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20201102 Performance of the rigorous renormalization group for first order phase transitions and topological phases (Michael P. Zaletel, Norman Y. Yao) Heavy Handed Quest for Fixed Points in Multiple Coupling Scalar Theories in the ε Expansion FCC, Checkerboards, Fractons, and QFT *** (Nathan Seiberg, Shu-Heng Shao) Generalized Global Symmetries of TrMs Theories. I Phase Diagram of Infinite Layer Praseodymium Nickelate Pr1-xSrxNiO2 Thin Films (Harold Y. Hwang)

20201103 The Dissipative Approach to Quantum Field Theory: Conceptual Foundations and Ontological Implications Discovery of magnetic topological crystals Renormalization group study of systems with quadratic band touching **

20201104 Implications of gauge-freedom for non-relativistic quantum electrodynamics Tunable spin model generation with spin-orbital coupled fermions in optical lattices ** (Itamar Kimchi, Rahul M. Nandkishore) Floquet Engineering of a Dynamical Z2 Lattice Gauge Field with Ultracold Atoms Idealized Hydrodynamics Supersymmetry and Quantum Computation Low frequency Raman response near Ising-nematic quantum critical point: a memory matrix approach ** (Erez Berg) Ferroic orders in two-dimensional transition/rare-earth metal halides Spectral form factor in the double-scaled SYK model Multiloop pseudofermion functional renormalization for quantum spin systems: Application to the spin-1/2 kagome Heisenberg model Multiloop functional renormalization group approach to quantum spin systems Entanglement negativity spectrum of random mixed states: A diagrammatic approach *** (Ashvin Vishwanath) An exactly solvable model of Fermi arcs and pseudogap *** (Kun Yang) GroupMath: A Mathematica package for group theory calculations *** Charge screening in the Abelian Higgs model S-duality and Chaos Quantum annealing of Cayley-tree Ising spins at small scales (Yunheung Song, Woojun Lee, Jaewook Ahn)

20201105 Multiscale Thermodynamics Inhomogeneous time-reversal symmetry breaking in Sr2RuO4 *** (Rafael M. Fernandes, Jörg Schmalian) Rigorous results on the ground state of the attractive SU(N) Hubbard model (Hosho Katsura) Indeterminism in Physics and Intuitionistic Mathematics (Nicolas Gisin)

20201106 Josephson-junction infrared single-photon detector (Philip Kim) Anisotropic Fermionic Quasiparticles (Seongjin Ahn, S. Das Sarma) CATEGORIES OF TOPOLOGICAL ORDERS I Matrix Product Wave Function of the Ground State and Elementary Excitation in the Spin-1/2 Chain (Jung Hoon Han, Hyun-Yong Lee) Clusterization transition between cluster Mott insulators on a breathing Kagom ́e lattice (Yong Baek Kim, Gang Chen) Some experimental schemes to identify quantum spin liquids (Gang Chen) Distortional weak-coupling instability of Bogoliubov Fermi surfaces (Daniel F. Agterberg)

20201109 Sum rule for Love (Jung-Wook Kim)

20201110 Lattice-Shifted Nematic Quantum Critical Point in FeSe1−xSx Field theoretical renormalization group approach for signal detection