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20211001 Classification of intrinsic topological superconductors jointly protected by time-reversal and point-group symmetries in three dimensions ** (Chen Fang) Fractional hinge and corner charges in various crystal shapes with cubic symmetry (Katsuaki Naito, Ryo Takahashi, Haruki Watanabe, Shuichi Murakami) Enforced symmetry breaking by invertible topological order *** (Yang Qi)

20211004 Spin liquid to spin glass crossover in the random quantum Heisenberg magnet ***** (Subir Sachdev) Thermalization of Randomly Coupled SYK Models ***** (Xiao-Qi Sun, Eduardo Fradkin) Long-range fermions and critical dualities *** Exciton Proliferation and Fate of the Topological Mott Insulator in a Twisted Bilayer Graphene Lattice Model *** (Zi Yang Meng) Wilson loop and Wilczek-Zee phase from a non-Abelian gauge field ***

20211005 An absolutely stable open time crystal *** (Norman Y. Yao, Michael P. Zaletel) Machine Learning Statistical Gravity from Multi-Region Entanglement Entropy ** (Yi-Zhuang You) Lectures on quantum supreme matter ***** (Jan Zaanen) Causality, Unitarity and Symmetry in Effective Field Theory *** Weak symmetry breaking and topological order in a 3D compressible quantum liquid ***** (Meng Cheng) Fermionic symmetry fractionalization in (2+1)D **** (Daniel Bulmash and Maissam Barkeshli) On the phase diagram of 1+1D Abelian-Higgs model and its critical point ** Boundary criticality of the O(N) model in d = 3 critically revisited ***** (Max A. Metlitski)

20211006 Methods for simulating string-net states and anyons on a digital quantum computer (Frank Pollmann)

20211007 Massive Dirac fermions in moire ́ superlattices: a route toward correlated Chern insulators ** (Kai Sun) Cooper problem in a cuprate lattice ** Pascal’s Triangle Fractal Symmetries ***** (Cenke Xu, Sagar Vijay) Path-dependent Monopole Braiding and Anyonic Dipoles in a Higgsed Tensor Gauge Model ***** (Yun-Tak Oh, Jintae Kim, Eun-Gook Moon, Jung Hoon Han) Nematic quantum criticality in Dirac systems ***** (Lukas Janssen, Kai Sun, Zi Yang Meng, Igor F. Herbut, Matthias Vojta, Fakher F. Assaad)

20211008 Universal Dephasing Mechanism of Many-Body Quantum Chaos *** (Victor Galitski) Topological study of a Bogoliubov-de Gennes system of pseudo spin 1/2 bosons with conserved magnetization in a honeycomb lattice *** Symmetry classification and universality in non-Hermitian many-body quantum chaos by the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model C-P-T Fractionalization ** (Juven Wang) RG and Stability in the Exciton Bose Liquid ***** (Ethan Lake) Pairing Instabilities of the Yukawa-SYK Models with Controlled Fermion Incoherence ***** (Wonjune Choi, Omid Takavol, Yong Baek Kim)

20211011 Lowest Landau level theory of the bosonic Jain states *** (T. Senthil) Critical points in the CPN−1 model Entanglement and correlations in z = 2 Lifshitz theories under wavefunction renormalization group flow **** (William Witczak-Krempa) Theory of superconductivity in doped quantum paraelectrics **** (Harold Y. Hwang, S. Raghu, Suk Bum Chung) Constraints on beta functions in field theories ***** (Han Ma, Sung-Sik Lee)

20211012 Stability of Floquet Majorana box qubits ** (Jinhong Park, Erez Berg) Classification of symmetry protected topological phases in quantum spin chains C-P-T Fractionalization *** (Juven Wang) On Discrete Anomalies in Chiral Gauge Theories (David Tong) The Wishart-Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model: Q-Laguerre spectral density and quantum chaos

20211013 Gapless electronic topology without free-electron counterpart (Jennifer Cano, Qimiao Si) Symmetry-Protected Infinite-Temperature Quantum Memory from Subsystem Codes **** (Dominic J. Williamson) Charge, bond, and pair density wave orders in a strongly correlated system ** Thermal transport, geometry, and anomalies ***** Dynamically Generated Logical Qubits ***** (Matthew B. Hastings, Jeongwan Haah)

20211014 Spin elastodynamic motive force Principal Bundles and Gauge Theories

20211015 Supercurrent-induced topological phase transitions *** (Kazuaki Takasan, Shuntaro Sumita, Youichi Yanase) Lattice dynamics with molecular Berry curvature: chiral optical phonons TRACK: A python code for calculating the transport properties of correlated electron systems using Kubo formalism Dynamics of Negativity of a Wannier-Stark Many-Body Localized System Coupled to a Bath (Michael Knap, Frank Pollmann) Provably accurate simulation of gauge theories and bosonic systems **** (John Preskill) Speed limits on classical chaos **

20211018 Breaking the gauge symmetry in lattice gauge-invariant models (Ettore Vicari) EFFECTIVE FIELD THEORY AND CLASSICAL EQUATIONS OF MOTION ***

20211019 Hidden quasi-conservation laws in fracton hydrodynamics ***** (Andrew Lucas, Rahul Nandkishore) Emergent anomaly of Fermi surfaces: a simple derivation from Weyl fermions ***** (Ruochen Ma, Chong Wang) A geometric approach to Lieb-Schultz-Mattis theorem without translation symmetry under inversion or rotation symmetry *** (Yuan Yao, Akira Furusaki) Hamiltonian Truncation Effective Theory ** Edge physics at the deconfined transition between a quantum spin Hall insulator and a superconductor ***** (Ruochen Ma, Liujun Zou, Chong Wang) Topological Quantum Critical Points in Strong Coupling limits: Global Symmetries and Strongly Interacting Majorana Fermions *** RG and Stability in the Exciton Bose Liquid ***** (Ethan Lake) Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev Models and Beyond: A Window into Non-Fermi Liquids ***** (Debanjan Chowdhury, Antoine Georges, Olivier Parcollet, Subir Sachdev) Field Theories for type-II fractons ***** (Weslei B. Fontana, Pedro R. S. Gomes, Claudio Chamon)1019

20211020 Design principle of hinge structures with duality-induced hidden symmetry Valley polarization transition in a two-dimensional electron gas ** (Seongjin Ahn, Sankar Das Sarma) Vacancy-Engineered Flat-Band Superconductivity in Holey Graphene ** Synergetic ferroelectricity and superconductivity in zero-density Dirac semimetals near quantum criticality ***** (Rafael M. Fernandes) Anomaly Inflow for Subsystem Symmetries ***** (Fiona J. Burnell, Trithep Devakul, Pranay Gorantla, Ho Tat Lam, Shu-Heng Shao) Yang-Mills-Stueckelberg Theories, Framing and Local Breaking of Symmetries Boundaries for the Honeycomb Code ***** (Jeongwan Haah, Matthew B. Hastings)

20211022 Measurement induced criticality in Z2 symmetric quantum automaton circuits ** Nematic, chiral and topological superconductivity in transition metal dichalcogenides **** (Liang Fu) Modular commutator in gapped quantum many-body systems ** (Isaac H. Kim) Dynamical Signatures of Rank-2 U(1) Spin Liquids ***** (Emily Z. Zhang, Finn Lasse Buessen, Yong Baek Kim) Unconventional Superconductivity in UTe2 Emergent anomalies and generalized Luttinger theorems in metals and semimetals ***** (Chong Wang, A.A. Burkov) Massless Dirac magnons in the two dimensional van der Waals honeycomb magnet CrCl3 (Wonhyuk Shon) The emergence of gapless quantum spin liquid from deconfined quantum critical point **

20211025 Many-Body Quadrupolar Sum Rule for Higher-Order Topological Insulator ***** (Wonjun Lee, Gil Young Cho, Byungmin Kang) C-P-T Fractionalization ***** (Juven Wang)

20211026 Gate-tunable heavy fermion quantum criticality in a moir ́e Kondo lattice (Allan H. MacDonald) Acoustic-phonon-mediated superconductivity in Bernal bilayer graphene **** (Jay D. Sau, Sankar Das Sarma) Berry-Chern monopoles and spectral flows **** Renormalization group in quantum critical theories with Harris-marginal disorder ***** (Andrew Lucas, Leo Radzihovsky) Spontaneously Broken Subsystem Symmetries ***** Gapless edge modes in (4+1)-dimensional topologically massive tensor gauge theory and anomaly inflow for subsystem symmetry ** Multipartitioning topological phases by vertex states and quantum entanglement (Shinsei Ryu) Effective Field Theories for Gapless Phases with Fractons via a Coset Construction ** Classification of (2+1)D invertible fermionic topological phases with symmetry *** (Maissam Barkeshli, Yu-An Chen, Po-Shen Hsin, Naren Manjunath) A universal tripartite entanglement signature of ungappable edge states (Michael P. Zaletel)

20211027 Noncommutative gauge symmetry in the fractional quantum Hall effect *** (Dam Thanh Son) Notes from the bulk: metric dependence of the edge states of Chern-Simons theory ** (Nicola Maggiore)

20211028 Fractionalization and anyonic statistics in the integer quantum Hall collider (June-Young M. Lee,2 H.-S. Sim) Nematicity-enhanced superconductivity in systems with a non-Fermi liquid behavior *** Gauge-invariant perturbation theory on the Schwarzschild background spacetime Part I : — Formulation and odd-mode perturbations — Gauge-invariant perturbation theory on the Schwarzschild background spacetime Part II: — Even-mode perturbations — Gauge-invariant perturbation theory on the Schwarzschild background spacetime Part III: — Realization of exact solutions —

20211029 Detecting symmetry breaking in magic angle graphene using scanning tunneling microscopy ** (M. P. Zaletel) Magnetic suppression of non-Hermitian skin effects ** (Marcel Franz) Insulator-metal quantum phase transition in heavy topological insulators ** (Shouvik Sur, Pallab Goswami) Gravitational anomaly of 3 + 1 dimensional Z2 toric code with fermionic charges and fermionic loop self-statistics ***** (Lukasz Fidkowski, Jeongwan Haah, Matthew B. Hastings) Exactly Solvable Lattice Hamiltonians and Gravitational Anomalies ***** (Yu-An Chen, Po-Shen Hsin)