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20200901 Random-mass disorder in the critical Gross-Neveu-Yukawa models *** (Joseph Maciejko) Wiedemann-Franz law in scattering theory revisited Three-dimensional quantum Hall effect and magnetothermoelectric properties in Weyl semimetals Correlated Insulators in Twisted Bilayer Graphene ** (Ipsita Mandal) Sign structure of thermal Hall conductivity for in-plane-field polarized Kitaev magnets ** (Yong Baek Kim) Duality study of chiral Heisenberg Gross-Neveu model in 1+1 dimensions ** Characterization of degenerate supersymmetric ground states of the Nicolai supersymmetric fermion lattice model by symmetry breakdown (Hosho Katsura) SYK wormhole formation in real time *** (Juan Maldacena) SU(N)1 Chern-Simons theory, the Clifford group, and Entropy Cone

20200902 Localized Dirac eigenmodes, chiral symmetry breaking, and Goldstone’s theorem Non-Abelian Fermionization and the Landscape of Quantum Hall Phases ** (Eduardo Fradkin) Entanglement, non-Hermiticity and duality *** An introduction to kinks in φ4-theory Vestigial Anyon Condensation on Kagome Quantum Spin Liquids (Qi Yang,  Zi Yang Meng) Revisiting Wess-Zumino-Witten terms *** The superconducting dome for holographic doped Mott insulator with hyperscaling violation (Sang-Jin Sin) Physics of Symmetry Protected Topological phases involving Higher Symmetries and their Applications ***** (Chao-Ming Jian, Cenke Xu) Topological Quantum Many-Body Scars in Quantum Dimer Models on the Kagome Lattice Non-local dxy nematicity and the missing electron pocket in FeSe

20200903 Heterobilayer moir ́e magnets: moir ́e skyrmions, commensurate-incommensurate transition and more ** (Leon Balents) Floquet Engineering of Multifold Fermions ** From Ising model to Kitaev Chain - An introduction to topological phase transitions ***** Bose-Einstein condensate-mediated BCS-like superconductivity in graphene **

20200904 Boundary Topological Superconductors ** Entropic evidence for a Pomeranchuk effect in magic angle graphene *** (Yuval Oreg, Ady Stern, Erez Berg, P. Jarillo- Herrero) Topological and nematic superconductivity mediated by ferro-SU(4) fluctuations in twisted bilayer graphene *** (Yuxuan Wang, Jian Kang, Rafael M. Fernandes) A three-dimensional conformal lattice gauge theory without fine-tuning Unbounded Hydrodynamics in Nodal-Line Semimetals Anomaly and Cobordism Constraints Beyond Standard Model: Topological Force *** (Juven Wang) Anomaly and Cobordism Constraints Beyond Grand Unification: Energy Hierarchy *** (Juven Wang) A Personal History of the Hastings-Michalakis Proof of Hall Conductance Quantization ** (Matthew B. Hastings)

20200907 The external tensor product of topological phases of free fermions: “SSH times SSH equals Chern insulator” ** Proposal for methods to measure the octupole susceptibility *** Effects of Lorentz violation in superconductivity Teaching gauge theory to first year students

20200908 Non-Fermi Liquids in Conducting 2D Networks ***** (Jongjun M. Lee, Masaki Oshikawa, Gil Young Cho) Geometric entanglement in integer quantum Hall states (William Witczak-Krempa) Chiral topological superconductivity in Josephson junction (Shao-Kai Jian) Discrete Theta Angles, Symmetries and Anomalies

20200909 Ferromagnetism in d-dimensional SU(n) Hubbard models with nearly flat bands ** (Hosho Katsura) Integrability and scattering of the boson field theory on a lattice ** Unconventional scaling at non-Hermitian critical points **** Magnetic vortex liquid and anomalous thermal Hall conductivity in frustrated magnets with bond-dependent interactions *** (Yong Baek Kim) Current response of nonequilibrium steady states in Landau-Zener problem: Nonequilibrium Green’s function approach ** (Naoto Nagaosa, Takahiro Morimoto) Quantum phases driven by strong correlations *** (Qimiao Si) Topological Gaps in Quasi-Periodic Spin Chains: A Numerical and K-Theoretic Analysis Topological metals and finite-momentum superconductors ***** (Noah F. Q. Yuan, Liang Fu) Exact generating function of a zero-dimensional supersymmetric non-linear sigma model ** THE INDEX THEOREM OF LATTICE WILSON–DIRAC OPERATORS VIA HIGHER INDEX THEORY

20200910 Studying many-body localization in exchange-coupled electron spin qubits using spin-spin correlations Closure of the entanglement gap at quantum criticality: The case of the Quantum Spherical Model Density matrix renormalization group boosted by Gutzwiller projected wave functions Topological quantum phase transitions and criticality in long-range Kitaev chain Variational wavefunctions for Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev models ** (Thomas Scaffidi) Microscopic evolution of doped Mott insulators from polaronic metal to Fermi liquid A tale of three diagonalizations *** LECTURE NOTES ON GENERALISED HYDRODYNAMICS

20200911 Fractional Corner Charge of Sodium Chloride ***** (Haruki Watanabe1, and Hoi Chun Po) Tenfold Topology of Crystals *** Three-dimensional time-reversal invariant topological superconductivity in doped chiral topological semimetals *** (Shao-Kai Jian) Berry curvature dipole in topological Weyl semimetals Superconductivity in the three-band model of cuprates: nodal direction characteristics and influence of intersite interactions Gapped Chiral Fermions *** (Gapped Chiral Fermions) Magnetic Anisotropy in Spin-3/2 with Heavy Ligand in Honeycomb Mott Insulators: Application to CrI3 ** (Hae-Young Kee) The Operator Algebra at the Gaussian Fixed-Point The Beginning of the Nuclear Age (M. Shifman)

20200914 Emergent chiral symmetry in a three-dimensional interacting Dirac liquid *** (Bitan Roy) Boundary criticality of the O(N) model in d = 3 critically revisited ***** (Max A. Metlitski)