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20200901 Random-mass disorder in the critical Gross-Neveu-Yukawa models *** (Joseph Maciejko) Wiedemann-Franz law in scattering theory revisited Three-dimensional quantum Hall effect and magnetothermoelectric properties in Weyl semimetals Correlated Insulators in Twisted Bilayer Graphene ** (Ipsita Mandal) Sign structure of thermal Hall conductivity for in-plane-field polarized Kitaev magnets ** (Yong Baek Kim) Duality study of chiral Heisenberg Gross-Neveu model in 1+1 dimensions ** Characterization of degenerate supersymmetric ground states of the Nicolai supersymmetric fermion lattice model by symmetry breakdown (Hosho Katsura) SYK wormhole formation in real time *** (Juan Maldacena) SU(N)1 Chern-Simons theory, the Clifford group, and Entropy Cone

20200902 Localized Dirac eigenmodes, chiral symmetry breaking, and Goldstone’s theorem Non-Abelian Fermionization and the Landscape of Quantum Hall Phases ** (Eduardo Fradkin) Entanglement, non-Hermiticity and duality *** An introduction to kinks in φ4-theory Vestigial Anyon Condensation on Kagome Quantum Spin Liquids (Qi Yang,  Zi Yang Meng) Revisiting Wess-Zumino-Witten terms *** The superconducting dome for holographic doped Mott insulator with hyperscaling violation (Sang-Jin Sin) Physics of Symmetry Protected Topological phases involving Higher Symmetries and their Applications ***** (Chao-Ming Jian, Cenke Xu) Topological Quantum Many-Body Scars in Quantum Dimer Models on the Kagome Lattice Non-local dxy nematicity and the missing electron pocket in FeSe

20200903 Heterobilayer moir ́e magnets: moir ́e skyrmions, commensurate-incommensurate transition and more ** (Leon Balents) Floquet Engineering of Multifold Fermions ** From Ising model to Kitaev Chain - An introduction to topological phase transitions ***** Bose-Einstein condensate-mediated BCS-like superconductivity in graphene **

20200904 Boundary Topological Superconductors ** Entropic evidence for a Pomeranchuk effect in magic angle graphene *** (Yuval Oreg, Ady Stern, Erez Berg, P. Jarillo- Herrero) Topological and nematic superconductivity mediated by ferro-SU(4) fluctuations in twisted bilayer graphene *** (Yuxuan Wang, Jian Kang, Rafael M. Fernandes) A three-dimensional conformal lattice gauge theory without fine-tuning Unbounded Hydrodynamics in Nodal-Line Semimetals Anomaly and Cobordism Constraints Beyond Standard Model: Topological Force *** (Juven Wang) Anomaly and Cobordism Constraints Beyond Grand Unification: Energy Hierarchy *** (Juven Wang) A Personal History of the Hastings-Michalakis Proof of Hall Conductance Quantization ** (Matthew B. Hastings)

20200907 The external tensor product of topological phases of free fermions: “SSH times SSH equals Chern insulator” ** Proposal for methods to measure the octupole susceptibility *** Effects of Lorentz violation in superconductivity Teaching gauge theory to first year students

20200908 Non-Fermi Liquids in Conducting 2D Networks ***** (Jongjun M. Lee, Masaki Oshikawa, Gil Young Cho) Geometric entanglement in integer quantum Hall states (William Witczak-Krempa) Chiral topological superconductivity in Josephson junction (Shao-Kai Jian) Discrete Theta Angles, Symmetries and Anomalies

20200909 Ferromagnetism in d-dimensional SU(n) Hubbard models with nearly flat bands ** (Hosho Katsura) Integrability and scattering of the boson field theory on a lattice ** Unconventional scaling at non-Hermitian critical points **** Magnetic vortex liquid and anomalous thermal Hall conductivity in frustrated magnets with bond-dependent interactions *** (Yong Baek Kim) Current response of nonequilibrium steady states in Landau-Zener problem: Nonequilibrium Green’s function approach ** (Naoto Nagaosa, Takahiro Morimoto) Quantum phases driven by strong correlations *** (Qimiao Si) Topological Gaps in Quasi-Periodic Spin Chains: A Numerical and K-Theoretic Analysis Topological metals and finite-momentum superconductors ***** (Noah F. Q. Yuan, Liang Fu) Exact generating function of a zero-dimensional supersymmetric non-linear sigma model ** THE INDEX THEOREM OF LATTICE WILSON–DIRAC OPERATORS VIA HIGHER INDEX THEORY

20200910 Studying many-body localization in exchange-coupled electron spin qubits using spin-spin correlations Closure of the entanglement gap at quantum criticality: The case of the Quantum Spherical Model Density matrix renormalization group boosted by Gutzwiller projected wave functions Topological quantum phase transitions and criticality in long-range Kitaev chain Variational wavefunctions for Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev models ** (Thomas Scaffidi) Microscopic evolution of doped Mott insulators from polaronic metal to Fermi liquid A tale of three diagonalizations *** LECTURE NOTES ON GENERALISED HYDRODYNAMICS

20200911 Fractional Corner Charge of Sodium Chloride ***** (Haruki Watanabe1, and Hoi Chun Po) Tenfold Topology of Crystals *** Three-dimensional time-reversal invariant topological superconductivity in doped chiral topological semimetals *** (Shao-Kai Jian) Berry curvature dipole in topological Weyl semimetals Superconductivity in the three-band model of cuprates: nodal direction characteristics and influence of intersite interactions Gapped Chiral Fermions *** (Gapped Chiral Fermions) Magnetic Anisotropy in Spin-3/2 with Heavy Ligand in Honeycomb Mott Insulators: Application to CrI3 ** (Hae-Young Kee) The Operator Algebra at the Gaussian Fixed-Point The Beginning of the Nuclear Age (M. Shifman)

20200914 Emergent chiral symmetry in a three-dimensional interacting Dirac liquid *** (Bitan Roy) Boundary criticality of the O(N) model in d = 3 critically revisited ***** (Max A. Metlitski)

20200915 Multipole conservation laws and subdiffusion in any dimension *** (Andrew Lucas, Rahul Nandkishore) Photocurrent of exciton polaritons (Takahiro Morimoto, Naoto Nagaosa) Fractons from frustration in hole-doped antiferromagnets (Michael Pretko) Electron-Phonon Interactions in Flat Band Systems Orbital susceptibility of T-graphene: Interplay of high-order van Hove singularities and Dirac cones Universality in Non-Equilibrium Quantum Systems

20200916 Magneto-optical conductivity in generic Weyl semimetals *** (Johannes Knolle) Hunting for the non-Hermitian exceptional points with fidelity susceptibility Competing nodal d-wave superconductivity and antiferromagnetism: a Quantum Monte Carlo study ** (Tarun Grover) Z2 Topologically Obstructed Superconducting Order ** Quantum smectic gauge theory ** Nodeless s-Wave Superconducting Phases in Cuprates with Ba2CuO3-Type Structure

20200917 Unified Theory of Quantum Crystalline Symmetries ** Topological mass generation in gapless systems On Exotic Consistent Anomalies in (1+1)d: A Ghost Story

20200918 Higher-order topology in monolayer graphene ** Quantum metasurfaces with periodic arrays of Λ-emitters Fate of Lattice Gauge Theories Under Decoherence Interaction induced doublons and embedded topological subspace in a complete flat-band system Unlocking of time reversal, space-time inversion and rotation invariants in magnetic materials Charge Density Waves beyond the Pauli paramagnetic limit in 2D systems Schwinger boson study of superconductivity mediated by antiferromagnetic spin-fluctuations Path integral of neutrino oscillations (Kazuo Fujikawa) Topological mass generation and 2−forms On critical models with N ≤ 4 scalars in d = 4 − On generalized forces in higher derivative Lagrangian theory

20200921 Shadowed Triplet Pairings in Hund’s Metals with Spin-Orbit Coupling (Hae-Young Kee) Hall coefficient of semimetals *** Categorical symmetry and non-invertible anomaly in symmetry-breaking and topological phase transitions (Xiao-Gang Wen)

20200922 Vielbein with mixed dimensions and gravitational global monopole in the planar phase of superfluid 3He (G.E. Volovik) Dynamical characterization of Weyl nodes in Floquet Weyl semimetal phases (Jiangbin Gong) Non-diagonal anisotropic quantum Hall states *** (Pok Man Tam, Charles L. Kane) The quantum Ising chain for beginners Thermal Hall effect from two-dimensional Schwinger-boson gas with Rashba spin-orbit interaction: application to ferromagnets with in-plane Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction (Sungjoon Park, Bohm-Jung Yang) Incoherent transport in a model for the strange metal phase Towards the hidden symmetry in Coulomb interacting twisted bilayer graphene: renormalization group approach ***** (Oskar Vafek, Jian Kang)

20200923 Random Field Ising Model and Parisi-Sourlas Supersymmetry II. Renormalization Group Hierarchy of higher-order Floquet topological phases in three dimensions *** (Vladimir Juriˇci ́c, Bitan Roy) Electron-phonon hydrodynamics (Andrew Lucas) Spin-orbital coupled real topological phases (Shengyuan A. Yang) Scrambling and Lyapunov Exponent in Unitary Networks with Tunable Interactions (Erez Berg) Correlated Insulating Phases in the Twisted Bilayer Graphene ** (Zi Yang Meng) Spin density wave order in interacting type-I and type-II Weyl semimetals Impurity induced double transitions for accidentally degenerate unconventional pairing states (Manfred Sigrist) Gauge is more than mathematical redundancy Deconfined Metal-Insulator Transitions in Quantum Hall Bilayers ***** (Liujun Zou, Debanjan Chowdhury)

20200924 Entanglement Properties of Disordered Quantum Spin Chains with Long-Range Antiferromagnetic Interactions (Hyun-Yong Lee) Floquet generation of Second Order Topological Superconductor Biorthogonal quantum criticality in non-Hermitian many-body systems Specific Heat of a Quantum Critical Metal *** (Erez Berg) Chaos exponents of SYK traversable wormholes *** Gauge Fixing for Strongly Correlated Electrons coupled to Quantum Light Interplay between superconductivity and non-Fermi liquid at a quantum-critical point in a metal. IV: The γ model and its phase diagram at 1 < γ < 2. ***** (Yi-Ming Wu, Artem Abanov, Andrey V. Chubukov)

20200925 TBG I: Matrix Elements, Approximations, Perturbation Theory and a k · p 2-Band Model for Twisted Bilayer Graphene *** (B. Andrei Bernevig) Cavity-induced quantum spin liquids

20200928 TBG II: Stable Symmetry Anomaly in Twisted Bilayer Graphene *** (Andrei B. Bernevig) Conserved current of nonconserved quantities ** Fermi arcs and surface criticality in dirty Dirac materials Entanglement and Complexity of Purification in (1+1)-dimensional free Conformal Field Theories Constraints on beta functions in field theories ***** (Sung-Sik Lee) Reduced conformal symmetry Thermal effects in non-Fermi liquid superconductivity ***** Temperature × Doping Phase Diagram of Cuprate Superconductors **

20200929 Topological Inverse Faraday Effect in Weyl Semimetals SO(5) non-Fermi liquid in a Coulomb box device *** (Ian Affleck) TBG III: Interacting Hamiltonian and Exact Symmetries of Twisted Bilayer Graphene *** (B. Andrei Bernevig) Phonon transmittance of one dimensional quasicrystals (Junmo Jeon, SungBin Lee) Non-Hermitian BCS-BEC crossover of Dirac fermions Ising model as a U(1) Lattice Gauge Theory with a θ-term Emergence and Breaking of Duality Symmetry in Thermodynamic Behavior: Repeated Measurements and Macroscopic Limit O(N) Models with Boundary Interactions and their Long Range Generalizations Effective-field theory for high-Tc cuprates **** The background field method and critical vector models *** Valence-Bond Order in a Honeycomb Antiferromagnet Coupled to Quantum Phonons Axion electrodynamics in p + is superconductors *** Emergent dual holographic description for interacting Dirac fermions in the large N limit *** (Ki-Seok Kim)

20200930 To heat or not to heat: time crystallinity, scars, and finite-size effects in clean Floquet systems (Johannes Knolle) TBG IV: Exact Insulator Ground States and Phase Diagram of Twisted Bilayer Graphene *** (B. Andrei Bernevig) Duality and domain wall dynamics in a twisted Kitaev chain *** (N. P. Armitage) Field theory of higher-order topological crystalline response, generalized global symmetries and elasticity tetrads ***** Quantum phase transitions in the spin-1 Kitaev-Heisenberg chain CFT in AdS and boundary RG flows A degeneracy bound for homogeneous topological order *** (Jeongwan Haah) Spectral properties and enhanced superconductivity in renormalized Migdal-Eliashberg theory