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20210401 Extended Hubbard model in (un)doped monolayer and bilayer graphene: Selection rules and organizing principle among competing orders *** (Bitan Roy) Electrical Conductivity in Quantum Materials Theoretical study of quantum spin liquids in 𝑆 = 1/2 hyper-hyperkagome magnets: classification, heat capacity, and dynamical spin structure factor (Li Ern Chern, Yong Baek Kim) Z2 topological order and first-order quantum phase transitions in systems with combinatorial gauge symmetry (Anders W. Sandvik, Claudio Chamon) SU(4)-Symmetric Quantum Spin-Orbital Liquids on Various Lattices (Masaki Oshikawa, George Jackeli) Ultra Unification ***** (Juven Wang) Vector fields, RG flows and emergent gauge symmetry Symmetry-breaking effects of instantons in parton gauge theories *** (Joseph Maciejko)

20210402 Topological acoustic triple point **** (Bohm-JungYang) The gauge-field extended k · p method and novel topological phases *** (Shengyuan A. Yang) Topological Phase Transitions of Dirac Magnons in Honeycomb Ferromagnets *** The Hubbard model: A computational perspective ***** Universal information of critical quantum spin chains from wavefunction overlaps ** Fractionalized quantum criticality in spin-orbital liquids from field theory beyond the leading order *** (Lukas Janssen) BILAYER GRAPHENE IN MAGNETIC FIELDS GENERATED BY SUPERSYMMETRY Why is AI hard and Physics simple? *** Half and quarter metals in rhombohedral trilayer graphene (Erez Berg, Andrea F. Young)

20210405 Cascades between light and heavy fermions in the normal state of magic angle twisted bilayer graphene *** (Jian Kang, B. Andrei Bernevig, Oskar Vafek) Topological charge density waves at half-integer filling of a moir ́e superlattice (A. Vishwanath, M. P. Zaletel,A. F. Young) Negative temperature: further extensions (G.E. Volovik) Analog of gravitational anomaly in topological chiral superconductors ** (G.E. Volovik) Parafermionization, bosonization, and critical parafermionic theories ** (Yuan Yao, Akira Furusaki)

20210406 High Temperature Superconductivity in a Lightly Doped Quantum Spin Liquid *** (Steven A. Kivelson) Unquantized anomalies in topological semimetals ***** (Chong Wang,2 and A.A. Burkov)

20210407 Kubo formula for non-Hermitian systems and tachyon optical conductivity Magic continuum in twisted bilayer square lattice with staggered flux *** (Cenke Xu, Chao-Ming Jian) A pedagogical review of gravity as a gauge theory Geometry of curved Yang-Mills-Higgs gauge theories

20210408 Higher Rank Symmetry and Angular Moment Conservation as Emergent Phenomena ** Complex charge density waves at Van Hove singularity on hexagonal lattices: Haldane-model phase diagram and potential realization in kagome metals AV3Sb5 *** (Yu-Ping Lin, Rahul M. Nandkishore) Slave-boson approach for multiorbital two-particle response functions and superconductivity ** Many-Body Chaos in the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev Model ***** (Joel E. Moore, Douglas Stanford, Norman Y. Yao) Symmetry decomposition of relative entropies in conformal field theory

20210409 Field-theoretical aspects of one-dimensional Bose and Fermi gases with contact interactions

20210412 SYK Meets Non-Hermiticity I: Emergent Replica Conformal Symmetry ***** (Pengfei Zhang, Shao-Kai Jian) Comments on Symmetric Mass Generation in 2d and 4d *** (David Tong) Unconventional Superconductivity arising from Multipolar Kondo Interactions *** (Adarsh S. Patri, Yong Baek Kim)

20210413 Self-Duality Protected Multi-Criticality in Deconfined Quantum Phase Transitions ***** (Da-Chuan Lu, Cenke Xu, Yi-Zhuang You) TOPOLOGICAL ORDERS IN (4+1)-DIMENSIONS

20210414 Pseudo-gauge Fields in Dirac and Weyl Materials Fracton physics of spatially extended excitations. II. Polynomial ground state degeneracy of exactly solvable models Z(r)-Algebras, FQH Ground States, and Invariants of Binary Forms

20210415 Dichotomy of saddle points in energy bands of a monolayer NbSe2 ***** (Sejoong Kim, Young-Woo Son) Wiedemann-Franz law for massless Dirac fermions with implications for graphene *** Scale without conformal invariance in membrane theory **** Shear Viscosity at Infinite Coupling: A Field Theory Calculation **** Non-abelian bosonization in two and three spatial dimensions and applications **** (Dung-Hai Lee) Spinors of Spin-one-half Fields ***** (Kevin Cahill)

20210416 Supersymmetric theories and graphene **** Thermoelectric and thermal properties of the weakly disordered non-Fermi liquid phase of Luttinger semimetals **** (Ipsita Mandal) Floquet higher-order Weyl and nexus semimetals ** (Jiangbin Gong) A simple approach to characterizing band topology in bosonic pairing Hamiltonians ** (Michael Levin) The Wishart-Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model: Exact spectral density, Q-Laguerre polynomials, and quantum chaos ***** Probing a Bose Metal via Electrons: Inescapable non-Fermi liquid scattering and pseudogap physics **** Hydrodynamics of quantum spin liquids *** (S. L. Sondhi)

20210419 SYK meets non-Hermiticity II: measurement-induced phase transition ***** (Shao-Kai Jian, Chunxiao Liu, Xiao Chen, Brian Swingle, Pengfei Zhang) Fermi liquids and fractional statistics in one dimension ***

20210420 A k · p effective Hamiltonian generator *** (Zhong Fang, Chen Fang) Fast Tensor Disentangling Algorithm ** (Kevin Slagle) Electronic instabilities of kagom ́e metals: saddle points and Landau theory *** (Leon Balents) A New Approach to Anomalous Axial Vector Field Theory ****

20210421 Boundary Condition Independence of Non-Hermitian Hamiltonian Dynamics (Pengfei Zhang) Gapping fragile topological bands by interactions ** (Erez Berg, Ady Stern) Lieb-Schultz-Mattis Theorem and the Filling Constraint Breaking of the gauge symmetry in lattice gauge theories *** (Ettore Vicari) Deconfined criticality and a gapless Z2 spin liquid in the square lattice antiferromagnet ***** (Subir Sachdev) Emergence of multiple Higgs modes due to spontaneous breakdown of Z2 symmetry in a particle-hole symmetric superconductor TT ̄-deformed Fermionic Theories Revisited ** (Piljin Yib , Junggi Yoon)

20210422 Spin dynamics in the Kitaev model with disorder: Quantum Monte Carlo study of dynamical spin structure factor, magnetic susceptibility, and NMR relaxation rate *** (Joji Nasu, Yukitoshi Motome) Unconventional Superconductivity in Magic-Angle Twisted Trilayer Graphene ****

20210423 Unusual excitations and double-peak specific heat in a bond-alternating spin-1 K-Γ chain (Hae-Young Kee)

20210426 Non-Trivial Fixed Points and Truncated SU(4) Kondo Models in a Quasi-Quartet Multipolar Kondo Impurity Problem **** (Daniel J. Schultz, Adarsh S. Patri, Yong Baek Kim) Fluctuation effects at the onset of 2kF density wave order with two pairs of hot spots in two-dimensional metals ****

20210427 Conserved Quantities from Entanglement Hamiltonian A Note on Gauge Anomaly Cancellation in Effective Field Theories

20210428 Gross-Neveu-Heisenberg criticality from competing nematic and antiferromagnetic orders in bilayer graphene ***** (Lukas Janssen) Twisted magnetic topological insulators ** (Gang Chen) The Measurement-induced Transition in Long-range Interacting Quantum Circuits ***** (Soonwon Choi, Altman, Norman Y. Yao) Spin Transport in Quantum Spin-Orbital Liquids Domain Wall Decorations, Anomalies and Spectral Sequences in Bosonic Topological Phases *** (Meng Cheng) Clock-dependent spacetime **** (Sung-Sik Lee)

20210429 Fragile topological insulators protected by rotation symmetry without spin-orbit coupling *** (Akira Furusaki) Re-entrant superconductivity through a quantum Lifshitz transition in twisted trilayer graphene *** (Ethan Lake, T. Senthil) One-dimensional scattering of two-dimensional fermions near quantum criticality ** (A. Kamenev, A. Chubukov) Veltman, renormalizability, calculability Anomalies and Supersymmetry ***** (Piljin Yi) Interacting spin-3/2 fermions in a Luttinger (semi)metal: competing phases and their selection in the global phase diagram **** (Bitan Roy)

20210430 (Classical) Prethermal phases of matter ** (Johannes Knolle) Classical prethermal discrete time crystals ** (Norman Y. Yao) A new rank-2 Argyres-Douglas theory Generalized Abelian Gauge Field Theory under Rotor Model