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190801 Many-body localization in long range model: Real space renormalization group study Universal Continuum Theory for Topological Edge Soft Modes *** Fermionic vacuum currents in topologically nontrivial braneworlds: Two-brane geometry Long-wavelength gauge symmetry and translations in a magnetic field for Dirac electrons in graphene *** Variants of the symmetry-based indicator ***** Ferromagnetism and its stability from the one-magnon spectrum in twisted bilayer graphene *** Symmetry, Tan Contact and Spectral Gap in One-Dimensional Fermions: A Graph Theory Treatment *** Extended Drude model analysis of superconducting optical spectra of correlated electron systems 

190802 Strong and “Fragile” Topological Dirac Semimetals with Higher-Order Fermi Arcs Lack of thermalization in (1+1)-d QCD at large Nc Solvable lattice models for metals with Z2 topological order Physics of Superconducting Transition Temperatures *** Generalization of the Proca Action 

190805 Quantum chaos in the Brownian SYK model with large finite N: OTOCs and tripartite information *** Higgs and Goldstone modes in crystalline solids *** Geometric contribution to the Goldstone mode in spin-orbit coupled Fermi superfluids Antiadiabatic Phonons and Superconductivity in Eliashberg – McMillan Theory *** Specific Heat Signature of the Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless Transition in Ultrathin Superconducting Films *** Pauli-type coupling between spinors and curved spacetime Review of Dark Matter 

190806 Supersymmetry in the nonsupersymmetric Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model Non-Hermitian Topological Anderson Insulators *** Interaction-driven plateau transition between integer and fractional Chern Insulators Conductivity in nodal line semimetals with short-ranged impurity potentials Twisted bilayer graphene: low-energy physics, electronic and optical properties *** Topological nodal line in superfluid 3He and the Anderson theorem Multicritical behavior of the fidelity susceptibility for the 2D quantum transverse-field XY model The dynamic critical exponent z of the three-dimensional Ising universality class: Monte Carlo simulations of the improved Blume-Capel model Point Node Gap Structure of Spin-Triplet Superconductor UTe2 *** Symmetry breaking and skyrmionic transport in twisted bilayer graphene *** Resonant inelastic x-ray scattering study of α-RuCl3: a progress report *** Hidden Chern number in one-dimensional non-Hermitian chiral-symmetric systems *** Music of the Spheres: Teaching Quantum Field Theory at the Introductory Level 

190807 Goldstone Modes in the Emergent Gauge Fields of a Frustrated Magnet NLO critical exponents of O(N) lambda φ4 scalar field theories in curved spacetime Real Clifford algebras and their spinors for relativistic fermions Meson condensation *** Photon Masses in the Landscape and the Swampland Heat kernel for higher-order differential operators and generalized exponential functions *** SYMMETRIES OF THE HYDROGEN ATOM 

190808 Emission of plasmons by drifting Dirac electrons: where hydrodynamics matters Flat Chern Band From Twisted Bilayer MnBi2Te4 *** Gauge Theory And Integrability, III A Practical Mini-Course on Applied Holography **** Continuous Phase Transition between Bosonic Integer Quantum Hall Liquid and Trivial Insulator: Evidences for Deconfined Quantum Criticality *** Evidence of fermion-to-boson crossover in the fermionic two-leg flux ladder Matrix formulation for non-Abelian families Spin-nematic order induced superconductivity. A topological approach to renormalization 

190809 Universality and Quantum Criticality in Quasiperiodic Spin Chains Disorder in Twisted Bilayer Graphene *** DoFun 3.0: Functional equations in Mathematica Fractionalized Degrees of Freedom at Infinite Coupling in large Nf QED in 2+1 dimensions *** The “not-A”, SPT and Potts phases in an S3-invariant chain Intrinsic superconducting instabilities of a solvable model for an incoherent metal ******** Chern and Z2 topological insulating phases in perovskite-derived 4d and 5d oxide buckled honeycomb lattices *** Symmetry Analysis of Magnetoelectric Effects in Honeycomb Antiferromagnet Co4Nb2O9 *** Exact chiral spin liquid state in a Kitaev type spin model *** One-dimensional bosonization and the SYK model ***

190812 Effective response theory for Floquet topological systems *** Critical fluctuations at a many-body exceptional point *** Model interactions for Pfaffian paired states based on Chern-Simons field theory description Disorder-induced exceptional and hybrid rings in Weyl/Dirac semimetals *** Effective mass of the polaron - revisited Holomorphic Structure and Quantum Critical Points in Supersymmetric Lifshitz Field Theories *** Tests of nematic-mediated superconductivity applied to Ba1−xSrxNi2As2 *** Bond particle theory for the pseudogap phase of underdoped cuprates Functional renormalization group approach to color superconducting phase transition 

190813 Classification of symmetry-protected topological phases in two-dimensional many body-localized systems Floquet engineering of topological phases protected by emergent symmetries under resonant drives *** Renormalisation in Quantum Field Theory Weyl fermions in a non-abelian gauge background and trace anomalies *** A derivation of the soft modes effective action for the SYK spectral form factor ***

190814 Theory of the Phase Transition in Random Unitary Circuits with Measurements Higher-order topological phase without crystalline symmetry *** Thermal conductance of one dimensional disordered harmonic chains Anomalous electrical magnetochiral effect by chiral spin fluctuation Theory of the strongly nonlinear electrodynamic response of graphene: A hot electron model *** Mapping the twist angle and unconventional Landau levels in magic angle graphene Uncovering non-Fermi-liquid behavior in Hund metals: conformal field theory analysis of a SU(2) × SU(3) spin-orbital Kondo model The analytical description of a doped Mott insulator Superconducting materials: the whole story On bound states in Quantum Field Theory 

190815 Detecting non-unitary multiorbital superconductivity with Dirac points at finite energies Topological flat band, Dirac fermions and quantum spin Hall phase in 2D Archimedean lattices The parity-preserving U(1) × U(1) massive QED3: ultraviolet finiteness and no parity anomaly *** On the Planckian bound for heat diffusion in insulators *** Spin-orbital glass transition in a model frustrated pyrochlore magnet without quenched disorder *** GSO projections via SPT phases *** Orbital transmutation and the electronic spectrum of FeSe in the nematic phase Electronic properties of α-RuCl3 in proximity to graphene Collective modes near a Pomeranchuk instability Ultrafast dynamics of fractional particles in α-RuCl3* de Sitter Vacua from Ten Dimensions 

180916 Photovoltaic effect from the viewpoint of time-reversal symmetry Emergent Spatial Structure and Entanglement Localization in Floquet Conformal Field Theory Global Symmetry and Maximal Chaos ***

190819 The emergence of one-dimensional channels in marginal-angle twisted bilayer graphene Emergent Snake Magnetic Domains in Canted Kagome Ice Finite-Scale Emergence of 2+1D Supersymmetry at First-Order Quantum Phase Transition Emergent gauge bosons and dynamical symmetry breaking in a four-fermion Lifshitz model *** Magnetic-Resonance-Induced Pseudo-electric Field and Giant Current Response in Axion Insulators 

190820 Dielectric breakdown of strongly correlated insulators in one dimension: Universal formula from non-Hermitian sine-Gordon theory The Zak phase and Winding number Ferromagnetism in the SU(n) Hubbard model with nearly flat-band Majorana fermions and the Sensitivity Conjecture Interacting Symmetry-Protected Topological Phases Out of Equilibrium Suppression of superfluidity by dissipation — An application to failed superconductor Quantum Critical Higgs: From AdS5 to Colliders 

190821 Fractal dimension of critical curves in the O(n)-symmetric φ4-model and crossover exponent at 6-loop order: Loop-erased random walks, self-avoiding walks, Ising, XY and Heisenberg models Superfluids as Higher-form Anomalies Divergent nematic susceptibility near the pseudogap critical point in a cuprate superconductor On duality between Cosserat elasticity and fractons Electrodynamics of tilted Dirac/Weyl materials: A unique platform for unusual surface plasmon polaritons Quasi-two-dimensional Fermi surfaces and unitary spin-triplet pairing in the heavy fermion superconductor UTe2 The Speed of Quantum Information Spreading in Chaotic Systems Electromagnetic Helicity in Classical Physics 

190822 Prethermal Phases of Non-equilibrium Matter in Long-range Interacting Systems The negativity contour: a quasi-local measure of entanglement for mixed states *** Isometric Tensor Network Representation of String-Net Liquids *** Novel Fracton Phases from Gauge Theories *** Magnetic-field Induced Quantum Phases in Tensor Network Study of Kitaev Magnets ***

190823 Measurement-induced criticality in random quantum circuits Next-level composite fermions Abundance of Z2 topological order in exfoliable two-dimensional insulators Effective band structures of multilayer graphene quasicrystals Sorting topological stabilizer models in three dimensions Spectroscopic and optical response of odd-frequency superconductors Signatures of coupling between spin waves and Dirac fermions in YbMnBi2 *** Quantum Spin Liquid in a depleted triangular lattice Iridate KxIryO2 From quantized spins to rotating black holes Interacting Edge States of Fermionic Symmetry-Protected Topological Phases in Two Dimensions ***

190826 Electric Circuit Realizations of Fracton Physics *** Emergent fractons and algebraic quantum liquid from plaquette melting transitions *** Nonlocal Coulomb Interaction and Spin Freezing Crossover: A Route to Valence-skipping Charge Order CAUSAL FERMION SYSTEMS: AN ELEMENTARY INTRODUCTION TO PHYSICAL IDEAS AND MATHEMATICAL CONCEPTS Three-dimensional N = 2 supersymmetric gauge theories and partition functions on Seifert manifolds: A review A GAUGE FIXING PROCEDURE FOR CAUSAL FERMION SYSTEMS Symmetry Fractionalization, Defects, and Gauging of Topological Phases ***

190827 Topological phases of a Kitaev tie Effective potential and quantum criticality for imbalanced Fermi mixtures Superluminal chaos after a quantum quench CONFINEMENT FOR ALL COUPLINGS IN A Z2 LATTICE GAUGE THEORY *** A 1+1 Lifshitz Weyl Anomaly From a Schrodinger-invariant Non-relativistic Chern-Simons Action *** Coupled electron-impurity and electron-phonon systems as trivial non-Fermi liquids *** A 1d lattice model for the boundary of the quantum spin-Hall insulator *** Emergent critical phenomenon in spin-1/2 ferromagnetic-leg ladders: Quasi-one-dimensional Bose–Einstein condensate 

190828 Magic-Angle Semimetals with Chiral Symmetry Entanglement spectrum and symmetries in non-Hermitian fermionic non-interacting models WHAT CONDENSED MATTER PHYSICS AND STATISTICAL PHYSICS TEACH US ABOUT THE LIMITS OF UNITARY TIME EVOLUTION Pairing Instability on a Luttinger Surface: A Non-Fermi Liquid to Superconductor Transition and its Gravity Dual Thermal free energy of large Nf QED in 2+1 dimensions from weak to strong coupling Anomalies, a mod 2 index, and dynamics of 2d adjoint QCD Composite Higgs models 


190829 Hybrid exceptional point created from type III Dirac point Renormalization group approach to the normal phase of 2D Fermi gases ***** From supersymmetric sine-Gordon equation to the superconformal minimal model Dynamics and Transport at the Threshold of Many-Body Localization Spin functional renormalization group for quantum Heisenberg ferromagnets: Magnetization and magnon damping in two dimensions Nonlinear optical effects in inversion-symmetry-breaking superconductors *** Vortices and composite order in SU(N) theories coupled to Abelian gauge field Distinguish modular categories and 2+1D topological orders beyond modular data: Mapping class group of higher genus manifold *** Fermi/Pauli Duality in Arbitrary Dimension *** Phase transitions in U(1)N lattice London models A MATHEMATICAL MODEL FOR MEAT COOKING 

190830 SYK non Fermi Liquid Correlations in Nanoscopic Quantum Transport *** Vortex confinement transitions in the modified Goldstone model Two-Magnon Bound States in the Kitaev Model in a [111]-Field Spin-1/2 XXZ Heisenberg chain in a longitudinal magnetic field Gravitons and pions