Today's arXiv

20220103 In-plane orbital magnetization as a probe for symmetry breaking in strained twisted bilayer graphene (Ady Stern, Erez Berg) Evaluating second-order phase transitions with Diagrammatic Monte Carlo: N ́eel Transition in the doped three-dimensional Hubbard model (Aaram J. Kim) Vertex-based Diagrammatic Treatment of Light-Matter-Coupled Systems (Aaram J. Kim)

20220104 Kondo effect in a non-Hermitian, PT -symmetric Anderson model with Rashba spin-orbit coupling

20220105 Universal Josephson diode effect (Liang Fu) Critical behaviors of lattice U(1) gauge models and three-dimensional Abelian-Higgs gauge field theory (Ettore Vicari) Uncovering footprints of dipolar-octupolar quantum spin ice from neutron scattering signatures (Masashi Hosoi, Emily Z. Zhang, Adarsh S. Patri, Yong Baek Kim)

20220106 A non-perturbative study of the interplay of two fermion-boson interactions

20220107 MAGNETIC RESPONSE OF TWISTED BILAYER GRAPHENE Revovery algorithms for Clifford Hayden-Preskill problem

20220110 Emergence of spinons in layered trimer iridate Ba4Ir3O10 DMRG and Monte Carlo studies of CrI3 magnetic phases and the phase transition

20220111 Are Heavy Fermion Strange Metals Planckian? ***** Symmetry analysis of quasi-one-dimensional bond-alternating Kitaev spin models (Ian Affleck)

20220112 Topological space-time crystal ** The dipolar Bose-Hubbard model ***** (Ethan Lake, Michael Hermele, T. Senthil) Dynamical preparation of quantum spin liquids in Rydberg atom arrays **** (M. D. Lukin) Hydrodynamic effective field theories with discrete rotational symmetry *** (Xiaoyang Huang, Andrew Lucas) Quantum error correction with fractal topological codes ***** Exact solutions of Kondo problems in higher-order fermions **** Raman response and shear viscosity in the non-Fermi liquid phase of Luttinger semimetals *** (Ipsita Mandal) Feynman Integrals *** Gauging ZN Discrete Symmetry of 5d SCFTs (Kimyeong Lee) Projective symmetry group classification of chiral Z2 spin liquids on the pyrochlore lattice: application to the spin-1/2 XXZ Heisenberg model ** (Matthias Punk) Wormhole calculus without averaging from O(N)q−1 tensor model Relativistic massive particle with spin-1/2, a vector bundle point of view Quantum Computing: Lecture Notes *****

20220113 Asymmetric modulation of Majorana excitation spectra and nonreciprocal thermal transport in the Kitaev spin liquid under a staggered magnetic field (Yukitoshi Motome) Finite Size Effects from General Covariance and Weyl Anomaly Abelian Chern-Simons gauge theory on the lattice

20220114 Entanglement entropy in (2 + 1)D interacting theory: A dimension reduction approach *** A comprehensive co-variant gauge theory of fracton phase of matter. ***** Mapping SYK to the Sky ** (Herman Verlinde) Classification of (2+1)D invertible fermionic topological phases with symmetry (Maissam Barkeshli, Po-Shen Hsin) A Note on h2,1 of Divisors in CY Fourfolds I (Manki Kim) Transport in the non-Fermi liquid phase of isotropic Luttinger semimetals (Ipsita Mandal) The chiral SYK model (S. L. Sondhi) D-Instanton Superpotential In String Theory ***** (Manki Kim)