmetry and Arrow of Time in Quantum Mechanics of Open Systems Topology by Dissipation: Transport properties A Renormalization-Group Study of Interacting Bose-Einstein condensates: Absence of the Bogoliubov Mode below Four (T > 0) and Three (T = 0) Dimensions *** Charged and neutral fixed points in the O(N)O(N)-model with Abelian gauge fields *** Towards a mathematical formalism for classifying phases of matter *** Magnon Landau levels and emergent supersymmetry in strained antiferromagnets *** Quantum error correction and entanglement phase transition in random unitary circuits with projective measurements Origin of strong correlated electronic state in twisted graphene bilayer from first principle study 

190315 SO(4) FLEX+DMFT formalism with SU(2)SU(2)-symmetric impurity solver for superconductivity in the repulsive Hubbard model Quantum phase transitions beyond Landau-Ginzburg theory in one-dimensional space revisited 

190318 Superconductors, Orbital Magnets, and Correlated States in Magic Angle Bilayer Graphene *** Type-II Ising superconductivity in two-dimensional materials with strong spin-orbit coupling Quantum Simulation of the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev Model by Asymmetric Qubitization *** Sigma models on quantum computers On Phases Of Melonic Quantum Mechanics *** Emergent reflection symmetry from non-relativistic composite fermions *** Time reversal symmetry breaking superconductors The Swampland: Introduction and Review Topological order in the color-flavor locked phase of (3 + 1)-dimensional U (N ) gauge-Higgs system ***

190319 Bulk-boundary correspondence for disordered free-fermion topological phases Energy-dependent noncommutative quantum mechanics *** The Chiral Qubit: quantum computing with chiral anomaly *** Excitonic pairing of two-dimensional Dirac fermions caused by long-range Coulomb and short-range Gross-Neveu interactions *** A note on the parity anomaly from the Hamiltonian point of view *** Momentum dependence of quantum critical Dirac systems Magnetization, d-wave superconductivity and non-Fermi liquid behavior in a crossover from dispersive to flat bands Deconfined Thermal Phase Transitions with Z2 Gauge Structures *** Clifford group and stabilizer states from Chern-Simons theory Fermionic Phonons: Exact Analytic Results and Quantum Statistical Mechanics for a One Dimensional Harmonic Crystal. 

190320 Two-dimensional Weyl Half Semimetal and Tunable Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect in Monolayer PtCl3 *** Real fermion modes, impurity entropy, and nontrivial fixed points in the phase diagram of junctions of interacting quantum wires and topological superconductors Bogoliubov theory for dilute bose gases: the Gross-Pitaevskii Regime 

190321 Kitaev quantum spin liquid – concept and materialization 

190322 Circumventing the no-go theorem: A single Weyl point surrounded by nodal walls *** Non-Abelian Majorana fermions in topological s-wave Fermi superfluids Emergent topology and symmetry-breaking order in correlated quench dynamics Quantum Simulation of Gauge Theories Theory of correlated insulating behaviour and spin-triplet superconductivity in twisted double bilayer graphene *** Constraints on order and disorder parameters in quantum spin chains On the Chaos Bound in Rotating Black Holes *** 2+1D Emergent Supersymmetry at First-Order Quantum Phase Transition ***

190325 Regularization dependence of the OTOC. Which Lyapunov spectrum is the physical one? *** Quantum criticality of granular SYK matter *** Stable Luttinger liquids and emergent U (1) symmetry in constrained quantum chains Universal Thermodynamic Signature of Self-dual Quantum Critical Points *** Chaos in Three-dimensional Higher Spin Gravity Symmetry properties of non-Hermitian PT -symmetric quantum field theories ***

190326 Exceptional points in classical spin dynamics Topological band theory for non-Hermitian systems from a quantum field viewpoint *** Quantum valley Hall effect, orbital magnetism, and anomalous Hall effect in twisted multilayer graphene systems *** Band structure and topological property of twisted double bilayer graphenes Slow scrambling and hidden integrability in a random rotor model *** Simple non-perturbative resummation schemes beyond mean-field II: thermodynamics of scalar φ4 theory in 1+1 dimensions at arbitrary coupling Pairing and non-Fermi liquid behavior in partially flat-band systems **** Quench, thermalization and residual entropy across a non-Fermi liquid to Fermi liquid transition 

190327 Magnetovortical and thermoelectric transport in tilted Weyl metals Quantum chaos associated with emergent event horizon in transition layer between type-I and type-II Weyl semimetals *** Quantized alternate current on curved graphene ***** Quantum topological transitions and spinons in metallic ferro- and antiferromagnets One-loop effective potential for two-dimensional competing scalar order parameters ** Entanglement Entropy of Two Coupled SYK Models and Eternal Traversable Wormhole *** Machine learning and the physical sciences 

190328 Pseudo-electromagnetic fields in topological semimetals *** Order-from-quantum disorder effects and Zeeman field tuned quantum phase transitions in a bosonic quantum anomalous Hall system *** Non-cancellation of the parity anomaly in the strong-field regime of QED2+1 *** Landau levels in twisted bilayer graphene and semiclassical orbits Magnetoelectric Response in Electric Octupole State: Possible Hidden Order in Cuprate Superconductors Soft Bremsstrahlung JT gravity as a matrix integral New Type of Hamiltonians Without Ultraviolet Divergence for Quantum Field Theories New representations of Poincar ́e group for consistent relativistic particle theories 

190329 TKNN formula for general Hamiltonian Weyl Points Created by Three-dimensional Flat Band Topological phases of higher Chern numbers in Kitaev-Heisenberg ferromagnet with further-neighbor interactions Fracton fusion and statistics *** A New SU(2) Anomaly