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20200101 Flat bands and nontrivial topological properties in an extended Lieb lattice Topological States in Generalized Electric Quadrupole Insulators Optical Imprinting of Superlattices in 2D Materials Plasmonic Drag in a Flowing Fermi Liquid ***(Leonid Levitov) Quantum Chaos, Thermodynamics and Black Hole Microstates in the mass deformed SYK model *** A theory of deconfined pseudo-criticality *****(Chong Wang) Remarks on the large-N CP N −1 model LIEB-ROBINSON BOUNDS AND STRONGLY CONTINUOUS DYNAMICS FOR A CLASS OF MANY-BODY FERMION SYSTEMS IN Rd Supersymmetry and deterministic chaos Onsager’s scars in disordered spin chains ***(Hosho Katsura) The Lattice-Continuum Correspondence in the Ising Model Note on Wess-Zumino-Witten models and quasiuniversality in 2+1 dimensions ****** The φ4 Theory Hamiltonian for Fluids: Application to the surface tension near the critical point Quantum Phase Transitions in the Spin-Boson model: MonteCarlo Method vs Variational Approach a la Feynman Non-Abelian Three-Loop Braiding Statistics for 3D Fermionic Topological Phases Algebraic higher symmetries and non-invertible anomaly in symmetry-breaking and topological phase transitions *****(Xiao-Gang Wen) Non-Abelian Gauged Fractonic Matter Field Theory: New Sigma Models, Superfluids and Vortices ****(Juven Wang, Shing-Tung Yau) SU(3)1 Chiral Spin Liquid on the Square Lattice: a View from Symmetric PEPS Projected BCS Theory for the Unification of Antiferromagnetism and Strongly Correlated Superconductivity ***(Kwon Park) A universal holographic prediction for quantum-critical dynamics New black holes with hyperscaling violation and transports of quantum critical points with magnetic impurity ****(Sang-Jin Sin) Frustration - Exactly Solved Frustrated Models *** Anomaly Constraints on Gapped Phases with Discrete Chiral Symmetry *** Pairing transition in a double layer with interlayer Coulomb repulsion Scaling and Diffusion of Dirac Composite Fermions Quantum phase transitions of gapped phases in nodal-line semimetals *** Emergent chiral spin ordering and anomalous Hall effect of kagome lattice at 1/3 filling Fermion-bag inspired Hamiltonian lattice field theory for fermionic quantum criticality Rigorous results on topological superconductivity with particle number conservation **(Michael Levin) Higher Anomalies, Higher Symmetries, and Cobordisms III: QCD Matter Phases Anew ***(Juven Wang)

20200103 Non-Hermitian impurities in Dirac systems ***(Balatsky) Geometric phase from Aharonov-Bohm to Pancharatnam–Berry and beyond ***(Yuval Gefen) Non-Abelian braiding of Dirac fermionic modes using topological corner states in higher-order topological insulator *** Reliability of lattice gauge theories *** Superfluidity and pairing phenomena in ultracold atomic Fermi gases in one-dimensional optical lattices, Part I: Balanced case Not all doped Mott insulators have a pseudogap: key role of van Hove singularities *** Superconducting optical response of photodoped Mott insulators Pseudo-spin rotation symmetry breaking by Coulomb interaction terms in spin-orbit coupled systems Effective p-wave Fermi-Fermi Interaction Induced by Bosonic Superfluids Effective field theories Antiunitary symmetry protected higher order topological phases **(Bitan Roy) Solvable Strong-coupling Quantum Dot Model with a Non-Fermi-liquid Pairing Transition *****(Yuxuan Wang) Gauge Symmetries and Renormalization *****

20200106 Functional–integral approach to Coulomb fluids in the strong coupling limit Hierarchy of energy scales in an O(3) symmetric antiferromagnetic quantum critical metal: a Monte Carlo study ****(Erez Berg) Orbital Resonant Valence Bond States:
Emergence of Superconductivity in Doped Multiorbital Chains Skin effect and excitation spectral of interacting non-Hermitian system ***(non-hermitian system) Beyond Standard Models and Grand Unifications: Anomalies, Topological Terms and 

Dynamical Constraints via Cobordisms ***(Juven Wang) On the meaning of “quantum supremacy” experiments. Entropic time-energy uncertainty relations: An algebraic approach 

20200107 Unsupervised machine learning and band topology *** Type II magic angles and interlayer-coupling-dependence of magic angles in commensurately twisted bilayer graphene Susceptibility of the one-dimensional Ising model: is the singularity at T = 0 an essential one? Three-dimensional lattice multiflavor scalar chromodynamics: interplay between global and gauge symmetries A physicist-friendly reformulation of the Atiyah-Patodi-Singer index and its mathematical justification *** (index theorem) Entanglement spreading and quasiparticle picture beyond the pair structure Study of Nontrivial Magnetism in 3d-5d Transition Metal based Double Perovskites On Planckian limit for inelastic relaxation in metals Renormalization of electrons in bilayer cuprate superconductors Emergent Gauge Symmetries and Particle Physics *** Analytic Properties of Triangle Feynman Diagrams in Quantum Field Theory *** Parity and the origin of neutrino mass On the trace anomaly for Weyl fermions Lattice gauge theory for Haldane conjecture and central-branch Wilson fermion Spacetime Groups Lectures on Quantum Tensor Networks - a pathway to modern diagrammatic reasoning 

20200108 Fracton Phases of Matter ***(Pretko, Xie Chen, Yizhi You) Multifield phonon spectrometrics of structured crystals and liquids Universal phase diagram of topological superconductors subjected to magnetic flux ***(Yuval Oreg) Stochastic nodal surfaces in quantum Monte Carlo calculations Separate tuning of nematicity and spin fluctuations to unravel the origin of superconductivity in FeSe **** A Compressed Particle-Hole Symmetric Pfaffian State for ν = 5/2 Quantum Hall Effect Gauss’ Law and String-Localized Quantum Field Theory Categorical symmetry and non-invertible anomaly
in symmetry-breaking and topological phase transitions ***(Xiao-Gang Wen) Boundary Degeneracy of Topological Order ***(Juven Wang, Xiao-Gang Wen) Gapped Domain Walls, Gapped Boundaries and Topological Degeneracy ***(Juven Wang, Xiao-Gang Wen)

20200109 Black and White Holes at Material Junctions ****(Wilczek) Signatures of Topological Superconductivity and Parafermion Zero Modes in Fractional Quantum Hall Edges ***(Erez Berg, Yuval Oreg) Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer–type pairing in a spin-1 Bose gas with spin-orbit coupling 2 Landau theory of metal-insulator transition in VO2 doped with metal ions Correlated insulating phases of twisted bilayer graphene at commensurate filling fractions: a Hatree-Fock study Lattice models that realize Zn-1-symmetry protected topological states for even n ***(Xiao-Gang Wen) INTEGRAL AND DIFFERENTIAL STRUCTURES FOR QUANTUM FIELD THEORY ***

20200113 Gravitational Vortex Mass in a Superfluid Higher-dimensional generalizations of the Berry curvature *** RICCI TENSOR IN GRADED GEOMETRY ** A lattice formulation of the Atiyah-Patodi-Singer index** DELIGNE’S CONJECTURE AND MIRROR SYMMETRY Symmetry-protected many-body Aharonov-Bohm effect ***(Juven Wang) Bosonic Anomalies, Induced Fractional Quantum Numbers and Degenerate Zero Modes: the anomalous edge physics of Symmetry-Protected Topological States ****(Juven Wang, Xiao-Gang Wen) Bilayer, hydrogenated and fluorinated graphene: QED vs SU(2) QCD theory ***** Deconfined quantum criticality in spin-1/2 chains with long-range interactions ***(DQCP) 2kF Density Wave Instability of Composite Fermi Liquid ****

20200114 The Bulk-boundary Correspondence in Non-Hermitian Hopf-link Exceptional Line Semimetals Landau Levels and the Issue of Gauge Invariance in Confined Spaces *** Collective modes and THz near field response of superconductors A fractional corner anomaly reveals higher-order topology ***(Taylor Hughes) Gauge dependence of the gauge boson projector Lorentz invariance of basis tensor gauge theory Higher-dimensional generalizations of the Berry curvature 

20200115 Critical properties of the many-particle (interacting) Aubry-Andr ́e model ground-state localization-delocalization transition ***(Joel Moore) Berry Curvature, Semiclassical Electron Dynamics, and Topological Materials: Lecture Notes for Introduction to Solid State Physics Entanglement for Quantum Hall states and a Generalized Chern-Simons Form Domain-wall melting in the spin-1/2 XXZ spin chain: emergent Luttinger liquid with fractal quasi-particle charge Lieb Schultz Mattis-Type Theorems and Other Non-perturbative Results for Strongly Correlated Systems with Conserved Dipole Moments ***(Taylor Hughes) Yang-Mills Classical and Quantum Mechanics and Maximally Chaotic Dynamical Systems Bicoherent-State Path Integral Quantization of a non-Hermitian Hamiltonian ***

20200116 Phonon magnetochiral effect in chiral Weyl semimetals Density Matrix Renormalization Group Study of Nematicity in Two Dimensions: Application to a Spin-1 Bilinear-Biquadratic Model on the Square Lattice Magnetic Field Induced Spin Liquids in S=1 Kitaev Honeycomb Model Holographic RG Flows for Kondo-like Impurities Aspects of Conformal Supergravity 

20200117 Berry Phase Enforced Spinor Pairing Kane-Mele with a twist: Quasicrystalline higher-order topological insulators with fractional mass kinks **** Analogue spacetimes from nonrelativistic Goldstone modes in spinor condensates Parton theory of ARPES spectra in anti-ferromagnetic Mott insulators ***(Pollman, Knap) Fermion-induced quantum critical point in Landau-Devonshire theory **** Correlation measures and the entanglement wedge cross-section after quantum quenches in two-dimensional conformal field theories *****(Shinsei Ryu) Characterizing spin-one Kitaev quantum spin liquids ****(YB Kim, HY Kee) Quantum phase transition of fracton topological orders Grand Pleromal Transmutation : UV Condensates via Konsishi Anomaly, Dimensional Transmutation and Ultraminimal GUTs. 

20200120 Symmetry-enforced three-dimensional Dirac phononic crystals Discovering topological surface states of Dirac points Perfect one-dimensional chiral states in biased twisted bilayer graphene Spontaneously broken boosts and the Goldstone continuum **** Tricritical physics in two-dimensional p-wave superfluids Relativistic antifragility Theory of Higgs Modes in d-Wave Superconductors *** Quantum Chaos in a Rydberg Atom System ***** Note on all-order Landau-level structures of the Heisenberg-Euler effective actions for QED and QCD *** SCHWARZIAN QUANTUM MECHANICS AS A DRINFELD-SOKOLOV REDUCTION OF BF THEORY 

20200121 Disorder and magnetic transport in tilted Weyl semimetals *** Microscopic theory of superconductivity in twisted double-bilayer graphene *** Higher-Order Entanglement and Many-Body Invariants for Higher-Order Topological Phases ***(Pollmann) 4D beyond-cohomology topological phase protected by C2 symmetry and its boundary theories Superconductivity in the regime of attractive interactions in the Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid Anomaly interplay in U(2) gauge theories 

20200122 Renormalization to localization without a small parameter Skin Superfluid, Topological Mott Insulators, and Asymmetric Dynamics in Interacting Non-Hermitian Aubry-Andr ́e-Harper Models Quantum Paracrystalline Shear Modes of the Electron Liquid Counter-propagating edge states in Floquet topological insulating phases Nonequilibrium superfield and lattice Weyl transform transport approach to quantum Hall effect Topological semimetal phase with exceptional points in 1D non-Hermitian systems **** Precision calculation of critical exponents in the O(N) universality classes with the nonperturbative renormalization group Spectral form factors of clean and random quantum Ising chains ***(Sachdev) Multi-functional Twisted-Kagome lattices: Tuning by Pruning Mechanical Metamaterials ***(Lubensky) Universal low-temperature behavior of two-dimensional lattice scalar chromodynamics A Brief Review of Continuous Models for Ionic Solutions: the Poisson-Boltzmann and Related Theories Field-Driven Gapless Spin Liquid in the Spin-1 Kitaev Honeycomb Model ***(HY Kee) Variational-Correlations Approach to Quantum Many-body Problems ***(Gil Rafael) Fermi surfaces of composite fermions *** Self-tuned Quantum Criticality and Non-Fermi-liquid in a Yukawa-SYK Model: a Quantum Monte Carlo Study ***(Yuxuan Wang, Zi-Yang Meng) Topological magnetic phase in the candidate Weyl semimetal CeAlGe Interaction-induced phase transitions of type-II Weyl semimetals Repulsive Fermi gases in a two-dimensional lattice with non- Abelian gauge fields Spontaneous symmetry breaking of an interacting Chern insulator on a topological square lattice Emergence of Asymmetric Fermionic Orders in Interacting Birefringent Fermions Global anomaly matching in higher-dimensional CPN−1 model ***** Spin transport in the Quantum Spin Liquid State in the S = 1 Kitaev model: role of the fractionalized quasiparticles Models of Lepton and Quark Masses Proof of the absence of long-range temporal orders in Gibbs states 

20200123 Operator and entanglement growth in non-thermalizing systems: many-body localization and the random singlet phase ***(Shinsei Ryu) On Effective Theory of Superfluid Phonons Goldstino spectrum in an ultracold Bose-Fermi mixture with explicitly broken supersymmetry Landau Quasiparticles in Weak Power-Law Liquids First and second-order topological superconductivity and temperature-driven topological phase transitions in the extended Hubbard model with spin-orbit coupling Lorentz invariance of basis tensor gauge theory 

20200127 Optical rotation in thin chiral/twisted materials and the gyrotropic magnetic effect (Joel Moore) Magnetic oscillations induced by phonons in non- magnetic materials Floquet topological phase of nondriven p-wave nonequilibrium excitonic insulators Detecting topology through dynamics in interacting fermionic wires Renormalized perturbation theory at large expansion orders Mass generation by fractional instantons in SU(n) chains Equivalence of the effective non-hermitian Hamiltonians in the context of open quantum systems and strongly-correlated electron systems AC magnetic response of highly nonlinear soliton lattice in a monoaxial chiral helimagnet London penetration depth at zero temperature and near superconducting transition PIN GROUPS IN GENERAL RELATIVITY Field-induced QCD3-Chern-Simons quantum criticalities in Kitaev materials ***(Yin-Chen He) Some insight into Feynman’s approach to electromagnetism 

20200128 Soluble Fermionic Quantum Critical Point in Two Dimensions ***(Matthias Vojta, Lukas Janssen) d-wave superconductivity and Bogoliubov–Fermi surfaces in Rarita–Schwinger–Weyl semimetals ****(Igor Boettcher, Igor Herbut) Non-Hermitian Topological Mott Insulators in 1D Fermionic Superlattices ***(non-hermitian) Poor man’s scaling: XY Z Coqblin–Schrieffer model revisited Topological properties of a generalized spin-orbit-coupled Su-Schrieffer-Heeger model Entropy in the non-Fermi-liquid regime of the doped 2d Hubbard model Josephson effect of type-I Weyl Semimetals From the pseudogap metal to the Fermi liquid using ancilla qubits ***(Subir Sachdev) First-principles-based calculation of branching ratio for 5d, 4d, and 3d transition metal systems Effective Field Theory with Nambu–Goldstone Modes ***(Les Houches lecture) Remark on the synergy between the heat kernel techniques and the parity anomaly *****

20200129 Observation of generalized Kibble-Zurek mechanism across a first-order quantum phase transition in a spinor condensate Nonlinearity and Topology Thermoelectric response of nodal-line semimetals: probe of the Fermi surface topology *** Valence-bond solids, vestigial order, and emergent SO(5) symmetry in a two-dimensional quantum magnet ****** Maxwell’s Demon and Its Fallacies Demystified Entanglement Oscillations near a Quantum Critical Point Multicriticality in a one-dimensional topological band insulator The Mott transition as a topological phase transition 

20200130 Classification of Strongly Disordered Topological Wires Using Machine Learning ***(Taylor Hughes) Emergent Non-Hermitian Effects in an Hermitian Tight-binding Model *** Topological Photonic Tamm-States and the Su-Schrieffer-Heeger Model Boundary Criticality of Topological Quantum Phase Transitions in 2d systems ******(Chao-Ming Jian, Cenke Xu) Superconductivity and charge density wave under a time-dependent periodic field in the one-dimensional attractive Hubbard model Schwinger Boson mean field theory of kagome Heisenberg antiferromagnet with Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction Forces Between Kinks in φ8 Theory Prospects for large N gauge theories on the lattice 

20200131 Non-Hermitian semi-Dirac semi-metals ***