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20200302 Fermi surface topology in interacting anisotropic electron gas *** (Das Sarma) Universal Higher-Order Topology from 5D Weyl semimetal: Edge topology, edge Hamiltonian and nested Wilson loop *** Quartet states in two-electron quantum dots in bilayer graphene ** Kibble-Zurek mechanism in a one-dimensional incarnation of deconfined quantum critical point Metal-insulator transition in a random Hubbard model *** (Subir Sachdev) Non-Liquid Cellular States: Gluing Gauge-(Higher)-Symmetry-Breaking vs -Extension Interfacial Defects ***(Juven Wang) Fractal structure of Yang-Mills fields *** 4d mirror-like dualities 

20200303 Flat Topological Bands and Eigenstate Criticality in a Quasiperiodic Insulator *** (Pixley) On dimension of tetrads in effective gravity *** (Volovik) Lindblad Plus From Feynman-Vernon Entanglement transfer from quantum matter to classical geometry in an emergent holographic dual description of a scalar field theory *** (Ki-Seok Kim, Shinsei Ryu) Geometric encoding of renormalization group β−functions in an emergent holographic dual description *** (Ki-Seok Kim) The layered phase of anisotropic gauge theories: A model for topological insulators Finite N unitary matrix model Emergent dual holographic description for interacting Dirac fermions in the large N limit *** (Ki-Seok Kim)

20200304 Towards quantum simulation of Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model ***(SYK model) Haldane Phase in Spin-1 Bosons with a Flat Band *** (Hosho Katsura) Ising model as Wilson-Majorana Fermions ***

20200305 Superconductivity in a disordered metal with unscreened Coulomb interactions *** Topological superconductivity in carbon nanotubes with a small magnetic flux *** (Yuval Oreg) Curvature-Induced Skyrmion Mass Confinement transition in the QED3-Gross-Neveu-XY universality class ***** (Lukas Janssen) Energy conditions in general relativity and quantum field theory Covariant hamiltonian for supergravity in d=3 and d=4 High-precision four-loop mass and wave function renormalization in QED Theory of the phase transition in random unitary circuits with measurements *** (Soonwon Choi, Ehud Altman) Notes on 8 Majorana Fermions 

20200306 Kitaev Building-block Construction for Higher-order Topological Superconductors *** (Das Sarma) Anomalous levitation and annihilation in Floquet topological insulators Wilson Action for the O(N) Model Relativistic Dynamics of Fluctuations and QCD Critical Point SYK non Fermi Liquid Correlations in Nanoscopic Quantum Transport ***(Alexander Altland, Dmitry Bagrets, Alex Kamenev) 

20200309 Type-II topological metals Topological superconductivity, ferromagnetism, and valley-polarized phases in moir ́e systems: An RG analysis for twisted double bilayer graphene *** (Das Sarma, VHS RG in TBG) Critical non-Hermitian Skin Effect Possible superconductivity with Bogoliubov Fermi surface in lightly doped Kagome U(1) spin liquid ***(Hong Yao) Mathematical Relativity Generalized Euler Index, Holonomy Saddles, and Wall-Crossing 

20200310 Normal density and moment of inertia of a moving superfluid (Gang Chen) Scaling behavior of crystalline membranes: an ε-expansion approach *** The Coupled SYK model at Finite Temperature ***(Xiao-Liang Qi) Spin-Triplet Superconductivity in UTe2 and Ferromagnetic Superconductors **** Phenomenological theory in reentrant uranium-based superconductors Weyl semimetals and spinc cobordism ******* Dissipation in Lagrangian formalism 

20200311 Bulk Anyons as Edge Symmetries: Boundary Phase Diagrams of Topologically Ordered States ***(Edy Stern, Erez Berg) Spectral characterization of non-Gaussian quantum noise: Keldysh approach and application to photon shot noise Toward a 3d Ising model with a weakly-coupled string theory dual *** (McGreevy) The double scaled limit of Super–Symmetric SYK models *** (SYK model) Intertwined Order in Fractional Chern Insulators from Finite-Momentum Pairing of Composite Fermions ** (Fradkin) The SU(2) Wess-Zumino-Witten spin chain sigma model 

20200312 Lattice modulation spectroscopy of one-dimensional quantum gases: Universal scaling of the absorbed energy (Michael Knap) Time-induced second-order topological superconductors Topological phase transitions in four dimensions *** Correlated Disorder in the SYK2 model *** (SYK model) Disorder-free localization in an interacting two-dimensional lattice gauge theory *** Landau poles in condensed matter systems *** (Shao-Kai Jian, Das Sarma) On dimension of tetrads in effective gravity ** (Volovik) Heisenberg’s original derivation of the uncertainty principle and its universally valid reformulations Precision Theory of Electroweak Interactions 

20200313 Topology and edge states survive quantum criticality between topological insulators *** Floquet and Anomalous Floquet Weyl Semimetals ** The Ising model in a light-induced quantized transverse field ** Phase transition and chaos in charged SYK model *** (SYK model) Supersymmetric Yang-Mills Theories: not quite the usual perspective Symmetries in Foundation of Quantum Theory and Mathematics 

20200316 Phonon anharmonicity enhances the Tc of BCS-type superconductors Emergent QCD3 Quantum Phase Transitions of Fractional Chern Insulators Semiclassical Approximation meets Keldysh-Schwinger diagrammatic technique: Scalar φ4 Topology of superconductors beyond mean-field theory *** Interplay of topology and electron-electron interactions in Rarita–Schwinger–Weyl semimetals *** (Igor Boettcher) One-loop renormalization in Galileon effective field theory 

20200317 Stability of two-dimensional asymmetric materials with a quadratic band crossing point under four-fermion interaction and impurity scattering *** (RG) Topological superconductivity in EuS/Au/superconductor heterostructures Non-Hermitian three-dimensional two-band Hopf insulator ***** On the classification of topological orders ***** Optical signatures of shear collective modes in strongly interacting Fermi liquids Z2 × Z2-graded mechanics: the classical theory Hamilton-Jacobi Treatment of Superstring and Quantization of Fields with Constraints 

20200318 Non-Bloch band theory of non-Hermitian Hamiltonians in the symplectic class ***** Phase diagram of the Z3-Fock parafermion chain with pair hopping ** Chaos in the QFT S-matrix ***** Spontaneous spin-loop-current order mediated by transverse spin fluctuations in cuprate superconductors ** Mean-field theory of interacting triplons in a two-dimensional valence-bond solid Why is quantum gravity so difficult (compared to QCD)? Renormalization Group Flows, the a-Theorem and Conformal Bootstrap 

20200319 Fermion Dynamical Symmetry and Strongly-Correlated Electrons: A Comprehensive Model of High-Temperature Superconductivity *** Floquet Topological Phases of Non-Hermitian Disordered Systems Time’s Arrow and the Fragility of Topological Phases The Floquet Engineer’s Handbook ******* Phases of the (2+1) dimensional SO(5) non-linear sigma model with topological term *** Universal behavior in the Nernst effect of heavy fermion materials Renormalization and conformal invariance of non-local quantum electrodynamics ***

20200320 Role of Nambu-Goldstone modes in the fermionic superfluid point contact Multiband Quantum Criticality of Polar Metals *** (Premi Chandra) Towards the QED beta function and renormalons at 1/Nf2 and 1/Nf3 ** Nonperturbative Topological Phenomena in QCD and Related Theories **

20200323 Observation of gauge invariance in a 71-site quantum simulator Classification of topological phases with finite internal symmetries in all dimensions **** (Xiao-Gang Wen) Flat band superconductivity in the square-octagon lattice *** Critical properties of the valence-bond-solid transition in lattice quantum electrodynamics *** (Joseph Maciejko)

20200324 Nodal Semimetals : A Survey on Optical Conductivity Varying Newton constant and black hole quantization ** (Volovik) Generalized f-Sum Rules and Kohn formulas on Non-linear Conductivities ***** (Haruki Watanabe, Masaki Oshikawa) Fracton hydrodynamics *** (Andrew Lucas, Rahul M. Nandkishore) Normal state properties of quantum critical metals at finite temperature *** (Erez Berg, Andrey Chubukov) Competition of Pairing and Nematicity in the Two-Dimensional Electron Gas **** Non-equilibrium Properties of Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless Phase Transitions Subsystem R ́enyi Entropy of Thermal Ensembles for SYK-like models **** (SYK model) CAUSAL FERMION SYSTEMS: AN ELEMENTARY INTRODUCTION TO PHYSICAL IDEAS AND MATHEMATICAL CONCEPTS The higher-order nonrelativistic Hamiltonian of electromagnetic system ** Local duality symmetry in gauge field theories No anomalous canonical commutators induced by Berry’s phase *** (Kazuo Fujikawa) Correlated Disorder in the SYK2 model Naturalness in Nuclear Effective Field Theories

20200325 Induced Half-Metallicity and Gapless Topological Superconductivity in the CrI3-Pb Interface (Yuval Oleg) Exotic Symmetries, Duality, and Fractons in 2 + 1-Dimensional Quantum Field Theory ***** (Nathan Seiberg) Dispersion-free optical activity in non-centrosymmetric metals *** Emergence of generalized hydrodynamics in the non-local Luttinger model Topological theory of physical fields The four postulates of quantum mechanics are three 

20200326 Two-photon driven magnon-pair resonance as a signature for spin-nematic orders HOW TO SPLIT THE ELECTRON IN HALF *** Efficient generation of extreme terahertz harmonics in 3D Dirac Semimetals Machine Learning for Quantum Matter Thermal Hall effect in the pseudogap phase of cuprates Geometric approach to quantum theory Conservation of energy-momentum of matter as the basis for the gauge theory of gravitation Local duality symmetry in gauge field theories Subsystem R ́enyi Entropy of Thermal Ensembles for SYK-like models 

20200327 Quantum quench, large N, and symmetry restoration Anomaly inflow and p-form gauge theories ***** Absolute anomalies in (2+1)D symmetry-enriched topological states and exact (3+1)D constructions Extracting non-Fermi liquid fermionic self-energy at T = 0 from quantum Monte Carlo data **** (Kai Sun, Andrey Chubukov, Zi Yang Meng) Emergence of nematic paramagnet via quantum order-by-disorder and pseudo-Goldstone modes in Kitaev magnets *** (Hae-Young Kim, Yong Baek Kim) Joseph Polchinski: A Biographical Memoir *** (Steven Weinberg) Non-Liquid Cellular States: Gluing Gauge-(Higher)-Symmetry-Breaking vs -Extension Interfacial Defects **** (Juven Wang)

20200330 Transport properties of multilayer graphene ** Floquet spectrum for anisotropic and tilted Dirac materials under linearly polarized light at all field intensities Higher-order topological superconductors in P-, T -odd quadrupolar Dirac meterials **** (Bitan Roy) Observation of the in-plane magnetic field-induced phase transitions in FeSe ***(Ki Seok Kim, E.-G. Moon, Jun Sung Kim) Disorder-free localization in a simple U(1) lattice gauge theory **** (Johannes Knolle) Nematic quantum criticality in an Fe-based superconductor revealed by strain-tuning ** (Steven Kivelson) Hydrodynamic transport in the Luttinger-Abrikosov-Beneslavskii non-Fermi liquid *** (Igor Herbut) Fracton hydrodynamics ** (Andrey Gromov, Andrew Lucas, Rahul M. Nandkishore)

20200331 Many-Body Localization from Dynamical Gauge Fields ** Systematic Resummation of the Large N expansion of Vector Models: Application to the Hubbard model and 2 + 1 dimensional QED Computing the renormalization group flow of two-dimensional φ4 theory with tensor networks ***** U(1)-Symmetry protected Dirac nodal loops of triplons in SrCu2(BO3)2 Dirac and the Path Integral