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190902 Depinning transition of charge density waves: mapping onto O(n) symmetric φ4 theory with n −2 and loop-erased random walks Ising superconductors: the interplay of magnetic field, triplet channels and disorder *** Giant Orbital Magneto-electric effect and Current-driven Magnetization Switching in Twisted Bilayer Graphene Odd-frequency Berezinskii superconductivity in Dirac semimetals *** Real-frequency Diagrammatic Monte Carlo at Finite Temperature Dark energy and spontaneous mirror symmetry breaking 

190905 Topology and interactions: using photonic systems as quantum simulators Berry’s Phase and Renormalization of Applied Oscillating Electric Fields by Topological Quasi-Particles Perspective on topological states of non-Hermitian lattices Strong emergence in condensed matter physics Crossover from weak to strong quench in a spinor Bose-Einstein condensate 

190906 Stability of dynamical quantum phase transitions in quenched topological insulators: From multi-band to disordered systems Three-Dimensional Topological Twistronics Dispersive Landau levels and valley currents in strained graphene nanoribbons General continuum model for twisted bilayer graphene and arbitrary smooth deformations *** An Introduction to Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking Entanglement spectrum and entropy in topological non-Hermitian systems and non-unitary conformal field theories Topological Transition on the Conformal Manifold Critical role of the sign structure in the doped Mott insulator: Superconductivity vs. Fermi liquid 

190907 Observation of a partially rotating superfluid of exciton-polariton Quasiparticles as Detector of Topological Quantum Phase Transitions Hunting Majorana Fermions in Kitaev Magnets 

190909 Common and not so common high-energy theory methods for condensed matter physics *** Exactly Solvable Models for Fracton Topological Order in All Dimensions Electronic structure of the parent compound of superconducting infinite-layer nickelates Combined spontaneous symmetry-breaking and symmetry-protected topological order from cluster charge interaction Generalized topological state-sum constructions and their universality Superconductivity from collective excitations in magic angle twisted bilayer graphene Robust dx2−y2 -wave superconductivity of infinite-layer nickelates 

190910 Defect QED: Dielectric without a Dielectric, Monopole without a Monopole *** THE HALDANE MODEL AND ITS LOCALIZATION DICHOTOMY Harmonic Fingerprint of Unconventional Superconductivity in Twisted Bilayer Graphene Triplet-Superconductivity in Triple-Band Crossings *** Temperature Fields in the Steady State Non-equilibrium QFT Dynamics of strongly interacting systems: From Fock-space fragmentation to Many-Body Localization Non-Fermi-liquid behavior and doping asymmetry in an organic Mott insulator interface Physics without Determinism: Alternative Interpretations of Classical Physics 

190911 Vortices in a Monopole Superconducting Weyl Semi-metal Klein tunneling of Weyl magnons New and Old Fermionic Dualities from 3d Bosonization *** Identification of topological orders in fractional quantum Hall state at ν = 1/4 Almost Perfect Metals in One Dimension PrBi, a semimetal where topology meets quadrupolar degrees of freedom On Extractive and Abstractive Neural Document Summarization with Transformer Language Models 

190912 Emergent dual topology in the three-dimensional Kane-Mele Pt2HgSe3 *** Real Time Dynamics and Confinement in the Zn Schwinger-Weyl lattice model for 1+1 QED *** A note on Feynman Path Integral for Electromagnetic External Fields Toward a quantum theory of gravity: Syracuse 1949-1962 

190913 Energy drag in particle-hole symmetric systems as a quantum quench Construction and classification of point group symmetry protected topological phases in 2D interacting fermionic systems *** Emergent spacetime and gravitational Nieh-Yan anomaly in chiral p + ip Weyl superfluids and superconductors ***

190916 Multipolar Topological Field Theories: Bridging Higher Order Topological Insulators and Fractons *** Widely Tunable Quantum Phase Transition from Moore-Read to Composite Fermi Liquid in Bilayer Graphene Topological nature of Hubbard bands in strongly correlated systems 

190917 Collective excitations at filling factor 5/2: The view from superspace *** Topological charge pumping in spin-dependent superlattices with glide symmetry Spontaneous time-reversal symmetry breaking without magnetism in a S = 1 chain Reflection-Symmetry Protected Antiferromagnetic Topological Insulator in Three-Dimensional Heavy-Fermion Systems Fractionalizing a local pair density wave: a good “recipe” for opening a pseudo-gap The Science of Murray Gell-Mann 

190918 Unconventional Superconductivity in Semiconductor Artificial Graphene Thermal and gravitational chiral anomaly induced magneto-transport in Weyl semimetals **** Read-Green points and level crossings in XXZ central spin models and px + ipy topological superconductors The exact solution of a generalized two-spins model Dynamics of a periodic X Y chain coupled to a photon mode QCD Kondo excitons A "road-map" of Nickelate superconductivity *** Images of a first order spin-reorientation phase transition in a metallic kagome ferromagnet Lorentz Symmetry Fractionalization and Dualities in (2+1)d **** Confined phases of one-dimensional spinless fermions coupled to Z2 gauge theory **** Theory of Dipole Insulators **** Excitations in strict 2-group higher gauge models of topological phases *** More trouble for unitary quantum theory 

190919 Higher-Order Topological Dirac Superconductors *** Symmetry and its breaking in path integral approach to quantum Brownian motion Statistical Field Theory and Effective Action Method for scalar Active Matter Orbital Orders and non-Fermi Liquid in Moir ́e systems *** Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya coupling in 3d insulators New Type of Hamiltonians Without Ultraviolet Divergence for Quantum Field Theories 

190920 Coherent propagation of quasiparticles in topological spin liquids at finite temperature Electric polarization as a nonquantized topological response and boundary Luttinger theorem *** Rashba-splitting of the Dirac points and the symmetry breaking in the strained artificial graphene Emergent Black Hole Dynamics in Critical Floquet Systems *** Entanglement Hamiltonian of Many-body Dynamics in Strongly-correlated Systems The operator L ́evy flight: light cones in chaotic long-range interacting systems *** Anomaly Inflow and the η-Invariant ******* A convenient method to detect the phase transitions in classical spin models On thermal Nieh-Yan anomaly in Weyl superfluids 

190923 Collusion of Interactions and Disorder at the Superfluid-Insulator Transition: A Dirty 2d Quantum Critical Point *** Dynamics of a noninteracting colloidal fluid in a quenched Gaussian random potential: A time-reversal-symmetry-preserving field-theoretic approach Cryogenic Cooling and Power Generation Using Quantum Hall Systems Out-of-time-ordered commutators in Dirac–Weyl systems *** Refined symmetry indicators for topological superconductors in all space groups Emergence of Quasiparticle in Doped Mott Insulators Phonon renormalization in the Kitaev quantum spin liquid Entanglement spectrum and entropy in topological non-Hermitian systems and non-unitary conformal field theories 

190924 ABSENCE OF DISORDER CHAOS FOR ISING SPIN GLASSES ON Zd Drawing Phase Diagrams for Random Quantum Systems by Deep Learning the Wave Functions Non-Hermitian Floquet topological phases: Exceptional points, coalescent edge modes, and the skin effect *** Manifestation of topological behaviors in interacting Weyl systems: one-body verse two-body correlations Statistical mechanics of integrable quantum spin systems *** Experimental consequences of Bogoliubov Fermi surfaces The Hellmann-Feynman theorem at finite temperature How Nature is Conformable to Herself: A View from Quantum Cosmology 

190925 Vortex and Surface Phase Transitions in Superconducting Higher-order Topological Insulators *** Viscous electron fluids A new magnetic monopole inspired by Berry’s phase *** Criticality of the O(2) model with cubic anisotropies from nonperturbative renormalization *** Field Theories With a Vector Global Symmetry ******** A tensor network approach to 2D bosonization *** StochasticSeriesExpansionMethods *** Evaporation dynamics of the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model *** Bogoliubov Fermi surfaces stabilized by spin-orbit coupling *** Majorana Fermions in Magnetic Chains *** Mass fluctuations and absorption rates in Dirac materials sensors 

190926 Coherent Terahertz Radiation from a Nonlinear Oscillator of Viscous Electrons ***(Andrew Lucas) Higher-order topological solitonic insulators Behavior of Floquet Topological Quantum States in Optically Driven Semiconductors Magnetic Quantum Phase Transitions in a Clean Dirac Metal How Alfven’s theorem explains the Meissner effect *** Generalized Euler Index, Holonomy Saddles, and Wall-Crossing ***(Dongwook Ghim, Piljin Yi) Fractonic Matter in Symmetry-Enriched U(1) Gauge Theory ****(Zhen Bi, Meng Cheng)

190927 Non-unique connection between bulk topological invariants and surface physics A Note on Bloch theorem A Renormalization-Group Study of Interacting Bose–Einstein Condensates: II. Anomalous Dimension η for d 􏰁 4 at Finite Temperatures Self-doped Mott insulator for parent compounds of nickelate superconductors *** Type-III Weyl Semimetals and its Materialization ** Bounds on Triangle Anomalies in (3+1)d *** On the trace anomaly for Weyl fermions *** ZN gauge theories coupled to topological fermions: QED2 with a quantum-mechanical θ angle *** Emergent spacetime and gravitational Nieh-Yan anomaly in chiral p + ip Weyl superfluids and superconductors ***

190930 Quantum oscillations in acoustic phonons in Weyl semimetals Confinement and lack of thermalization after quenches in the bosonic Schwinger model *** Non-Hermitian Linear Response Theory *** 2d ’t Hooft Anomaly, Orbifolding, and Boundary States Electronic structure and superconductivity in unconventional cuprates Ba2CuO3+δ Bifurcating entanglement-renormalization group flows of fracton stabilizer models *** Fractons from Confinement in One Dimension Spin current as a probe of the Z2-vortex topological transition in the classical Heisenberg antiferromagnet on the triangular lattice Inconsistency of the conventional theory of superconductivity *** Lattice field theory with torsion *** Topology of Generalized Spinors and Chiral Anomaly ***