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191202 Decoupling superconductivity and correlated insulators in twisted bilayer graphene ** Magnetotransport of Weyl semimetals with tilted Dirac cones Topological Classification of Non-Hermitian Hamiltonians Artificial gauge fields and topological insulators in Moir ́e superlattices Proof of the absence of long-range temporal orders in Gibbs states ****(Haruki Watanabe, Masaki Oshikawa) Multipolar superconductivity in Luttinger semimetals ** Spin-1 Kitaev-Heisenberg model on a two-dimensional honeycomb lattice *** Multiorbital singlet pairing and d + d superconductivity ** Introduction to the nested algebraic Bethe ansatz Full-bandwidth Eliashberg theory of superconductivity beyond Migdal’s approximation Weyl superconductor phases in a Weyl-semimetal/superconductor multilayer Wilson Loops and Integrability 

191203 Tutorial: Computing topological invariants in two-dimensional photonic crystals *** BaHgSn: A Dirac semimetal with surface hourglass fermions *** Observation of an exceptional point in a non-Hermitian metasurface *** Superconducting proximity effect in flat band systems ** On the propagation of Dirac fermions in graphene with the strain-induced inhomogeneous Fermi velocity ***** TURBULENCE, STRING THEORY AND ISING MODEL ***** Quantum critical properties of Bose-Hubbard models Exact four point function for large q SYK from Regge theory *** Coupled First-Order Transitions In A Fermi-Bose Mixture Many-body perturbation expansions without diagrams. I. Normal states * Late transition-metal oxides with infinite-layer structure: nickelate vs. cuprate ** Four Lectures on Analytic Solutions in Open String Field Theory Generalised conformal higher-spin fields in curved backgrounds ** THE HEAT KERNEL AND SPECTRAL ZETA FUNCTION FOR THE QUANTUM RABI MODEL 

191204 Quantum Ising chains with small-world couplings: No small-world effect at the quantum level; Stability of the quantum critical point *** Coupled Wire Model of Z2 × Z2 Orbifold Quantum Hall States  **(Kane) Tunable quantum interference effect on magnetoconductivity in few-layer black phosphorus Disentangling quantum matter with measurements Two-dimensional multicomponent Abelian-Higgs lattice models Transport through a quantum critical system: A thermodynamically consistent approach Exact Superconducting Instability in a Doped Mott Insulator Abelian Bosonization, OPEs, and the “String Scale” of Fermion Fields Superconductivity in dilute SrTiO3: a review Boundary States for Chiral Symmetries in Two Dimensions Emergent Fermi surface in a triangular-lattice SU(4) quantum antiferromagnet ***(Cenke Xu) Electronic and Magnetic Structure of Infinite-layer NdNiO2: Trace of Antiferromagnetic Metal 

191205 Random Field Ising Model and Parisi-Sourlas Supersymmetry I. Supersymmetric CFT ***** Nonlinear topological photonics Qualitative methods in condensed matter physics ** Classical Statistical simulation of Quantum Field Theory Thermodynamic Evidence of Proximity to a Kitaev Spin-Liquid in Ag3LiIr2O6 A mathematical theory of gapless edges of 2d topological orders II Hidden and mirage collective modes in two dimensional Fermi liquids *** Parquet dual fermion approach for the Falicov-Kimball model Tensor-network method to simulate strongly interacting quantum thermal machines The interplay between superconductivity and non-Fermi liquid at a quantum-critical point in a metal ***(Chubukov) Classical glasses, black holes, and strange quantum liquids 

191206 Fermion doubling theorems in 2D non-Hermitian systems *** Renormalization group on a triad network Keldysh Functional Renormalization Group Treatment of Finite-Ranged Interactions in Quantum Point Contacts Atypical Behavior of Collective Modes in Two-Dimensional Fermi Liquids Interactions remove the quantization of the chiral photocurrent at Weyl points Fusion Category Symmetry I: Anomaly In-Flow and Gapped Phases Distinct reduction of Knight shift in superconducting state of Sr2RuO4 under uniaxial strain Iron-based superconductors: tales from the nuclei The Ryu-Takayanagi Formula from Quantum Error Correction: An Algebraic Treatment of the Boundary CFT 

191209 Nonperturbative Approach to the Nonequilibrium Kondo Model Quantum phases of two-component bosons on the Harper-Hofstadter ladder Topological mass from vortex-electron interaction SYK wormhole formation in real time ***(Maldacena) Thermoelectric power of Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev islands: Probing Bekenstein-Hawking entropy in quantum matter experiments ***(Patel, P. Kim, Sachdev) ISOTROPIC LIFSHITZ SCALING IN FOUR DIMENSIONS Spontaneous Quantum Gravity Emmy Noether on Energy Conservation in General Relativity Wigner’s Isolated Friend 

191210 Non-equilibrium Renormalization Group Fixed-Points of Quantum Spin Chains in Critical Dynamical Quantum Phase Transitions *** On the Boson-Fermion resonant model on a lattice Computational design of f-electron Kitaev magnets: honeycomb and hyperhoneycomb compounds A2PrO3 (A = alkali metals) ***** Theoretical phase diagram of two-component composite fermions in double layer graphene ***(Jain) Double-Q Chiral Stripe in the d- p Model with Strong Spin-Charge Coupling Algebraic Structures in the Coupling of Gravity to Gauge Theories Valence bond fluctuations in the Kitaev spin model 

191211 Measurement-induced steering of quantum systems ***(Gefen) Sign-tunable anomalous Hall effect induced by symmetry-protected nodal structures in ferromagnetic perovskite oxide thin films Detecting Topological Order at Finite Temperature Using Entanglement Negativity ***(Tim Hsieh, Tarun Gover) Inhomogeneous conformal field theory out of equilibrium Large-N behavior of three-dimensional lattice CPN−1 models Quantization of a Self-dual Conformal Theory in (2 + 1) Dimensions Phase transition and Chaos in charged SYK model *********** Theoretical possibilities for flat-band superconductivity ********** Probing multipolar quantum spin ice in pyrochlore materials ***(SB Lee, YB Kim) Order by singularity in Kitaev clusters Lectures on Physics Beyond the Standard Model Relative Anomalies in (2+1)D Symmetry Enriched Topological States ***(Meng Cheng) Models of quantum complexity growth **(Preskill)

191212 Particle-Hole Duality, Emergent Fermi Liquids and Fractional Chern Insulators in Moir ́e Flatbands *** Floquet topological phase in a generalized PT-symmetric lattice *** Auxiliary generalized Brillouin zone method in non-Hermitian band theory *** Nontrivially Topological Phase Structure of Ideal Bose Gas System within Different Boundary Conditions Universal Constraints on Energy Flow and SYK Thermalization *** Stochastic Equation of Motion Approach to Fermionic Dissipative Dynamics. I. Formalism Stochastic Equation of Motion Approach to Fermionic Dissipative Dynamics. II. Numerical Implementation Strain induced superconductor-insulator transition on Lieb lattice Wiedemann-Franz law in a non-Fermi liquid and Majorana central charge: Thermoelectric transport in a two-channel Kondo system Dynamical symmetry in quantum dissipative models The Conformal Anomaly and a new Exact RG Generalized hypergeometric functions and intersection theory for Feynman integrals New Trend in Quantization Methods Entanglement, violation of Kramers-Kronig relation and curvature in spacetime Helicity in Hamiltonian dynamical systems

191213 One SYK SET ****** Landau-Khalatnikov-Fradkin transformation of the fermion propagator in massless reduced QED Spontaneous symmetry-breaking in a honeycomb lattice subject to a periodic potential ****** Many-body approach to non-Hermitian physics in fermionic systems ****(BJ Yang) Hamiltonian Approach to the Torsional Anomalies and Its Dimensional Ladder ***(Michael Stone) COMPOSITE TOPOLOGICAL OBJECTS IN TOPOLOGICAL SUPERFLUIDS ***(Volovik) Entanglement measures and non-equilibrium dynamics of quantum many-body systems: a path integral approach Classifying superconductivity in an infinite-layer nickelate Nd0.8Sr0.2NiO2 ***(Nickelate) An Exactly Solvable Model for a 4 + 1D Beyond-Cohomology Symmetry Protected Topological Phase ***(Haah, Hastings) Phases of SU(2) gauge theory with multiple adjoint Higgs fields in 2+1 dimensions ***(Scheurer, Sachdev) Topological Origin of Non-Hermitian Skin Effects ***(Sato, Shiozaki)

191216 Cascade of transitions between the correlated electronic states of magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene Cascade of Phase Transitions and Dirac Revivals in Magic Angle Graphene Seeing moiré superlattices Twisted quadrupole topological photonic crystals Bulk-Boundary Correspondence in Rotationally Symmetric Topological Superconductors from Stacked Dirac Hamiltonians *** Fourth-Order Topological Insulator via Dimensional Reduction Strongly interacting spin-orbit coupled Bose-Einstein condensates in one dimension ***(Junhyun Lee, Pixley) A new renormalon in two dimensions Superconductivity in the doped quantum spin liquid on the triangular lattice **** Non-local order parameters for states with topological electromagnetic response ****(Shinsei Ryu) Pressure Induced Gapless Quantum Spin Liquids on Honeycomb Lattice *** Topological Z2 RVB quantum spin liquid on the ruby lattice Non-Hermitian Holography ***** Thermoelectric power of Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev islands: Probing Bekenstein-Hawking entropy in quantum matter experiments ****(Patel, Philip Kim, Sachdev) An Introduction to Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking 

191217 Realization of Photonic Charge-2 Dirac Point by Engineering Super-modes in Topological Superlattices Unraveling non-Hermitian pumping: emergent spectral singularities and anomalous responses *** Mean-field validity in a dissipative critical system: Liouvillian gap, PT-symmetric antigap, and permutational symmetry in the XYZ model Phase structure and real-time dynamics of the massive Thirring model in 1+1 dimensions using the tensor-network method Quantum charging supremacy via Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev batteries ***(SYK) Magnetic Flux Periodicity in Second Order Topological Superconductors Resonant generation of p-wave Cooper pair in non-Hermitian Kitaev chain at exceptional point *** Geometric Induction in Chiral Superconductors ***(Frank Wilczek) Non-equilibrium d− wave pair density wave order parameter in superconducting cuprates TURBULENCE, STRING THEORY AND ISING MODEL 

191218 Relativistic non-Fermi liquid from interacting birefringent fermions: A robust superuniversality ***(Bitan Roy, Vladimir Juricic) Shear viscosity as a probe of nodal topology ***(Bitan Roy, Vladimir Juricic) Magnon-mediated superconductivity on the surface of a topological insulator Anomalous transport independent of gauge fields Second-Order Phase Transition At The Phase Boundary Through The FeRh First-Order Metamagnetic Phase Transition Three Easy Pieces (in tribute to Roman Jackiw) On Exact Proper Time Wilsonian RG Flows The unreasonable effectiveness of Eliashberg theory for pairing of non-Fermi liquids ***(Debanjan Chowdhury, Erez Berg) Slave-Boson analysis of the 2D Hubbard model Strongly anharmonic collective modes in a coupled electron-phonon-spin problem Multiple topological phases of Kitaev-Heisenberg model on square-octagon lattice Path integral quantization of a spinning particle 

191220 Breakdown of ergodicity in disordered U(1) lattice gauge theories Higher-order Dirac fermions in three dimensions ******** Magnetic Topological Kagome Systems Metallic states beyond Tomonaga-Luttinger liquids in one dimension ***(Xiao-Gang Wen) Exceptional non-Hermitian topological edge mode and its application to active matter *** Unifying topological phase transitions in noninteracting, interact- ing, and periodically driven systems Continuous Phase Transition without Gap Closing in Non-Hermitian Quantum Many-Body Systems ****(Masahito) Self-dual S3-invariant quantum chains ***(Fendley) Normal charge densities in quantum critical superfluids A Theory of Trotter Error Duality and Transport for Supersymmetric Graphene from the Hemisphere Partition Function Thermodynamics of a Higher-Order Topological Insulator **** Deconfined critical point in a doped random quantum Heisenberg magnet ****(Subir Sachdev) Strong-coupling superconductivity and pseudogap in topological flat bands: a quantum Monte Carlo study ****(Erez Berg, Debanjan Chowdhury) Critical properties of the Ne ́el–algebraic-spin-liquid transition ***(Maciejko) Symmetry-Enriched Quantum Spin Liquids in (3+1)d HOMOTOPY ALGEBRAS OF DIFFERENTIAL (SUPER)FORMS IN THREE AND FOUR DIMENSIONS Eliashberg theory in the weak-coupling limit: results on the real frequency axis ***

191223 Symmetry classes, many-body zero modes, and supersymmetry in the complex Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model ******(SYK) Quantum circuit at criticality **(ㅢㅠ) Compact, flat-band based, Anderson and many-body localization in a diamond chain *** Non-Hermitian Topological Metamaterials with Odd Elasticity *** A quantitative description of skyrmions in ultrathin ferromagnetic films and rigidity of degree ±1 harmonic maps from R2 to S2 Correlated states in magic angle twisted bilayer graphene under the optical conductivity scrutiny ***(TBG optical conductivity) Zn modified XY and Goldstone models *** Hamiltonian Tomography via Quantum Quench ***(Timothy Hsieh) Topological models in quasicrystalline lattices *****(Quasicrystal) A toy model for decoherence in the black hole information problem Perturbative approach to tunneling and quantum interferences in spin clusters Fractional Chern Insulator States in Twisted Bilayer Graphene: An Analytical Approach *** (TBG, Ashvin Vishwanath) Stabilizing Even-Parity Chiral Superconductivity in Sr2RuO4 ***(Agterberg) The 3d Twisted Index and Wall-Crossing Local anomalies in Z′ models **** Conformal invariance versus Weyl invariance **** Quantum vs. classical information: operator negativity as a probe of scrambling *** (Shinsei Ryu) Marginal deformations and defect anomalies Spin angular momentum of the electron: One-loop studies 

191224 Non-Hermitian Disorder-induced Topological insulators **** Interpreting machine learning of topological quantum phase transitions ***(Eun-Ah Kim) Exceptional Topology of Non-Hermitian System **** Axial anomaly generation by domain wall motion in Weyl semimetals ** Non-Hermitian Dirac Cones *** Van der Waals universality near a quantum tricritical point *** Deformations of the boundary theory of the square lattice AKLT model *** Lectures on Quantum Tensor Networks a pathway to modern diagrammatic reasoning ***** Disentanglement Approach to Quantum Spin Ground States: Field Theory and Stochastic Simulation Tunneling conductance of long-range Coulomb interacting Luttinger liquid ** Lieb-Schultz-Mattis type constraints on Fractonic Matter ***** Fluctuations and Non-Hermiticity in the Stochastic Approach to Quantum Spins ** Majorana-mediated spin transport without spin polarization in Kitaev quantum spin liquids Free at Last: Bose Metal Uncaged Vacua with Small Flux Superpotential 

191225 Does scrambling equal chaos? ***** Soluble limit and criticality of fermions in Z2 gauge theories *****(Piers Coleman, Alexei Tsvelik) Symmetry-protected trivial phases and quantum phase transitions in an anisotropic antiferromagnetic spin-1 biquadratic model *** Critical properties of the two-dimensional q-state clock model*** Chern bands of twisted bilayer graphene: fractional Chern insulators and spin phase transition *****(Senthil) Quantum Monte Carlo simulations of the attractive SU(3) Hubbard model on a honeycomb lattice ** Quantum Critical Phenomena in an O(4) Fermion Chain DIFFERENTIAL FORMS FOR PLASMA PHYSICS 

191230 A Neural Networks study of the phase transitions of Potts model Non-Hermitian disorder in two-dimensional optical lattices *** Nuclear spin relaxation rate near the disorder-driven quantum critical point in Weyl fermion systems **** Quantum Theory of Multisubband Plasmon-Phonon Coupling Composite super-moiré lattices in double aligned graphene heterostructures **** Evidence for Bosonization in a three-dimensional gas of SU(N) fermions **** Mott insulating states of the anisotropic SU(4) Dirac fermions **** A Framework for Simulating Gauge Theories with Dipolar Spin Systems DYNAMICS OF THE PRICE BEHAVIOR IN STOCK MARKETS: A STATISTICAL PHYSICS APPROACH Spectral Fluctuations in the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev Model *** Axion coupling in the hybrid Wannier representation Matrix ensembles with global symmetries and ’t Hooft anomalies from 2d gauge theory **** DC resistivity near a nematic quantum critical point: Effects of weak disorder and acoustic phonons Triplicate Relativistic Fermions and Parity Anomaly in 2+1 Dimensions Fermion Bag Approach for Hamiltonian Lattice Field Theories Quantum Pairing Time Orders Lagrangian BRST formulation of massive higher spin fields of generic symmetry type