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20220301 Gravity and the Crossed Product (Edward Witten) Anomalies and Supersymmetry **** (Piljin Yi) Special Functions for Heat Kernel Expansion ** Robustness of quantum Hall interferometry (Bertrand I. Halperin) Dynamical signatures of the one-dimensional deconfined quantum critical point **

20220302 Deconfined Quantum Criticality among Grand Unified Theories ***** (Yi-Zhuang You, Juven Wang) Topological fracton quantum phase transitions by tuning exact tensor network states *** C3 symmetry breaking metal-insulator transitions near a flat band in the half-filled Hubbard model on the decorated honeycomb lattice Evidence for the first-order topological phase transition in a Kitaev spin liquid candidate α-RuCl3 (T. Shibauchi, J. Nasu, Y. Motome, Y. Matsuda) Scrambling Dynamics and Out-of-Time Ordered Correlators in Quantum Many-Body Systems: a Tutorial ***** (Brian Swingle) Anomaly cascade in (2+1)D fermionic topological phases **** (Daniel Bulmash, Maissam Barkeshli)

20220303 Competing instabilities of the extended Hubbard model on the triangular lattice: Truncated-unity functional renormalization group and application to moir ́e materials ***

20220304 Floquet simulators for topological surface states in isolation (Kun Woo Kim, Alexander Altland) Nuclear-order-induced quantum criticality and heavy-fermion superconductivity at ultra-low temperatures in YbRh2Si2 (Qimiao Si) General properties of fidelity in non-Hermitian quantum systems with PT symmetry (Iksu Jang) Chiral Phases on the Lattice Quantum Entanglement in the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev Model and its Generalizations *** (Pengfei Zhang) Emergent space-time supersymmetry at disorder quantum critical point **** (Shao-Kai Jian) Electron correlations and charge density wave in the topological kagome metal FeGe (Qimiao Si) Interacting 1D Chiral Fermions with Pairing: Transition from Integrable to Chaotic Entanglement entropy in (2 + 1)-dimensional interacting theory: A dimensional reduction approach

20220307 Anomalous gapped boundaries between surface topological orders in higher-order topological insulators and superconductors with inversion symmetry (Titus Neupert, S. A. Parameswaran, Apoorv Tiwari) Anisotropic deconfined criticality in Dirac spin liquids ****** (Henry Shackleton, Subir Sachdev) Two-band model and RVB-type states: application to Kondo lattices, pyrochlores and Mn-based systems ** Interplay of magnetism and superconductivity in 2D extended Hubbard model ** Non-local Lagrangian fields: Noether’s theorem and Hamiltonian formalism **

20220308 SU(2)-symmetric spin-boson model: Quantum criticality, fixed-point annihilation, and duality ***** (Matthias Vojta) Unstable Nambu-Goldstone modes Progress and Prospects In Magnetic Topological Materials (B. Andrei Bernevig) Hybrid skin-topological modes without asymmetric couplings Asymptotic symmetries and soft charges of fractons ***** Algebra of local symmetric operators and braided fusion n-category – symmetry is a shadow of topological order ***** (Arkya Chatterjee Xiao-Gang Wen)

20220309 Magneto-transport signatures in periodically-driven Weyl and multi-Weyl semimetals (Ipsita Mandal) A solvable 3D Kondo lattice exhibiting odd-frequency pairing and order fractionalization ***** (Piers Coleman, Alexei Tsvelik)

20220310 Topological defects in nonlocal field theories ***** A unified view on symmetry, anomalous symmetry, and non-invertible gravitational anomaly ***** (Wenjie Ji Xiao-Gang Wen) D-Instanton Superpotential In String Theory ***** (Manki Kim) The low energy excitation spectrum of magic-angle semimetals *** (J. H. Pixley) Topological Shiba Metals Snowmass White Paper: New ideas for many-body quantum systems from string theory and black holes ***** (Mike Blake, Yingfei Gu, Sean A. Hartnoll, Hong Liu, Andrew Lucas, Krishna Rajagopal, Brian Swingle, Beni Yoshida) Unsupervised learning of two-component nematicity from STM data on magic angle bilayer graphene **** (Eun-Ah Kim) Compartmentalizing the cuprate strange metal

20220311 Critical structure and emergent symmetry of Dirac fermion systems Interplay of charge and spin fluctuations in a Hund’s coupled impurity ** (Piers Coleman) Quantum Error Correction in SYK and Bulk Emergence *** Pair-density-wave and chiral superconductivity in twisted bilayer transition-metal-dichalcogenides *** (Yi-Ming Wu, Hong Yao) Universal T-linear resistivity in two-dimensional quantum-critical metals from spatially random interactions ***** (Aavishkar A. Patel, Haoyu Guo, Ilya Esterlis, Subir Sachdev) Nonlinear Bosonization of Fermi Surfaces: The Method of Coadjoint Orbits (Dam Thanh Son)

20220314 Magic angles in twisted bilayer graphene near commensuration: towards a hyper-magic manifold *** Orbital-selective Mott phase as a dehybridization fixed point ** (Qimiao Si)

20220315 Hilbert space shattering and dynamical freezing in the quantum Ising model 88 9Nandkishore) Hyperbolic topological band insulators Unified Theory of the Anomalous and Topological Hall Effects with Phase Space Berry Curvatures Intertwining orbital current order and superconductivity in Kagome metal (Hyeok-Jun Yang, Hee Seung Kim, Min Yong Jeong, Yong Baek Kim, Myung Joon Han, SungBin Lee)* Strategy to Extract Kitaev Interaction using Symmetry in Honeycomb Mott Insulators ** (Hae-Young Kee) Supercurrent induced resonant optical response ** (Philip J. D. Crowley, Liang Fu) Emergent gauge field from self-referencing phase factor on many-body wave functions and superconductivity **** supercharge qSupersymmetric free fermions and bosons: Locality, symmetry and topology Confinement in the tricritical Ising model Higher-form and (non-)Stückelberg symmetries in non-equilibrium systems ***

20220316 Dissipation Induced Flat Bands UV/IR Mixing in Marginal Fermi Liquids (Weicheng Ye, Sung-Sik Lee, Liujun Zou)

20220317 UV/IR Mixing in Marginal Fermi Liquids ***** (Weicheng Ye, Sung-Sik Lee, Liujun Zou) Complex Supersymmetry in Graphene ** Supercurrent diode effect and finite momentum superconductivity ***** (Noah F. Q. Yuan, Liang Fu)

20220318 Functional Renormalization Group Study of Superconductivity in Rhombohedral Trilayer Graphene (Allan H. MacDonald) Probing confinement in a Z2 lattice gauge theory on a quantum computer **** (Philipp Hauke) Topological Disorder Parameter **** (Zi Yang Meng, Meng Cheng) Phonon renormalization and Pomeranchuk instability in the Holstein model ** (Peter Kopietz)

20220321 Chiral-phonon-induced current in helical crystals (Shuichi Murakami) Multifold Hopf semimetals ***** Semi–classical simulation of spin-1 magnets ** (Nic Shannon)

20220322 Snowmass White Paper: Effective Field Theories for Condensed Matter Systems ***** (Tomas Braunera, Sean A. Hartnollb, Pavel Kovtunc, Hong Liud, Mark Mezeie, Alberto Nicolisf, Riccardo Pencog, Shu-Heng Shaoh, Dam Thanh Son) Orbital physics: glorious past, bright future ** Quantum turbulence and Planckian dissipation ** (G.E. Volovik)

20220323 Nematic phases and elastoresistivity from a multiorbital strange metal ***** (Arun Paramekanti) Covariant techniques in Quantum Field Theory ****

20220324 Classifying phases protected by matrix product operator symmetries using matrix product states ** Finite-depth scaling of infinite quantum circuits for quantum critical points ** (Frank Pollmann)

20220325 Spectral Form Factor of a Quantum Spin Glass ***** (Victor Galitski, Brian Swingle) Random Field φ3 Model and Parisi-Sourlas Supersymmetry **** Strongly correlated superconductivity with long-range spatial fluctuations Fractionalization of subsystem symmetries in two dimensions ***** (David T. Stephen, Arpit Dua, Jos ́e Garre-Rubio, Dominic J. Williamson, Michael Hermele)

20220328 Magnetic Impurity as a Local Probe of the U (1) Quantum Spin Liquid with Spinon Fermi Surface *** (Patrick A. Lee) ARPES in strongly disordered systems – theory of electronic band’s melting **** Quasiparticles, Flat Bands, and the Melting of Hydrodynamic Matter *** Evolution of Dynamical Signature in the X-cube Fracton Topological Order ***** (Peng Ye, Zi Yang Meng) Weak-coupling to strong-coupling quantum criticality crossover in a Kitaev quantum spin liquid α-RuCl3 ***** Phase diagrams and excitations of anisotropic S = 1 quantum magnets on the triangular lattice ** (Lucile Savary)

20220329 Anisotropic three-dimensional quantum Hall effect and magnetotransport in mesoscopic Weyl semimetals ** (Xiao-Xiao Zhang, Naoto Nagaosa) Bloch Theorem Dictated Wave Chaos in Microcavity Crystals (Chang-Hwan Yi, Hee Chul Park, Moon Jip Park) The Survival of Ernst Ising and the Struggle to Solve His Model **** Effective Field Theories for the Exactly Solvable Stabilizer Spin Models ***** (Jintae Kim, Yun-Tak Oh, Jung Hoon Han) Phase structure of self-dual lattice gauge theories in 4d Reconstruction of modular data from SL2() representations (Siu-Hung Ng, Eric C Rowell, Zhenghan Wang, Xiao-Gang Wen) A construction of exotic metallic states ***** (Cenke Xu) Bulk-interface correspondence from quantum distance in flat band systems (Jun-Won Rhim) Aspects of higher dimensional quantum Hall effect: Bosonization, entanglement entropy ***

20220330 Duality, Criticality, Anomaly, and Topology in Quantum Spin-1 Chains ***** (Hosho Katsura) Operator fusion from wavefunction overlaps: Universal finite-size corrections and application to Haagerup model (Shinsei Ryu)

20220331 The scaled-invariant Planckian metal and quantum criticality in Ce1−xNdxCoIn5 *** Realization of the Topological Hopf Term in a Two-Dimensional Lattice Model *** Floquet States in Open Quantum Systems ***