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20220201 Lectures on entanglement in quantum field theory *** Wilson Action for the O(N) Model Field theory of structured liquid dielectrics Model A of critical dynamics: 5-loop ε expansion study Electric-magnetic duality of Z2 symmetry enriched cyclic Abelian lattice gauge theory

20220202 Ultra Unification (Juven Wang) A critical look into Luttinger’s theorem ** Noether type formulation for space dependent polynomial symmetries

20220203 Joule heating in bad and slow metals (Sean A. Hartnoll)

20220204 Pair-density-wave superconductor from doping Haldane chain and rung-singlet ladder **** (Ashvin Vishwanath) Interaction Enabled Fractonic Higher-Order Topological Phases ***** (Yizhi You, Taylor L. Hughes ,Zhen Bi) Berry Phases of Vison Transport in Z2 Topological Ordered States from Exact Fermion-Flux Lattice Dualities ***

20220207 Selberg trace formula and hyperbolic band theory **** (Igor Boettcher) Integer and fractionalized vortex lattices and off-diagonal long-range order (Jörg Schmalian) Maximal quantum chaos of the critical Fermi surface ***** (Maria Tikhanovskaya, Subir Sachdev, Aavishkar A. Patel)

20220208 Many-body topology of non-Hermitian systems **** (Ken Shiozaki, Shinsei Ryu) To See a World in a Grain of Sand ── The Scientific Life of Shoucheng Zhang ***** (Biao Lian, Chao-Xing Liu, Xiao-Qi Sun, Steven Kivelson, Eugene Demler and Xiao-Liang Qi) Semiclassical magnetotransport including the effects of the Berry curvature and Lorentz force (Hongki Min) Nonequilibrium topological spin textures in momentum space **** (Naoto Nagaosa) Fate of higher-order topological insulator under Coulomb interaction *** (Jing-Rong Wang) A note on continuous entropy *** (Edward Witten) Heun’s equation and analytic structure of the Gap in Holographic superconductivity (Sang-Jin Sin)

20220209 Zoology of non-Hermitian spectra and their graph topology *** Critical behavior of active Brownian particles: Connection to field theories Exceptional dynamics of interacting spin liquids ** (Frank Wilczek) THE EXACT RENORMALIZATION GROUP AND DIMENSIONAL REGULARIZATION **

20220210 Non-Fermi liquid to Fermi liquid crossover inside a valley-polarized nematic state ***** (Ipsita Mandal, Rafael M. Fernandes) Three-dimensional monopole-free CPN−1 models: Behavior in the presence of a quartic potential (Ettore Vicari) Renormalization group study of marginal ferromagnetism

20220211 Topogivity: A Machine-Learned Chemical Rule for Discovering Topological Materials ***** (Hoi Chun Po, Liang Fu) Entanglement Hamiltonians - from field theory, to lattice models and experiments Spinless fermions in a Z2 gauge theory on the triangular ladder Moments and multiplets in moir ́e materials - A pseudo-fermion functional renormalization group for spin-valley models ***

20220214 Fate of superconductivity in three-dimensional disordered Luttinger semimetals *** (Ipsita Mandal) A Note On Complex Spacetime Metrics *** (Edward Witten) Pre-thermalization via self-driving and external driving of extensive subsystems ** (Finn Lasse Buessen, Hyun-Yong Lee, Tarun Grover, Yong Baek Kim) Fundamental problems in statistical physics XIV: Lecture on Machine Learning

20220215 Moir ́e Landau fans and magic zeros ***** (Liang Fu) The Lieb-Schultz-Mattis Theorem A Topological Point of View ***** (Hal Tasaki) Projecting local and global symmetries to the Planck scale (Gerard ’t Hooft) Cobordism and Deformation Class of the Standard Model **** (Juven Wang, Zheyan Wan, Yi-Zhuang You) Gapless edge modes in (4+1)-dimensional topologically massive tensor gauge theory and anomaly inflow for subsystem symmetry Jerusalem Lectures on Black Holes and Quantum Information

20220216 Realizing exceptional points of any order in the presence of symmetry *** Scrambling Dynamics and Out-of-Time Ordered Correlators in Quantum Many-Body Systems: a Tutorial ***** (Shenglong Xu, Brian Swingle)

20220217 Ultrasound detection of emergent photons in generic quantum spin ice **** (Sophia Simon, Adarsh S. Patri, Yong Baek Kim) Thermalization of many many-body interacting SYK models *** Field Theories for type-II fractons **** (Claudio Chamon)

20220218 Hydrodynamics with triangular point group **** (Andrew Lucas) Twisted multilayer nodal superconductors *** (Marcel Franz) Square-root higher-order Weyl semimetals ** Fixed point annihilation for a spin in a fluctuating field *** Excitations in the Higher Lattice Gauge Theory Model for Topological Phases I: Overview ***** Phase-coherent thermoelectricity in superconducting hybrids (Brief Review)

20220221 Tricritical point in the quantum Hamiltonian mean-field model ** Chiral Superconductivity in UTe2 via Emergent C4 Symmetry and Spin Orbit Coupling *****

20220222 Tensor renormalization group study of (3+1)-dimensional Z2 gauge-Higgs model at finite density The strong-interaction limit of density functional theory Thermal Conductivity and Theory of Inelastic Scattering of Phonons by Collective Fluctuations *** (Léo Mangeolle, Leon Balents, Lucile Savary)

20220223 Quantum Metric Induced Phases in Moire ́ Materials ***** Skyrmions in magnetic materials

20220224 Gauge Enhanced Quantum Criticality Beyond the Standard Model ***** (Juven Wang, Yi-Zhuang You) Going beyond ER=EPR in the SYK model Wilson loops in the Hamiltonian formalism ** Triangular lattice quantum dimer model with variable dimer density ***** (Subir Sachdev, Zi Yang Meng) Enhanced superconducting pairing strength near a nonmagnetic nematic quantum critical point (T. Shibauchi) Pure nematic quantum critical point accompanied by a superconducting dome  (T. Shibauchi) Nonlinear optical responses in nodal line semimetals ***** (Omid Tavakol Yong Baek Kim) Monolayer Kagome Metals AV3Sb5 ***** (Sun-Woo Kim, Hanbit Oh, Eun-Gook Moon, Youngkuk Kim) Nonsymmorphic Luttinger liquids in the generalized antiferromagnetic Kitaev spin-1/2 chain (Ian Affleck)

20220225 Quantum Lifshitz transitions generated by order from quantum disorder in strongly correlated Rashba spin-orbital coupled systems *** (Jinwu Ye) Persistent Homology of Z2 Gauge Theories *** (Roger G. Melko) Inverse Renormalization Group in Quantum Field Theory ***

20220228 A bipartite Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model: Conformal limit and level statistics *** Magnetic-field Induced Topological Transitions and Thermal Conductivity in a Generalized Kitaev Model ** (Heqiu Li, Yong Baek Kim, Hae-Young Kee) Symmetric Mass Generation in the 1+1 Dimensional Chiral Fermion 3-4-5-0 Model **** (Meng Zeng, Zheng Zhu, Juven Wang, Yi-Zhuang You) Observation of a Critical Charge Mode in a Strange Metal (Premala Chandra, Piers Coleman) Emergent O(4) symmetry at an one-dimensional deconfined quantum tricritical point