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20201001 The Concept of Spin Ice Graphs and Field Theory for their Topological Monopoles and Charges Soft modes in magic angle twisted bilayer graphene *** (Ashvin Vishwanath, Michael P. Zaletel) The quantum Hall effect in the absence of disorder (Steven A. Kivelson) A quantum critical superconducting phase transition in quasi-two-dimensional systems with Dirac electrons Spin Moir ́e Engineering of Emergent Electromagnetism (Yukitoshi Motome) Electrically tunable charge transfer and charge orders in twisted transition metal dichalcogenide bilayers *** (Liang Fu) Fractionalisation and dynamics of anyons at ν = n + 1/3 in fractional quantum Hall effect and their experimental signatures TBG V: Exact Analytic Many-Body Excitations in Twisted Bilayer Graphene Coulomb Hamiltonians: Charge Gap, Goldstone Modes and Absence of Cooper Pairing *** (B. Andrei Bernevig)

20201002 Beyond Ohm’s law - Bernoulli effect and streaming in electron hydrodynamics ** (Eun-Ah Kim) Vortices in fracton type gauge theories TBG VI: An Exact Diagonalization Study of Twisted Bilayer Graphene at Non-Zero Integer Fillings *** (B. Andrei Bernevig)

20201005 Gauging the Kitaev chain **** Competition of Spinon Fermi Surface and Heavy Fermi Liquids states from the Periodic Anderson to the Hubbard model *** (Patrick A. Lee) Magnetic Topological Quantum Chemistry

20201006 Flat Band Quantum Scar Non-Hermitian topology in molecules: Prediction of fractional quantum number Mitigating sign problem by automatic differentiation *** (Hong Yao) Symmetries and Anomalies of (1+1)d Theories: 2-groups and Symmetry Fractionalization ***** Quantum discontinuity fixed point and renormalization group flow of the SYK model ***** (Jörg Schmalian, Peter Kopietz) Skyrmion Superconductivity: DMRG evidence for a topological route to superconductivity *** (Michael P. Zaletel) Strong antiferromagnetic proximity coupling in a heterostructured superconductor Sr2VO3FeAs (Jun Sung Kim)

20201007 Classification of interacting Floquet phases with U (1) symmetry in two dimensions *** (Michael Levin) Hidden Wave Function of Twisted Bilayer Graphene: Flat Band as a Landau Level *** Witten effect, anomaly inflow, and charge teleportation ** Chiral Lattice Fermions From Staggered Fields Fracton phases via exotic higher-form symmetry-breaking *** (Marvin Qi, Leo Radzihovsky, and Michael Hermele) Pseudogap metal induced by long-range Coulomb interactions ** Thermodynamics of Eliashberg theory in the weak-coupling limit ** A Class of Models with the Potential to Represent Fundamental Physics *** (Stephen Wolfram)

20201008 Theory of optical responses in clean multi-band superconductors ***** (Junyeong Ahn, Naoto Nagaosa) The magnetic effect on strongly correlated system with two currents near the QCP from holography *** (Sang-Jin Sin, Geunho Song) Signatures of bilayer Wigner crystals in a transition metal dichalcogenide heterostructure (Mikhail D. Lukin2, Philip Kim) Lattice regularisation and entanglement structure of the Gross-Neveu model Holographic non-Fermi liquids at large d Instabilities of quantum critical metals in the limit Nf 0 Quantum Information for Particle Theorists ***

20201009 Floquet higher order topological insulator in a periodically driven bipartite lattice ** (Jiangbin Gong) Chiral Approximation to Twisted Bilayer Graphene: Exact Intra-Valley Inversion Symmetry, Nodal Structure and Implications for Higher Magic Angles (Andrew J. Millis) A New Paradigm for Topological or Rotational Non-Abelian Gauge Fields from Einstein-Skyrme Holography Effective Field Theory for Quasicrystals and Phasons Dynamics ****

20201012 Photoinduced Dirac semimetal in ZrTe5 Fractionalization and Anomalies in Symmetry-Enriched U(1) Gauge Theories ***** (Liujun Zou, Meng Cheng) Notes on Superconformal Representations in Two Dimensions (Sungjay Lee)

20201013 Rise and Fall of Non-Fermi Liquid Fixed Points in Multipolar Kondo Problems ***** (Yong Baek Kim) Homotopic Action: A Pathway to Convergent Diagrammatic Theories *** (Aaram J. Kim) Massless Particles in Higher Dimensions *** (Steven Weinberg) A LATTICE VERSION OF THE ATIYAH-SINGER INDEX THEOREM

20201014 Faithful derivation of symmetry indicators: A case study for topological superconductors with time-reversal and inversion symmetries Lattice Collective Modes from a Continuum Model of Magic-Angle Twisted Bilayer Graphene (A. H. MacDonald) Tensor field theory with applications to quantum computing Lattice Abelian-Higgs model with noncompact gauge fields (Ettore Vicari) The superconductor to metal transition in overdoped cuprates ***** (Steven Kivelson, Dung-Hai Lee)

20201015 Quantum operator growth bounds for kicked tops and semiclassical spin chains *** (Andrew Lucas) Fundamental Scale Invariance Massless particles in five and higher dimensions

20201016 Weak-field Hall Resistivity and Spin/Valley Flavor Symmetry Breaking in MAtBG (A. H. MacDonald) Gauge-Symmetry Violation Quantum Phase Transition in Lattice Gauge Theories An exactly solvable ansatz for statistical mechanics models (Isaac H. Kim) Entropy scaling law and the quantum marginal problem (Isaac H. Kim) One-dimensional model for deconfined criticality with Z3 × Z3 symmetry

20201019 Spectroscopic fingerprints of gapped quantum spin liquids, both conventional and fractonic ***** (Rahul M. Nandkishore, Wonjune Choi, Yong Baek Kim) The open supersymmetric Haldane–Shastry spin chain and its associated motifs Theory of Anomalous Floquet Higher-Order Topology: Classification, Characterization, and Bulk-Boundary Correspondence

20201020 THz range Faraday rotation in the Weyl Semimetal Candidate Co2TiGe (N. Peter Armitage) Twisted boundary condition and Lieb-Schultz-Mattis ingappability for discrete symmetries ***** (Yuan Yao, Masaki Oshikawa) Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless transitions in two-dimensional lattice SO(Nc) gauge theories with two scalar flavors (Ettore Vicari) Review of experiments on the chiral anomaly in Dirac-Weyl semimetals ***** Novel Jeff=3/2 Metallic Phase and Unconventional Superconductivity in GaTa4Se8 *** (Min Yong Jeong, Ara Go, Myung Joon Han) Quantum oscillations in the activated conductivity in excitonic insulators: possible application to monolayer WTe2 (Patrick A. Lee) General Relativity from Quantum Field Theory Traversable wormhole and Hawking-Page transition in coupled complex SYK models (Marcel Franz)

20201021 A multicritical Landau-Potts field theory ** Fractional Chiral Hinge Insulator *** (B. Andrei Bernevig) Excitation spectra of quantum matter without quasiparticles I: Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev models ***** (Haoyu Guo, Subir Sachdev) Lattice contribution to the unconventional charge density wave transition in 2H-NbSe2: a non-equilibrium optical approach *** Chern-Simons superconductors and their instabilities ***

20201022 Fermion-fermion interaction driven instability and criticality of quadratic band crossing systems on the kagom ́e lattices *** Topological correspondence between magnetic space group representations Strange metals as ersatz Fermi liquids *** (Dominic V. Else, T. Senthil) Deconfined Quantum Phase Transition of a Higher-Order Symmetry-Protected Topological State Dirac Fast Scramblers ***** (Jaewon Kim, Ehud Altman, Xiangyu Cao) An Ahistorical Approach to Elementary Physics Hartree–Fock & Density Functional Theory ***

20201023 Spontaneous Chiral-Spin Ordering in Spin-Orbit Coupled Honeycomb Magnets (Hae-Young Kee)

20201026 Anomalous and normal dislocation modes in Floquet topological insulators *** (Bitan Roy) Topological Invariants of a Filling-Enforced Quantum Band Insulator *** (Ashvin Vishwanath, Hoi Chun Po) Quantum Oscillations in a Spin-3/2 Topological Semimetal *** (Junhyun Lee) Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking Constraints on order and disorder parameters in quantum spin chains (Michael Levin)

20201027 Quantum thermal transport in the Schwarzian regime of the SYK model Anomalous Hall conductivity of the holographic Z2 Dirac semimetals Nematic Antiferromagnetism and Deconfined Criticality from the Interplay between Electron-Phonon and Electron-Electron Interactions (Yoni Schattner, Steven A. Kivelson)

20201028 Thermodynamic approach to electric quadrupole moments *** (Youichi Yanase) Symmetry-protected sign problem and magic in quantum phases of matter **** (Timothy H. Hsieh) Comparison between RG-based emergent dual holography and string-based holographic duality *** (Ki-Seok Kim) Exceptional Symmetry of G2 in Spin-3 Fermion Systems *** (Congjun Wu) Gravitational Dyonic Amplitude at One-Loop and its Inconsistency with the Classical Impulse (Jung-Wook Kim) General anomaly matching by Goldstone bosons

20201029 Flux crystals, Majorana metals, and flat bands in exactly solvable spin-orbital liquids (Lukas Janssen, Matthias Vojta)

20201030 Critical Behavior and Universal Signature of an Axion Insulator State Fractonic topological phases from coupled wires (Meng Cheng) Renormalization Group Improvement of the Effective Potential: an EFT Approach **** Non-Hermitian Yukawa interactions of fermions with axions: potential microscopic origin and dynamical mass generation Entanglement entropy and edge modes in topological string theory: I ***** (Manki Kim)