Today's arXiv

20220401 Antiparticle of exciton in semimetals *** Optical response of two-dimensional Dirac materials with a flat band Thermal Hall responses in frustrated honeycomb spin systems Critical metallic phase in the overdoped random t-J model ***** (Maine Christos, Darshan G. Joshi, Subir Sachdev, Maria Tikhanovskaya) Entanglement dynamics of random quantum channels (Timothy H. Hsieh)

20220404 Quantum spin liquids bootstrapped from Ising criticality in Rydberg arrays ***** (Kevin Slagle, Xie Chen, Jason Alicea) Emerging (2 + 1)D massive graviton in graphene-like systems **** (Jiannis K. Pachos)

20220405 Nearly flat bands in twisted triple bilayer graphene (Jiseon Shin, Hongki Min, Jeil Jung) Emergent Z2 gauge theories and topological excitations in Rydberg atom **** (Subir Sachdev) Effective Field Theory of Dipolar Braiding Statistics in Two Dimensions ***** (Yun-Tak Oh, Jintae Kim, Jung Hoon Han) The Lieb-Schultz-Mattis Theorem A Topological Point of View **** (Hal Tasaki)

20220406 Spontaneously broken supersymmetric fracton phases with fermionic subsystem symmetries ***** (Hosho Katsura) Height-conserving quantum dimer models (Zi Yang Meng) Anti-chiral order and spin reorientation transitions of triangle-based antiferromagnets (Leon Balents) Quantum Field Theory Anomalies in Condensed Matter Physics *****

20220407 Superconductivity and Local Inversion-Symmetry Breaking ***** (Mark H. Fischer, Manfred Sigrist, Daniel F. Agterberg, Youichi Yanase)

20220408 Effective field theory of random quantum circuits ** (Victor Galitski) Planckian properties of 2D semiconductor systems *** (Seongjin Ahn, Sankar Das Sarma) Emergent SUSY in Two Dimensions **** High-Tc cuprates: a story of two electron subsystems *** Superconductivity, charge density wave, and supersolidity in flat bands with tunable quantum metric ***** (Johannes S. Hofmann, Erez Berg, Debanjan Chowdhury) Generalized Symmetries in Condensed Matter ***** (John McGreevy) Symmetry Protected Topological Criticality: Decorated Defect Construction, Signatures and Stability ***** (Masaki Oshikawa)

20220411 Local Ward identities for collective excitations in fermionic systems with spontaneously broken symmetries ***

20220412 Gross-Neveu and deconfined quantum criticalities in an extended Hubbard model on the square lattice ** (Zi Yang Meng, Yang Qi) Symmetric Mass Generation in the 1+1 Dimensional Chiral Fermion 3-4-5-0 Model ** (Juven Wang, Yi-Zhuang You)

20220413 Phonon-induced modification of quantum criticality ***** Non-equilibrium phase transitions in competitive markets caused by network effects (Andrew Lucas) Quantum-critical electrodynamics of Luttinger fermions ***** (Joseph Maciejko) Excitations in the Higher Lattice Gauge Theory Model for Topological Phases II: the 2+1d Case Origin of nonsymmorphic bosonization formulas in generalized antiferromagnetic Kitaev spin-1/2 chains from a renormalization group point of view **** (Ian Affleck) Mottness, Phase String, and High-Tc Superconductivity ** TASI Lectures on the Mathematics of String Dualities

20220414 Near-Equilibrium Approach to Transport in Complex Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev Models ***** (Brian Swingle) Topological Multipartite Entanglement in a Fermi Liquid *** (Pok Man Tam, Charles L. Kane) Fracton hydrodynamics without time-reversal symmetry ***** (Andrew Lucas) Multi-critical point and unified description of broken-symmetry phases in spin-1/2 anti-ferromagnets on a square lattice **** (Kun Yang)

20220415 Analogue viscous current flow near the onset of superconductivity (Andrew Lucas) Moir ́e Gravity and Cosmology ** (Victor Galitski) Tuning the Topological θ-Angle in Cold-Atom Quantum Simulators of Gauge Theories ** (Philipp Hauke) The boundaries of 2+1D abelian fermionic topological orders ***** (Xiao-Gang Wen) Position-Dependent Excitations and UV/IR Mixing in the ZN Rank-2 Toric Code and its Low-Energy Effective Field Theory ***** (Xiao-Gang Wen) Raman response and shear viscosity in the non-Fermi liquid phase of Luttinger semimetals ***** (Ipsita Mandal)

20220418 Spectral Form Factor in Sparse SYK Models Dirac cone spectroscopy of strongly correlated phases in twisted trilayer graphene *** (Eslam Khalaf, Ashvin Vishwanath) Entanglement in interacting quenched Quantum Field Theory ***

20220419 Replica Higher-Order Topology of Hofstadter Butterflies in Twisted Bilayer Graphene ***** (Sun-Woo Kim, Sunam Jeon, Moon Jip Park, Youngkuk Kim) Raman response and shear viscosity in the non-Fermi liquid phase of Luttinger semimetals (Ipsita Mandal) Magnetotropic Response in Ruthenium Chloride (Ipsita Mandal) Quantum chaos in 2D gravity ***** (A. Altland, E. Verlinde) Gifts from anomalies: Exact results for Landau phase transitions in metals ***** (Dominic V. Else, T. Senthil) Dissipation and geometry in nonlinear quantum transports of multiband electronic systems ** (Naoto Nagaosa) Proton Stability: From the Standard Model to Ultra Unification *** (Juven Wang, Zheyan Wan, Yi-Zhuang You)

20220420 Sign Problem in Quantum Monte Carlo Simulation ***** (Zi Yang Meng) Glass transition as a topological phase transition Non-invertible Condensation, Duality, and Triality Defects in 3+1 Dimensions ***** (Yichul Choi, Clay Co ́rdova, Po-Shen Hsin, Ho Tat Lam, Shu-Heng Shao)

20220421 The shared universality of charged black holes and the many many-body SYK model ** Spontaneously broken supersymmetric fracton phases with fermionic subsystem symmetries ***** (Hosho Katsura, Yu Nakayama)

20220422 Acoustic-phonon-mediated superconductivity in moir ́eless graphene multilayers (Sankar Das Sarma) Spin-momentum locking from topological quantum chemistry: applications to multifold fermions (Barry Bradlyn) SYK model with an extra diagonal perturbation: phase transition in the eigenvalue spectrum Twisted bilayer U(1) Dirac spin liquids ***** (Leon Balents)

20220425 Chiral Broken Symmetry Descendants of the Kagom ́e Lattice Chiral Spin Liquid (Arun Paramekanti)

20220426 Continuous Mott transition in moir ́e semiconductors: role of long-wavelength inhomogeneities **** (T. Senthil, Debanjan Chowdhury) Transport in the non-Fermi liquid phase of isotropic Luttinger semimetals (Ipsita Mandal) Scattering phenomena for spin transport in Kitaev spin liquid

20220427 Fractional Vortices, Z2 Gauge Theory, and the Confinement-Deconfinement Transition *** (Dung-Hai Lee) Competing orders, the Wess-Zumino-Witten term, and spin liquids *** (Dung-Hai Lee) Superconductivity near a nematoelastic quantum critical point

20220428 Pairing symmetry of twisted bilayer graphene: a phenomenological synthesis ***** (Ethan Lake, Adarsh S. Patri, T. Senthil)

20220429 Proton Stability: From the Standard Model to Ultra Unification *** (Juven Wang, Zheyan Wan, Yi-Zhuang You) Functional Analysis ****