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191101 Jamming and replica symmetric braking of weakly disordered crystals Non-Hermitian topological phase transitions for quantum spin Hall insulators *** Viscous Maxwell-Chern-Simons theory for topological electromagnetic phases of matter Topological Insulators beyond Energy Band Characterization ****** Quantum aspects of “hydrodynamic” transport from weak electron-impurity scattering ***(EA Kim) Moir ́e quantum chemistry: charge transfer in transition metal dichalcogenide superlattices ***(Liang Fu) A systematic study of stacked square nets: from Dirac fermions to material realizations ** Conformal field theory and the web of quantum chaos diagnostics ******(Shinsei Ryu) Gauge Enhanced Quantum Criticality and Time Reversal Domain Wall: SU(2) Yang-Mills Dynamics with Topological Terms *****(Juven Wang) Ferromagnetic fluctuations in the Rashba-Hubbard model ****(Schnyder) Anomaly Matching in the Symmetry Broken Phase: Domain Walls, CPT, and the Smith Isomorphism *** Decorated Z2 Symmetry Defects and Their Time-Reversal Anomalies *** Notes on the complex Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model *****(Kitaev, Sachdev) Reply to Comment on ”Superconductivity at low density near a ferroelectric quantum critical point: doped SrTiO3” ***(Balatsky) Thermalization and its absence within Krylov subspaces of a constrained Hamiltonian ***(Bernevig) Fermion-induced quantum critical point in Dirac semimetals: a sign-problem-free quantum Monte Carlo study ***(Hong Yao) Phase diagram of the spin-1/2 Kitaev-Gamma chain and emergent SU(2) symmetry ***(Affleck, HY Kee) Realization of metallic state in 1T-TaS2 with persisting long-range order of charge density wave Quantum critical nematic fluctuations and spin excitation anisotropy in iron pnictides ***

191104 The Nieh-Yan Anomaly: Torsional Landau Levels, Central Charge and Anomalous Thermal Hall Effect ***(Michael Stone) Flat bands and entanglement in the Kitaev ladder *** Emergent Fermi surface in a many-body non-Hermitian Fermionic chain ***** Topology trivialization in a simplified version of the φ4 model Quantum spin liquids by geometric lattice design *** Exact bosonization in arbitrary dimensions **** Moir ́e-less Correlations in ABCA Graphene Duality Defect of the Monster CFT RG and BV-formalism ******

191105 Anderson transition in three-dimensional non-Hermitian disorder Floquet engineering topological many-body localized systems ***** Flat bands and gaps in twisted double bilayer graphene Two-dimensional metals for piezotronics devices based on Berry curvature dipole ***** Spin and Magnetism in 2D Materials Landauer’s principle at zero temperature Emergent symmetries and coexisting orders in Dirac fermion systems ***** Six-loop ε expansion study of three-dimensional O(n) × O(m) spin models Magnetic field and thermal Hall effect in a pyrochlore U(1) quantum spin liquid *** Geodesic string condensation from symmetric tensor gauge theory: a unifying framework of holographic toy models ***** Non-local Order Parameters and Quantum Entanglement for Fermionic Topological Field Theories ***(Shinsei Ryu) Tensor network formulation of the massless Schwinger model Line Operators of Gauge Theories on Non-Spin Manifolds Spontaneous thermal Hall conductance in superconductors with broken time-reversal symmetry Relating ’t Hooft Anomalies of 4d Pure Yang-Mills and 2d CPN−1 Model Generalized Stueckelberg-Higgs gauge theories HEISENBERG-PICTURE QUANTUM FIELD THEORY ** A generalized boundary condition applied to Lieb-Schultz-Mattis type ingappabilities and many-body Chern numbers ***(Oshikawa)

191106 Lattice vibration as a knob for novel quantum criticality : Emergence of supersymmetry from spin-lattice coupling *** Spin-helix driven insulating phase in two dimensional lattice *** Universal finite size scaling around tricriticality between topologically ordered, SPT, and trivial phases Dynamics of 2D topological quadrupole insulator and Chern insulator induced by real-space topological changes *** New integrable 1D models of superconductivity Non-perturbative high-harmonic generation in the three-dimensional Dirac semimetal Cd3As2 Particle Number Fluctuations, R ́enyi and Symmetry-resolved Entanglement Entropy in Two-dimensional Fermi Gas from Multi-dimensional Bosonization Conformal field theory and the non-abelian SU(2)k chiral spin liquid Classification of topological phases in one dimensional interacting non-Hermitian systems and emergent unitarity *** Charge-density-wave melting in the one-dimensional Holstein model BKT transition observed in magnetic and electric properties of YBa2Cu3O7−δ single crystals Lack of thermalization in (1+1)-d QCD at large Nc Gauging the spacetime metric – looking back and forth a century later ***

191107 Ground State and Hidden Symmetry of Magic Angle Graphene at Even Integer Filling ***(Zalatel, Vishwanath) Dynamical topology of quantum quenches in two dimensions *** Beyond Standard Models and Grand Unifications: Anomalies, Topological Terms and Dynamical Constraints via Cobordisms *****(Zuven Wang) Higher-Rank Non-Abelian Tensor Field Theory: Higher-Moment or Subdimensional Polynomial Global Symmetry, Algebraic Variety, Noether’s Theorem, and Gauge ***(Juven Wang, Yau) Topological phase diagrams of the frustrated Ising ferromagnet ******(RG) TensorTrace: an application to contract tensor networks Quantum Hall effect in curved space realized in strained graphene ***(Vielbein) Z2 vortices in the ground states of classical Kitaev-Heisenberg models Anharmonic coupling between electrons and TO phonons in the vicinity of ferroelectric quantum critical point. Ab-initio phonon self-energies and fluctuation diagnostics of phonon anomalies: lattice instabilities from Dirac pseudospin physics in transition-metal dichalcogenides High-temperature superconductors: underlying physics and applications Continuous quantum phase transition in the fermionic mass solutions of the Nambu-Jona-Lasinio model *** Classical Systems in Quantum Mechanics A NOTE ON ABELIAN ARITHMETIC BF-THEORY 

191111 Does one-step replica symmetry breaking occur in p-spin Ising models outside mean-field theory? Out-of-time-order correlators in bipartite nonintegrable systems Homotopical classification of non-Hermitian band structures ***** Plasmon Spectroscopy of Fluctuations in Superconductors Magnetic field-induced type-II Weyl semimetallic state in geometrically frustrated Shastry-Sutherland lattice GdB4 Wormhole and the Thermodynamic Arrow of Time ***** Magnetic monopoles and toroidal moments in LuFeO3 and related compounds Fractonic superfluids, topological vortices, and quantum fluctuations Helical spin liquid in a triangular XXZ magnet from Chern-Simons theory ***(Alex Kamenev) On thermal Nieh-Yan anomaly in topological Weyl materials From Luttinger liquids to Luttinger droplets via higher-order bosonization identities Electronic structures and spin fluctuations in nickelate oxide NdNiO2  (Nickelate) Role of 4f states in infinite-layer NdNiO2 (Nickelate)

191112 Collective modes at a disordered quantum phase transition ***(Vojta) Spontaneous symmetry breaking and topology in twisted bilayer graphene: the nature of the correlated insulating states and the quantum anomalous Hall effect ** Mechanisms of rapid evolution Interplay of Coulomb repulsion and spin-orbit coupling in superconducting 3D quadratic band touching Luttinger semimetals ***(Witczak-Krempa) Phonon-mediated superconductivity in strongly correlated electron systems: a Luttinger-Ward functional approach Interacting fermions in two dimension in simultaneous presence of disorder and magnetic field Dimer description of the SU(4) antiferromagnet on the triangular lattice ***(Savary, Balents) What does the giant thermal Hall effect observed in the high temperature superconductors imply? Eliashberg equations for an electron-phonon version of the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model: Pair Breaking in non-Fermi liquid superconductors ******(Schmalian) Symmetry and microscopic constraints on Hall conductances and a Wiedemann-Franz law: a view from the interface 

191113 Effective Hamiltonians from classical constraints: a new method for experimental realisation of fractional quantum Hall effects THE GEOMETRY OF (NON-ABELIAN) LANDAU LEVELS ** Acoustogalvanic effect in Dirac and Weyl semimetals ****** Designing effective lattices for two-body bound states: From interaction-induced flat bands to higher-order topological insulators **** Unraveling the nature of universal dynamics in O(N) theories *** Excitonic density wave and spin-valley superfluid in bilayer transition metal dichalcogenide ***(Zhen Bi, Liang Fu) Unconventional Non-Fermi Liquid Properties of Two-Channel Anderson Impurities System Eliashberg Theory: a short review **** Microwave response of a superconductor beyond the Eliashberg theory *** Absence of Superconductivity in Nd0.8Sr0.2NiOx Thin Films without Chemical Reduction Emergence of time 

191114 Consequences of Time-reversal-symmetry Breaking in the Light-Matter Interaction: Berry Curvature, Quantum Metric and Diabatic Motion Moir ́e of Moir ́e: Modeling Mechanical Relaxation in Incommensurate Trilayer van der Waals Heterostructures *** Generic phase diagram of quantum dimer model on square lattice A proper choice of the Ising model order parameter Nonlocal Exchange Interactions in Strongly Correlated Electron Systems Moir ́e superconductivity ***** Spin-Triplet Excitonic Insulator: The Case of Graphone Spin-Triplet Excitonic Insulator: The Case of Graphone Revivals imply quantum many-body scars ****** Probing the direct factor for superconductivity in FeSe-Based Superconductors by Raman Scattering *** Anomaly of a gauge theory under rescaling of the fields *****

191115 Monopole operators and their symmetries in QED3-Gross-Neveu models ***(Witzak-Krempa) Current-driven tricritical point in large-Nc gauge theory Flat space holography and complex SYK ******* N ̈other’s Second Theorem as an Obstruction to Charge Quantization *** Operator thermalization vs eigenstate thermalization On two-vierbein gravity action from gauge theory of conformal group On RG flows in Generalized Effective Field Theory 

191118 Hydrodynamic transport in Luttinger-Abrikosov-Beneslavskii non-Fermi liquid ***(Igor Herbut) Topological crystalline insulator state with type-II Dirac fermions in transition metal dipnictides *** Correlations induced by fractional statistics in Z2 quantum spin liquids ***** Turbulent hydrodynamics in strongly correlated Kagome metals *** Anyons in Multichannel Kondo Systems Strain-induced spin-nematic state and nematic susceptibility arising from 2 × 2 Fe clusters in KFe0.8Ag1.2Te2 *** Adjusted Parallel Transport for Higher Gauge Theories **** Renormalization of the Classical Bosonic String Anomalies and Bose symmetry *** PHASE TRANSITION AT HIGH SUPERSYMMETRY BREAKING SCALE IN STRING THEORY A new CFT from N = (0, 2) Landau-Ginzburg model **** The semi-classical energy of closed Nambu-Goto strings Quantum Epidemiology: Operator Growth, Thermal Effects, and SYK ***** Representation theory in chiral conformal field theory: from fields to observables 

191119 Theory of two-dimensional nonlinear spectroscopy for Kitaev spin liquid ****(YB Kim) Realizing and detecting the fundamental Weyl semimetal phase Chiral Hall effect in strained Weyl semimetals Modern Physics of the Condensed State: Strong Correlations and Quantum Topology **** Proximity-Induced Superconductivity in a Topological Crystalline Insulator Topological Field Theory far from Equilibrium ************ Topological invariants to characterize universality of boundary charge in one-dimensional insulators beyond symmetry constraints Density, boundary charge, and topological constraints for edge states: A study via the analytic continuation of Bloch states Hydrogen-induced magnetism in graphene: a simple effective model description *** Spin waves in a twisted ferromagnetic bilayer *** Renormalization Group in the Problem of Active Scalar Advection Tensor network wavefunction of S = 1 Kitaev spin liquids ***** (HY Lee, YB Kim) Effective Quantum Field Theory for the Thermodynamical Bethe Ansatz ***** A Traversable Wormhole Teleportation Protocol in the SYK Model ***** Novel magnetic phase in a weakly ordered spin-1/2 chain antiferromagnet Sr2CuO3 Partial-Symmetry-Breaking Phase Transitions Relativistic Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Field Theory ***** Algebraic Quantum Field Theory – an introduction *** A mathematical theory of gapless edges of 2d topological orders I Lorentz Transformation and General Covariance Principle **** Algebraic backgrounds: a framework for noncommutative Kaluza-Klein theory 

191120 High-order topological insulators from high-dimensional Chern insulators *** Kondo-based Qubits for Topological Quantum Computation Phonon-induced Floquet second-order topological phases protected by space-time symmetries ***(Gil Rafael) Quantum phases of a one-dimensional Majorana-Bose-Hubbard model ***(Pollmann) Decoherence in Conformal Field Theory **** Deligne Categories in Lattice Models and Quantum Field Theory, or Making Sense of O(N) Symmetry with Non-integer N Gapped domain walls between 2+1D topologically ordered states *** (Xiao-Gang Wen) Critical role of device geometry for the phase diagram of twisted bilayer graphene Holographic Topological Semimetals Approach to Solving Quasiclassical Equations with Gauge Invariance 

191121 Topological Classificaton of Non-Hermitian Gapless Phases: Exceptional Points and Bulk Fermi Arcs *** Parabolic Hall Effect in Weyl Metals *** Feynman diagrams and the large charge expansion in 3 − ε dimensions Evidence for an Additional Symmetry Breaking from Direct Observation of Band Splitting in the Nematic State of FeSe Superconductor Instability of j = 3/2 Bogoliubov Fermi-surfaces (HBO) Non-Landau Quantum Phase Transitions and nearly-Marginal Fermi Liquid ****(Cenke Xu) Duality Between Dirac Fermions in Curved Spacetime and Optical solitons in Non-Linear Schrodinger Model: Magic of 1 + 1-Dimensional Bosonization ***

191122 Zn superconductivity of composite bosons and the 7/3 fractional quantum Hall effect *** Observation of Magic Angle and Wall State in Twisted Bilayer Photonic Graphene *** Engineering Floquet Higher Order Topological Insulator by Periodic Driving ***** Living on the edge: Topology, electrostatics and disorder Finite-temperature properties of the Kitaev-Heisenberg models on kagome and triangular lattices studied by improved finite-temperature Lanczos methods Euclidean operator growth and quantum chaos *** Remarkable interaction effects in quadratic and cubic nodal line fermion systems ***(JR Wang) Holographic metals at finite doping Enhanced, phase coherent, multifractal-like, two-dimensional superconductivity The interplay of insulating and superconducting orders in magic- angle graphene bilayers Global anomalies in the Standard Model(s) and Beyond Gauge Enhanced Quantum Criticality and Time Reversal Domain Wall: SU(2) Yang-Mills Dynamics with Topological Terms Beyond Standard Models and Grand Unifications: Anomalies, Topological Terms and Dynamical Constraints via Cobordisms 

191125 SYK Correlators for All Energies *** Geometry of Quantum Phase Transitions An efficient method for strongly correlated electrons in two-dimensions Automatic Differentiable Monte Carlo: Theory and Application ***(Hong Yao) Boundary conformal spectrum and surface critical behaviors of the classical spin systems: a tensor network renormalization study Critical exponents for the valence-bond-solid transition in lattice quantum electrodynamics **** (Joseph Maciejko ) Existence of nodal line semi-metal in a generalized three dimensional Haldane model *** Lecture Notes on Chern-Simons Perturbation Theory ***

191126 Geometric entanglement in integer quantum Hall states with boundaries Quasicrystalline Chern Insulators Hinged Quantum Spin-Hall Effect in Antiferromagnetic Topological Insulators Spin and charge transport in topological nodal-line semimetals Theory of the coherence of topological lasers Holographic superconductor induced by charge density waves Solving the 2D SUSY Gross-Neveu-Yukawa Model with Conformal Truncation Notes on Superconformal Representations in Two Dimensions ***(Sungjay Lee) Yang–Mills Theory of Gravity Hidden antiferro-nematic order in Fe-based superconductor BaFe2As2 and NaFeAs above TS 

191127 Edge current and orbital angular momentum of chiral superfluids revisited *** (Hong Yao) Flat Bands and Edge Currents in Dice-Lattice Ladders Nematicity with a twist: rotational symmetry breaking in a moir ́e superlattice ***(Rafael Fernandes) Basic tensor network computations in physics Colloquium: Statistical Mechanics and Themodynamics at Strong Coupling: Quantum and Classical Fractional quantum Hall effect in a relativistic field theory ***(Kaplan) Quantum field theory of topological spin dynamics **** Spin liquids in geometrically perfect triangular antiferromagnets Late transition-metal oxides with infinite-layer structure: nickelate vs. cuprate **** Phase structure of the 1+1 dimensional Nambu–Jona-Lasinio model with isospin Partial deconfinement in gauge theories 

191128 The Next Higgs Boson(s) and a Higgs-Yukawa Universality Quenched vs Annealed: Glassiness from SK to SYK *** Topological Superconductors on Superstring Worldsheets Field-induced magnetic transition and spin fluctuation in quantum spin liquid candidate CsYbSe2