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20200601 Machine Learning for Condensed Matter Physics *** (review article) Semiclassical Theory of Thermal Resistivity in Metals High-harmonic generation in spin-orbit coupled systems Entanglement of Local Operators and the Butterfly Effect **** (Shinsei Ryu) Topological second-order spin-3/2 liquids with hinge Fermi arcs ** (Shengyuan A. Yang) Free fermionic and parafermionic quantum spin chains with multispin interactions Quantum Confinement Induced Metal-Insulator Transition in Strongly Correlated Quantum Wells of SrVO3 Superlattices Quasi-One-Dimensional Higher-Order Topological Insulators ** (Hongki Min)

20200602 Neural ODE and Holographic QCD *** (Yi-Zhuang You) Higher-Order Topological Instanton Tunneling Oscillation *** (Moon Jip Park, SungBin Lee, Hee Chul Park, Youngkuk Kim) qeirreps: an open-source program for Quantum ESPRESSO to compute irreducible representations of Bloch wavefunctions (Haruki Watanabe) Conversion between electron spin and microscopic atomic rotation (Shuichi Murakami) Phonon rotoelectric effect (Shuichi Murakami) The Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model and free Majorana variational states *** (Mark Srednicki) Dynamical quantum phase transitions in a spin chain with deconfined quantum critical points ***** Quantum Ising chain with boundary dephasing (Hosho Katsura) Edge states of the long-range Kitaev chain: an analytical study *** Commuting projector models for (3+1)d topological superconductors via string net of (1+1)d topological superconductors Half-quantum vortices on c-axis domain walls in chiral p-wave superconductors (Manfred Sigrist) Non supersymmetric femion boson symmetry ** Categorical symmetry and non-invertible anomaly in symmetry-breaking and topological phase transitions *** (Xiao-Gang Wen)

20200603 Evidence of Flat Bands and Correlated States in Buckled Graphene Superlattices *** Quantum field thermal machines ** The phase diagram of ultra quantum liquids ***** (Dam Thanh Son) Deconfined criticality at the onset of antiferromagnetism in a metal ****** (Subir Sachdev) Non-commutative field theory and composite Fermi Liquids in some quantum Hall systems ***** (T. Senthil) Connecting the SYK dots Dual Path Integral: a non-perturbative approach to strong coupling New point-like sources and a conducting surface in Maxwell-Chern-Simons electrodynamics ***

20200604 Non-Hermitian Physics *** Bilocal quantum criticality ***** (Harley D. Scammell, Mathias S. Scheurer, and Subir Sachdev) Thermal Hall Effects of Spins and Phonons in Kagome Antiferromagnet Cd-Kapellasite ** (Hyun-Young Lee, Jung Hoon Han) Universal Thermodynamics in the Kitaev Fractional Liquid *** Aspects on Effective Theories and the QCD transition *** An introduction to supermanifolds and supersymmetry **

20200605 Transfer matrix for long-range potentials Berry connections calculated from first principles *** Scrambling versus relaxation in Fermi and non-Fermi Liquids ***** (Jaewon Kim, Xiangyu Cao, Ehud Altman) Interplay between superconductivity and non-Fermi liquid at a quantum critical point in a metal. II. The γ-model at a finite T for 0 < γ < 1 ***** (Yi-Ming Wu, Artem Abanov, Yuxuan Wang, and Andrey V. Chubukov) Interacting quantum Hall states in a finite graphene flake and at finite temperature (Bitan Roy) Effects of geometric frustration in Kitaev chains *** Exotic interband pairing in multiband superconductors *** Two-pole structures in QCD: Facts, not fantasy! Conserved charges in general relativity *** ’t Hooft-Polyakov monopoles in non-Hermitian quantum field theory *** ’t Hooft surface in lattice gauge theory **

20200608 Local Probes for Quantum Hall Ferroelectrics and Nematics *** (Pok Man Tam, Liang Fu) Majorana zero modes and their bosonization *** Hierarchy of magnon entanglement in antiferromagnets Anomalous thermodynamic properties of quantum critical superconductors ** Energy conditions in general relativity and quantum field theory CFT in Conformally Flat Spacetimes Geometric description of the Kitaev honeycomb lattice model SO(2) gauged Skyrmions in 4 + 1 dimensions Nonlinear parameter-gauge coupling approach to generalization of generalized Thouless pumps and −1-form anomaly **** SYMMETRIES AND REDUCTION PART I – POISSON AND SYMPLECTIC PICTURE Three-Body Inertia Tensor (June-Haak Ee, U-Rae Kim, Jungil Lee)

20200609 Anomalous dielectric response in insulators with the π Zak phase ** (Shuichi Murakami) Glide-symmetric topological crystalline insulator phase in a nonprimitive lattice ** (Shuichi Murakami) Pressure Induced Topological Superconductivity in the Spin-Orbit Mott Insulator GaTa4Se8 *** (Moon Jip Park, GiBaik Sim, Myung Joon Han, SungBin Lee) Topological Duality in Floquet and Non-Hermitian Dynamical Anomalies: Extended Nielsen-Ninomiya Theorem and Chiral Magnetic Effect *** (Masatoshi Sato) Floquet engineering of twisted double bilayer graphene *** Theory of edge states based on the hermiticity of tight-binding Hamiltonian operators *** Interacting boundaries of 3D topological crystalline insulators: effective field theories through bosonisation **** (Jiannis K. Pachos) The effect of anisotropy on phase transitions in graphene *** Cut and glue quenches in the AdS/BCFT model Giant surface Edelstein effect in d-wave superconductors *** (Youichi Yanase) Dirac, Majorana, Weyl in 4d *** Real Time Dynamics and Confinement in the Zn Schwinger- Weyl lattice model for 1+1 QED *** QGP universality in a magnetic field? Quantum spin operator of the photon Deterministic quantum mechanics: the mathematical equations *** (Gerard ’t Hooft) A MATHEMATICAL PICTURE LANGUAGE PROJECT On Feynman’s handwritten notes on electromagnetism and the idea of introducing potentials before fields

20200611 Many-body localization near the critical point *** Criticality in amorphous topological matter — beyond the universal scaling paradigm Dislocation as a bulk probe of higher-order topological insulators ***** (Bitan Roy, Vladimir Juricic) Band Representations and Topological Quantum Chemistry *** (Barry Bradlyn) Domes of Tc in superconductors with finite-range attractive interactions *** Resurgence and renormalons in the one-dimensional Hubbard model Topological Quantum Computing on a Conventional Quantum Computer **** Floating topological phases ***** (Steven Kivelson, Ereg Berg) Orbital effects in solids: basics and novel development Hexagonal Perovskites as Quantum Materials Quantum-Critical Spin-Density Waves in Iron-Selenide High-Tc Superconductors The nonperturbative functional renormalization group and its applications An Effective Field Theory for Acoustic and Pseudo-Acoustic Phonons in Solids SCHWINGER-DYSON TYPE EQUATIONS FOR SOME QFT MODELS Conformal invariance from scale invariance in non-linear sigma models *** Lattice CP N −1 model with ZN twisted boundary condition: bions, adiabatic continuity and pseudo-entropy ** Elasticity bounds from Effective Field Theory Quantum Yang-Mills theory: an overview of a programme Classical Limit of Large N Gauge Theories with Conformal Symmetry Bounds on Triangle Anomalies in (3+1)d ***** Quantum simulation of quantum field theories as quantum chemistry A note on electric-magnetic duality and soft charges

20200612 Improved field theoretical approach to noninteracting Brownian particles in a quenched random potential *** (Joonhyun Yeo) Electronic states in two-dimensional bilayer quasicrystals and the effects of interlayer and sublattice symmetries *** (Pulkyung Moon) Creating Majorana modes from segmented Fermi surface *** (Liang Fu) Observation of a strongly ferromagnetic spinor Bose-Einstein condensate ** (Jae-yoon Choi) Leading theories of the cuprate superconductivity: a critique ***** Gapped boundaries and string-like excitations in (3+1)d gauge models of topological phases ***** Observation of a higher-order topological bound state in the continuum *** Quantum Many-body Bootstrap ***** Traversable wormhole and Hawking-Page transition in coupled complex SYK models ***** (Marcel Franz) A model of quantum gravity with emergent spacetime ***** (Sung-Sik Lee) Generalized Uncertainty Principle, Classical Mechanics, and General Relativity Quantization of the charge in Coulomb plus harmonic potential (Sang-Jin Sin) The Geometric Standard Model Effective Field Theory Topological Objects in Holographic QCD

20200615 THE NONCOMMUTATIVE GEOMETRY OF THE LANDAU HAMILTONIAN: METRIC ASPECTS Low-frequency divergence and quantum geometry of the bulk photovoltaic effect in topological semimetals ***** (Junyeong Ahn, Naoto Nagaosa) Strain-induced excitonic instability in twisted bilayer graphene Superconductivity mystery turns 25 (N. P. Armitage) Spontaneous Breaking of U(1) Symmetry in Coupled Complex SYK Models **** What Symmetries are Preserved by a Fermion Boundary State? *** (David Tong) Topological superconductivity in quasicrystals

20200616 Thermodynamic classification of three-dimensional Kitaev spin liquids ***** (Yukitoshi Motome, Simon Trebst) A beginner’s guide to non-abelian iPEPS for correlated fermions Curie-Weiss susceptibility in strongly correlated electron systems Novel Approaches to Renormalization Group Transformations in the Continuum and on the Lattice Feynman Lectures on the Strong Interactions ***

20200617 Multi-Region Entanglement in Locally Scrambled Quantum Dynamics ***** (Yi-Zhuang You) Theory of ARPES in Graphene-Based Moir ́e Superlattices *** Anisotropic band flattening in graphene with 1D superlattices ** (Pilkyung Moon) Fermion-induced Dynamical Critical Point ***** (Shao-Kai Jian) Quantum trimer models and topological SU(3) spin liquids on the kagome lattice *** Entanglement and symmetry resolution in two dimensional free quantum field theories ***** Simulating exotic phases of matter with bond-directed interactions with arrays of Majorana-Cooper pair boxes ** (A. M. Tsvelik) Exceptional points in Fermi liquids with quadrupolar interactions Anomaly cancellation with an extra gauge boson *** NON-ARCHIMEDEAN STATISTICAL FIELD THEORY ***

20200618 Nonlinearity induced topological physics in momentum space and real space Lattice Symmetry and Emergence of Antiferromagnetic Quantum Hall States Entanglement Transition in the Projective Transverse Field Ising Model The Bethe-Salpeter Equation Formalism: From Physics to Chemistry Vestigial Van Hove singularity and higher-temperature superconducting phase induced by perpendicular uniaxial pressures in quasi-two-dimensional superconductors *** A technique for natural gauge boson masses *** Instructive Review of Novel SFT with Non-interacting consituents “objects”, and attempt Generalization to p-adic theory ***** (Holger Bech Nielsen, Masao Ninomiya) The Geometry, Branes and Applications of Exceptional Field Theory

20200619 Spin magnetometry as a probe of stripe superconductivity in twisted bilayer graphene ***** (Piers Coleman, A. M. Tsvelik) Non-Hermiticity and topological invariants of magnon Bogoliubov-de Gennes systems *** (Hosho Katsura) Tunable chirality of noncentrosymmetric magnetic Weyl semimetals Free-energy functional of instantaneous correlation field in liquids: field-theoretic derivation of the closures Spin-polarized superconductivity: order parameter topology, current dissipation, and double-period Josephson effect *** (Erez Berg) GAPPED BOUNDARY THEORIES IN THREE DIMENSIONS *** Lattice Clifford fractons and their Chern-Simons-like theory *** Phases and Quantum Phase Transitions in an Anisotropic Ferromagnetic Kitaev-Heisenberg- Γ Magnet Cardy Limits of 6d Superconformal Theories (Kimyeong Lee, June Nahmgoong) Conformal field theory and the web of quantum chaos diagnostics *** (Shinsei Ryu) A FAMILY OF TQFT’S ASSOCIATED WITH HOMOLOGY THEORY *** Periodically, Quasi-periodically, and Randomly Driven Conformal Field Theories: Part I (Ashvin Vishwanath)

20200622 Physics of Psychophysics: two coupled square lattices of spiking neurons have huge dynamic range at criticality Bogoliubov-Fermi surfaces in non-centrosymmetric multi-component superconductors ***** (Igor F. Herbut) Deterministic chaos and fractal entropy scaling in Floquet CFT Constraining Non-Relativistic RG Flows with Holography *****

20200623 Plasmonic Dirac Cone in Twisted Bilayer Graphene ** An introduction to Kitaev model-I ***** Spin Hall conductivity in insulators with non-conserved spin ** Dynamical Kosterlitz-Thouless Theory for Two-Dimensional Ultracold Atomic Gases Majorana orthogonal transformation and Majorana zero modes in free fermionic systems ** Instructive Review of Novel SFT with Non-interacting consituents “objects”, and attempt Generalization to p-adic theory (Holger Bech Nielsen, Masao Ninomiya) Quantum and classical approaches in statistical physics: game theoretic interpretation SIGN PROBLEMS IN QUANTUM FIELD THEORY: CLASSICAL AND QUANTUM APPROACHES

20200624 Six-fold Excitations in Electrides *** (Andrei Bernevig) An Introduction to Spin Wave Computing ** RG and logarithmic CFT multicritical properties of randomly diluted Ising models Comment on “Inconsistency of the conventional theory of super- conductivity” by J. E. Hirsch ** Asymptotic low-temperature behavior of two-dimensional RPN−1 models ** (Ettore Vicari) Higher-form symmetries and 3-group in axion electrodynamics *** Near Conformal Perturbation Theory in SYK Type Models ***** Gaussian Continuous Tensor Network States for Simple Bosonic Field Theories Experimental Observation of High-Energy E8 Particles in the Ising Chain Ferromagnet CoNb2O6 ***** On thermal Nieh-Yan anomaly in Weyl superfluids *** (G.E. Volovik) Webs of integrable theories Rate of convergence towards mean-field evolution for weakly interacting bosons with singular three-body interactions ** (Jinyeop Lee)

20200625 Inverted pendulum driven by a horizontal random force: statistics of the never-falling trajectory and supersymmetry Weak-measurement-induced asymmetric dephasing: a topological transition (Yuval Gefen) Thermal Properties of Superconductors ** Symmetry-protected topological phases in the SU(N) Heisenberg spin chain: a Majorana-fermion approach ***** Attractive Kane-Mele-Hubbard model at half filling: phase diagram and Cooperon condensation ** A superconducting praseodymium nickelate with infinite layer structure ** (Hyeok Yoon, Harold Hwang) Doping-induced quantum spin Hall insulator to superconductor transition ** (Chong Wang) Lectures: From quantum mechanics to the Standard Model Superconformal symmetry and representations Matrix Models and Deformations of JT Gravity ***** (Edward Witten) Lectures on the Superconformal Index Lectures on chiral algebras of N>=2 superconformal field theories

20200626 Hofstadter Topology: Non-crystalline Topological Materials in the Moir ́e Era *** (B. Andrei Bernevig) Evidence of Emergent Symmetry and Valley Chern Number in Twisted Double-Bilayer Graphene *** (B. Andrei Bernevig) Perturbed Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model: a polaron in the hyperbolic plane *** (A. Yu. Kitaev) Quantum Hall effective action for anisotropic Dirac semi-metal ***** Anomalous density fluctuations in a random t-J model *** (Subir Sachdev) Classification of topological phase transitions and van-Hove singularity steering mechanism in graphene superlattices ** Complex Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model in the double scaling limit Holographic baby universes: an observable story (Monica Jinwoo Kang) SYMMETRIES AND THEIR BREAKING IN THE FUNDAMENTAL LAWS OF PHYSICS

20200629 Proposal to measure out-of-time-ordered correlations using Bell states An operator-theoretical study of the specific heat and the critical magnetic field in the BCS-Bogoliubov model of superconductivity *** Competing orders at higher-order Van Hove points ***** (Andrey V. Chubukov, Michael M. Scherer) Superconductivity from buckled-honeycomb-vacancy ordering MASS GAP IN U(1) HIGGS-YUKAWA MODEL ON A UNIT LATTICE Fermion-fermion duality in 3+1 dimensions *** Getting to the Bottom of Noether’s Theorem Periodically, Quasi-periodically, and Randomly Driven Conformal Field Theories: Part I ***** (Ashvin Vishwanath)

20200630 Indications for Topological Physics in High-Tc Materials ** An exponential ramp in the quadratic Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model ***** (Shao-Kai Jian, Brian Swingle) Construction of a series of topologically distinct ν = 2/5 fractional quantum Hall wave functions by conformal field theory (Kun Yang) Machine Learning Identification of Impurities in the STM Images ** (Yi-Zhuang You) Approaching off-diagonal long-range order for 1+1-dimensional relativistic anyons ** FeynOnium: Using FeynCalc for automatic calculations in Nonrelativistic Effective Field Theories ** Distinct pairing symmetries of superconductivity in infinite-layer nickelates Hund’s metal physics: from SrNiO2 to NdNiO2 Geometry and topology in many-body physics ***** (Raffaele Resta) Odd–Parity Spin–Triplet Superconductivity in Centrosymmetric Antiferromagnetic Metals ***** (Seung Hun Lee, Bohm-Jung Yang) Topological theory of Lieb-Schultz-Mattis theorems in quantum spin systems ***** (Dominic V. Else)