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20200203 Yu-Shiba-Rusinov states of single magnetic molecule in an s wave superconductor Beyond Superconductivity TQFT, Symmetry Breaking, and Finite Gauge Theory in 3+1D ***** Non-Pauli topological stabilizer codes from twisted quantum doubles *** Hierarchy of linear light cones with long-range interactions ***** (Andrew Lucas) Layered Superconductor in a Magnetic Field: Breakdown of the Effective Masses Model COMBINATORIAL ASPECTS OF THE SACHDEV-YE-KITAEV MODEL ***(SYK) PT -Symmetric Non-Hermitian Supersymmetry A Rigorous Construction of the Supersymmetric Path Integral Associated to a Compact Spin Manifold 

20200204 Undamped transverse electric mode in undoped two-dimensional tilted Dirac cone materials Multidimensional dark space and its underlying symmetries: towards dissipation-protected qubits Dilute Fermi gas at fourth order in effective field theory Lectures on AdS Black Holes, Holography and Localization 

20200205 Superfluid flow of polaron-polaritons above Landau’s critical velocity ** Lee-Yang theory of the Curie-Weiss model and its rare fluctuations A fluctuation theorem for Floquet quantum master equations Topological flat bands in frustrated kagome lattice CoSn ***** (MG Kang, Adrian Po) Signatures of bosonic excitations in high-harmonic spectra of Mott insulators Theory of spin-polarized superconductors –an analogue of superfluid 3He A-phase– A proposal for reconciling diverse experiments on the superconducting state in Sr2RuO4 ****(Steven Kivelson) First-order phase boundaries of the massive 1+1 dimensional Nambu–Jona-Lasinio model with isospin *** Lectures on the Calabi-Yau Landscape 

20200206 Solvable lattice model for (2+1)D bosonic topological insulator *** Quantum Many-Body Scars in Optical Lattices ***(Johannes Knolle) Topology and the one-dimensional Kondo-Heisenberg model ***(GY Cho, Eduardo Fradkin) Parameters of Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid in a quasi-1D material with Coulomb interactions ***

20200207 A systematic construction of gapped non-liquid states ****(Xiao-Gang Wen) A diagnosis of explicit symmetry breaking in the tight-binding constructions for symmetry-protected topological systems ***(Oskar Vafek) Generalized ’t Hooft anomalies on non-spin manifolds Electrical probes of the non-Abelian spin liquid in Kitaev materials Gauge theories for the thermal Hall effect *****(Subir Sachdev) Hagedorn Temperature in Large N Majorana Quantum Mechanics Size of bulk fermions in the SYK model Fixed-Point Quantum Circuits for Quantum Field Theories *** Joseph Polchinski: A Biographical Memoir ***

20200210 Geometry and Topology Tango in Chiral Materials *** Conductivity bound of the strongly interacting and disordered graphene from gauge/gravity duality *** Weyl Superconductivity in UTe2 ***(Agterberg) Interplay of Magnetism and Topological Superconductivity in Bilayer Kagome Metals *** Geometric description of the Kitaev honeycomb lattice model ***** (Pachos) Unfolding of antiferromagnetic phases and multicritical points in a two-orbital model for Uranium compounds under pressure and magnetic field Confined phases of one-dimensional spinless fermions coupled to Z2 gauge theory **** Spontaneously breaking Non-Abelian Gauge Symmetry in Non-Hermitian Field Theories ***(Non-Hermitian field theory) Background independence in gauge theories *** Quantum Phase Diagrams via Fidelity of Matter-Field Hamiltonians Dynamical algebras in the 1+1 Dirac Oscillator and the Jaynes-Cummings model 

20200211 Higher-order exceptional points in all-magnetic structures *** Floquet engineering of the Luttinger Hamiltonian ***** Application of the induction procedure and the Smith Decomposition in the calculation and topological classification of electronic band structures in the 230 space groups *** (B. Andrei Bernevig) Effect of Berry phase on nonlinear response of two-dimensional fermions ** Shortcuts to adiabaticity for an interacting Bose-Einstein condensate via exact solutions of the generalized Ermakov equation On operator growth and emergent Poincar ́e symmetries Order parameter critical exponent of the directed Ising universality class in one dimension Higher-order topological insulators in antiperovskites *** Deconfined metallic quantum criticality: a U(2) gauge theoretic approach ***** (Luijun Zou, Debanjan Chowdhury) Relative Anomaly in (1+1)d Rational Conformal Field Theory ***** (Meng Cheng) The pairing glue in cuprate superconductors from the self-energy revealed via machine learning *** (Andrey Chubukov, Jorg Schmalian) Conformal Field Theories with Sporadic Group Symmetry *** (Kimyeong Lee, Sungjay Lee) Stephen William Hawking CH CBE 8 January 1942 – 14 March 2018 Elected FRS 1974 

20200212 Quantum Hall network models as Floquet topological insulators Electron pairs’ sliding states in superconductivity A slave boson description of pseudogap metals in t-J models 

20200213 Topology Classification from Chiral Symmetry: Chiral Phase Index and Spin Correlations in Graphene Nanoribbons Effective Floquet Hamiltonians for periodically-driven twisted bilayer graphene *** A dark state of Chern bands: Designing flat bands with higher Chern number Partial solvability of the high-spin XX central spin model Topological superconductivity in the doped chiral spin liquid on the triangular lattice Interplay between spin-orbit coupling and van Hove singularity in the Hund’s metallicity of Sr2 RuO4 SO(5) Landau Models and Nested Nambu Matrix Geometry Superconductivity, What the H? The Emperor Has No Clothes 

20200214 Connecting Dualities and Machine Learning Kitaev Spin Liquid in 3d Transition Metal Compounds ** Phonon dynamics in the Kitaev spin liquid A Galileon Primer *** CP-violating super Weyl anomaly *** Open topological defects and boundary RG flows Quantum spin liquid phases in the bilinear-biquadratic two-SU(4)-fermion Hamiltonian on the square lattice Solitonic in-gap modes in a superconductor-quantum antiferromagnet interface The attractive Hubbard model as an SO(3) system of competing phases: supersolid order and its thermal melting Deconfinement and chiral phase transitions in quark matter with a strong electric field 

20200217 Logarithmic Negativity in Quantum Lifshitz Theories Jump in the c66 shear modulus at the superconducting transition of Sr2RuO4: Evidence for a two-component order parameter *** Bosonization of the Q = 0 continuum of Dirac Fermions Aharonov-Bohm instability in fermionic Z2 gauge theories: topological order and soliton-induced deconfinement *** Many-Body Chaos in the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev Model *** (SYK model) BRST, Ward identities, gauge dependence and FRG Perturbative BF theory Quantum Chaos of Unitary Fermi Gases in Strong Pairing Fluctuation Region *** (Quantum chaos in BCS)

20200218 Disorder and magnetoconductivity in tilted Weyl semimetals Gram Matrices, Coherent States, and Hofstadter Butterfly with Flat Band PSEUDO-CRITICAL BEHAVIOR OF SPIN-1/2 ISING DIAMOND AND TETRAHEDRAL CHAINS Emergence of d ± ip-wave superconducting state at the edge of d-wave superconductors mediated by Andreev-bound-state-driven ferromagnetic fluctuations *** Theory of nonreciprocal Josephson effect *** (Naoto Nagaosa) How many surface modes does one see on the boundary of a Dirac material? Operads for algebraic quantum field theory Remarks on Replica Method and Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev Model *** (SYK model) On Z2-indices for ground states of fermionic chains