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190401 Magnetic susceptibility of topological semimetals Understanding repulsively mediated superconductivity of correlated electrons via massively parallel DMRG Compactifying fracton stabilizer models *** A topological phase transition on the edge of the 2d Z2 topological order Spin-current diode with a monoaxial chiral magnet Supersymmetric t-J models with long-range interactions: thermodynamics and criticality *** Green’s functions of Nambu-Goldstone modes and Higgs modes in superconductors *** Spin-Orbital Hallmarks of Unconventional Superconductors Without Inversion Symmetry The study on penetration depth of anisotropic two-band s-wave superconductors by Ginzburg-Landau approach. Self-dual forms: Action, Hamiltonian and Compactification ***

190402 The phase diagram of a two-dimensional dirty tilted Dirac semimetal Thermoelectric Evidence for Massive Bulk Dirac Fermions in ZrTe5 Magnus Hall Effect *** Dielectric and electronic properties of 3D quadratic band touching Luttinger semimetals Stiefel-Whitney classes and topological phases in band theory *** Formula for the Number of Nambu-Goldstone Modes *** Condensation of Fluctuations in the Ising Model: a Transition without Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking From chaos to many-body localization: some introductory notes ** Evidence for a Vestigial Nematic State in the Cuprate Pseudogap Phase Negative-temperature quantum magnetism in open dissipative systems *** Deconfined quantum critical point in one dimension *** Emergent Symmetry and Conserved Current at a One Dimensional Incarnation of Deconfined Quantum Critical Point Topological polarons, quasiparticle invariants and their detection in 1D symmetry-protected phases What symmetry is actually broken in the Higgs phase of a gauge-Higgs theory? *** Superconductor-Metal Transition in Odd-Frequency Paired Superconductor in Magnetic Field *** Relativistic PT -symmetric fermionic theories in 1+1 and 3+1 dimensions ***

190403 Anisotropic Keldysh interaction *** Active Field Theories *** A Holographic Theory for the Phase Transitions Between Fermionic Symmetry-protected Topological States *** Fractional Electromagnetism in Quantum Matter and High-Energy Physics *** The AKLT model on a hexagonal chain is gapped Kitaev honeycomb models in magnetic fields: Dynamical response and hidden symmetries *** Foliated fracton order in the Majorana checkerboard model Nambu-Jona Lasinio and Nonlinear Sigma Models in Condensed Matter Systems ***


190404 A tight-binding model for the excitonic band structure of a one-dimensional molecular chain: UV-Vis spectra, Zak phase and topological properties A Z2-index of symmetry protected topological phases with reflection symmetry for quantum spin chains Spinon waves in magnetized spin liquids *** Haldane and Dimer phases in a frustrated spin chain: an exact groundstate and associated topological phase transition *** Variational Ansatz for an Abelian to non-Abelian Topological Phase Transition in ν = 1/2 + 1/2 Bilayers Observation of Topological Hall Effect and Signature of Room Temperature Antiskyrmions in Mn-Ni-Ga D2d Heusler magnets Non-commutativity: Unusual View *** Exact Correlation Functions for Dual-Unitary Lattice Models in 1+1 Dimensions 

190405 Transport and chaos in lattice Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev models *** Non-Hermitian Weyl Semimetals: Non-Hermitian Skin Effect and non-Bloch Bulk-Boundary Correspondence *** A proof of the Bloch theorem for lattice models *** Quantum Yang-Mills 4d Theory and Time-Reversal Symmetric 5d Higher-Gauge TQFT: Anyonic-String/Brane Braiding Statistics to Topological Link Invariants *** Non-Hermitian topology of spontaneous magnon decay Charge order and antiferromagnetism in the extended Hubbard model Hamiltonian quantization of solitons in the φ41+1 quantum field theory. I. The semiclassical mass shift ***

190408 Signature of the Quantized Thermoelectric Hall Effect in a Topological Weyl Semimetal *** The 16-fold way and the quantum Hall effect at half-integer filling factors Emergent non-Fermi liquid phenomena in itinerant electron systems with multipolar local moments 

190409 Hopf characterization of two-dimensional Floquet topological insulators Electric circuits for non-Hermitian Chern insulators Superconductivity, pair density wave, and Neel order in cuprates Chaos and the dynamics of information in dissipative electronic systems 

190410 Pseudogap and weak multifractality in disordered Mott charge-density-wave insulator Poor man’s scaling and Lie algebras *** The Field Theory of Specific Heat *** Experimental identification of quantum spin liquids Topological phase transitions in 1D and 2D topological superconductors with long-range effects *** A note on S-dual basis in free fermion system TRACE FORMULA FOR THE MAGNETIC LAPLACIAN Mathematical Melody in Quantum Anomaly via the Path Integral Approach: A Lesson from the Transverse Current Anomalies in QED 

190411 Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction beyond Lifshitz invariants Anomalies and Bounds on Charged Operators *** Defects in Jackiw-Teitelboim Quantum Gravity Fate of a topological invariant for correlated lattice electrons at finite temperature Spatial anisotropy of Kondo screening cloud in a type-II Weyl semimetal Non-Lorentzian RG flows and Supersymmetry 

190412 Emergence of Gauss’ Law in a Z2 Lattice Gauge Theory Crystalline nodal topological superconductivity in monolayer NbSe2 Unitarity and Universality in non relativistic Conformal Field theory TKNN formula for general Hamiltonian 

190413 Universal Linear Scaling of Topological Phase Transition in Band Theory Bosonic Dirac Materials on a honeycomb antiferromagnetic Ising model Composite Dirac Semimetal *** Total and geometric phases, Majorana and Dirac neutrinos 

190416 Catalysis of Dynamical Chiral Symmetry Breaking by Chiral Chemical Potential in Dirac semimetals Topological Phase Transition driven by Infinitesimal Instability: Majorana Fermions in Non-Hermitian Spintronics *** Topologically Protected Doubling of Tilted Dirac Fermions in Two Dimensions Anomalous Current Due to Weyl Anomaly for Conformal Field Theory 

190417 Higher-order topological insulator out of equilibrium: Floquet engineering and quench dynamics Topological phases without crystalline counterparts Dualities and non-Abelian mechanics *** Signatures of a Deconfined Phase Transition on the Shastry-Sutherland Lattice: Applications to Quantum Critical SrCu2(BO3)2 Revealing Fermionic Quantum Criticality from New Monte Carlo Techniques Landau theory of restart transitions A Solvable Random Model With Quantum-critical Points for Non-Fermi-liquid Pairing *****

190418 Identification of superconducting pairing symmetry in twisted bilayer graphene using in-plane magnetic field and strain *** Matter Chern Simons Theories in a Background Magnetic Field ***Quantum criticality and formation of a singular Fermi liquid in the attractive SU(N > 2) Anderson model Quantum criticality and formation of a singular Fermi liquid in the attractive SU(N > 2) Anderson model Chiral vortical conductivity across a topological phase transition from holography 

190419 Topological thermal Hall effect of “magnetic monopoles” in pyrochlore U(1) spin liquid *** Effective gauge theories of superfluidity with topological order *** Thermodynamic evidence for novel quantum criticality in a frustrated metal 

190422 Topological characterization of hierarchical fractional quantum Hall effects in topological flat bands with SU(N) symmetry Superdiffusive transport of energy in generic Luttinger liquids *** Interacting Edge States of Fermionic Symmetry-Protected Topological Phases in Two Dimensions *** Violation of the viscosity/entropy bound in translationally invariant non-Fermi liquids ***

190423 Stability of Topological character of Weyl Semi-Metal, and Topological Dipole in Holography *** Chern-Simons-Matter Theories at Large Global Charge *** Spin-S designer hamiltonians and the square lattice S = 1 Haldane nematic *** Quantum phases of SrCu2(BO3)2 from high-pressure thermodynamics *** Equivalence between the phase-integral and worldline-instanton methods *** Fractional instanton of the SU(3) gauge theory in weak coupling regime Emergent (anomalous) higher symmetries from topological orders and from dynamical electromagnetic field in condensed matter systems ***** A Solvable Random Model With Quantum-critical Points for Non-Fermi-liquid Pairing *****

190424 Landau Level Degeneracy in Twisted Bilayer Graphene: Role of Symmetry Breaking *** Two-dimensional second-order topological insulator in graphdiyne Evidence of charge-ordering and broken rotational symmetry in magic angle twisted bilayer graphene *** k · p theory for phosphorene: effective g-factors, Landau levels, excitons Finite temperature CFT results for all couplings: O(N) model in 2+1 dimensions Hamilton-Jacobi theory for gauge field theories Physics of rowing oars

190425 Dimensional crossover in a layered ferromagnet detected by spin correlation driven distortions Exceptional rings protected by emergent symmetry for mechanical systems Dielectric function and plasmons of doped three-dimensional Luttinger semimetals Emergent Universality in a Quantum Tricritical Dicke Model Second critical temperature in conventional superconductors THIN HOMOTOPY AND THE HOLONOMY APPROACH TO GAUGE THEORIES 

190426 Skyrmion solids in monolayer graphene Higher-Order Band Topology and Corner Charges in Monolayer Graphdiyne *** Deconfined quantum criticality and emergent SO(5) symmetry in fermionic systems *** Dynamical Kondo effect and Kondo destruction in effective models for quantum-critical heavy fermion metals *** Universality of Heisenberg-Ising chain in external fields *** Symmetries, integrals and hierarchies of new (3+1)-dimensional bi-Hamiltonian systems of Monge–Amp`ere type *** No-Go Theorems and the Foundations of Quantum Physics Renormalisation group improvement in the stochastic formalism Trace anomaly for chiral fermions via Hadamard subtraction 

190429 Fractonic Chern-Simons and BF theories *** Quantum Many-Body Conformal Dynamics: Symmetries, Geometry, Conformal Tower States, and Entropy Production Non-Local Annihilation of Weyl Fermions in Correlated Systems Spin, orbital and topological order in models of strongly correlated electrons Symmetry-Enriched Quantum Spin Liquids in (3+1)d *** Generalizing the entanglement entropy of singular regions in conformal field theories An Introduction to Generalised Dualities and their Applications to Holography and Integrability Anomalous Current Due to Weyl Anomaly for Conformal Field Theory 

190430 Chiral Gravitons in Fractional Quantum Hall Liquids *** Phase diagram of a magnetic topological nodal semimetal: Stable nodal line in an easy-plane ferromagnet *** Lieb-Robinson Bounds on Entanglement Gaps from Symmetry-Protected Topology Topological Color-Hall Insulators: SU(3) Fermions in Optical Lattices Dissipative Quantum Ising chain as a non-Hermitian Ashkin-Teller model *** The Ontology Conservation Law as an Alternative to the Many World Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics