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20210503 Magnetic impurities at quantum critical points: large-N expansion and SPT connections ***** (Ashvin Vishwanath, Max A. Metlitski) Triangular pair-density wave in confined superfluid 3He ** (Joseph Maciejko) Pseudogap phase and fractionalization : an experimental test ** Anomalies in (2+1)D fermionic topological phases and (3+1)D path integral state sums for fermionic SPTs ***** (Daniel Bulmash1, and Maissam Barkeshli) Effective Theories for Quark Flavour Physics Spin tensor and pseudo-gauges: from nuclear collisions to gravitational physics ***

20210504 Coherent states in the symmetric gauge for graphene under a constant perpendicular magnetic field *** Bound states at partial dislocation defects in multipole higher-order topological insulators ** (Taylor L. Hughes) Tensor Renormalization Group for interacting quantum fields *** THEORY AND SIMULATION OF THE ISING MODEL Non-linear optical processes in cavity light-matter systems Towards Kitaev Spin Liquid in 3d Transition Metal Compounds Frozen deconfined quantum criticality *** Geometric test for topological states of matter The two-gap BCS model in the large-N approximation within a field-theory approach Lensing of Dirac monopole in Berry’s phase *** (Kazuo Fujikawa)

20210505 Fingerprints of quantum criticality in locally resolved transport *** (Andrew Lucas) Crystallography of Hyperbolic Lattices **** (Igor Boettcher, Joseph Maciejk)

20210506 Dirac Composite Fermion Theory of General Jain’s Sequences (Dam Thanh Son) Fracton-elasticity duality in twisted moiré superlattices *** (Rafael M. Fernandes, Jörg Schmalian) Emergent Supersymmetry on the Edges *** (Sungjay Lee) Wormholes in Quantum Mechanics (Herman Verlinde) Deconstructing the Wormhole: Factorization, Entanglement and Decoherence (Herman Verlinde)

20210507 A strange metal in a bosonic system ** Spin-valley locked instabilities in moir ́e transition metal dichalcogenides with conventional and higher-order Van Hove singularities ***** (S. Das Sarma) Anomaly indicators and bulk-boundary correspondences for 3D interacting topological crystalline phases with mirror and continuous symmetries *****

20210510 An SYK-inspired model with density-density interactions: spectral & wave function statistics, Green’s function and phase diagram Anomalies in bosonic SPT edge theories: connection to F -symbols and a method for calculation ** (Michael Levin) Transport in the non-Fermi liquid phase of isotropic Luttinger semimetals *** (Ipsita Mandal)

20210511 Hamiltonian Formulation of Higher Rank Symmetric (Fractonic) Gauge Theories ***** Pseudogap and superconductivity emerging from quantum magnetic fluctuations: a Monte Carlo study *** (Yuxuan Wang, Kai Sun, Andrey V. Chubukov, Zi Yang Meng) Role of Majorana fermions in spin transport of anisotropic Kitaev model Supersymmetry and multicriticality in a ladder of constrained fermions Model studies of topological phase transitions in materials with two types of magnetic atoms From Majorana fermions to topological quantum computation in semiconductor/superconductor heterostructures (Jay D. Sau)

20210512 Non-Hermitian dislocation modes: Stability and melting across exceptional points *** (Bitan Roy) Butterflies dragging the jets: on the chaotic nature of holographic QCD **** Smectic vortex glass ** (Leo Radzihovsky)

20210513 Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless transition transport in spin-triplet superconductor *** (Suk Bum Chung, Se Kwon Kim) Circular Dichroism As A Probe For Topology In 3D Semimetals (Ipsita Mandal) Dynamics of a lattice 2-group gauge theory model Adiabatic Construction of Hierarchical Quantum Hall States (Frank Wilczek)

20210514 Fractal Quantum Phase Transitions: Critical Phenomena Beyond Renormalization **** (Zheng Zhou, Xue-Feng Zhang, Frank Pollmann, Yizhi You) A bipartite variant of the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model from a strained Kitaev honeycomb model

20210517 Long-range Ising interactions mediated by λ φ 4 fields: probing the renormalisation of sound in crystals of trapped ions *** Simulating a discrete time crystal over 57 qubits on a quantum computer ** Large N theory of critical Fermi surfaces ***** (Ilya Esterlis, Haoyu Guo, Aavishkar A. Patel, Subir Sachdev) Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics in Hyperbolic Space: From Photon Bound States to Frustrated Spin Models (Igor Boettcher)

20210518 Time reversal symmetry breaking and d-wave superconductivity of triple-point fermions **** (Igor F. Herbut) Exact Landau Level Description of Geometry and Interaction in a Flatband ** Quantum Phases of Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Moir ́e Systems (Eun-Ah Kim) Momentum space quantum Monte Carlo on twisted bilayer Graphene (Zi Yang Meng) Stripe order enhanced superconductivity in the Hubbard model (Steven A. Kivelson)

20210519 Theory of thermoelectric effect in insulators (Naoto Nagaosa) Higher-Order Nodal Points in Two Dimensions ** (Shengyuan A. Yang) Tensor renormalization group study of the 3d O(2) model Strange Metals from Melting Correlated Insulators in Twisted Bilayer Graphene ***** (Peter Cha, Aavishkar A. Patel, Eun-Ah Kim) Thermal Properties and Instability of a U(1) Spin Liquid on the Triangular Lattice **

20210520 Universal Entanglement Transitions of Free Fermions with Long-range Non-unitary Dynamics ***** (Pengfei Zhang, Chunxiao Liu, Shao-Kai Jian, Xiao Chen) Strong Coupling Theory of Magic-Angle Graphene: A Pedagogical Introduction ***** (Patrick J. Ledwith, Eslam Khalaf, Ashvin Vishwanath)

20210521 Superconductivity is boundless ***** (Johannes S. Hofmann, Debanjan Chowdhury, Steven A. Kivelson, Erez Berg) Using disorder to identify of Bogoliubov Fermi-surface states (Hanbit Oh, Daniel Agterberg, Eun-Gook Moon) Analytical approach for the Mott transition in the Kane-Mele-Hubbard model *** Comments on Foliated Gauge Theories and Dualities in 3+1d **** (Po-Shen Hsin, Kevin Slagle) Exotic Invertible Phases with Higher-Group Symmetries ***** (Po-Shen Hsin, Wenjie Ji, Chao-Ming Jian) Higher-Order Topological Mott Insulator on the Pyrochlore Lattice **** Local gauge versus non-local gauge in QFT Discrete heat kernel, UV modified Green’s function, and higher derivative theories ** The dressing field method in gauge theories - geometric approach ** Entanglement entropy in scalar field theory and ZM gauge theory on Feynman diagrams *** An SYK-inspired model with density-density interactions: spectral & wave function statistics, Green’s function and phase diagram **

20210524 Optimal Frobenius light cone in spin chains with power-law interactions (Andrew Lucas)

20210525 Adiabatic transport in one-dimensional systems with a single defect (Kazuaki Takasan, Masaki Oshikawa, Haruki Watanabe) The Casimir effect in topological matter *** Off-Diagonal Long-Range Order Implies Vanishing Charge Gap ** (Hal Tasaki, Haruki Watanabe) Naive Lattice Fermion without Doublers Quantum Mechanics and the Continuum Limit of an Emergent Geometry *** REAL EIGENVALUES OF ELLIPTIC RANDOM MATRICES (JI OON LEE, JINYEOP LEE)

20210526 Essential renormalisation group Unified description of cuprate superconductors using four-band d-p model *** Time-reversal symmetry breaking in Re-based superconductors: Recent developments The Ultraviolet Structure of Quantum Field Theories Part 1: Quantum Mechanics Chern-Simons perturbative series revisited

20210527 Theory for all-optical responses in topological materials: the velocity gauge picture The Ultraviolet Structure of Quantum Field Theories Part 2: What is Quantum Field Theory? U(1) and Z2 spin liquids on the pyrochlore lattice ***** (Leon Balents)

20210528 Correlation effects on non-Hermitian point-gap topology in zero dimension: reduction of topological classification ** Iron phthalocyanine on Au(111) is a “non-Landau” Fermi liquid *** Symmetry Invariants of Spin Space Groups in Magnetic Materials **** (Chen Fang) Mirror-symmetry-protected dynamical quantum phase transitions in topological crystalline insulators The Ultraviolet Structure of Quantum Field Theories Part 3: Gauge Theories Noether’s Theorem in Statistical Mechanics Relativistic hydrodynamics with the parity anomaly Mean Field Theories of Quantum Hall Liquids Justified: Variations on the Greiter Wilczek Theme ** (S. A. Kivelson) SYK behaviors generated by on-site Hubbard-type four-fermion on-site random interactions and the related phase transitions *** Multipole classification in 122 magnetic point groups for unified understanding of cross-correlated and transport phenomena

20210531 Fractional correlated insulating states at n ± 1/3 filled magic angle twisted bilayer graphene *** (Liang Fu, Eun-Ah Kim) Breakdown of hydrodynamics below four dimensions in a fracton fluid ** (Andrew Lucas) Quantum to classical crossover in many-body chaos in a glass *** Competing nodal d-wave superconductivity and antiferromagnetism **** (Tarun Grover)