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20210301 Electric Quantum Oscillation in Weyl Semimetals (Kyusung Hwang, Woo-Ram Lee, Kwon Park) Functional renormalization group and 2PI effective action formalism

20210302 Emergent PT -symmetry breaking of Anderson-Bogoliubov modes in Fermi superfluids ** Fermionization and boundary states in 1+1 dimensions *** (Yuji Tachikawa) Topological Dipole Conserving Insulators and Multipolar Responses *** (Taylor L. Hughes) Luttinger sum rules and spin fractionalization in the SU(N) Kondo lattice *** (Piers Coleman) Emergent O(4) symmetry at the phase transition from plaquette-singlet to antiferromagnetic order in quasi-two-dimensional quantum magnets *** (Nvsen Ma, Anders W. Sandvik, Zi Yang Meng) Duality Symmetry of Quantum Electrodynamics ****

20210303 Hinge Magnons from Non-collinear Magnetic Order in Honeycomb Antiferromagnet *** (Moon Jip Park, SungBin Lee, Yong Baek Kim) Riemannian Geometry of Resonant Optical Responses ***** (Junyeong Ahn, Naoto Nagaosa, Ashvin Vishwanath) Emergent Potts Order in a Coupled Hexatic-Nematic XY model *** (Piers Coleman, Premala Chandra, Tom C. Lubensky) Quantum oscillations from a pair-density wave *** A Modified Villain Formulation of Fractons and Other Exotic Theories ***** (Ho Tat Lam, Nathan Seiberg, Shu-Heng Shao) Anomalous fractional quantization in the Kagome-like Heisenberg ladder: Emergence of the effective spin-1 chain Coulomb interaction, phonons, and superconductivity in twisted bilayer graphene Tachyonic and Plasma Instabilities of η-Pairing States Coupled to Electromagnetic Fields *** (Masahito Ueda) Higher-order topological superconductors based on weak topological insulators The Yang-Mills duals of small AdS black holes (Saebyeok Jeong, Seok Kim)

20210304 Coulomb instabilities of 3D higher-order topological insulators ***** (X. C. Xie) Multipole representation for anisotropic Coulomb interactions *** Odd-frequency pairing inherent in Bogoliubov Fermi liquid **** High sensitivity heat capacity measurements on Sr2RuO4 under uniaxial pressure *** (Jörg Schmalian) Symmetry-protected sign problem and magic in quantum phases of matter *** (Timothy H. Hsieh) Quantumness and thermodynamic uncertainty relation of the finite-time Otto cycle (Sangyun Lee, Meesoon Ha, Hawoong Jeong) Towers on the Moon: 1. Concrete ***

20210305 Extrinsic phonon thermal Hall transport from Hall viscosity ***** (Haoyu Guo, Subir Sachdev) Topological magnetic textures in magnetic topological insulators ** (Liang Fu) Solitons in lattice field theories via tight-binding supersymmetry ** (Victor Galitski) Towards A String Dual of SYK *** (Herman Verlinde) Field Theories for type-II fractons ***** (Claudio Chamon) Realizing Majorana fermion modes in the Kitaev model **

20210308 Flat band, spin-1 Dirac cone, and Hofstadter diagram in fermionic square kagome model **** TEMPERATURE AS PERTURBATION IN QUANTUM MECHANICS Doped Mott Insulators Break Z2 Symmetry of a Fermi Liquid: Stability of Strongly Coupled Fixed Points **** Topology and geometry under the nonlinear electromagnetic spotlight

20210309 Hidden dualities in 1D quasiperiodic lattice models Flat and Correlated Plasmon Bands in Graphene/α-RuCl3 Heterostructures *** (Johannes Knolle) Symmetry-protected gates of Majorana qubits in a high-Tc superconductor platform (Meng Cheng, Yuxuan Wang) An Overview of the Compton Scattering Calculation Exchange constants for local spin Hamiltonians from tight-binding models Light-matter coupling and quantum geometry in moir ́e materials ** Phonon Hall Viscosity in Magnetic Insulators (Lucile Savary, Leon Balents) Pair-Density-Wave in the Strong Coupling Limit of the Holstein-Hubbard model *** (Steven A. Kivelson, Hong Yao) Concise guide for electronic topological transitions Gravitational contributions to the electron g-factor *** (David B. Kaplan) Covariant Canonical Quantization Regularization of the Poisson Bracket in Field Theory Complexity growth of operators in the SYK model and in JT gravity **** (Shao-Kai Jian, Brian Swingle)

20210310 Higher-order topological superconductors from Weyl semimetals *** (Apoorv Tiwari,2,3 and Yuxuan Wang) Non-Hermitian band topology with generalized inversion symmetry Floquet scattering of quadratic band-touching semimetals through a time-periodic potential well (Ipsita Mandal) Entanglement Entropy in Interacting Field Theories *** The Higgs mechanism in nonlocal field theory ***

20210311 Phonon Hall viscosity from phonon-spinon interactions *** (Subir Sachdev, Mathias S. Scheurer) Spin-Space Groups and Magnon Band Topology

20210312 Symmetry Indicators for Inversion-Symmetric Non-Hermitian Topological Band Structures Quenched disorder at antiferromagnetic quantum critical points in 2d metals **** Shear Modulus Anomaly of Unconventional Superconductor in a Symmetry Breaking Field ** A generalized Stueckelberg-Higgs gauge theory Non-topological fractional fermion number in the Jackiw-Rossi model ***

20210315 Hydrodynamic non-linear response of interacting integrable systems **** (S. A. Parameswaran) Topological superconducting transition driven by time-reversal-symmetry breaking *****

20210316 Path integrals for stochastic hybrid reaction-diffusion processes Fixed d Renormalization Group Analysis of Conserved Surface Roughening ** Flow Renormalization and Emergent Prethermal Regimes of Periodically-Driven Quantum Systems *** The emergence of Strange metal and Topological Liquid near Quantum Critical Point in a solvable model ***** (Sang-Jin Sin) Exhaustive constructions of effective models in 1651 magnetic space groups ***** (Xiangang Wan) Determining the range of magnetic interactions from the relations between magnon eigenvalues at high-symmetry k points ** (Xiangang Wan) Photon echo from lensing of fractional excitations in Tomonaga-Luttinger spin liquid *** (Masaki Oshikawa, Yuan Wan) Gross-Neveu Heisenberg criticality: dynamical generation of quantum spin Hall masses **** Fluctuation-driven, topology-stabilized order in a correlated nodal semimetal *** Topological crystalline superconductivity in locally noncentrosymmetric CeRh2As2 (Youichi Yanase) Scrambling with conservation laws ***** (Gong Cheng, Brian Swingle) Quantum-Entropy Physics ***

20210317 Activating superconductivity in a repulsive system by high-energy degrees of freedom (Leonid Levitov) Probing topological quantum matter with scanning tunnelling microscopy Macroscopically degenerate localized zero-energy states of quasicrystalline bilayer systems in strong coupling limit *** (Bohm-Jung Yang) Quenches in initially coupled Tomonaga-Luttinger Liquids: a conformal field theory approach **** Symmetry protected self correcting quantum memory in three space dimensions (Rahul Nandkishore) Floquet engineering of Mott insulators with strong spin-orbit coupling Theory of Ca10Cr7O28 as a bilayer breathing–kagome magnet: Classical thermodynamics and semi–classical dynamics **** (Han Yan, Nic Shannon) Large N theory of critical Fermi surfaces ***** (Ilya Esterlis, Haoyu Guo, Aavishkar A. Patel, Subir Sachdev) Planckian Metal at a Doping-Induced Quantum Critical Point ***

20210318 Quantum Criticality in Twisted Transition Metal Dichalcogenides Photo-induced superconducting-like response in strongly correlated systems ** (Patrick A. Lee) Entanglement dualities in supersymmetry ** Chemical sensing with graphene: A quantum field theory perspective *** Continuous Mott transition in semiconductor moiré superlattices (Debanjan Chowdhury, Liang Fu)

20210319 Volume-preserving diffeomorphism as nonabelian higher-rank gauge symmetry  ***** (Dam Thanh Son) Unquantized anomalies in topological semimetals ***** (Chong Wang, A.A. Burkov) Stochastic Processes and Statistical Mechanics *** Comments on the Weyl-Wigner calculus for lattice models ** Conformal correlators in the critical O(N) vector model An SU(4) chiral spin liquid and quantized dipole Hall effect in moiré bilayers ***** (Ya-Hui Zhang, D. N. Sheng, Ashvin Vishwanath) Optical phonons coupled to a Kitaev spin liquid *** (J. Knolle) CP-violating supersymmetry anomaly Higher-form symmetry breaking at Ising transitions *** (Meng Cheng, Zi Yang Meng)

20210322 Critical properties of the Floquet Time Crystal **** Atiyah-Patodi-Singer index theorem from axial anomaly ***** SO(5) critical point in a spin-flavor Kondo device - Bosonization and refermionization solution **** (Ian Affleck) Topological Route to New and Unusual Coulomb Spin Liquids ***** (Owen Benton) Probing time reversal symmetry breaking topological superconductivity in twisted double layer copper oxides with polar Kerr effect (Marcel Franz) The ADM version of GR at Sixty: a brief account for historians (S. Deser)

20210323 Energetics of the PH-Pfaffian state and the 5/2-fractional quantum Hall effect ** (F. D. M. Haldane) Graviton Chirality and Topological Order in the Half-filled Landau Level *** (F. D. M. Haldane, Kun Yang) Square-root topological phase with time-reversal and particle-hole symmetry ** K ̈ahler geometry and Chern insulators – relations between topology and the quantum metric *** Topological nodal chains in optical lattices Relations between topology and the quantum metric for Chern insulators *** High-order expansion around BCS theory Symmetry-breaking effects of instantons in parton gauge theories ***** (Joseph Maciejko) Quantum Chaos of the Bose-Fermi Kondo model at the intermediate temperature ***** Spin-triplet superconductivity from excitonic effect in doped insulators: Theory and prediction for WTe2 ***** (Liang Fu) Microlocal Analysis of Quantum Fields on Curved Spacetimes **

20210324 Dynamical Fragile Topology in Floquet Crystals *** (Sankar Das Sarma) The topological counterparts of non-Hermitian SSH models Unnuclear physics ** (Dam Thanh Son) Large Pauli Limit Violation and Reentrant Superconductivity in Magic-Angle Twisted Trilayer Graphene *** (Yuan Cao, Pablo Jarillo-Herrero) The Hubbard Model ***** (Daniel P. Arovas, Erez Berg, Steven A. Kivelson, Srinivas Raghu) Normal transport and excitonic condensation in an incoherent semimetal ***** s+ s− Topological Superconductivity in Coupled Multifold Fermions *** (Changhee Lee, Taehyeok Kim, Suk Bum Chung, Hongki Min) Gauge symmetry of the 3BF theory for a generic Lie 3-group **

20210325 Probing many-body noise in a strongly interacting two-dimensional dipolar spin system ** (Soonwon Choi, Norman Y. Yao) Loop currents in quantum matter Solitons: Kinks, Collisions and Breathers

20210326 Two-dimensional topological semimetals ** (Shengyuan A. Yang) Quantum phase transition and Resurgence: Lessons from 3d N = 4 SQED Quantum Many-Body Topology of Quasicrystals **** (Dominic V. Else) Exactly solvable models for U(1) symmetry-enriched topological phases ***** (Meng Cheng) Theory of Dirac Spin-Orbital Liquids: monopoles, anomalies, and applications to SU(4) honeycomb models ***** (Chong Wang) A short review of the recent progresses in the study of the cuprate superconductivity ** Perfect flat band and chiral-charge ordering out of strong spin-orbit interaction ** Large N theory of critical Fermi surfaces ***** (Ilya Esterlis, Haoyu Guo, Aavishkar A. Patel, Subir Sachdev)

20210329 Flat-band solutions in D-dimensional decorated diamond and pyrochlore lattices: Reduction to molecular problem *** (Hosho Katsura) From anyons to Majoranas

20210330 Three-dimensional higher-order topological insulator protected by cubic symmetry Topological field theories and symmetry protected topological phases with fusion category symmetries Temperature evolution of the phonon dynamics in the Kitaev spin liquid (Natalia B. Perkins) PT Symmetry and Renormalisation in Quantum Field Theory An Introduction to Motivic Feynman Integrals ***

20210331 The Lieb-Robinson light cone for power-law interactions (Andrew Lucas) First-order Bose-Einstein condensation with three-body interacting bosons Five loop renormalization of φ3 theory with applications to the Lee–Yang edge singularity and percolation theory Low energy physics of interacting bosons with a moat spectrum, and the implications for condensed matter and cold nuclear matter *** (A. M. Tsvelik) Green’s function Zero and Symmetric Mass Generation *** (Cenke Xu) Electronic structure of URu2Si2 in paramagnetic phase: Three-dimensional angle resolved photoelectron spectroscopy study Roman Jackiw and Chern-Simons theories